Winthorpe County Primary School Centenary Booklet 1879 - 1979




The Front Cover of the Centenary Booklet for Winthorpe County Primary School. 1879 - 1979.


Dear Reader,

As Chairman of the Managers of Winthorpe County Primary School, it gives me great pleasure in presenting this souvenir brochure, the contents of which I trust will be of interest to pupils, past and present, and the residents of Winthorpe and Langford.

The contents of the following pages give a very good idea of the changes that have taken place in schools over the last hundred years. When the school opened in 1879, the fee for sending a child was 3d per week.

The details of the minutes regarding the establishment of the school make fascinating reading. The cost of building the schoolhouse and the school itself amounted to £925 (which was quite a lot of money in those days).

The entries in the school logbooks reflect both the social conditions of the time and outstanding events of national as well as local interests.

The original building served the inhabitants of Winthorpe and Langford from 1879 to 1971, when the present building was completed, and during this time hundreds of pupils have passed through the school, many of whom may still look back on happy days spent at Winthorpe School.

Yours sincerely,

J. M. Hounsfield.





Monday July 9th

Morning -   Opening Ceremony by Mr. J. M. Hounsfield commencing at 9.30 a.m. followed by a service conducted by the Rector, Rev. H. W. Langford.

The school will then be open to visitors for the duration of the morning.

Afternoon - Centenary Entertainment and Exhibition, commencing at 2.45p.m.


Tuesday July 10th

Centenary Entertainment and Exhibition commencing 6.30 p.m.


Wednesday July 11th

As for previous day.


Thursday July 12th

A Victorian School Morning

9,00 a.m. to 12.00 noon. Children's Outdoor Celebration Party l.45 p.m. to 4.OO p.m.


Winthorpe Board School



The school that is now known as Winthorpe County Primary was first established under the name of Winthorpe Board School and opened its doors to its first scholars on October l879.

Many such schools were opened in the 1870's as a direct result of the Education Act of l870. Following the Act, existing schools were given six months in which to improve and if, after the expiration of this time, they were considered to have failed to do this, then a School Board was to be set up. We know that a charity school existed in the village up to at least 1867 and was conducted in what is now called the Dial House at the corner of Holme Lane. It is possible that this school was not considered to be efficient or suitable enough under the terms of the 1870 Education Act and hence the need for a School Board was shown.

The first Winthorpe School Board appears to have consisted of five members, namely Messrs. Horner (Chairman), Franklin, Levers, Richardson and Smith. They were charged with the task of providing Winthorpe with a suitable and efficient school.

The following are extracts from the Minutes of the Winthorpe School Board:

At a meeting of the School board held on the 29th day of September 1876.

Present: Mr. Edmund Horner in the Chair, Mr. Smith, Mr. Franklin.

It was proposed by Mr. Franklin and seconded by Mr. Smith and carried unanimously that the members of the Board present at this meeting do ascertain from Mrs. Gilstrap whether she is willing to sell the Old School House garden and premises to the School Board or if not whether she would be disposed to grant a lease of such property so that it might be used for a public Elementary School for Winthorpe.



                                                                                               29th day of December 1876

It was unanimously resolved that the Clerck do write to the Public Works Loan Commissioners stating that this Board will probably require to borrow from them during the financial year 1877-1878 the sum of £600.

It was also unanimously resolved that the following sites be inspected with a view of ascertaining which are the more eligible for the purpose of erecting a school (house) theron namely Old School House Mrs. Roberts' field on Langford Road and the Green Lane Mrs. Gilstrap's field in the same lane and Mr. Lever's field adjoining the second lane from Winthorpe.



                                                                                                 26th day of January l877.

The Members of the Board who had inspected the different sites in accordance with the Resolution past at the last meeting reported that the following sites are recommended by them in the order in which they are placed namely

1. The old school house.

2. Part of Camamile's Garden

3. Part of Mr. Roberts' land up the lane    

4. Corner of Mr. Levers' Field adjoining Langford Lane.

It was unanimously resolved that the Clerk do write, to the owners of such respective sites with a view of ascertaining: whether they would be willing to sell to the Board the same or: such portion therof as would be required by the-Board and at what price.



