Village Hall

The Village Hall, on Gainsborough Road, was built in 1885 by the owner of Winthorpe Hall, G T Pierce Duncombe, having previously been a church, which he had commissioned eleven years earlier in the nearby village of Brough.  In 1938, Mr W J Need, at that time the owner of Winthorpe Hall and the former church, presented the latter to the village as a reading room; it was later requisitioned by the army to be used as a store in World War II. In 1951, the building was refurbished and became the Village Hall we know today. A fuller history of the hall can be found in the Village Scrapbook. 

The Village Hall is a registered Charity, run by the Board of Trustees for the benefit of the village and for use by village organisations. The village hall is used regularly for meetings of the Parish Council, Neighbourhood Watch and Winthorpe History Group, as well as for social gatherings such as Community Cuppa and Winthorpe Amateur Wine Association evenings. Local artist Max Neale has a weekly art class. On election days it is a polling station. Fundraising activities often take place at the village hall, which can also be hired for private parties and events, as well as coffee mornings, AGMs and village activities.

There is a defibrillator fixed to the wall, to the right of the front door. The code is CY543.


News for May:

  • Community Cuppa every Tuesday from 2pm until 4pm. Drop in for a cup of tea or coffee and conversation. No charge.
  • Winthorpe Wellbeing Walk every Tuesday: meet at the Village Hall at 1.30pm; walk for an hour and then join in with Community Cuppa, if you wish.
  • Winthorpe Amateur Wine Association (WAWA) 1st May, 7-9pm (prepaid members only)
  • The Village Hall will be used as the Polling Station on 2nd May, open for voting from 7am until 10pm. Remember to bring your Photo I.D.
  • Village Hall Trustees meeting 9th May, 7pm
  • Neighbourhood Watch meeting 15th May, 7pm
  • Winthorpe with Langford Parish Council meeting 16th May, 7.30pm, all residents welcome to attend


Trustees and Representatives:

Position Name Contact details
Chairman Bob McClymont  (Trustee)

Tel: 01636 705952    


Secretary Susie Conning  (Trustee)

Tel: 0796 8855 448   


Treasurer   Joan Lord  (Trustee)

Tel: 0779 2110 540   


  Lee Cammack  (Trustee)

Tel: 0759 7230 912   


  Paul Smith (ex-officio representing Winthorpe with Langford Parish Council)  email: