Winthorpe Millers

There have possibly been two windmills in this village although maps never show more than one. One site on west side of Langford Road just beyond turning S.E. to Two Mile House crossroads (now Winthorpe roundabout) on Coddington Road. It had gone by 1906. Earliest reference 1779 to post mill, brick roundhouse, value £100, by 1791 value £300. For sale 1879, wind and steam mill, five pairs of French stones, one pair barley stones, excellent engine/boiler, dressing silks. Again for sale in 1890.



  • William Brown junior 1779.
  • Richard Waddington 1796.
  • George H. Gamble 1832-1855. *
  • George Raynor Leavers 1864-76.
  • William Franklin 1872-74.
  • George Ogle 1883.
  • John Alfred Woolley 1883-85.


Pat Finn. August 2007.

Extracts from Windmills in Nottinghamshire by Don Morley.


There are some discrepancies about the dates of George Gamble and George Leavers.

Further readings can be found in  

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