Focal Point - June 2008

FOCAL POINT     Issue No. 331


Ed’s Comments


With all of the media so full of news and views on the merits or otherwise of weekly/fortnightly bin emptying, who would have thought that I would have forgotten to include our dates in the May Calendar? My apologies to those of you who refer to it.


In February 2005 I suggested that if anyone would like to attempt an ‘acrostic’ poem then I would be pleased to publish it. Unfortunately it came as no surprise when I didn’t receive any. However this month I have received one such poem. Jamie Macintyre (School Head) has submitted an acrostic poem written, by Luke Greatorex age 7 and very good it is too.


I was looking at worldwide events that had happened in June over the years when I spotted something I had never heard of which brought a smile.

 With politics seemingly in the forefront of our news these days the item that caught my eye was the formation of the ‘No Nothing Party’ in the USA in June 1855 or thereabouts. They were formed it would seem from a group of ‘Secret Societies’ opposed to the influx of immigrants into the USA. The name apparently was chosen as the result of members of these societies being instructed to say “I know nothing” if ever questioned.

The main immigrants at that time were Irish Catholics and when we see how today’s Americans celebrate St Patrick’s Day, we can see that the IKN party didn’t have much success. Probably no more than ‘The Church of the Militant Elvis Party’ did in Nottingham City Council elections last year. Although they did get 105 votes in Wollaton West apparently!

 Cliff Newbold 

Closing date for the July issue is 20th June.


Winthorpe Parish Council News.

New Village Burial Ground.


It is obvious from the response to the proposals for a new burial ground, outlined in the April issue, that a small number of people in the Hargon Lane area are strongly opposed to the use of this land for this purpose.

As a result the Parish Council has undertaken to make enquiries to see if we can obtain a suitable piece of land elsewhere in the Parish.

 This is not going to be easy. Land on the West side of the village, down Holme Lane for example, is unsuitable and permission would not be given, as not only is the water table too high in this area (and the consequent threat of pollution), but this area is also liable to flooding.  This means in effect that any new burial ground must be sited on the higher East side of the village.

We have contacted the owners of all of the land in this area. They are now  considering the matter and we are hopeful that we will receive an answer within the next month or so.

However, putting aside the cost of purchasing the land, the development of a field site for this purpose will not be cheap – it is estimated around £25,000/£30,000, which is way beyond the Parish Councils present resources and it has to be said, this would necessitate quite an increase in the Council Tax precept for the Parish.

 However once the exercise is completed and the information obtained a Public Meeting will be called, possibly later in the summer or early autumn, to allow all local residents an opportunity to express their views.  Details of the meeting will be published in Focal Point together with the relevant information. The description of the piece of land down Hargon Lane as being “at the end of Hargon Lane” was an error for which we apologise. This should have been described more accurately perhaps as - ‘at the end of the development on Hargon Lane, on the left hand side immediately past the last bungalow’.   For the sake of record however, this stretch of land is designated in the covenant as just “open space” with no specific purpose or use stated.

Priest Stone/Village Cross


A number of local residents have asked when work on restoring the remains of the village priest stone/cross will commence.

Both the District Council and English Heritage have now given planning approval, as this is a listed item.

The new plinth will be sited just a little to the left and slightly further back than it is at present, to avoid the footpath and the overhanging willow tree. The plinth will be of natural stone, but not quite as high as the present (crumbling) brick plinth and when completed, will carry a plaque with details of the origins of the stone etc.

The next step is to obtain the necessary funds to enable this work to be carried out and we are hopeful of securing a grant to allow this to be done before the autumn.


Grass Cutting


Some time ago the Parish Council was approached by the County Council to see if we would be prepared to take on the responsibility for cutting those grass verges in the village for which the County Council are responsible.

The County Council would pay the Parish Council a set amount for this work.

Whilst the Parish Council are receptive to this approach, we are experiencing considerable difficulty in obtaining a reliable figure of the area involved (i.e. square metres) and precisely where these are sited.

