Winthorpe County Primary School 1971 - 2006

Winthorpe County Primary School - 2006.September 2nd 1971 - The new school opened. Mr. J. A. Smith was the Headteacher who taught the junior children and Mrs. B. R. Brown was the infant teacher. Mrs. D. McClymont was appointed as a part-time teacher working every afternoon. The new school was featured in the local press.

January 1972 - Following the resignation of Mrs. Brown in December last year, Mrs. J. D. Aldridge was appointed as the infant teacher. The following September Mrs. McClymont's position became full-time due to an increase in the number of children in the school.

The school was very much part of the local community and several visits are recorded of visits to farmer Mr. Baggaley at Old Rectory Farm, Gainsborough Road, Winthorpe. There the children observed the animals and farming methods. The children also made cards and visited Mr. Humphries, who lived in one of the Alms Cottages, on his 100th birthday.

December 1972 - The nativity play was "The Shepherd's Tale" and the logbook states that, Winthorpe County Primary School Orchestra - 1972."The children performed extremely well and Mrs. Aldridge is to be commended for her hard work."

The children were learning to play the recorder in classes taught by Mrs. Aldridge and a small orchestra usually enhanced school productions from then on.

April 22nd 1974 - Two lambs arrived at the school. They came from Mr. Grammar at Langford Old Hall, Langford. The children (and staff) learnt from first-hand experience the delights and problems of looking after animals. They were returned to Mr. Grammar in July, having been extremely well looked after, and very little was said about their probable end. Two goats, named Jet and Crystal, were the next "pets" but the male became a bit lively with his butting and knocked one or two children over so they had to go.

January 31st 1975 - Two newborn lambs arrived from Mr. Grammar's farm. For the first couple of weeks members of staff and parents took it in turns to look after the lambs, Jack and Jill, overnight, definitely beyond the call of duty.

April 12th 1976 - The new infant classroom extension was officially handed over. The school now had three classes; infants, lower juniors and upper juniors.

July 1976 - Mr. J. A. Smith left to take up a new appointment at Collingham and a temporary head, Mr. A. K. Smith, came for one term.

January 5th 1977 - Mr. J. D. Burton took up the duty of Headteacher.

June 11th 1977 - Winthorpe Primary School played host to the three villages of Winthorpe, Langford and Holme on the occasion of the celebration of Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Silver Jubilee. Children's sports, a tea for senior citizens and children, plus other games were held. However, heavy rain curtailed proceedings.

May 1978 - Newark held an "Education Week." Displays and activities took place in St. Mary Magdalene, the Parish Church of Newark.

On the 15th and 18th, as part of their contribution to this week, sixteen children gave a practical demonstration of clay and balsa wood modeling.  

Pupils Country Dancing in St. Mary Magdalene, the Parish Church of Newark - 1978.On the 17th, twenty-four junior children, who had been rehearsed by Mrs. McClymont, gave a demonstration of country dancing in Newark Parish Church.

July 9th 1979 - The school celebrated its centenary. To mark the beginning of a week of celebration a large number of managers, teachers, ex-head teachers, ex-pupils, children and parents were present in the school. The Chairman of the managers, Mr. M. Hounsfield, unveiled a plaque; a service conducted by the Rector of Winthorpe, Langford and Holme, Reverend H. W. Langford, followed this. Later coffee was served and guests were invited to inspect the school's displays and exhibition of life over the last 100 years. In the afternoon, parents and small children watched a dress rehearsal of the centenary entertainment performed by the pupils. This concert was performed on the following two days to a packed hall of parents and friends. 

On the 12th the whole school enacted a Victorian school morning. The children and staff dressed in Victorian costumes and parents and friends wandered freely around the school observing the kind of lessons, which were conducted at that time. In the afternoon the children had a celebration party to mark the end of the week. A special cake was cut by Mrs. V. Bird who had been cook supervisor at the school for seven years and was leaving to go to Australia.

November 1979 - Mr. Burton and Mrs. Aldridge went with a party of children, parents and school managers to Coventry for the presentation of the Winners National Award of the Dolphin Trophy for swimming. This was a very prestigious achievement for a small village school and was recognized at County level when the children went to meet the chairman of Nottinghamshire County Council's Education Committee, Mrs. Caroline Minkley. This achievement was repeated in 1982 when Mrs. McClymont accompanied the children, their parents and Mr. J. Drabble, chairman of governors, on a visit to Coventry to receive that same award.                                          Winners, teachers and parents with the National Award of the Dolphin Trophy for swimming - November 1979.

