User Guide




                 VERSION 3 – October 17


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Welcome to Winthorpe Community Centre and thank you for booking the Centre for your function or activity. You should have already been referred to the terms and conditions of the hire agreement when you booked the Centre. We want you to have a good experience in the Centre so have outlined some helpful information below.   



Booking secretary  – Jane Bateson 07546  649934

Maintenance           – Colin Smith 01636 701205

                                   - Andy Warner 07889 189207

 Chair Person           – Peter Bateson 07766 951205

 Treasurer                 – Nina Adams 07488 997765

 Secretary                 – Michele Cammack 07951728079

 If, for any reason, you have an issue with the heating in the Community Centre, please call Colin Smith or Andy Warner.



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Health and Safety


  • There is a first aid box behind the bar and a second box in the kitchen.
  • There is an accident book behind the bar, any incident that results in injury to any person using the community centre should be recorded with full details in the log and a trustee informed as per the contacts above.


 Fire safety

The centre is fitted with fire detection systems and the alarm should sound automatically. In addition, there are a number of manual call points. 

The alarm is not connected to the Fire Service - in the event of a fire call 999 and a Community Centre trustee.

There are a number of fire extinguishers located throughout the premises. Please familiarise yourself with their location and use.

The fire action plan is located at each call point. The assembly point is at the end of the car park.

Exits must be kept clear at all times. Users are responsible for the safe evacuation of everybody present and should also consider carrying out regular fire evacuation exercises. 





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The main hall is automatically heated, it is pre-set to come on 1 hour prior to an event.





Winthorpe Community Centre aims to be as energy efficient as possible so please only switch on lights when necessary and check that the Main Hall,  Thornhill Room, toilets and Kitchen lights are switched off when you leave.


Emergency lighting is on all the time.


Alarm System (Disabled Toilet)

If the alerm is set off for any reason in the disabled toilet, to switch it off and reset it, the GREEN button on the panel above the door of the toilet has to be pressed.




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You will have gained access by using the key from the key safe. Please keep this safe and ensure that you return to the safe and unscramble the number when leaving the building.   Make sure all doors and emergency exits are closed at the end of your session. If you have opened the fire exit (double doors) in the main hall, please make sure when you leave that this is closed properly to avoid the entruder alarm from sounding.  



 Notice Boards

A small user’s notice board is located in the corridor on the way to the toilets. Please remove any out of date notices.

Do not stick notices or decorations to the walls. 




The kitchen is well equipped for most catering needs. 

If you need to use the dishwasher,  the instructions are displayed in the kitchen.

A fridge is available for your use. Please make sure that you remove all food items after your session.

Please make sure that all crockery and equipment and the cooker are cleaned for the next user after your session.



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The bins are located outside at the back of the kitchen. Ensure that all bins are emptied at the end of your function. 



Changing rooms


These are well equipped, please make sure you sweep up and leave as you find them.

The cloak room is for all coats, please do not bring out the coat rails into the hallway as the hallway is a dedicated fire access route.




Accidents and incidents


There is a First Aid box stored on top of the kitchen cupboard and in the bar area.





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Gas is used for heating.  If you smell gas  then evacuate the building and call a trustee (list of contacts supplied on page 2)



Water – Please call a trustee (see page 2) in the event of a leak.



Portable electrical equipment


All portable electrical equipment in the hall is regularly tested. Please ensure that any equipment you bring into the hall is tested.



Defects and breakages


Please notify the booking secretary of any breakages.



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The hall is cleaned regularly but users should ensure they leave the premises as found. A mop and bucket can be found in the cleaner’s store in the large changing rooms.  The hoover and broom are kept in the store cupboard at the back of the main hall.

Please sweep floors and ensure any spills are quickly mopped up, particularly on the wooden floor in the main hall. Only a minimum of water should be used when cleaning the hall floor, e.g. using a wrung out cloth.



Departure checklist


Put away tables and chairs, if used, Sweep floors, clean kitchen and leave the Centre as you found it. Take away any excessive rubbish.  Check all windows and doors are closed.  Turn off heaters.  Turn off lights.   Lock all external doors and return key to safe.