Focal Point - August 2008

FOCAL POINT          Issue No. 333    -    2008 


 Ed's Comments


What a lovely end, ‘weather-wise', to the month of July and how fortunate we were on the day of the Village Festival again.

 By all accounts another triumph for the organisers and their multitude of helpers who are comprehensively thanked by Alec in this issue. It's wonderful to see so many of you repeatedly contributing to this fun day each year  and  I'm sure that the appreciation shown makes everyone feel that it was worth their efforts. The attendance of the children seemed to lift the occasion this year. Congratulations to you all


During each month I keep a look out for a topic that I might comment on, on this page. Half way through July with the rain falling and having had the heating on in June I made a note that this month  I might include my thoughts that we may have been ‘led up the garden path' by all of this talk of ‘Global warming'. Which in fact led me to wonder where had the saying ‘'led up the garden path' come from.

The only reference I could find was written by Ethel Mannin in her book 'Sounding Brass' (1926) in which she wrote:-


'They're cheats, that's wot women are! Lead you up the garden and

then go snivellin' around 'cos wot's natcheral 'as 'appened to 'em.'


Don't some people have a lovely turn of phrase?


Here I am towards the end of July putting this issue together and finding it includes items on Christmas and New Years Eve, together with the ‘winter

season' activities like line dancing and whist. No wonder time seems to fly for me


Cliff Newbold


Closing date for the September issue is 22nd August.




Winthorpe Parish Council News


New Burial Ground


The Parish Council have not yet heard anything  from the Land Agents concerned and the situation is still the same as reported earlier.

Although the Council keeps pressing for an answer, we understand that it is doubtful that we will hear anything before the New Year.


Village Allotments


The Parish Council has received a request from eight local residents for allotments and we are currently looking into this.

Meanwhile the Parish Council would be pleased to hear from anyone else in the village who might be interested in renting an allotment. As many local residents will be aware, the Parish Council do own a field near to the A46 ( known as the "Allotment Field"), which is currently rented to a local farmer who may just be prepared to surrender part of this land for allotments. However, there is no water supply available - an essential for any allotment holder! - the Parish Council would therefore have to have water laid on, which might prove rather expensive.


Next Meeting


The Parish Council does not meet in August, The next meeting will be on Thursday the 18th September, in the Village Hall commencing at 7-30pm


Steve Jackson, Chairman







The next Lunch will be on Monday, 4th August. The menu will be:


Shepherds Pie


Grilled Trout with Lemon Butter


 Seasonal Vegetables



Bread & Butter Pudding with Custard


Tickets at £6.50 including a glass of wine and coffee available from the Post Office, thanks to Jo & Martin.


Frances Kelly, Chairman





We will have only one meeting in August which will be Morning Coffee on Tuesday, August 12th at 10.30am.


A very big thankyou to all those who contributed to and supported the Tombola at the Village Festival. We made £186.50, most of which has gone to the nominated charity of the event, Macmillan Cancer Support. The total included the amount raised for the "Name the Doll" competition which was won by Joan Frew. Congratulations to Alec Stewart and his team for putting on a great Festival - it was nice to see so many young people involved.


Jean Foden





Once again we were lucky with the weather for our Strawberries and wine evening. (Or our "Booze up" as reported in last month's diary by the Editor!)

Some members of the committee had been busy during the afternoon preparing the strawberries and others had shopped for the drinks and cream and biscuits. Mr. & Mrs. Wiseman had agreed to let us use their garden for the evening and we were all hoping that the rain would keep away at least until it was time for us to go home. It did and a lovely social time was enjoyed by all those who came along.


There was a little business and correspondence, but mainly the evening was for chatting and relaxing.

Mrs. Palmer and Mrs. Clarkson were thanked for the evening they had arranged playing skittles at the "Grey Horse" at Collingham and everyone agreed it had been great fun and would they arrange another one sometime in the future.

The money collected from a raffle, for which most members had brought prizes, is to be sent to a charity.


Mrs. Lloyd thanked Mrs. Wiseman for letting us use her garden and members also signed a card of thanks which was given to her.


There is no meeting in August. Our next meeting is September 11th when

the speaker is Fiona Keightly of the Body Shop.

