Winthorpe Tuesday Club

Mr. Geoffrey Appleby founder and the first chairman of the Tuesday Club.rThe Good Companions ceased to be a club for the older residents of the village in the early 1970's, mainly due to lack of leadership. In the years following its demise it was missed by several of the older members. When Geoff Appleby said that, on his retirement from the Midland Bank in 1978, he would be willing to start up a new club for the older folk it was seized on with enthusiasm.

A meeting chaired by the late Rev. Herbert Langford was held in the then new Youth Centre. Geoff Appleby agreed to be the leader of the new Club but it was decided that there would be no committee and the Club would be run on an informal basis. The name "Tuesday Club" was chosen because of the day meetings were to take place i.e. the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The name also had no "ageist" overtones so that anyone could come along if they wished. Geoff had no difficulty in finding speakers, though they were rarely paid, because of all his interests in and around Newark. Meetings started off in the Youth Centre but moved to the Village Hall where they are still held.

Apart from the usual meetings there are outings (e.g. to the Royal residence at Sandringham), a Christmas Party and a garden party, weather permitting, in July in the garden of "Tall Trees". For the last three years there has also been a Christmas shopping outing and the last one included lunch at a restaurant.

A group of Tuesday Club members enjoying a garden party at 'Tall Trees', home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Foden - about 1990.From the start of the Tuesday Club in 1978 Mrs. Jean Foden and Mrs. Doreen Spurr made refreshments and helped in other ways. Doreen moved away from Winthorpe some years ago but Jean carried on. Geoff's health became more fragile and sadly he died in August 2000. Jean took over the running of the Tuesday Club.

Some changes have taken place over the years. One of the twice-monthly meetings now takes the form of a coffee morning, which has proved extremely popular. The Club still has no formal committee and all the members take any decisions. All who come along enjoy a friendly informal atmosphere.

Mrs. Jean Foden. September 2004.