The school maintained strong links with the village taking part in many village activities over the years. Parents and visitors were also encouraged to come into school to share their expertise in various subjects with the children. A few instances of this are:- 

Two residents of Winthorpe, Mrs. A. Burns and Mr. G. Bennett came into school to talk about the Twenties and Thirties period in history and gave a very skilled demonstration of the Charleston dance.

January 21st 1980 - Winthorpe artist, Mr. M. Warren came into school to sign first day covers of the stamps, which he had designed, depicting British water birds. His generous gesture raised £330 for the Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A.) fund.

 April 6th 1980 - On Easter Sunday morning the children gave a repeat performance in Winthorpe Parish Church of "Jerusalem Joy." The log book states, "the church was filled to capacity and Mrs. Aldridge is to be congratulated on the excellent standard of the performance."

December 15th 1980 - The school was invited to play the major role in a carol service in Winthorpe Parish Church held to officially launch the Church Roof Appeal Fund. Congregational carols were interspersed with scenes from a nativity play produced by Mrs. McClymont. As they left the church the children were presented with chocolate Father Christmases.

May 12th 1981 - Miss K. Euston, a Winthorpe resident, visited the school to show slides and talk to the Infant class about her childhood in Winthorpe.

Winthorpe County Primary School Morris Dancing Team - July 1981.June 16th 1981 - Children who had been learning Morris dancing visited the "Tuesday Club" in the Village Hall to perform a display of dancing. The head teacher and Mr. P. Cooper, a parent, who played the music and had been coaching the children, accompanied them.

On the 27th, as part of the Flower Festival organized on behalf of Winthorpe Parish Church Roof Appeal the children gave a much-appreciated display of Morris and Country Dancing.

March 29th 1982 - The Morris dancers visited Fosselands Old People's Home, Newark to give a performance to the residents. It was much appreciated.

This was followed in May by a performance at the May Fair at Collingham

May 19th 1982 - All the pupils and members of staff attended Newark Technical College for the visit of H.R.H. Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales. The Morris dancers accompanied by Mr. P. Cooper gave performances as part of the entertainment in the college grounds and in Newark Market Square.

At the end of the year, Mr. Burton attended a meeting at which the provision of microcomputers for primary schools was explained. In September of the following year he attended further meetings on the use of the school's new computer. In October, Mrs. McClymont attended the same courses and the school became the proud owners of a BBC model B computer.

Winners of the Newark Area Primary Schools Road Safety at Kelham Hall - 26th May 1983.May 26th 1983 - During the evening a team of children accompanied by parents, teachers, governors and friends attended Kclham Hall for the final of the Newark Area Primary Schools Road Safety Quiz. Winthorpe Primary School was represented by Joanne and Nicola Newbold, Simon Lee and Simon Warren. They were successful in winning and were presented with a shield and individual trophies.   

March 1st 1984 - An ensemble of fourteen string instrumentalists visited the school and gave a very enjoyable concert coupled with interesting explanations of the various instruments.

March 13th 1984 - Mr. Michael Warren, parent and bird artist, visited during the morning to help the older children in a survey of the numbers and species of local birds.

July 4th 1984 - An open evening for parents received almost 100% support. Demonstrations of computer work were given by the children during the evening.

March 22nd 1985 - An ensemble of peripatetic woodwind teachers gave a very enjoyable concert during the afternoon.

March 27th 1985 - In connection with National Poetry week the school held a poetry afternoon. Mrs. McClymont, who organized an art competition based on poems, arranged the event. Many parents attended to hear the children read aloud poems they had written themselves.

June 7th 1985 - A duet of peripatetic guitar teachers visited to perform and talk about their instruments.

January 11th 1986 - The caretaker discovered that the school had been forcibly entered during the previous night. She informed the head and then called the police.

May 7th 1986 - Mrs. S. Pilkington, Primary Phase Inspector, visited to familiarize herself with the school and staff.

June 18th 1986 - Mrs. Aldridge held a meeting on the teaching of reading during the evening.

