Focal Point - July 2008

FOCAL POINT             ISSUE No.332


 JULY  2008      

  Ed’s Comments,


My Old Man’s a dustman he wears a dustman’s hat he wears cor blimey trousers………..Lonnie Donegans finest!!

(I think this job is getting to me?

 Since last months edition, where I once again referred to the bin collections, Jonathan, my son, sent me details of where he was staying in France - which I believe is ‘in Europe and at the heart of Europe’, to quote someone?

Anyway, amongst the details, I found advice on how he should dispose of his rubbish whilst staying at this particular villa. I thought that as we are all in Europe together it would be quite interesting to compare……


1        Rubbish

(a)    You have to follow the procedures set out below or you will be fined by the police!  Rubbish is collected three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings after 7.30 pm. Ordinary household rubbish (excluding paper, plastic bottles, metal containers and glass) must be put in black sacks, which in turn must be put inside the grey bin with the green lid stored in the downstairs toilet/utility room.

 The bin must be put outside the house either on the front step or to the left of the steps, but set well back from the road. Ordinary household rubbish is collected on all occasions. You should bring the bin back in after the rubbish is collected otherwise you run the risk of being fined.

      (b) Paper must be put in blue sacks and placed on top of the grey bin.

      Paper is only collected on Monday.

(c) “Recyclables” i.e. plastic bottles without lids and metal containers must be put in yellow sacks and placed on top of the grey bin.

             Recyclables are only collected on a Monday.

(d)    If you have paper and “recyclables” which miss Monday’s collection,  or you have glass for disposal, please use the recycling point on Avenue des Corbières less than 5 minutes walk away….


Phew!!! - It was never like this when Lonnie Donegan’s father did it?


Cliff Newbold

 Closing date for the August edition is 22nd of July.

PS Let’s all cross our fingers for nice weather on Gala Day – Good Luck!






The next Lunch will be on Monday, 7th July. The menu will be:


Mild Chicken Curry with Rice and Naan Bread


Salmon and Smoked Haddock Pie

with Mixed Vegetables


Strawberries and Ice Cream with Shortbread Biscuit


Tickets at £6.50, including a glass of wine and coffee are available at the Post Office.



 Following the AGM, which left us with vacancies on the Executive Committee, David Barthorpe has agreed to be a Trustee and has been co-opted. Howard Pope has taken over from Mike Toulson as the representative for the Youth Club Management Committee. However Mike has agreed to continue as an “independent” Trustee and has also been co-opted. We warmly welcome the additions to the Committee.


Frances Kelly, Chairman





There has recently been some good weather for sunflowers. In the first half of May we had warm sunny days. The second half of May, we had lots of rain. Now we are into June and we have more nice warm days. Your plants will now be growing at a fast rate. Do not neglect them. They may require a longer cane for support. Keep tying the plant to your canes. On the 16th June my sunflower was 1mtr 40cms high. Are your sunflowers higher than mine? Go out and check. While you are there, have a look and see if the flower bud is forming. It will be the size of a small button.

I have now fed my plants twice. Have you? I used Tomorite, which is a liquid fertiliser for tomato plants.




 In many parts of Europe sunflowers have provided and still provide leaves for smoking, flower buds for salads, flowers for dyes, and oil for cooking.


Pat Finn.





The Village Hall was quite full for this meeting as there were some visitors who will probably be joining us in the future.

  Mrs.Sylvia Lloyd welcomed members, visitors and our Speaker Mrs. Georgina Green from the charity ‘CH in K’.

 Mrs. Brenda Tinsley our secretary read the minutes of the last meeting and also the County news. Members were asked to contribute cakes and sandwiches for the Festival on July 12th as we will once again be providing teas in the Community Centre. We are also having a cake stall and a GOOD Bric-a-brac stall so any contributions to this will be gladly received.

 The dinner that was held in the Community Centre at the end of May was discussed and members agreed that they would like to continue with these monthly meals. Mrs. Lloyd said she would contact the chef and make arrangements for another dinner in July.

The eniry for the WI competition ‘The World of Water’ was on display for those members who had not been to Newark & Notts Show. It had won 1st place in the Novice section of the competition. This was for Institutes who had not entered in the last 5 years. We will at some point be receiving a silver Rose bowl, which is the trophy for this competition.

