We should like to thank the following for much help in the preparation of this Scrap-Book :-

The Rector and the churchwardens, Mr. W. Packe and Mr. K. Bark: loan of registers, minute books and documents.

Mrs. J. Morgan: loan of documents, prints and photographs collected by her father, the late Mr.   R.H. Bradley.

Miss K. Euston: notes, recollections, illustrations and much generous advice. She is herself an enthusiastic historian of her native village.

Mrs. B. Buxton and Mrs. Blackford (nee Miss Sheila Higgs): loan of photo­graphs of The Grange.

Miss J. Branston: loan of photographs.

Alderman G.R. Walker: loan of sales catalogues, photographs, etc.

Mr. G. Appleby: loan of documents and photographs.

Mrs. M. Jenkins: loan of notes on Winthorpe.

Miss Fiona Stewart: loan of prints and photographs.

Mrs. W. Packe: for photographs, and for her artistic design of the cover.

Mr. R. Spurr: for the title page, for the loan of print and photographs, and work on lay-out.

Mr. J.A. Smith: loan of school log-books, etc.

Mrs. P. Rambling and Mrs. S. Godfrey: loan of photographs.

Mrs. A. Hickman: loan of painting, photographs and for her recollections.

Mrs. M. Mumby, Mr. and Mrs. A. Coupland, Mrs. A.E. Kingdon, Mr. H.W. Euston and Mr. Bob Humphries for their recollections.

Mr. P.J. Milroy: for photographs and work on lay-out.

Mr. D.P. Blatherwick: information about the Hodgkinson family.

Mr. J.B. Norman: information about local Methodists.

Mr. K. Bark: loan of Cricket Club photographs, etc.

Mr. J.M. Hounsfield: information about South Airfield Farm.

Miss M. Duncombe Bindley:  recollections of the Duncombe family.

Mr. H.V. Radcliffe (Newark Museum) and Mr. G.J. Greenfield (Gilstrap Library): for valuable assistance and advice.

Mr: H. Storar: for help in the reproduction of photographs, maps and documents.

Mrs. M. Suter: for help in checking and assembling material.

Miss Mavis Bowen: for patiently deciphering and typing MSS.


All the many contributors, old and young, of articles in the Scrap-Book. We feel a particular obligation to past compilers of notes on the history of Winthorpe, the late Rev. Clement Griffith, the late Mr. R.H. Bradley and the late Mr. H. Speight.


The Scrap-Book was compiled by a committee under the chair­manship of Mr. G.P. Bennett, and including:

Mrs. J.  Morgan.

Mrs. G.P. Bennett.

Mrs. S. Godfrey.

Mr.  J.A. Smith.

Mr. V. Suter.

Mr. R. White.