July 9th 1986 - A concert of the children's music was held during the afternoon, arranged by Mrs. Hopkins. Every child took part and a large audience of parents and friends enjoyed the occasion.

December 1986 - Mr. J. D. Burton left Winthorpe Primary School after "ten years of rewarding service in a happy school."

Newark Inter Schools Footbal Champions - 1977.January 12th 1987 - Mr. M. L. Ball took over as Headteacher.

The school closed on the 14th for the next two days due to snow. It was difficult for pupils in outlying areas to get to school.

December 17th 1987 - The last day of term. The children attended church at 11am for a service presented to parents and friends. This was followed by Christmas dinner at school for all. Guests were invited who had helped with reading, pottery, P.T.A. etc. A presentation was made to kitchen and domestic staff.

November 14th 1988 - The incoming rector, the Reverend John Smith, called, to meet the Head Teacher and arrange for the carol service to be held in the church on the last day of term. He also arranged to take a service in school on December 1st.

February 16th 1989 - Family In-service day held at Bowbridge Infant School on Science in the National Curriculum. 

The family of schools comprised those schools in Newark and district, which fed into the local Secondary schools. The log book shows a wealth of courses and meetings over the next few years which staff had to attend to implement the National Curriculum, assessment and recording initiatives and Standard Attainment Tasks.

February 17th 1989 - In-service day held here just for the Winthorpe staff. It was an extremely worthwhile day sorting out how we will be implementing and planning the introduction of the National Curriculum into this school.

July 12th 1989 - A leaving party was held for Mrs. J. D. Aldridge who retires at the end of this term. Mr. Moss, Area Education Officer, attended. Mrs. McClymont and a number of parents very well organized the function. The Newark teachers' group played and there was an excellent buffet/wine. A presentation of artists' materials and a sun-lounger was made. A very nice send off.

July 14th 1989 - A leaving service was held in school to say "Goodbye" to our 4th years and presentations were made to Mrs. J. D. Aldridge (artist's easel) from the children and a garden centre gift token to Mrs. B. Wells (Part-time teacher). We wish Mrs. Aldridge a long and happy retirement after 17 years devotion to this school.

October 30th 1989 - Deputy Head interviews took place in the afternoon at County Hall. Mrs. M. Haig was appointed.

November 29th 1989 - N.A.P.H. (National Association of Primary Heads) was held at the Mount School, Newark. Mr. Moss explained L.M.S. (Local Management of Schools) was the Government directive to give money to schools directly, rather than via County Hall, to enable them to plan and manage their own budgets)

January 18th 1990 - Roger Cole ran a course in school at 1pm for parents to explain the implications of the National Curriculum. 

The number of children is 86.

Winthorpe County Primary School Netball Team - 1990 - 1991.July 18th 1990 - Interviews were carried out at the Area Office, Newark. Sally Johnson was appointed on Main Scale to take charge of the Top Class.

July 20th 1990 - A farewell party was held for Mrs. D. McClymont who has promotion to Ollerton Infant and Nursery school. A happy and sad occasion. We are sorry to see her go but happy for her promotion to Deputy Head after 18 years dedication and enthusiasm to Winthorpe children. 100 + parents attended and the Area Education Officer, Mr. G. Moss.

October 8th 1990 - BOOK WEEK.

A lady attended school to show all the children a variety of reptiles, lizards, snakes toads, etc. Anne Fairbum came in to tell stories in the afternoon.

October 10th 1990 - About 30 children went to John Blow Primary School, Collingham to listen to poet, Martin Glynn.

October 12th 1990 - Martin Wright, illustrator, attended to show how he designs and illustrates book covers. Dorothy Barlow, County Librarian, came in the afternoon to tell stories.

December 18th 1990 - A Pageant was held all around the village. Various organizations joined with the school to celebrate the Christmas story with an emphasis on the plight of the Romanian refugees. A Romanian baby was "Jesus" in the manger.

January 21st 1991 - The introduction of an "after school hours" band commenced today and was very well attended. It was taken by Mrs. R. Gosling (parent) and Mrs. T. Richmond (teacher).

February 27th 1991 - Jan Wilson, Senior Lecturer at Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln came to talk to parents about SATS (Standard Assessment Tasks). It was a well-attended meeting.