The competition is for a Beauty Tip.

Hostesses are Mesdames Viv.Clarkson, Sue Reynolds and Joy Hart.


Have a good break.

Daphne Marshall






Your plant will now be producing its flower head. This usually occurs about 4 months from sowing the seed. When the flower head opens to reveal the yellow flowers, an interesting thing occurs. The flower head will turn and face the sun, following it from early morning to late evening. Look out for the bees, nature's busiest workers, pollinating the flower. They are attracted by the flower's pollen. As the flower head starts to develop, the plant will stop growing and it will divert most of its energy into the flower and seeds. This is the most important time of the plant's life. Now give it a feed of Tomorite every time you water. This will encourage the seeds to develop. As the seeds develop, the sunflower starts to bow its head and will then face the ground. This is due to the weight of the seed head and is nature's way of keeping the rain off the seeds.      

When the flower is fully formed, measure the height of your plant from the soil level to the highest point. Make a note of this because you will have to ring me with result on Sunday Sept 7th.

Tel: 704444.



The sunflower head is not just one flower, but is a cluster of more then 2000 tiny flowers growing together. These tiny flowers are called florets. Go and have a closer look at yours and notice the pattern these florets produce.

Pat Finn






In 2004, when Keith Lloyd, Chris Perkins and the late David Jackson organized the first of the village Summer Festivals, I firmly believe they had high hopes of attracting a host of young children to their event. It did not happen.

For the following three years Keith Lloyd, Peter Foden and myself also tried to attract the children of the village to the Festival. Again it did not happen.

All of us involved in the organization of this event knew exactly what we really, really wanted. We really, really wanted to see lots of children having fun doing the things we had done as youngsters: Sack Races, Egg and Spoon Races, Obstacle Races, Tugs of War etc. This year it happened. It was fantastic!


We have a new headmaster at our school; Jamie Macintyre. We have two new committee members; Sharon Manley and Tish Applewhite. Jamie and his staff and Sharon recruited the children. Once they were through the gate of the Community Centre Tish quickly organized them into their various activities. Finally we had achieved what we had been striving for. The children had arrived!


This year's list of ‘Thank Yous' just about encompasses the whole of the village plus many others, so here we go:

  • Annette Ellison of Macmillan Cancer Support who officially and graciously opened this year's event
  • Sylvia Lloyd for the flower arrangement presented to Annette Ellison
  • Harry Lord who made such a good job of presenting the flower arrangement

Now, in the hope of not omitting anyone, I am working my way from the gate of the Community Centre down to where the BBQ was located:

  • Traffic Control: Duncan Richardson and his team of marshals
  • Emergency Services: Fire Service, Police and St John's Ambulance
  • John Marshall, Philip Clements, John Ward, Brian and Stuart Wright, Brian Wareing and Colin Smith for the vintage and classic vehicles
  • Boundary Sound: How did we ever manage without them
  • WI: Sylvia Lloyd and her team of workers
  • Tuesday Club: Jean Foden and her team
  • Decorated Biscuits: Joan Lord
  • Sand in Bottles: Maxine Hobby who generously donated all her takings
  • Village Hall: David and Barbara Woodcock
  • Garden Club: Pat Finn, Harold Pacey, Roger Turner plus Bob Allen who provided the straw bales
  • Tennis Club: Colin and Maureen Smith and members
  • Explorer Scouts: Sharon Spencer and her Group
  • Pony and Buggy Rides: Poppet, Marylin and Peter Kingsley
  • Line Dancers: Harry Lord and his troop of performers
  • Winthorpe and Coddington Tigers: Richard Radford who was busy marking out the running track in the early hours of Saturday morning
  • Balloon Race: Sharon Manley and the PTA
  • Sumo Wrestling: Geoff Manley who worked mightily all afternoon without respite organizing the wannabe wrestlers
  • Timico: Mr. Tim Radford who sponsored the hire of the Sumo Wrestling Equipment
  • Raffle: Gwen Macdonald, Ann Stone and Barbara Finn who worked so hard to acquire prizes and sell raffle tickets and everyone else who contributed prizes including Keith and Sylvia Lloyd who gave the first prize hamper
  • Portraits: David Moore who contributed all his proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Millgate Museum: for artifacts in the "Women at Work exhibition"
  • BBQ: John Nelson and his team, particularly Fiona Wright who worked non-stop throughout the afternoon
  • All Saints Church: for the generous donation to Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Focal Point: Cliff Newbold for accommodating all of our articles.
  • Post Office: Jo and Martin for their help with publicity and other matters
  • Keith Hall(Hairdressing), Debbie (Skin n Tonic), Laurens Pattiseries, Live Photography, Green Thumb and Nikki and Stewart (Lord Nelson) for their contribution of raffle prizes
  • Tallents and Green Thumb for donations to Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Winthorpe Primary School: for all their support and loan of tables
  • Community Centre Trustees: for the use of all the facilities at no cost