Meanwhile the County Council remains responsible for this work.


Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday evening the 19th June, in the Village Hall, commencing at 7-30 p.m.


Steven Jackson, Chairman





The Annual General Meeting was held on Monday, 21st April. I was able to report a successful but sad year with the loss of two long serving Trustees, David Jackson and Alan Taylor.


The meeting provided the opportunity for me to thank the many people who carry out various tasks to keep the Centre in good working order. I also thanked all those involved in the Lunch Club and the Line Dancers for their fund raising efforts and Jo and Martin at the Post Office for their help in handling the keys for the Centre and selling tickets for events.


The following were elected or nominated:


            President                      Margaret Thornhill

            Chairman                      Frances Kelly

            Vice Chairman             Alec Stewart

            Treasurer                      Duncan Richardson

            Secretary                      Peter Foden


            Organization nominated Trustees:

            Parish Council              Alec Stewart, Mike Casterton

            WI                                    Margaret Wiseman

            Tennis Club                  Colin Smith

            Youth Club                   TBA

            Football Club               Andrew Clarke

            Mothers & Toddlers     Mary Valentine-Brown


            Elected Trustees:

            Yvonne Skaith, Diane Rowland, Sue Sharp and

            John Nelson.


The two retiring Trustees, Al Myatt and Phil Dales, were thanked for their services.




The next Lunch will be on Monday, 2nd June. The menu will be:


Cold Roast Ham and Quiche Lorraine


Mackerel and Cauliflower and Cheese Quiche


 New Potatoes, Potato Salad and Mixed Salad



Lemon or Chocolate Roulade with Ice Cream


Tickets at £6.50 including a glass of wine and coffee available from the Post Office. Please note that it has been necessary to raise the ticket price because of rising food and wine costs.




A new double swing unit has been installed alongside the Play Equipment at the Centre. This has been paid for with a bequest from Alan Taylor and is erected in his memory. We hope that younger members of the community will enjoy the new facility. The old single swing has had to be removed because its location close to the play tower did not meet current standards.


Frances Kelly, Chairman





Both meetings in June are in the Village Hall as usual.


Tuesday, June 10th.  10.30am. Morning Coffee. 50p.


Tuesday, June 24th. 2.30pm. Please bring any items you may have for our Tombola stall at the Village Festival. The money raised will be donated to Macmillan Cancer Care, the designated charity for this year’s event. Items can also be brought to the next Coffee Morning on July 8th.


Jean Foden





How the year has flown by, here we were again at our Resolution meeting, May already! And when you read this it will be June!!

Mrs Sylvia Lloyd welcomed members and our speaker Mrs Ellie Briggs who had come to discuss the Resolutions with us.

Quite a few members were absent, so there were many apologies. Minutes were read and duly signed. County business and correspondence was read out, among the correspondence was a thank-you letter from Coddington Institute for our Birthday Party, with an advance booking for next year!

Members were reminded about the Group meeting at Collingham on the 19th of this month and tickets were on sale.


The Newark and Notts. Show was mentioned and five of our members had been busy over several weeks working on an exhibit entry in the W.I. “World of Water” competition, which will be judged on Friday 10th May.

After all the business was completed Mrs. Lloyd introduced our speaker Mrs. Ellie Briggs. She had brought along several papers for us to read containing technical details about the resolutions, as the first one was about the Fishing industry.

It was :-

‘This resolution urges H.M. Government to persuade the E.U. to ban the practice of bottom trawling which causes catastrophic loss of marine life’.

We were shown various nets that are used in the process of trawling and both sides of the argument were put to us. However, it was pointed out that the fishing industry had already suffered in the past few years with quotas etc., that this could probably do more harm than good. A number of experts were of the opinion that organised control, although costly, would be a better way of preserving both the industry and marine life.. We were then asked to vote, the result was a majority against. The secretary was asked to write a letter to County House objecting to the wording of the resolution and asking for it to be re- worded.