 There will be an evening playing skittles at the Grey Horse at Collingham; transport for this was discussed by Mrs. Sheila Palmer who had arranged it with Mrs. Viv Clarkson.


Mrs.Lloyd then introduced our speaker Mrs. Green who started her charity ‘Ch in K’ ( which stands for Children in Kenya), after a holiday in Mombasa, with her husband, where they were taken along to a village, and saw the abject poverty of the children. They were so moved by what they saw, that when they returned home to Tuxford they started raising money to sponsor some of the children. Although Mrs Green is a fulltime hairdresser, she raises money by any means at the weekends. This involves going to car boot sales, Garden fetes, tabletop sales, summer fairs and anywhere that she is invited e.g.Tuxford Windmill. Once people realised what she was raising money for they were very generous and now she has to have a lock-up store for such things as furniture and household items. She had photographs of the homes that some of the children live in, some of the better ones are mud huts, but we were shown one that two orphans lived in which was just a few sticks standing out of the ground. Although school is not compulsory for the children they travel long distances to go, walking many miles. They are given a meal at lunch time and the little ones have a sleep after this, unfortunately the church where they used to have this rest has doubled the rent for this facility and as money is quite tight they now sit at their desks for their rest. The very simple desks at which they learn are made by local carpenters and accommodate three children. They are gifts from well-wishers in the U.K. and cost £15 each.

Mr. & Mrs. Green along with a friend go back to the school twice a year, May and November, this they consider as their holiday, although they are working all the time they are there. A very worthwhile cause for which all of the money raised actually goes to the children and the school.

There were items for sale that had been brought back from the trip in May, some of these were bags made by disabled Girl Guides from Mombasa.

Mrs Green was thanked by Mrs. Stella Hopewell.

 The competition for a wooden ornament was won by Mrs, Sylvia Lloyd.

 Our next meeting will be on July 10th - a social evening in the garden of Mr. & Mrs. Wiseman when we will be having strawberries and wine at

7.30 p.m.. Keep your fingers crossed for a fine evening.

There is no meeting in August.

 Daphne Marshall.




                        As I type this article, I can hear the beautiful sound of singing coming from the school hall. Our junior children are frantically rehearsing for their performance of the musical ‘Peace Child’.

Set in the far-off and fictional land of Mambica, the home of two opposing tribes with different lifestyles and traditions. The Sotongi and Wannakeekee tribes are separated by a river and also by generations of animosity. There seems to be little hope of reconciliation.

However, when a western TV crew decide to build a bridge between the two communities, the threat of war between tribes becomes a grave reality. Peace Child is a lovely musical which promotes the messages of peace, goodwill and cooperation.

 Class 4 had a wonderful time in Scarborough at the start of the month. Luckily we had some lovely weather and only had rain for one day. Here is what our children thought of the visit:-

          “On Monday we arrived at school early and loaded our luggage on to the bus. We then got on the bus and left Winthorpe. We got to a service station then we got back on the bus and drove to Pickering station where we went on the steam train from Harry Potter. After that we walked for 3 miles met the bus and arrived at Cober Hill (our Hotel in Scarborough) and had a lovely meal in the Hotel dining room. After that we went down to our own Theatre where we had a circle time to talk about the days events.

         On Tuesday we drove to Dalby Forest for a nature walk. There we hoped to do some shelter building but unfortunately it was cancelled because of the weather; instead we did some orienteering.

The orienteering was really fun with our groups and teachers as group leaders. One group didn’t have a leader so they spilt up half way through and got lost, but thanks to Mr Macintyre he found the missing group while making friends and talking to some cows! That night it was someone’s birthday so we celebrated by having a party. 

             On Wednesday we went to Whitby beach and made some sand sculptures. We went round Whitby shops and some people bought some lucky ducks a different colour for different months of the year. Next, some people had to go and help Mr Macintyre carry some fish and chips up the 199 steps! After that we went to the bowling alley and played games in our teams the teachers had a game which Mrs Marshall (Deputy Head Teacher) won! After that we went back to Cober Hill.


            On Thursday we went to Robins Hood’s Bay where we went rock pooling and went round the old cost guard station where we looked round the exhibition. Afterwards we went to Bempton Cliffs where we saw allsorts of birds like Puffins. We got back to the Hotel and again there was another celebrated birthday but it was also the Talent Show!

We had many different acts that pleased the judges (The teachers). In 3rd place was a singing act. In 2nd place was another singing act. In 1st place was a gymnastic routine.


             Friday was our last day at Cober hill so we packed our bags ready for the coach. We then went down for a breakfast of toast, cereal and a cooked meal. Then we went to the bus and drove to Scarborough Sea life Centre. After that we went over the Humber Bridge and stopped off at the Little Chef. Next we drove to Winthorpe where we met our parents!!! ”


By Maggie Shuckburgh and Bea King   


Jamie Macintyre, Head teacher

(01636) 680060 – email:-






Saturday, 12th July – 1.30pm to 5.00pm


Annette Ellison of Macmillan Cancer Care has kindly agreed to open this year’s Gala Day at 1.30pm.

This year we will be having greater participation from the younger members of our community in many new sporting and other activities.

Details of the events taking place throughout the afternoon are given elsewhere in Focal Point.

As in previous years I again encourage you to spend the afternoon with your friends and family at this event. Those of you who heeded this advice last year were rewarded with an afternoon of fun and enjoyment.




All car parking is free of charge. A temporary car park will be situated at the Cricket Field with pedestrian access to the Community Centre via the Jubilee Walk.

No car parking will be permitted at the Community Centre because of the activities there. The elderly and disabled may be delivered to, and collected from, the Centre but cars may not remain there.

A large traffic sign will be positioned at the entrance to Woodlands requesting the road to the Community Centre be kept clear to allow easy access for emergency vehicles. Traffic marshals will also be working to try to keep Woodlands clear of inconsiderate parking.




As agreed at the Public Meeting on Wednesday, 28th May, participating organizations, clubs and individuals are expected to make a donation towards the overall cost of the Gala Day. The amount is not stipulated but contributions will be gratefully received by Keith Lloyd, Peter Foden or myself as soon as possible after the event.

The nominated charity this year is Macmillan Cancer Care. The proceeds from the raffle will go to this charity and all participating clubs, organizations and individuals are encouraged to contribute to this worthy cause Any contributions to the Festival Fund that exceed the overall cost of the Gala Day will also be donated to this charity..



We hope we have wonderful weather again this year at our Village Summer Festival -  hope to see you there.


Alec Stewart, Chairman, Organizing Committee.







Opening at 1.30pm by Annette Ellison,

Macmillan Cancer Care


Boundary Sound


Children’s Sports


Tennis Competition

Pony & Buggy Rides 

Vintage Vehicles      

Explorer Scouts

Sumo Wrestling





Junior Line Dancing     ---  Games

Portrait Drawing    ----   Balloon Race

Bouncy Slide & Castle   ---- Raffle


Exhibition “Women at work”


In aid of Macmillan Cancer Care



Another year gone and another year commence. For those who are un-aware, we have now been here 4 years, which has absolutely rocketed by. The headlines in the past few months have been all about inflation and the cost of food. All products are more expensive now than ever before, which means tightening our belts and being more vigilant on where we spend our money. One of the biggest misconceptions in the retail sector is the directly applied assumption that the local village store is more expensive than the supermarket. As I have said in previous write-ups, this is not the case.

Sorting the items that the retailer can compete on is something that must be applied if any local village store is to survive. Sadly people of today want to complete their shopping as quickly and conveniently as possible which gives the Supermarket giants a major advantage. I quite often see customers scratching the tops of their heads trying to think if there is anything else they need. This application is more often than not mistimed in either not knowing what is needed prior to the shop or when most of their weekly shop is done.

I feel that we need to all pull together and communicate a lot more in order to reveal exactly what you the customer requires in terms of products and brands. Where pricing becomes applicable, only certain brands can compete and the tolerance and flexibility to accept these in place of others that you might buy is paramount.

Ever heard of PTF tape in the plumbing industry? I would like you to apply these 3 letters to your way of thinking with regard to buying what you can locally. These stand for Patients, Tolerance, Flexibility.

These 3 elements are crucial if any village shop is to remain, because getting things right for you the customer is not something that can be achieved  immediately. It all takes time and can be made extremely difficult when things are not quite right the first time.

