1st Winthorpe Brownie Pack

1st Winthorpe Brownies with Brown Owl Mrs.- S. Godfrey - 1970. Brownie packs have come and gone in Winthorpe since the 1920's. Miss E. Branston began it all in Winthorpe in 1924, but interest died ten years later, and after another short spell from 1960-65 the present group was formed in 1968, and has proved most successful and rewarding, with a cheerful and enthusiastic pack led by Mrs. S. Godfrey, a pack which has increased in size since 1968.

The girls work hard to raise funds both for their own pack and for other people less fortunate: they make up parcels of gifts for old and young, "harvest baskets" for Newark Hospital, posies for Mothering Sunday, and they have undertaken sponsored swimming for the Save the Children Fund and helped to raise money for many local charities.

The Winthorpe Pack has had some exciting successes in competition with local groups. In 1968 they won the Sports' Cup at a sports meeting of Brownies held at Newark High School, and in November 1969 the Toadstool Trophy was won by Winthorpe for the highest total of marks awarded for a number of tests including flower-arranging and toy-making, and for the project of a magnificent collage of a Christmas scene, which later decorated the church at Christmas. This is a beautiful piece of work of which they are justly proud.

Their abundant energy overflows into a wide variety of activities in addition to the routine work for badges. They take part in swimming galas and dancing displays, they join in local camping holidays, they do tracking exercises and have made plans of the village, and they have proved most inventive in ideas for their Christmas and Hallowe'n parties.

Mrs. S. Godfrey, Tawny Owl. 1971.



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