Winthorpe Culprit - 1559

Extract from the report of the Commissioners written in Latin from the County Record Office.

The Act of Uniformity came into force on June 24th 1559 and on that day letters were issued for a visitation to the Northern Province.

"At a sitting held at the Collegiate Church of Southwell, when it was found that Wynthorpe, Edinglee and West Drayton had no curates and the incomes were sequestrated. It was detected that Edward Baker of Wynthorpe, husbandman of the said diocese of York, lived in adultery with a certain Margaret Brewer. Whereupon, the man, called to judgement, and charged with his crime, confessed. And the aforesaid Lords Commissioners enjoyed upon him a first public appearance in the market place of Newarke, on Wednesday next, with bare feet, and head, in linen or woolen clothes. And in like manner in the Parish Church of Newarke on the Sunday next following, at time of Divine Service, and that plainly and distinctly, openly and publicly he shall declare the contents in a schedule to him delivered and containing the deed aforesaid."

One of the Commissioners was Dr. Edwin Sandys whose monument stands in Southwell Minster.

Thomas Brewer died in 1616. He had a brother William. Both lived in Winthorpe, but Margaret could have been of their parents generation. Neither Margaret Brewer nor Edward Baker are mentioned in Brewer's Will. 

Miss K.E.Euston.

Extract from Focal Point.