September 6th 1991 - SUNDAY - Between 60 and 70 parents and children helped with the laying out of footpaths, digging ponds and planting etc. An excellent start to our conservation area.

December 17th 1991 - With Mrs. Richmond, thirty children visited Winthorpe Hall Care Home, a residential home for the elderly. They sang carols to the residents. Prior to 1987, this was formerly known as Winthorpe Hall.

May 3rd 1992 - The Roundabout Theatre Company attended all day to work with each class during the morning then to give a presentation in the afternoon. It was an excellent day. Another drama group arrived at 3pm to work with the after- school drama group with a view to a presentation called "Leaves of Life" in Newark Castle grounds.

June 13th 1992 - A music concert was held in the school hall. About seventy parents attended and it was very well performed. A presentation was made to Mrs. R. Gosling as she departs for teacher training at Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln. She will be very much missed.

October 12th 1992 - Mrs. M. Haig appointed Headteacher at the Maun School, Ollerton.

October 23rd 1992 - The school office was altered and a new staff room built.

December 10th 1992 - Interviews were held. Miss Miranda Blake was appointed as Infant teacher

February 3rd 1993 - Roger Cole attended in the evening to talk to parents about "Education. Where are we now?" About thirty attended and a lively discussion took place.

March 8th 1993 - The Sheriff of Nottingham, Councillor Brent Charlesworth, visited the school and explained his role to all the children. He brought a picture and banner and pencils for all the children.

July 27th 1993 - Miss S. Johnson left to take up a position at Wellingborough. She was presented with several gifts and our best wishes.

March 22nd 1994 - Mary Timms demonstrated "The Oxford Reading Tree" scheme. The school decided to purchase it.

May 9th 1994 - The whole week was set-aside for SATS (Standard Assessment Tests) for Year 2 and Year 6.

February 1st 1995 - Mr. Shepherd called to see the Headteacher about alterations to the wet area and computer room. Drawings to follow; estimated cost £7-8 thousand.

April 13th 1995 - Mr. Pat Finn, a resident of Winthorpe, visited the school to start a Giant Sunflower Competition. The aims of the competition will be:

  • Who could grow the tallest sunflower?
  • Create a competitive spirit.
  • Create an interest in gardening.
  • Have fun.

The competition will be opened to all children up to the age of 11 years who live in Winthorpe, Langford or Holme. It also includes all children at Winthorpe County Primary School, even if they live outside the village. The competition will always start on Easter Sunday and will close on the first week back after the summer holidays.

September 21st 1995 - At assembly, Mr. Finn announced that the winner of the first Giant Sunflower Competition was Laura-Ann Boby with a height of 3mtrs 34cms. (11ft.) Laura-Ann who lives in Newark and attends the school was presented with a framed certificate recording her win, a book voucher and a first place card. The remaining twelve competitors were presented with appropriately placed cards. This was the start of a successful competition and hope it will run for many years.

November 22nd 1995 - An emergency meeting was held this evening in the school hall to inform parents about the budget cuts to Nottinghamshire schools and the difficulties we would have if the 10% cut went ahead. Parents were informed that school would close early on Friday to allow staff to attend a rally in Nottingham.

September 1996 - Andrew Smith won the Giant Sunflower Competition with a height of 3mtrs 52cms. (11ft 7ins) 

June 10/12th 1997 - Three school inspectors visited the school, as part of a national programme of school inspection. The Office for Standards in Education, a department of central government, commissioned this inspection. The team reports on the standards achieved by pupils, the quality of their education. The efficiency with the financial resources and the pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

September 1997 - The Ofsted (The Office of Standards in Education) report by the School Inspectors praised the school for its quality of teaching and high standards. Staff and governors were praised for their work and leadership they provided.

The reporting inspector Mr. Keith Williams wrote:

"Winthorpe County Primary school is a good school and has many strengths. The school is a caring community, with a positive and stimulating learning environment, in which all pupils are valued. There are high standards in many subjects and pupils' behaviour is good."

The number of children is 97. Seven above the cut-off point. 

Olivia Wells won the Giant Sunflower Competition with a height of 3mtrs 38cms. (11ft 1in)

September 18th 1998 - Mr. M. Ball, Headteacher, retired.

January 4th 1999 - Mr. P. Nolan took up his appointment as Headteacher. Floating teacher was Mrs. Munn.