Finally, my thanks go to my fellow committee members, Sharon Manley, Tish Applewhite, Keith Lloyd and Peter Foden without whom the Festival could not have taken place. Should I have failed to mention anyone who contributed please forgive me, it is not deliberate.


The financial report for the Festival appears elsewhere. This shows that, in addition to monies retained by various organizations, a sum of just over £1,000 has been donated to Macmillan Cancer Support - a magnificent result for all the hard work put in. Thank you again everyone.


A public meeting to review this year's Festival and to consider next year's event has been provisionally fixed for 7.30pm, Wednesday, 10th September in the Community Centre.


Alec Stewart, Chairman , Organizing Committee

















Contributions from organizations:


Boundary Sound



Tuesday Club









Explorer Scouts



Village Hall



St. John's Ambulance



Garden Club



Red Arrows application


PTA - Balloon Race





PTA - Sumo Wrestling*





Pony Buggy





Decorated Biscuits





Crafts Stall





Sand in Bottles





Watercolour Paintings










Ice Creams





Private donations






























*£65 hire cost of suits paid for by Timico (Mr. T Radford)


Money received by Macmillan Cancer Support:







Collecting boxes - including Portrait Drawing proceeds





Donations from village organizations





Donations from local businesses





Surplus from Gala Day events (see above)
















These figures show how successful the Gala Day was financially as well as in every other way. Thank you everyone.


Alec Stewart, Chairman, Organizing Committee.



Festival Exhibition


Dear Friends,


The Exhibition & Gala are now over and a very successful exhibition it was and all because of your help and generosity. It just could not have happened if you had not put yourselves out to write about your life, which from the many comments people found interesting.

You searched your hiding places, producing an interesting array of artefacts, only a few of which I could not recognise.

People pored over them with interest.


Thank you one and all who helped in any way to make the exhibition a success.


Sincerely yours

  K, J, Lloyd





As last year the club organised two games at the village festival, ‘skittles' and ‘tennis ball target'. 

Thanks again to David Tingle for loan of the games; to Bob Allen for the straw bales and to Pat Finn and his helpers on the day - Roger Turner, Roger Jackson, Harold Pacey, Ray and Jackie Hollingworth - not all are club members or residents of Winthorpe.

The amount raised was £56 of which £10 will go to the festival fund with the balance divided equally between Macmillan Nurses and the Club.


Ian  Wilson




How lucky we were with the weather being so good for the village Festival. People came from near and far, the little ones seemed to enjoy themselves, as did the adults, by the looks on their smiling faces.

Thank you to all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to make the day a success.


Audrey Craven










  I am writing this article in the school office on the first day  of the summer holidays. Those that have worked in schools will appreciate how different the building feels without any children inside; very peaceful for one, but much smaller and very lifeless.


Sitting in this quiet building and reflecting on my first term as head teacher has made me realise what a busy term it has been. I can honestly say it is only now when I have time to stop and think; that I appreciate the job of head teacher is impossible without the support of others.


I have been very lucky to have received some fantastic support from some exceptional people over the past months. Firstly, I have a team of outstanding teaching and non-teaching staff around me; quite honestly the best I have ever worked with. The school is also very fortunate to have a dedicated and supportive governing body who have provided me with both support and guidance.


