The Nineteen Nineties

The population in 1990 is only 55, which is a measure of the change in methods of working the land during this century. The majority of the population no longer depend on agriculture, and there is diversification- into a craft shop; antique dealing; gate making; and a farm shop. St. Bartholomew's Church is again in need of extensive restoration, at an estimated cost of 60,000 pounds, and is now staffed in conjunction with Winthorpe under a Priest-in-Charge, the Revd John L. Smith, the Diocesan Chief Inspector of Church Schools.

The main problems affecting the village are depopulation and a decline in communal life. These necessarily affect the Church, which is the only communal building in the parish, but is used less and less, even though the Parochial Church Council are obliged to maintain it. This makes great financial demands on a small population, and the Church Council set up a Funding Committee in 1990 to raise the finance for restoration from as wide a cross-section of interests as possible.