September 22nd 1999 - At school assembly Mr. Finn announced the winner of the Giant Sunflower Competition was Jon Higgins with an astonishing height of 4mtrs 42cms. (14ft 6ins) This was a new record and which may prove very difficult to beat.

March 11/12th 2002 - Three inspectors visited the school for their 5 yearly inspections.

June 2002 - The Ofsted reports the school has made good improvements since the last report in June 1997:

  • The school provides good value for money.
  • Excellent leadership and very good management set out a clear framework for continued improvement of the school.
  • Good teaching enables pupils to achieve very good standards of attainment.
  • Excellent provision for pupils' personal development makes them want to learn, to try hard and do their best.
  • A very good curriculum gives pupils a wide range or experience.

September 3rd 2002 - A new classroom, cloakroom and storeroom was added to the school bringing the number of children to 105. 

Mrs. Rischer teaching year 2. Mrs. Kneen teaching year 5. 

Amy Higgins won the Giant Sunflower Competition with a height of 3mtrs 66cms. (12ft)

July 2003 - Headteacher, Mr. P. Nolan left after 3½ years.

September 2003 - Mr. G. Walker took up his post as Headteacher. 

Mr. J. Macintyre was appointed teacher of years 5 and 6. 

The number of children is now 101.  

Kimberly Hudspeth was the winner of the Giant Sunflower Competition with a height of 4mtrs 20cms. (13ft 9ins)

October 2003 - School council is formed and consists of two representatives from each year group in school. They are elected into post by their classmates and provided with a budget of £500.

January 1st 2004 - Mrs. Marshall as teacher of years 3 and 4 replaced Mrs. Luff.  

Mrs. Reed joins school staff as a part time teacher of French. French lessons are introduced as a formal part of the curriculum.

January/March 2004 - School carries out a consultation process in order to determine its core values. These are expected to underpin strategic and day-to-day decision-making. At the end of this process the following core values are determined:

The role of education is one of ‘forming people'. The children for whom we are responsible today will be the leaders of society tomorrow. With that in mind, children, parents, governors and staff all worked together to develop a vision that is fundamental to everything we do at Winthorpe. These four core values are central to the work that takes place in the school and they have a direct relevance to the day-to-day activities carried out and to the way the school operates:

  • Citizenship: Focusing, not on the results our children can attain by the time they reach the end of year 6 but on the people they will become as they move on through their lives. Developing children's self esteem so that they have a genuine feeling of self worth and an appreciation of their role in society. There is a strong emphasis on circle times, developing an understanding of a person's role in society. The school, for example, includes French in the curriculum, not because speaking French is important but because of the understanding that the key route to creating a better world is through greater communication.
  • Shared Responsibility: People who are responsible for themselves, their actions and for others around them. When one child falls over in the playground another will pick them up and brush them down. The children at Winthorpe genuinely care for each other and for their environment. If a coat is on the floor in the cloakrooms another child will pick it up.
  • Fun: The school makes no apology for the fact that on the one day it snowed last year, all lessons were cancelled for the morning and we held a whole school snowman making competition followed by hot chocolate in the hall. Effort is put into making lessons enjoyable and encouraging large and fluid groups of friends. If a child is not worried about who they are going to play with at break time and looks forward to being in school then they can give their full attention to working hard in exciting and interesting lessons.
  • Reach for the Stars:The people at Winthorpe Primary try their very best at what they do. Targets are always ambitious. There is a clear understanding that the reaching for stars is far more valuable than attaining them. Winthorpe is a school that strives for excellence in all that it does.


March 5th 2004 - School joins with Besthorpe, Queen Eleanor and North Clifton Primary schools to form a loose ‘small schools cluster' in which Head Teachers work more closely with each other to develop stronger ties and support between schools.

Comfort - This is a genuine picture showing two older children patching up a 6 year old child who has fallen over in the playground - 2004.May 2004 - STATS (School Standard Assesssment Tasks) results break all records with 100% pass rates in English maths and Science.

September 2004 - School introduces wireless networking and laptops for use throughout the school. Interactive whiteboards are brought in to classrooms and the Head Teacher leads an intensive programme of training, policy development and resource structuring.