More recently, I have been supported by a group of people previously underused by the school; the community! I must mention Pat Finn, who is a constant help to the school, I'm sure he must be tired of my telephone calls, however whatever the question, Pat always seems to find the answer for me. On a similar note, I must thank Barbra Callicott who donated some of her artwork to the school.


Finally and most importantly, I must mention our children. We said goodbye to 18 leavers this year; all who I can honestly say I am thoroughly proud of. We have produced 18 fine citizens, who I have no doubt will make an outstanding contribution to their community. In my final address to our leavers, I read them this poem by Paul Cookson:-


Let No One Steal Your Dreams

Let no one steal your dreams
Let no one tear apart
The burning of ambition
That fires the drive inside your heart

Let no one steal your dreams
Let no one tell you that you can't
Let no one hold you back
let no one tell you that you won't

Set your sights and keep them fixed
Set your sights on high
Let no one steal your dreams
Your only limit is the sky.

Let no one steal your dreams
Follow your heart
Follow your soul
For only when you follow them
Will you feel truly whole

Set your sights and keep them fixed
Set your sights on high
Let no one steal your dreams
Your only limit is the sky

Jamie Macintyre

Head teacher (01636) 680060 -




  WINTHORPE CRICKET CLUB                           


Hopefully you will all have seen and read the notices that have been put up regarding the current membership status of the Cricket Club.  I cannot stress enough the situation at the club at the moment and the dearth of players which has now caused us to forfeit 2 fixtures and incur fines and points deductions from the league.  The situation was so bad that an extra ordinary meeting was held to decide whether the club could keep going.  The club would like to that Mike Casterton and Hector Young for their attendance and their contributions at the meeting.  Work is in hand to contact other local clubs, sporting bodies and their representatives to offer any of their players who may not have been selected the opportunity of playing for Winthorpe.  In this way we are hoping to be able to get a full compliment out each week and fulfil our remaining fixtures for the season. 


This is very much a short term solution to the underlying problem of lack of numbers.  The club would again request if there is anyone who is willing to play no matter what standard or age please get in touch, again if you are only able to play the odd week here and there it would still be of benefit to us so please don't let that put you off.  I cannot emphasise enough the current problems that we are facing.  After 3 years of struggling to get back on our feet we now have an excellent facility and play in picturesque surroundings.  The club has been in existence since 1887 please let's not lose it.


Additionally in order to help we are holding a regular practice session at the ground on Tuesday evenings.  We generally start at 7pm finishing normally due to the fading light, so if you are reluctant to put yourself forward due to lack of practice why not pop along one Tuesday evening and get back into the swing of things.  Don't worry about equipment all is provided including bats, pads, gloves etc.


As I stated last month works at the pavilion are now completed for the time being the main activity being the preparation of pitches for Sundays and midweek games.  We are in the process of having a final round-up of numbers to establish the level of finance left hence the level of fundraising required to complete the roof.  As ever I will keep Focal Point informed of progress.  As is my usual format I would like to take the opportunity to ask if anyone knows of a benefactor who may be willing to help, if so please contact the Club.


The Bonus Ball draw is still very active so please if you are in the Lord Nelson and fancy a flutter please have a go.  Just have a word with the bar staff who will be happy to assist - it's all in a good cause.


Don't forget if you would like to find out more about the Club please take a look at the Cricket Club webpage on the Village website and also take a look at our own website on which has now been brought up to date.  


Middle Rasen vs Winthorpe 22.06.08


We again travelled to an away game with only 10 men available on the day.  This was one off the oddest days of the year weather wise to date.  We took the field in bright sunshine on what can only be described as a blustery day!  The trees surrounding the ground were bending and swaying with leaves being deposited in abundance across the ground, such was the problem that play had be halted from time to time to clear the strip.  However all of this did not deter Middle Rasen who batted first scoring 260 for 5 off their 40 overs.  Our cause was not helped on the day due to lack of numbers and a depleted bowling attack.  At one stage in order to try to mix things up a little Fereday was bough on who finished with figures of 2 wickets for 45 off his 6 overs.  In response we were unable to keep with the required run rate and lost early wickets cheaply.  The only resistance came from Chris Wragg who hit a dashing 47 before finally holing out going for another big hit before he ran out of partners at the other end.  We were finally all out for a total of 85 in what was a comprehensive defeat.