It was revealed on GMTV last month that the average household is chucking away 50.00 worth of goods every month as a result of special offers, such as “Buy one Get one free”. Buying local, one has a tendency to purchase no more than is needed and can quite often reduce the shopping bill. Our task as a village retailer is to change your way of thinking if we are to survive. The best way to apply this is for us to make known to you all products that are price marked competitively. Your part to play would then be to take from that list; the items that you require before you head for the s/mkt.

Shopping locally is something to be proud to do and can play a major part in the protection of our environment, and even our way of life,

From here on, we will be listing all our price marked items in our monthly Ad



Here we go again. More possibilities of closure coming up with the end of the card account looming. I still hear people airing their concerns about closure and how sad it would be for the community. The irony here is that those expressing concerns the most are the ones using it the least.

I have said many times before that switching banks, as I have done, is so easy and takes a mere 20 minutes of your time. No need to sort your Direct Debits as this is all done for you. It would be an excellent move right now because the card account contract is up for tender, so if one of the banks not associated with The Post office wins, then transaction earnings for the post office would be 100% lost. Moreover if one of the banks that can be accessed at Post Offices wins then only part of those earnings would be lost, however if the card account earns the same per transaction as banking transactions then we stand to lose nothing at all. But, the only one that can make this happen and ensure this office doesn’t close is YOU.

I’m not saying that we should all lose hope for the card account, but any move that can create additional transactions will play a major part in keeping this office open. Another money earning advantage with banking here is that you are already at the counter drawing your funds. it is then no hassle to bring any bills that can be paid here with you so all can be completed in one transaction. You then have total control as to when your bills are paid

One misconception about Post Offices is, people assuming that they belong in Rural Villages. What we can say is that Post Offices need to be in villages but can only be sustained if used frequently for good profit making services such as Bill payments and Banking. Fundamental changes in the way you do things are much needed so, don’t be complacent, don’t assume all others will make these changes so you don’t have to and don’t think that The Post Office can survive without your input

Thank you to all who have supported us.


Martin & Jo


   WINTHORPE CRICKET CLUB                         

Ahh! the joys of summer, birds singing harmoniously, bees busy in the garden and the gentle pitter patter of the falling rain, yes folks the cricket season is well and truly with us. 

 My report last month has proven to be a little embarrassing regarding Duck Day.  The Club would like to apologise for the confusion over the cancelling of the Duck Race Day scheduled for late May bank Holiday.  However the good news is that we are intending to hold another Race Day, after all we couldn’t let a year go by without one.  Having discussed the situation at our last Committee meeting and spoken to the Lord Nelson we have decided to hold a revised Duck Day on Sunday 3rd August 2008.  In a slight departure from the norm it will not be a Bank Holiday and we are intending, in conjunction with the pub, to make the event a full day. The exact details have yet to be finalised but keep your eyes peeled for the notices that will be going up around the Village in the next couple of weeks or so.


Work at the pavilion has now been completed for the time being and I must say the pavilion and the surroundings are now looking very good.  We are now fully functioning in terms of the changing rooms and also on the plant and equipment front.  No doubt some of you will have noticed a few of us pacing very slowly up and down the wicket behind the roller.  Not good for the back but extremely beneficial to the wicket.


We are in the process of having a final round-up of numbers to establish the level of finance left hence the level of fundraising required to complete the roof.  As ever I will keep Focal Point informed of progress.

As is my usual format I would like to take the opportunity to ask if anyone knows of a benefactor who may be willing to help, if so please contact the Club.

The Bonus Ball draw is still very active so please if you are in the Lord Nelson and fancy a flutter please have a go.  Just have a word with the bar staff who will be happy to assist – it’s all in a good cause.


The Cricket Club webpage, on the Village website, is now up and running and being added to and refined bit by bit, so please take a look at that and also while you are browsing please take a look at the Club’s own website on which has now been bought up to date now that our Treasurer has sorted his IT problems out!

The latest “guest” writer of the match report is our erstwhile Treasurer Max Cope who reports on the game on 25th May away at Nettleham.  This is the only report this week as the Bassingham game was cancelled due to the weather and more disappointingly we had to forfeit the game against Old Lincolnians as we couldn’t raise enough players to make their journey worthwhile.  This is an extremely concerning situation especially after all the time and effort that has been put in over the last 3 years to get the Club back on it’s feet.  It is the first time since I have been at the Club that this has happened and hopefully will be the last. 