The second resolution was In view of the adverse effect on families of the imprisonment of people with severe mental problems, this resolution urges H.M. Government to provide treatment and therapy in a more appropriate and secure residential environment. There was quite a debate on this one and some people were reluctant to vote on it, however it was pointed out that the first part of the sentence was only an introduction and not an essential part of the resolution. Another side of the argument was read out from a statement written by a magistrate whose husband is a consultant psychologist. The vote was taken and it was a majority FOR. 

Mrs. June Taylor thanked Mrs. Briggs for her very good explanations of the resolutions, which were quite technical and involved.


A competition for a single flower was won by Mrs.Isobel Chipperfield with a daffodil, Mesdames Pip Burton and Barbara Finn were second and third respectively.


Our next meeting is In the Village Hall at 7—30 p.m. June 12th. When

Mrs. Georgina Frost will be speaking on Children in Kenya.


The competition is for a wooden ornament. Hostesses are Mesdames Kath

Harvey, Dys Gold and Stella Hopewell.


Daphne Marshall.





         We have had a very busy month at school. The children have now completed their ‘SAT’s’ examinations and can now look forward to a wonderful summer term ahead.

 Preparations for class 4’s school journey have now been finalised.

The children will be going to Scarborough from the 2nd-6th June. We are going to be based at an education centre called Cober Hill; just outside Scarborough itself. The children will be riding on a steam train from Pickering to a village called Goathland, where the TV programme Heartbeat is filmed. They will also be exploring rock pool habitats in Robin Hood’s Bay, sand sculpting in Whitby and identifying sea birds at Bempton cliffs. All we need is the weather, fingers crossed! 

As mentioned in last month’s article; the school will be holding a ‘Summer Sizzler’ event on Friday 20th June.

There will be a live band food and games at the school from 7pm. It would be fantastic to see people from the village at this event. Tickets are going to be just £1 and will be available from the post office. 

Children in class four are completing their topic on the Far East.

They have produced some wonderful artwork and have been inspired by the artefacts that have been lent to the school by local residents.  

Finally, I have included a poem by one of our class 2 children, the poem is titled ‘Winthorpe’. 

 W  is for wonderful houses and school,

 I  i s for interesting people who live here,

N  is for Nelson, the name of the pub,

T  is for traffic that we never get,

H  is for horrendous; it’s never horrendous here,

O  is for old and new buildings,

R  is for racing plastic ducks,

P  is perfect surroundings,

E  is everybody eager to live here.


By Luke Greatorex, Age 7


 Jamie Macintyre

Head teacher (01636) 680060



A Kindness!

 Sandy began a new job as a primary school teaching assistant and she was eager to help.

One day during a lunch break she noticed a little boy standing by himself on one side of the playground while the rest of the children  enjoyed a game of football at the other.
Sandy approached and asked if he was all right.
The boy said he was.
A little while later, however, Sandy noticed the boy was in the same spot, still by himself.
Approaching again, Sandy offered, "Would you like me to be your friend?"
The boy hesitated and then said, "Okay," looking at the woman suspiciously.
Feeling she was making progress, Sandy then asked, "Why are you standing here all alone?"

"Because," the little boy said with great exasperation, "I'm the goalie!"


WINTHORPE CRICKET CLUB                     

They’re off, yes Winthorpe Cricket Club are officially up and running with a fully functioning pavilion.  Many thanks to those of you who came down to the Open Day and Paul Evans Memorial game.  Hopefully it has whetted your appetite sufficiently to come and visit us again; you can be guaranteed a warm welcome along with a cup of tea if required! 

You will no doubt have noticed that works have been progressing a-pace on the pavilion and things are starting to take shape. It makes a big difference now that we have been able to get some of the hard landscaping completed and the ground is starting to get back to its former glory.  The building is fully serviced and Reepham, who were the first visiting team to experience the new facility, were most complimentary.  

By the time you are reading this the Duck Race day will have come and gone, the time just seems to fly, fingers crossed that the weather was good and attendance was high especially after the appalling weather we had last year. As I stated last month we are still raising funds in order in order to provide a roof for the pavilion just to give it that finishing touch. 

 Over the coming weeks we should be able to be more specific regarding our targets now that the externals are nearing completion and we can established final costs and future budgets. As always I will keep Focal Point updated of our progress, but if anyone is aware of any sources of funding or would like to play the part of benevolent benefactor, or know someone who has recently won the National Lottery (or any other Lottery for that matter), please give me or any other member of the club a call, you will be assured of a warm welcome.  

 On the subject of lotteries; my usual reminder regarding the Bonus Ball draw, which runs throughout the year providing the club with much needed funds.  Without it we would find it impossible to survive, so if you find yourself in the Lord Nelson why not try your luck.  Just ask the bar staff for details of how to enter and it only costs a £1. 

As you will have noted from the last report, Kavaliers, who are a midweek team, will be playing at Holme Lane this season, so if you fancy watching a midweek game please feel free to pop down and take a look, you will no doubt recognise a few familiar faces. 

The fixtures for both Clubs are included at the end of this report and are also available for viewing on the Village website, all we need now is for some decent summer evenings. 

The Cricket Club webpage on the Village website is now up and running and being added to and refined bit by bit, so please take a look at that and also while you are browsing please take a look at the Club’s own website on which has now been bought up to date now that our Treasurer has sorted his IT problems out. 

 In a slight departure from the norm I will be asking various members of the Club to write various match reports throughout the season.  To date we have played two games the first of which was an away game at Washingborough on Sunday 11th May. 

First up to bat, pardon the pun, is Simon “scoop” Potter our illustrious Captain with his “View from the Pavilion. 

           “We opened our 2008 league campaign away to newly promoted Washingborough. Somewhat disappointingly we could muster only 10 players on the day due to varying circumstances, and one of those would certainly be late! 

On a gloriously warm sunny day and with only 9 men present the captain promptly lost the toss and was asked to field first. With regular wicket keeper Max Cope destined to be late, the usual opening bowler Ashley Locke took over the keeping duties.

This however, rather than hindering our chances worked in our favour as veteran off spinner Brian Noble took the new ball and produced a miserly spell that finished with figures of 2 wickets for 9 runs off his allotted 10 overs. 

The welcome arrival of the first drinks break (after 15 overs) coincided with the entrance of regular keeper Cope, which enabled Locke to enter the fray with the ball.

Bowling unchanged he destroyed the Washingborough middle order to finish with figures of 5 wickets for 16 runs off 10 overs.

Neil Hartland Jnr also deserves a mention his opening spell of 2 wickets for just 11 runs was just what the team needed at that time. 

A superb effort in the field with the ball saw us restrict our opponents to 103 all out, something we would quite happily have taken if offered to us at the start of the game. 

The run chase set off at a pace with openers Macintyre and Fereday seizing every opportunity to score runs until with 17 on the total and perhaps too much confidence flowing Fereday fell playing a rash shot for 7.

 Cope entered the fray and looked far from his fluent best struggling to find the pace of the pitch he fell for just 2. His demise meant that 15 year old James Bailey came to the wicket. Far from being intimidated he played some sound shots and made 7 before being bowled. T

he loss of J.Bailey brought his father Neil to the wicket. Whilst all this was going on Macintyre at the other end was making serene progress.

The majority of his shots were sublime to watch scoring runs all around the ground. It was no surprise when he eventually made his fifty.

Having spent several overs trying to locate the ball Neil eventually got his eye in and a flurry of boundaries took us over the win line with 15 overs to spare and 7 wickets in hand. 

              A quite excellent start to the season! 