Winthorpe vs Saxilby 13.07.08


Saxilby is one of the fixtures we look forward too during the course of the season as games with them tend to be very close run and hard fought affairs.  This should have been an away fixture for us however it was hastily re-arranged due to a problem at Saxilby; nevertheless conditions were fair and the pitch in excellent condition.  Again we took to the field with 10 men, with this in mind having won the toss Winthorpe elected to bat first.  Saxilby's bowlers set about their task in earnest keeping the scoring down and also restricting the batsmen.  The score progressed through to Winthorpe being 75 with 5 wickets down off 20 overs.  This bought the evergreen Brian Noble to the crease to join Matthews who himself had not been long at the crease.  In the next 18 overs they both batted sublimely adding 90 to the score before Noble was dismissed for 41 attempting another boundary.  Matthews continued on before being dismissed for 57 chasing runs off the few remaining overs.  Winthorpe's final total was 176 off 40 overs giving the team something to defend.


Despite lack of numbers we had a more balanced team than took the field at Middle Rasen and whilst we were short in our main strike bowling we did have more strength in depth in the overall bowling attack.  Locke and Bailey opened the bowling both looking pretty lively, Locke bowled with his usual economy and accuracy which was good to see in his first match back after a nasty eye injury had kept him out of the side for the last 2 months.  He was well supported at the other end by James Bailey bowling with all the enthusiasm and exuberance of youth.  Their opening spell had Saxilby struggling on 46 for 5 from the opening 9 overs which included an excellent diving catch from Chris Wragg fielding at mid off to dismiss Evans fist ball off the bowling of Locke.  The following spell was bowled by Noble, who was fresh and confident following his excellent batting performance and Fereday with another rare outing as a bowler.  The next 5 wickets fell relatively cheaply with Saxilby being dismissed for 76 with only Gelder offering any notable resistance who was finally dismissed for 19 caught by Matthews after brushing aside onrushing batsman and bowler to take the "skied" catch.  Pick off the bowlers was Ashley Locke who finished with figures of 6 overs, 5 maidens, 3 wickets conceding just 2 runs, Fereday finished on 5.2 overs, no maidens, 3 wickets for 14, Noble 6 overs, 2 maidens, 2wickets for 11 and Bailey with 5 overs, no maidens, 2 wickets for 47.


Contact Details

Should you wish to contact the Club for any reason please call anyone of the following or alternatively there is a "Contact the Club" facility on the website.


Andy Fereday - 678622

Ashley Locke - 703988

Peter Bateson - 704787

Simon Potter - 612968


Finally here are the fixtures for Winthorpe for August.  The full fixture list for the season is available on the website.  Midweek games will generally start between 6:00 and 6:30pm hope to see you at Holme Lane.


Winthorpe CC

17th       Bassingham - away

24th       Middle Rasen - home


Kavaliers CC

Not matches in August


Andy Fereday




  Thursford Xmas Spectacular

 Friday 21st November at 2pm

 Just a gentle reminder that the money for the Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2008 will be due by the 22nd of August.

The cost is £35.50 per person.

The cheque made payable to Travel Wright Ltd. and sent to me please.

The cost of the meal will be required on the evening.


Kind Regards

            Barbara Finn.



Childrens Society

A big thank you to the holders of The Children's Society Collection Boxes.  The monies are now all gathered in, counted and sent off to the Children's Society.  The grand total was £450.00 a truly magnificent amount.  Thank you very much for your generosity.


If anyone would like a box to collect their small change in for this very good cause, please let me know. It's amazing how it mounts up.


Barbara Woodcock



 Winthorpe Tennis Club

Gala Day

Seven people enjoyed an afternoon's tennis. The competition was won by Rosanna Marks. In the Community Centre children of primary school age enjoyed playing soft ball tennis under the guidance of Greg Marks.

If you would like to play tennis on the courts you can either pay and play or become a member and play at any time.


Family membership £40

(two adults + children under 11 years)

Adult membership £20

Junior (11-18 years) £5

Students £5

New key either for new member or a replacement for loss £2.50

Contact Sue Sharp - Subscription Secretary on 01636 703198 if you would like to become a member.