School introduces ‘Rainbow Group' system in which children come ‘off curriculum' three times a week for half an hour. In the groups children work with other pupils in different classes taking part in activities such as curling, yoga, newspaper editing, film making, gardening, etc; activities that extend the national curriculum and which they would not otherwise have the opportunity to do. 

Amy Higgins was the winner of the Giant Sunflower Competition with a height of 3mtrs 83cms. (12ft 7ins)

February 2005 - School council make their first purchase. Six garden tables are to be placed outside, on the field for use by the children in summer.

A pupil having flute lessons from Mr. Reid at Winthorpe County Primary School - 2005.March 2005 - Finger guards fitted on all doors throughout the school by Headteacher and small group of parent helpers.    The number of applications for places at the school soars. There are 26 applications for the 15 available places in the reception class.

May 2005 - The following extract is taken from the Headteacher's report to governors for that part of the year:

"We are approaching the end of another spectacular year for Winthorpe County Primary School. The Newark Advertiser contacted me not long ago to congratulate us on winning the Road Safety Quiz and mentioned that we've won a few things this year. I then said yes, and proceeded to read out the list of ‘honours', which they duly reported. I though you would like to know them."

  • September - Discover SAT results are 100% 100% 100%.
  • October - Win the Norwell Fun run with our children coming first, second and third.
  • November - Win Nottinghamshire Cricket Club Indoor Kwik Cricket Festival in Newark.
  • December - Receive the Activemark Gold recognition for excellence in PE.
  • January - Start the School Meals Healthy Eating programme causing our school meal numbers to peak at 68%. (from 30% at the same time two years ago)
  • February - The school starred in the official Riskwatch video, which will be shown in schools throughout the UK.
  • March - One of our children went through to the final of the Young Musician of the Year competition.
  • April - The football team won the Newark Small Schools Cup beating Lowes Wong in the final.
  • April - One of our infant children became the County Chess Champion for her age group.
  • May - School receives the Naacemark recognition for excellence in ICT.
  • May - School wins the area Road Safety Quiz final in Newark.
  • May - Football team win the Nottinghamshire Small Schools cup.
  • May - Football team win the Newark Small Schools League.

And we still have June and July to go!

One key consideration here is the range of activities at which the school has been successful. Football, SATs, Music, Chess, ICT, Running, Safety awareness, etc. Our fourth core value stated that we should ‘reach for the stars' with a supporting statement that included the words ‘aim to try our very best at everything we do. Clearly, reaching for the stars is something we are currently doing.

Winthorpe County Primary School, Winners of the Newak Area Road Safety Quiz at Kelham Hall - 13th July 2005.July 2005 - Winthorpe wins the Nottinghamshire cricket cup.

September 2005 - Mrs. Kneen left school to spend time with family and do supply work.                                                  School develops a new curriculum that is broader and more exciting that the national curriculum. It still contains all of the key elements but is much more relevant to our school and its core values.

Jade Paul was the winner of the Giant Sunflower Competition with a height of 3mtrs 65cms. (12ft)

10th November - Stuart Kilby, A new inspector is allocated to work with the school. He is the County's senior school inspector and visited the school today. He said of the school:

"As I walked around I cast my critical eye over everything and, do you know, I noticed that in every classroom, every child was focussed. Not one single child in the school was off task."  Class 3 of Winthorpe County Primary School planting bulbs on Holme Lane, Winthorpe - November 2005."There is a real family feel about this school."

"When I see things like this it really reminds me why I came into the job in the first place. It really does make me want to go back to being a head teacher again."

"The school has a vibrancy, an energy and such a lovely feel to it as you walk round. It really is lovely."

He was particularly interested in the new curriculum and asked how we developed it. When I explained about the work of the five friendly schools he said, "That is excellent."

January 2006 - Following a national staff restructuring programme in all schools job descriptions and areas of responsibility change within Winthorpe Primary. The key staffing structure now has Mr. Walker as Headteacher supported by Jamie Macintyre and Joanne Marshall as senior teachers. Miss Blake, who was senior teacher, previously is now foundation stage co-ordinator.  

 Trapeze - Jumping from a pole 40ft up in the air at the P.L.G. at Caythorpe, Lincs - July 2006.February 2006 - Sponsored silence raises £1200 towards development of school Library.