Our second game of the season was a home fixture versus Reepham on Sunday 18th May. 

On the face of things it didn’t appear to be much of a fixture as the opposition turned up with only 6 players. 

Having won the toss and elected to bat Reepham were all out for 44 runs. 

Good opening spells were bowled by Simon Potter with the off spinning veteran Brian Noble accompanying him from the opposite end. 

Neil Hartley junior again bowled a good first change restricting the opposition to a somewhat meagre score. 

The wicket at this point had behaved somewhat better than what was to come.   

Reepham took to the pitch with their 6 players setting a field that was somewhat devoid of bodies.  I

n an excellent spell of bowling their two opening bowlers gave our batsman a bit of a torrid time assisted greatly by some indifferent bounce from the track.  After an early fall of wickets, mainly it must be said due to the excellent opening combination of pace from one end and medium swing from the other, the requisite number of runs were duly scored for the loss of 5 wickets, Neil Bailey and Chris Wragg seeing us safely home.   

             Two wins out of two and the Captain’s happy.”

Contact Details

 Should you wish to contact the Club for any reason please call anyone of the following or alternatively there is a “Contact the Club” facility on the website. Andy Fereday - 678622Ashley Locke - 703988Peter Bateson - 704787Simon Potter – 612968 Finally here are the fixtures for both Winthorpe and Cavaliers for May.  The full fixture list for the season is available on the website.  Midweek games will generally start between 6:00 and 6:30pm hope to see you at Holme Lane.    Winthorpe CC 
01-Jun-08 Winthorpe 1st XI vs Bassingham 1st XI H
15-Jun-08 Winthorpe 1st XI vs Old Lincolnians 1st XI H
22-Jun-08 Middle Rasen 1st XI vs Winthorpe 1st XI A
29-Jun-08 Boston Cc 1st XI vs Winthorpe 1st XI A
13-Jul-08 Saxilby 1st XI vs Winthorpe 1st XI A
      Cavaliers CC 
04-Jun-08 Cavaliers vs Walesby H
11-Jun-08 Claypole vs Cavailers A
25-Jun-08 Cavaliers vs Laxton H
02-July-08 Beckingham vs Cavaliers A


Andrew Fereday  

Garden Club

On May 14th Mr Gordon Day, RSPB Warden at Langford Lowfields Reserve, gave us a progress report on the making of the RSPB bird reserve which it is hoped will be open in 2014.

He explained that the job of the RSPB is to provide habitat for birds. In the case of Langford Lowfields, reed beds are being established.

The reeds are being grown on site in two polytunnels.

There will also be open grassland, scrub, woodland and rough grassland. Although many species of birds will be attracted to the site, it is hoped that the reed beds will provide the right conditions for the very rare bitterns to breed.

We were shown a delightful film of a protected lake site in Germany with all the birds and animals that live on or near the lake including “booming” bitterns.

Volunteers do most of the work to change the gravel pits into a bird reserve at Langford Lowfields and more are always welcome.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact:-

Mr Gordon Day, Tel. 07919301911.


There are two outings in June:


June 4th. Evening Outing to Hexby. Meet at the Lord Nelson car park to leave at 6.15pm.


June 18th. Outing to Bressingham. Coach leaves at 9am from The Lord Nelson.


Jean Foden.


Bee Swarm

 Please contact us if you have a swarm of bees arrive in your garden and would like Mark to remove them. Many beekeepers, including ourselves, have lost colonies and would be pleased to give them a home. Our number: 01636 706640
Julie Stone



We had many hot sunny days in the first half of May. (I am writing this article on the 11th of May). This makes ideal growing weather for your sunflowers. Unfortunately, with the ground becoming dry your plants will require plenty of water. Sunflowers require a lot of water because a large percentage of the water taken up by the roots of the plants is lost through its large leaves to the atmosphere. This is called transpiration.

