The Old Hall Langford

One of the eldest and most beautiful of Langford's houses is "The Old Hall" owned by Mr. L. Grammar. This house has been in his family for three generations being owned by Lord Middleton until 1847. The original building was built at the same time as Langford church in the 13th century. Extensions have been made to the north side of the house; here one can find an extremely large chimneystack into which many chimneys from the fires run. The stack itself is the size of a large room.           

The porch is very interesting; unusually the stones at the top are wider than at the bottom. Many initials are engraved on the side of the porch where the stones are very worn, apparently by the sharpening of swords during 'the battle for Newark Castle.

All the outside walls measure between three and four feet, many of the stones being the size of a large table. In times gone by taxation was made on the amount of windows in each house, hence the reason for some of the windows being bricked up.

Some 300 acres belong to the estate, the 30 acres of grassland called "The Park" surrounding the house carries the history of the old village in the Roman age. This grassland runs from "The Old Hall" along the back of Langford. None of this land can be altered in any way.

"The Old Hall" is a very lovely house, and possibly on a summers day when out for a country walk you might. like to look over the meadow to Langford's eldest house.