                                                                                              23rd day of February l877

The replies received from Mrs. Gilstrap, Mr. Levers and Mr. Roberts were read and as it appeared that there would be no pportunity of purchasing by private agreement either from Mrs. Gilstrap or Mr. Lever's and that Mr. Camamile had verbally replied that he objected to sell.

It was unanimously resolved that the Clerk do forward a Copy of the Resolution passed at the last meeting of the Board, and communicate the nature of the replies received from the different parties to the Education Department and request their opinion as to what course they would recommend the Board to adopt.



                                                                                                 24th day of July 1877.


        That the Clerk do write to Mrs. Gilsrap's Solicitors stating that Her Majesty Inspector of Schools had reported to the Education, department that he is of opinion that the best of the four sites shown to him is decidedly that of the old school house and that they would glad to hear there was a prospect of The School Board obtaining the site in question by voluntary means and request to be informed whether Mrs. Gilstrap would ; dispose of the site by mutual agreement and thus avoid the expense of a compulsory purchase and if she would be willing to name the price she would take for the same.



                                                                                                       23rd day of November 1877.  

It was Resolved.

 That a piece of land adjoining Langford Road and Thoroughfare Lane containing one rood or thereabouts being part of a close of land belonging to Mr. George Raynor Levers be purchased by this Board for the purpose of the Elementary Education Acts at the rate of £70 per rood.

That the Clerk be instructed to inform the Public Works Loan Commission that this Board will probably apply to borrow during the financial year 1878 the sum of £1000.



                                                                                                        30th day of January 1878.


   That Mr. George Sheppard Surveyor be instructed to prepare a plan of site proposed to be purchased by this Board and plan and specifications of the proposed school.



                                                                                                       7th day of August 1878.

It was resolved.

     That an advertisement be inserted in the Newark Advertizer and Newark Herald inviting persons desirous of tendering for the erection of the School and master's residence at Winthorpe to send in tenders for the same not later than 9 o'clock on Wednesday the 28th instant.



                                                                                                        28th day of August 1878.


   That the tender received from Messrs. Wilson and Bulling of East Markham for the erection of the School and Master's residence at WInthorpe for the sun of £870 be accepted.



                                                                                                     4th day of September 1878.

Mr. Wilson of East Markham having stated to this Meeting that he and Mr. Bulling had made a mistake of £55 in their tender for the erection of the school and master's residence et Winthorpe and that they desired to withdraw such Tender but were willing to enter into a contract to do the work required if the tender is amended by increasing the same from £870 to £925. It was resolved on the motion of  Mr. Westrope seconded by Mr. Levers that Messrs. Wilson and Bulling be allowed to: amend their Tender as requested and that such amended Tender be accepted subject to the approval of the Education Department.



                                                                                                       7th day of May 1879.

It was resolved on the motion of Mr. Branston  that Mr. Geo. Sheppard's bill of £46 for preparing Plans and Architect's Commission be paid.

It was also resolved that the Education Department be informed that the School is ready for occupation.



                                                                                                       4th day of June l879.

It was unanimously resolved that Miss Jessie Herring of Sutton on Trent be elected the Schoolmistress at a Salary of £50 per annum with 1/4th of the Government Grant and that she commence her duties at the expiration of three months.



                                                                                                       4th day of October 1879.

It was resolved that the School be opened on Monday the 13th of October instant.



                                                                                                        Date unknown

It was resolved that the fees to be paid by the children attending at the School be as follows:

for each child under seven          3d

if more than one child in the)

same family - for each child )       2d

for each child over seven             3d

Unless the Board shall otherwise order at any future meeting in special cases.



                                                                                                       4th day of August 1880.

The application received from the Schoolmistress for an increase of salary was again considered and It was resolved on the motion of Mr. Hodgkinson seconded by Mr. Milnes that her salary be not increased but that she be provided with a monitor and that she be requested to furnish the Board with the names pf such Girls on the books as she thinks suitable.