Keep tying the plants to the stakes. As the stems get thicker you may have to loosen off the ties, as you do not want to strangle the plant.

Don’t forget to give your plants a weekly feed of plant fertilizer such as Tomorite.


In the language of flowers the tall sunflower means haughtiness. The word haughtiness means proud or superior. I think this, sums the sunflower up nicely. Don’t you?


 Pat Finn     


Whist Drive


I wish to thank all of the people who have supported the Whist Drive Club during the period I have organised the event in the Village Hall.

Although the average number of players fell from previous years, we still raised £70 towards the maintenance cost of running the Hall last winter and the Committee would like me to thank all of you for that effort.


Fiona Wright has very kindly offered to take over the baton from me starting next winter.

With the support of the regular players and others who may be interested in joining the group, I wish her continued success.

 Dennis Taylor.  




       Dear All 

At the end of April I experienced two particular events which engaged those attending, and me! with a feeling of assurance, warmth and security.

The Collingham Singers led by Bella Conn presented “The Fabulous Fifties” a celebration of music from the year dot,  and taken in 50 year bites until the 1950’s. Audiences both at Winthorpe and Collingham, at the time of writing South Scarle is still to come, were delighted by the music and general repartee. The concerts raised goodly sums of money for both churches. The choir draws its membership from a wide circle and has it own strong sense of community which empowers and sustains its membership.  The cohesion of the group is palpable. 

The Christian Calendar provides many occasions throughout the year where people are called together, to reflect, mourn and celebrate.  It is our custom in the East Trent Group to hold some of our services like Candlemas, Ascension and Corpus Christi at churches around the group.

 South Scarle was the meeting place for Corpus Christi on May 22nd whilst the Ascension tide service was held on May 1st at Holy Trinity Besthorpe.  Anne Wynne provided the music and South Scarle Anne Ackroyd. The East Trent Churches Choir led by Carole Needham assisted the singing at both services.

At Besthorpe and South Scarle the congregations were made up of members from across the group. On both occasions there was a very real sense of family and home.  A special coming together.


Ascension particularly reminds Christians of a shift in relationship, a glimpse of maturity, trust and hope. 

A glimpse of Jesus’ relationship with God, maturity that believers can make the connection, God’s unfailing trust in the human race and a unique hope born out of faith in Jesus’ story. Family might be understood through any number of groups who meet together, Scouts, bowls, cricket, Collingham Singers all have a place providing cohesion within our society. 

The Church for all its failures has been at the heart of community and family life for 2000 years.  And it is still working.  Our churches may be old and many need repair, nevertheless they remain enduring signs of hope, trust and faith supporting and creating a sense of family and home.  Thank you Collingham Singers.

Thank you Besthorpe and South Scarle supported by the East Trent Churches Choir for providing some of the glue that enables the East Trent family of churches to flourish.

In this article I have highlighted three of the churches in our group another month there will be events to remember from other parts of the East Trent Group watch this space!

On June the 15th a Service of Celebration, Thanksgiving and Affirmation will be held at 6pm at All Saints Collingham.  The guest preacher will be Canon Philip Humphreys.  It will be an occasion when all involved in church life will be able to celebrate their contribution.


You are warmly invited to this special family occasion within the East Trent Group.


In Christian Love 




May we both thankyou all for your good wishes on the occasion of our wedding Anniversary of three score years and eight.

We can only say that we feel so fortunate to reside in such a lovely village and have so many good friends around us whenever problems arise.

Our heartfelt thanks again to you all.

 Mary and Willis Osgathorpe. 

 Red Cross

 A huge THANK YOU to you all for contributing again to Winthorpe’s ‘house-to-house’ collection in aid of the Red Cross; we raised £304.

Thank you also to the collectors who willingly gave their time during this glorious week of sunshine to walk around the village rattling their tins.

Well Done everyone.


 Church Notices

The entertainment given by the Collingham Singers under the direction of Bella Conn was a very enjoyable event .