September 2006 - A school pupil was the winner of this year's Giant Sunflower Competition with a height of 3mtrs 74cms. (12ft 3ins) Jon Higgins record, of 4mtrs 48cms set in 1999 still stands. This is the end of an era of growing tall sunflowers for the Higgins family. Between them they have been winners five times. Well done Jon, Anna and Amy.

October 2006 - School pavilion is build and named "The Smart Suite" after Martin Smart. Martin was chair of governors at the school for twelve years and retires due to work commitments in November 2006.

November 2006 - Michele Cammack replaces Martin Smart as Chair of governors.

December 2006 - Mr. Walker leads staff training events in other local schools, which are keen to develop their own curriculum in a similar style to that of Winthorpe.







The P.T.A. played a valuable supporting role in the life of the school. A great deal of hard work and dedication went into arranging social events, which raised money for the school funds. Here is a selection of several functions (taken from the school log book), which were held during the 80's

March 13th 1981 - A social evening on the theme of T.V. advertisements was organized by the P.T.A. A sum of £40 was raised for school funds.

February 26th 1983 - A ceilidh for P.T.A. funds was held in Winthorpe Youth Centre during the evening. A band composed of two parents, Mr. P. Cooper and Mr. M. Smith and the Head Teacher, Mr. J. D. Burton, provided music. Mrs. D. McClymont acted as caller. The evening was well attended and much enjoyed by all. A total of £90 was raised.

July 2nd 1983 - A ceilidh, organized by the P.T.A., to raise money to help with the acquisition of a video recorder and computer was held in Winthorpe Youth Centre. A band formed by parents provided the music and the evening was well attended by village people. A sum in the region of £90 was raised.

March 16th 1984 - A social evening on the theme of "Pirates" was organized by the P.T.A. and held in the school hall. Socially it was very successful and a small profit of £25 was made.

November 9th 1984 - The Annual Autumn Fayre organized by the P.T.A. took place during the evening. It was opened by County Councillor, Mrs. Anne Yates, Vice Chairman of the Governors, and £250 was raised.

March 22nd 1985 - A  social evening arranged by the P.T.A. on the theme of "Robin Hood" was held in the school hall during the evening and £30 was raised.




Parents also supported staff on Educational Visits when extra hands and eyes were needed to ensure that all the children returned home safely. The school began extended visits with the older junior children during the 70's.

July 10th 1978 - Children of the upper junior class departed on an educational visit to London, accompanied by Mr. J. D. Burton, Headteacher, Mrs. J. Aldridge and Mr. M. J. Casterton, Parent Manager.  

The party returned on the 13th after a very enjoyable and successful few days. These visits continued using many different venues.

Pupils of Winthorpe County Primary School sketching at Whitby Abbey, North Yorkshire - October 1988.October 16th 1988 -The upper junior class accompanied by Mr. M. Ball, Mrs. D. McClymont and Mrs. J. Muirhead, school secretary, departed for a five day visit to Whitby / Scarborough area, staying at Cober Hill Guest House at Cloughton.

Places visited: - The Army Museum at Beverley, Bridlington, Scarborough, Whitby Abbey, Whitby Lifeboat Museum, Robin Hood's Bay, Grosmont, Pickering Castle and Trout Farm, Hornsea Pottery, Butterfly World and Falconry display. The party returned on Friday the 20th after a successful visit.

June 14th 1993 - The top class, Miss Johnson, Headteacher and two parents Mr. Weson and Mrs. Coote went to Tenby for a week. It was an excellent week: very worthwhile.

May 19th 1997 - Class 3 departed for Scarborough via Grimsby for the week. Class 3 returned from Scarborough on the 23rdvia Newary Falconry Centre. Very good week very tired; children very, very well behaved.

May 27th 2002 - 29 children, Miss Jestico, Mr. Nolan, Terry Nolan, Mrs. Allman and Martin Smart set off to Cober Hill for the week. It was an excellent visit. All the chosen activities and visits worked well, the weather was O.K. and the accommodation was excellent.

Diane McClymont and Gary Walker. July 2007. 



Further readings can be found in  

          The School in Winthorpe in Volume 2.

          Winthorpe County Primary School Centenary Booklet 1879 - 1979 in Volume 3.

          Winthorpe County Primary School P.T.A. in Volume 3.