Pay and Play Fees for non-members

£2 per hour + £5 refundable key deposit.

Maximum number of times casual play available to a person is four times per year.


Maureen Smith - 01636 701205




 New Years Eve at The Community Centre

I know it is far too early to be thinking about New Year's Eve, especially when some of you have yet to take your summer holiday. However, I just wondered if there would be any interest in a Rock and Roll night, dancing to a live band playing 50's-80's music, with buffet provided.  Adults only please. 

The tickets would not be expensive, with any profits going to Molly's (our granddaughter's) charity TAG. 

 I have provisionally booked the Community Centre, so if you are interested, I would be very grateful if you could let me know by the beginning of September, so that if I need to cancel, then the Centre would be available for another booking and the group can play elsewhere. 


Could you either put a note through my letterbox, or phone me on 677512. 


Thank you. 
Fiona Wright - Spindlewood, 1 Woodlands.




  Winthorpe Line Dancers

We raised a record breaking £625.00 last year towards the Community Centre funds.  The number of bootscooters is ever increasing and we averaged about 20 each week towards the end of the season.  We would be thrilled if more people joined us and as always, the emphasis is on fun, rather than everyone getting it right, all at the same time!  Our ages range from 7 to 80'ish so everyone is welcome to join.  The cost is only £1.50 per week, an increase of 10p from last season and is an excellent way to keep fit.  All the proceeds are given to the Community Centre, where we meet every Tuesday, between 7.00-8.00 p.m.  The new season starts on Tuesday, 9th September.  There will not be a class on 4th November, due to a Centre booking.  If you would like any further information please phone me on 677512.  Happy holidays and I hope the sun shines for you.
Fiona Wright, Spindlewood





Whist Drive
Don't forget, the Whist Drive is on Thursday, 25th September in the Village Hall commencing at 7.00. 

We would love to see some new faces, please do come and join us.
Fiona Wright




  Overhanging Hedges


I have received a letter from someone who lives in Winthorpe who is concerned about the amount of hedging that overhangs onto the pavements.

The author of the letter no longer drives, so most journeys' are made on foot either to catch the bus, visit the shop or for pleasure.

I would imagine that there are many who live amongst us who now no longer drive and some who are visually impaired and they do not expect to have to make detours whilst walking along the pavement.

I made similar comments in last years July issue and I am pleased to say with some success, certainly in Woodlands.

Everything is growing so quickly at the moment and it is a job to keep on top of the pruning.

Obviously pavements are there to enable us to walk unimpeded in safety.  Please check to see if your hedge could be causing such a problem.


The name and address was supplied. Ed.





Dear All,


It's August and traditionally the "holiday month". Many in our villages will have been on vacation in May, June and July, others will be on holiday at various times during this month. It could even be you.

What does "holiday" mean for you? A break from work? A chance to spend time with family and friends? A time alone?  The answer of course is all the above.  Most of all it should be a period when we allow ourselves some well-deserved Tender Loving Care (TLC).


September will see, for one group, a return to school, for another it will be back to work and for many more a re-engagement with special interests and hobbies. August therefore provides an opportunity, enabling a very special breathing space. I dare you to make August a real space for the three R's Rest, Refreshment and Relaxation.


Within our church life, Duncan and Julia were married on the first Sunday in July.  It was a grand occasion.  The church was decorated with lovely flowers and filled with family and friends all supporting Duncan and Julia.  The East Trent Churches Choir sang an Anthem, ‘Jesu, Joy of man's desiring', chosen by the bridal couple. The choir also supported the singing of  two well known hymns, ‘Morning has broken' and ‘All things bright and beautiful', all of which added to make the wedding a truly memorable church event.  We wish Duncan and Julia well as they continue on their life long journey together.


During the first weekend in September we will, as in earlier years remember Beating of the Bounds.  Our church will open its doors to many from across the Group for Communion at 8am on the Sunday, followed by breakfast, before moving on to Langford and Holme. During the course of the day all our churches will be visited.  Journeys end will be at South Scarle with Choral Evensong and tea.  The East Trent Choir will provide support and sing a special anthem for the occasion.  