The programme was varied, depicting the fifties through the centuries and we hope that they will be willing to entertain us again in the near future. £375 was raised as a start to the fund for re-pointing the brickwork around the church.

We are awaiting a quote for the first phase of this work.

The material for the new white Altar frontal is now on order and it is planned to dedicate it along with the placement of the Taylor Memorial (Physician in Ordinary to George III) later in the year.

Many of us will now be aware that Nan & Steve Jackson have not had good news about Nan’s illness.

Since coming to live in the village they have both joined and supported various activities. We are extremely lucky that we were able to persuade Nan to be treasurer to the Winthorpe Parochial Church Council, This was a challenge but she has approached it with enthusiasm and enjoyed working with figures again. She remains our assistant treasurer helping Joan Lord and Alan through the experience she has gained.

She is like a ferret when obtaining the best price for the church’s utilities. All that she does it is very much appreciated and we thank her most sincerely.Nan has taken this bombshell like a stoic Scot and I know (as the hymn says) she will ‘Fight the good fight with all her might.

She told me last week that it was the best thing that Steve & her ever did when they moved to Winthorpe, people are friendly and she feels that they belong. I am sure that many of us have experienced the same feelings. 

She does not enjoy talking to herself and would welcome visitors.

A telephone call (671377) during the day would be most appreciated. 

Church Bells :- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until 9pm and possibly for the following:-J

une 8th Holy Communion Service 10.15amJune

15th Family Service 10.l5amJune 22nd Evensong 6pm

Brass Cleaning:- Mrs Burton & Mrs Chipperfield. 

From The Registers

Holy Baptism - Sunday 18th May - Tobias Milo Wefers 

We send our good wishes to everyone in the village and especially to those who are unwell at this present tune.

Alan & Ann   

Up-to-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office. 



             SUNDAY 1st TRINITY 2                                              

                                                No service in Winthorpe

            9am                          Holy Communion, Holme.

             SUNDAY 8th TRINITY 3

            10.15am                   Holy Communion, Winthorpe/

            6pm                           Evensong, Holme.

             SUNDAY 15th TRINITY 4

            9am                              Holy Communion, Langford.

            10.15am                       Family Service, Winthorpe.

            6pm     All Saints Collingham -Affirmation & Thanksgiving service.                 

                              All members of the congregation are welcome.

             THURSDAY 19th

            10am    Holy Communion, BCP, Winthorpe.

             SUNDAY 22nd TRINITY 5

            6pm                             Evensong, Winthorpe.

             SUNDAY 29th TRINITY 6                       

                                                No service in Winthorpe.

            6.15pm                        East Trent Evensong, S. Scarle.

                                 ALL ARE WELCOME




                                                   JUNE                                                  JULY

        6th Mrs Finn — Mrs Nelson                  4th Mrs Foden — Mrs Hill

       20th Mrs Stone — Mr McClymont    18th Mrs Lloyd — Mrs Nelson



                    JUNE CALENDAR


Monday 2nd         Luncheon Club 12.30pm – Centre.

                                            Green Bin

Wednesday 4th    Garden Club, 7.30pm – Centre.

Monday 9th           Silver Bin

Tuesday 10th       Tuesday Club 10.30am  Coffee Morn.- V.H.

Thursday 12th      WI meeting 7.30pm - Village Hall.

                                 Library Van

Monday 16th         Green Bin

Wednesday 18th  Garden Club outing 9am

Thursday 19th      Parish Meeting, 7.30pm – Village Hall.

Friday 20th          School Summer Sizzler 7.30pm – School.

Monday 23rd       Silver Bin

Tuesday 24th       Tuesday Club afternoon 2.30pm - V.H.

Thursday 26th      Library Van

Monday 30th       Green Bin

                  JULY 12th Village Gala Day  

                                   ‘Village organisations and local bodies –

If at anytime you would like to get in touch with a village contact, why not try the village website