The Club would like to appeal to all of you to help in our search for new members.  If you would like to play either occasionally or regularly please get in touch.  Also if you know of anyone who may be interested please pass on our details and ask them to call, alternatively pass on their details to us and we’ll contact them.  Maybe you could even ask around at work or at any other clubs or social gatherings you attend.  Ours is a Village team that plays for the love of the game and the social benefits that a playing team sport affords.  Ability is not an issue enjoying yourself is the main attribute required.  Please, if you can, spread the word.


Winthorpe Vs Nettleham


A disappointingly low Bank Holiday weekend availability meant that only 8 hardy souls braved the elements at a particularly cold, wet and windy Nettleham. We were greeted by very good facilities, an excellent hard, fast pitch and a young, keen opposition only 4 points ahead of us in the table.


Fortunately, captain Simon Potter won the toss and elected to bat. A good score would be required to help negate the 3 gaps we would have in the field and openers Jamie Macintyre and Chris Wragg began briskly scoring freely as the ball raced over the fast outfield. After a promising start, and with the score on 62, Wragg was deceived in the flight and bowled for 26. After his inauspicious start to the season, Max Cope strode less than confidently to the wicket but on such a good track the scoring continued as before. After a quickfire 36 Cope was caught at deep cover fishing for one too far outside off stump. Neil Bailey replaced him – albeit briefly – but he was unluckily adjudged LBW despite an inside edge which was clearly visibly from the boundary. Son followed father and James joined Macintyre at the crease. Macintyre had just reached his second half century of the season when he was caught and, by now, the rain was falling quite steadily. The umpires took the opportunity of the fall of the wicket to call a halt to proceedings and it was agreed to take an early tea. 


Without the benefit of covers that would probably have been the end of the match. However, the rain eventually stopped and, after a 90 minute interruption, Neil Hartland Snr and Bailey strode out to resume the innings with only a handful of overs remaining. Bailey played with a commendably straight bat before succumbing for 14 and Potter and Hartland saw the innings through to conclusion at 149-5.


We felt we’d given the bowlers something to bowl at but knew we’d need to get several quick wickets to stand any chance. The Nettleham openers began in similar vein to the Winthorpe ones. James Bailey caused an early, and very short-lived, bout of optimism with two wickets in two balls – the first a catch to Cope behind the stumps and the second a wickedly rising delivery making the batsman fend weakly to ‘top snaffler’ Macintyre. What followed was, quite simply, brutal. The ball disappeared with hideous regularity not only over the boundary but into the trees a further thirty yards from the boundary and, at times, it seemed as though 28 fielders would have been no more help than the 8 hapless souls on the park.

Suffice to say our total was breached in only 14 overs, the Nettleham number 5, Cook, helping himself to 94* from only 29 balls! The four Winthorpe bowlers used all suffered in the onslaught and even the normally reliable Potter went for an uncharacteristic 60 runs in 6 overs.


Although confidences took a battering those who braved the elements, and the opposition, can all hold their heads high, acknowledge the quality of the batting which won the match so convincingly and move on to the next match knowing it can’t happen again – can it?


Contact Details

Should you wish to contact the Club for any reason please call anyone of the following or alternatively there is a “Contact the Club” facility on the website.


Andy Fereday – 678622 - Ashley Locke – 703988 - Peter Bateson - 704787

Simon Potter – 612968


Finally here are the fixtures for both Winthorpe and Cavaliers for July.  The full fixture list for the season is available on the website.  Midweek games will generally start between 6:00 and 6:30pm hope to see you at Holme Lane.



July 13th v  Saxilby  1st X1, Away — July 20th v Old Lincolnians, Away

July 27th v  Reepham Away


July 2nd  v  Beckingham, Away – July 9th v  Thurgaton, Home

July 16th v  Walesby, Away -- July 23rd v  Claypole, Home


Andrew Fereday







Dear All,

 As I sat at my blinking computer monitor earlier this week I became aware how much I use and rely on it.  The first draft of this very article was deleted, between saving and logging off.  So it is now an altogether different piece. Searching for the right beginning I put the words of a half remembered quote into the appropriate internet box and ‘Googled’. Like magic, words matching those I had typed in popped up onto the blue screen. I read many interesting quotes from builders to green politicians, but none from the literary source I was expecting.  My brief experience of being an internet Morse drew swiftly to a close.  Through trawling the web for my lost sentence, rather like an inept fisherman, I picked up a lot of surprising titbits.   I entered many different places, self-advertisers, some with a mission to save the world, others proclaiming the best method to do – well almost anything.

