Taylor's of Winthorpe

The old Church Registers of Winthorpe 1687-1808 indicate a number of Taylor's in Winthorpe


June 24th 1695      John Green to Mary Taylor.

Nov 27th  1698       Thomas Taylor to Mary Lacy.

Nov 21st   1713       Henry Billbock to June Taylor.

May 3rd    1718.      Thomas Meering to Ann Taylor.



Oct. 30th  1699       John  son of Thomas and Mary Taylor,

Aug 14th  1691       William son of John and Ann Taylor.

Feb 21st   1730       William child of John Taylor.

Oct 9th     1732       Mary daughter of John and Elizabeth Taylor.

Oct. 27th  1739      Elizabeth daughter of John Taylor.



April 9th   1739.      Elin wife of John Taylor.

Aug. 23rd 1739.    Thomas Taylor.


Dr. Robert Taylor was born in 1710. His father was John of the Turk's Head in Kirkgate, Newark. I cannot connect the Winthorpe Johns above with John of Kirkgate. The latter according to Cornelius Brown was one of a large family. There were definitely four sisters. Elizabeth who married Thomas Gregg, Ann Inkersall, a third sister a Smith and fourth a Killinger. Elizabeth had two children, Thomas and Susannah. The wills of Elizabeth Gregg and Ann Ingersall are preserved:-

          Elizabeth Gregg

                                                          Will dated              15th Feb 1762.

                                                          Proved                   27th July 1770.

There was no mention of Dr. Taylor. Her daughter Suzannah was the main beneficiary.

Elizabeth's husband was Thomas Gregg, mercer of Newark. In his will, proved 25th May 1741, his wife and daughter were the main beneficiaries.

          Ann Inkersall                        Will dated              27th Oct 1726.

                                                          Proved                  17th May 1728.

Her nephew, Thomas Gregg was to have "Marsh Close and Holt in Winthorpe purchased of Mr. Ellis ------ close ------ plot and Cowgate in Winthorpe bought of George Brandon ------- default of heirs to brother John Taylor and heirs."

Extensive holdings in Newark to John Taylor (brother)

Some land and house to sister Smith.

Further bequest to sister Killinger and children also to nephews.

John was the main beneficiary.

Forty pounds to nephew William.

Other money amounts were altered.

Codicil dated 11th Sept. 1728.



Further reading can be found in  

          Dr. Robert Taylor in Volume 4..