I am aware how much work has gone into the Winthorpe Gala weekend, so at the conclusion of this article in giving thanks for so many who worked hard for it, let August be the  month when we are true to the 3R's -  Rest, Refreshment and Relaxation.


            In Christian Love




Church Notices

As we write, the Revd David Milner is having a well - earned holiday in Canada and we hope all of you who are anticipating a holiday will have an enjoyable break and good weather.

We would like to congratulate the organisers of the Gala Day, which appeared to be well supported for a very worthy cause; even the weather behaved itself!

It was good to see so many children enjoying the event.


We are very grateful to Revd. Michael Briggs (a retired priest who helps David) for taking the Family Service in July. He gave a very interesting account of early harvesting practices and showed the children how seeds were scattered by hand and demonstrated how a scythe would have been used to reap the corn. He also told us that the author, Charles Kingsley who wrote the ‘Water Babies', was for a short time the Vicar of North Clifton. The service was followed as usual with coffee, biscuits and conversation. We were delighted to see such a good congregation plus eight children. We hope to see you all again. We always hold this service on the third Sunday in the month.


The Taylor Memorial is expected to be mounted on the south wall inside the church before August. This will be re-dedicated along with a new white altar frontal at a date to be arranged in the near future.


On September 7th we are again ‘Beating the Bounds' . Winthorpe Church will commence the day with the 8am Holy Communion Service This will be followed by a light breakfast in the Village Hall. The day will conclude with Evensong at South Scarle Church where tea will be available following the service. There will be a chart at the back of the church for you to sign your name if you wish to have breakfast / tea.


Church Bells :- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until 9pm and possibly for the following:-

August 10th Holy Communion Service 10.l5am

August 17th Family Service 10.l5am

August 24th Evensong 6pm.


From The Registers

Holy Matrimony:-

Saturday the 6th July - Duncan John Martin & Julia Catherine Loach

Brass Cleaning:-  Mrs Everson & Mrs June Taylor.


We send our good wishes to everyone in the village and especially to those who are unwell at this present time.


Alan & Ann

Up-to-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office.


                     SERVICES IN AUGUST


                                                  SUNDAY 3rd  Trinity 11

                                                            No Service in Winthorpe

                                    9am                  Holy Communion, Holme.



                        SUNDAY 10th  Trinity 12

                        10.15am                       Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

                        6pm                             Evensong, Holme.


            SUNDAY 17th  Trinity 13

            9am                              Holy Communion, Langford.

            10,15am                       Family Service, Winthorpe.


            THURSDAY 21st

            10am                Holy Communion, Winthorpe. CANCELLED


            SUNDAY 24th Trinity 14

            6pm                             Evensong, Winthorpe.  


            SUNDAY 31st Trinity 15

                                    No Service in Winthorpe.


            SEPTEMBER 7th Trinity 16



            8am                  Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

                                    (Followed by Breakfast in the Village Hall)



                                           ALL ARE WELCOME        


                           CHURCH CLEANING VOLUNTEERS

                        AUGUST                                SEPTEMBER

            1st Miss Applewhite.                 12th Mrs Stone, Mr  McClymont.

            15th  Mrs Young, Mrs Lloyd.  26th  Mrs Foden, Mrs Hill.

            29th  Mrs Nelson, Mrs Finn.





Monday 4th               Luncheon Club. 12.30pm - Comm. Centre

                                    Silver Bin

Thursday 7th            Library Van

Monday 11th             Green Bin

Tuesday 12th            Tuesday Club Coffee Morn.  10.30am V. H.

Monday 18th             Silver Bin

Thursday 21st            Library Van

Friday 22nd                Last Day to pay Barbara Finn - Thursford.

Monday 25th             POST OFFICE CLOSED until 1st Sept.

                                    Green Bin


Monday 1st                Silver Bin

Sunday 7th                 Sunflower ‘Height In'-  Ring Pat Finn

Wednesday 10th        Festival Meeting

Thursday 11th            WI meeting

Thursday 18th            Parish Council Meeting.




Murphy's Lesser Known Dictums...


Light travels faster than sound........

This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

He who laughs last, thinks slowest.