The Wells in Winthorpe

Some time before 1906, mains water was brought to the village, but many properties continued to use well water. There were two "town" wells, one on the Green in front of the Brewer's cottages where the remains of the cross stands today and a second one, now in the garden of "The Coppice" just above Speight Close. The first of these still had a pump in the 1920's, but about this time a tap was fixed for the six homes, close to the wall in a central position and all the residents used this supply until water was installed in all six homes.


In the sale catalogue for the Hall in 1906 the following properties were still using wells:-

The Hall and coach house.

Old Rectory Farm.

Hargon House.

One well for two cottages. (former Post office and Pickerings)

One well for two cottages. (Now Aldridge's)

Mill Close.

The mill and cottage. (now demolished)

Trent Cottage.

The Gardens. (Buston and Buxtons)

Other known wells are: -

The Grange stable yard. (Now McGowan's)

Millers House. (Two wells-Kennard's)

Farm house-now demolished. (now Inn car park)

Wood Cottage, Hargon Lane. (three wells- Stewarts)

Vine Cottage, Hargon Lane. (Saxbys)

Old Rectory, Gainsborough Road. (Two wells)

Winthorpe House. (Four or five wells-Dolenz)

The Cottage. (Two wells- Roach)

Grove Cottage, Holme Lane. (two wells - Appleby) The homes of Messrs Gatiss and Gold were erected on the site of an older property and the well is situated at the rear of Mr. Gold's home. Originally a door was fixed in the dividing fence so that whoever occupied the house next door had to go on the other property for water. This was unsatisfactory and eventually an extension was made from the well to the rear of the second house.

Miss K.E.Euston.

Extract from Focal Point.