People mentioned in Thomas Brewer's Will


             Children                                              Adults                           Others

Ann Lomas                                                    Grace Britten                 William Lomas                       

Children of Richard Skelton                       Christopher Pratt          Richard Skelton                      

Children of Reginald Skelton                     Pratt's wife                     Reginald Skelton                    

Children of Edward Blouke                        Henry Smith                   Edward Blouke     

Children of Thomas Tayler                        William Horton               Thomas Tayler                       

Children of William Legatte                       Christopher Britten        William Legatte              

Children of Henry Hatfield                          Richard Inkersall          Anthony Beech                             

Children of Anthony Beech                         Widow Gilman               William Spafford

Children of Wm.Spafford                             John Thorpe                   Henry Cooke        

Children of Peck                                           William Hale                   Nicholas Beech

Children of Henry Cooke                             Widow Pratt                    Nicholas Beech's wife

Nicholas Beech child                                    Nicholas Barrowes      John Robottom                         

Two daughters of Nicholas Beech's wife  Bridgett Hayes             William Hoole

Children of John Robottom                         Henry Rige                     Humphrey Eizekebies

Young Edward Birch                                    Ann Fisher                       Brother William Brewer

Children of Wm. Hoole                                 Robert Fisher                 Edward Birch            )

Children of Humphrey Eizekebies              Henry Hatfield                Peter Hayes               ) Witnesess 

Aunt Smith's sons                                          Henry Hatfield's wife     Matthew Dasserne  )     

Children of Robart Mason                           Humphrey Catley           Roger Bacon            )     

                                                                           Widow Upon                                            

                                                                           Widow Easle

                                                                          Widow Hithen

                                                                           Mr. Roger Bacon

                                                                           Mrs. Bacon 

                                                                            Pishe                 )

                                                                            Bryan Tayler      ) 

                                                                            Crosbye             ) Servants

                                                                            Katherine           )

                                                                            Ann Eaire           )

                                                                             Mr. Edward Fulward

                                                                             Mr. Gertase Mollineaux  

                                                                             Matthew Dasserne

                                                                             Richard Rediant

                                                                             Edward Oldham

                                                                             Cutbert                )

                                                                             Courney               ) Tenants

                                                                             Symon                  )

                                                                             Harwood              )

                                                                            Wm. Newbold

                                                                            Robart Womache

                                                                            Mr. John North

                                                                          Thomas Hutchison

                                                                          Crosbies wife

                                                                           Widow Borowdale

                                                                           Cosen Alice

                                                                          Aunt Smith

                                                                           Robart Mason

                                                                          Sister Helen Walhead

                                                                           Peter Hayes

                                                                          Cecily Robothome

                                                                          Cosen Roger Atkinson

                                                                          William Walhead



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