Protest by Winthorpe Parishioners - 1843

The minutes of this Parish Meeting were found in a book recording Minutes of Vestry Meetings. " At a meeting held on 30th May 1843 --

Present :-

Mr. Robinson, Rector Churchwarden in the chair, Mr. Caparn, Mr. Redgate, Mr. Milton, Mr. Beale, Mr. Lawton.

Mr. Lawton moved, and Mr. Milton seconded, that a copy of the following Memorial with reference to the Rural Police Force be signed by the inhabitants present at the meeting and transmitted to the County Justices at the next General Quarter Sessions to be held at Nottingham on 26th June next.

To Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace and of and for the County of Nottingham-

A Memorial of the inhabitants of the Parish of Winthorpe in the said County agreed to and adopted at a Public Vestry Meeting duly convened and held in the Parish Church on Tuesday 30th May 1843.

George Robinson, Esq. in the Chair sheweth that your Memorialists are of the opinion that the Rural Police Force sometime since established and now employed in this County is insufficient and unnecessary and has not been productive of the practical and beneficial results particularly in the suppression of Vagrancy, which were anticipated on the introduction of such force as a mere effectual means for preserving the public peace.

That your Memorialists feel convinced if the provisions of the Act of Parliament lately passed for the appointment and payment of the Parish Constables were carried out and competent and able men were selected to fill the offices of Chief Constables throughout the County ample and sufficient protection would be afforded to the persons and property of the community and the preservation of the public peace fully restored.

Your Memorialists respectfully but earnestly entreat that you will be pleased to take the earliest necessary steps for disbanding and discontinuing the present Rural Police Force and relieving and ratepayers of the County from the vicious burdens imposed upon them by the maintenance of such force and which in the present state of Agricultural depression is found to be grieviously oppressive.

George Robinson, Chairman.

Miss K. E. Euston.

Extract from Focal Point.