Recently in conversation with friends I said that “I don’t really use a computer and I certainly don’t use a Blackberry or mobile phone” I should have added “not much”. Where the mobile phone was concerned, having recently left it with a friend, I realise that in fact I do need it, well at least from time to time.

In truth I use the computer diary, email and internet every day and yet in my mind I really didn’t use it at all.  What I now understand is that I don’t play games, rip and burn music and play solitaire.  Never the less the software that runs the diary programme is central to my work life and well being. 

Through a silly remark I realise that I have been in denial about my reliance on computer technology.  It has made me ask the question. At what stage, through helpful systems have we all, unwittingly given control to the computer.

Booking a rail ticket, seeing the doctor or dentist and certainly paying any bill all involve computer technology at an advanced level. There are few places and situations where the blinking screen of a computer is not present.

Perhaps during the coming month it might be worth considering having a computer free day.  This will mean not going anywhere that uses computer technology, from CCTV to cash machines.  I think it will be a real challenge dodging half hidden cameras and computer free shops and that assumes that you are not about to play solitaire on the computer!


Have a happy, challenging time!


In Christian Love





The Coffee Morning on May 31st which was in aid of a new Altar frontal and linen raised £273.50; £75 of which was from the painting donated by Mrs Margaret Donoghue. We are very grateful to her - and her picture was won by a lady who had recently moved into The Spinney.- she was delighted.

We would like to thank all those who came and supported the event, the helpers especially Mrs Dys. Gold, who opened the Hall and made the coffee and also those who brought gifts for the raffle and the stalls.

Several people have commented that as yet there has not been a specific effort to send money to Christian Aid. This has not been forgotten and it is under consideration by the P,C.C. If anyone feels that they would like to be responsible for this charity as a project it, would be most welcome and supported by the church.

Our thoughts at this time are with the churchwardens, P.C.C. and the congregation of All Saints church Collingham, who have experienced repeated thefts of lead from the roof allowing rainwater into the church causing them distress, anxiety and sleepless nights.

Please note there will not be a service at 8am on Sunday 27th July due to holidays.


Church Bells :- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 730pm until 9pm and possibly for the following:-

July 6th Wedding at l2noon, Duncan John Martin & Julia Catherine Loach

July 13th Holy Communion Service 10.15am

July 20th Family Service 10.15am


From The Registers:-

Holy Matrimony …

Saturday 7th June Paul Raymond Beney & Helen Vanessa Gent


We send our good wishes to everyone in the village and especially to those who are unwell at this present time.


Alan & Ann

Up-to- date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office.



                 SERVICES IN JULY



                        SUNDAY  6th  Trinity 7

                                                No service at Winthorpe.

                        9.00am             Holy Communion, Holme.


            SUNDAY 13th  Trinity 8

            10.l5am                        Holy Communion Winthorpe.

            6.00pm                        Evensong, Langford.


            THURSDAY 17th

            10am                            Holy Communion, Winthorpe.


            SUNDAY 20th  Trinity 9

            9.00am                         Holy Communion, Langford.


            10.l5am                        Family service, Winthorpe.


            SUNDAY 27th  Trinity 10

                                                Note:-   No 8am Service, Winthorpe.


           ALL ARE WELCOME




                        July                                         August           

        4th Mrs Foden — Mrs Hill.           1st  Miss Applewhite

       18th Mrs Lloyd — Mrs Nelson.     15th Mrs Young — Mrs Lloyd

                                                               29th Mrs Nelson — Mrs Finn




            JULY CALENDAR

Monday 7th         Luncheon Club 12.30pm -  Centre.

                           Silver Bin.

Tuesday 8th         Tuesday Club, Morning Coffee 10.30am V.H.

Thursday 10th      WI Strawberry ‘Booze up’ 7.30pm -

                           Library Van.

Saturday 12th       GALA DAY 1.30pm – 5pm – Community Centre.

Monday 14th       Green Bin.

Monday 21st        Silver Bin.

Thursday 24th      Library Van

Tuesday 22nd       Tuesday Club party 2.30pm – Tall Trees.

Monday 28th          Green Bin.



Sunday 3rd           Duck Day