Extracts from the School Log Book


It is the duty of the Headteacher to keep an up-to-date record of events relating to the school. The following pages contain selected extracts from our School Log Books. You will immediately notice that these begin at 1896 as the earlier Log Book cannot be traced.


1896  Dec. 10th The Time Table should be followed exactly in all classes.

           Dec. 12th - I received the notice from the Science and Art Department that the examination in Drawing will take place on Jan. l4th l897, at 9.45.

1897  Jan. 25th - John Walker is absent. It being feared that he has an attack of St. Vitus Dance.

           Feb. 12th - The Managers have requested that I would arrange for the children to leave school by 3 o'clock today (Wednesday) in order that it may be made ready for a concert to be given in the evening by the Winthorpe Cricket Club.Three children came in too late to be marked, all living beyond the distance of compulsory attendance.

           June 14th - Mrs. Griffiths visited the school to present each child with a mug in remembrance of the Diamond Jubilee, from Mr. and Mrs. J.G. Branston.

1898  Jan 31st - Edward Brownlow is absent from school with Scarlet Fever, and also all other scholars living in the same house.

           Feb. 4th - Dr. Broadbent visited the school this morning, and ordered that ‘the school should be closed for three weeks, unless it is found necessary to extend the period, in view of preventing further spread of infection.'   

           March 21st - The school is re-opened today, nineteen children being present.

1899  Jan. 20th - Mrs. Tyndall to complain of the ill-treatment received by her child from Oswald Pratt, thereby causing his absence for the week, and ill-health. Oswald Pratt was punished by caning, and has since been removed to Newark Board School.

           Oct. 20th - Most of the boys in the village were absent picking potatoes.

           Nov. 3rd - Attendance throughout the week has suffered on account of the weather and the Collingham Ploughing Match.

           Nov. 6th - Dr. Broadbent visited the school to give notice of Scarletina in the case of Catherine Brownlow.

           Nov. 13th - There are only 35 children present this morning, being afraid of infection in most cases. The matter will be discussed at the Board Meeting this afternoon, and the ay fixed for the disinfection of the school, rendered necessary by the attendance of George Dean from an infected house.

           Nov. 23rd - It is with great sorrow that have to record the death of Catherine Brownlow aged 5 years 8 months, from scarlet fever.

           Dec. 8th - The sickness is still prevalent in the village, and I have much sorrow in recording the death of another scholar, Minnie Leverton aged 6 1/2 years, from Diptheria and Pneumonia.

1900   Feb 28th - End of school year.

           March 7th - Received one dozen new slates.

           April 3rd - Commenced duties as mistress of this school, Florence Louise Cresswell.

           April 6th - I find the children extremely backward. The chief point throughout the school is the lack of brightness and intelligence, and particularly politeness.

           May 23th - On Thursday the School was closed to commemorate ‘Mafeking Day'.

1901  April 13th - The school closes today for 3 weeks on account of measles.

           May 10th - The militia arriving at Newark today, the children attended badly. Those who were here had one hour's play.

           July 1st - I commenced duties as Headmistress of this school, Mela Fisher. Having examined the children I found them exceedingly backward in Arith. Out of 21 children only one child got two sums out of four right; five got one sum right, remainder none.

1902  May 2nd - Horace Richmond has been absent for the last 2 days helping to mow the cricket field.

           Sept. 19th - The Board have decided to do away with the Infants Gallery and new desks have been ordered to take its place.

1903  June 30th - Received a visit from a Representative of the County Council. He examined all the school premises. (In 1902 the newly-formed County Councils assumed responsibility for Board Schools and the School Boards became defunct).

1904  Feb. 19th - Last Tuesday being Shrove Tuesday, the children had a half holiday.

           Mar. 4th - The Attendance Officer visited the school. Rachel Richmond, Edith Tye and George Flanders have received cautions for irregularity.

           April 8th - The average attendance is 29.6

           April 28th - Received the following copy His Majesty's Inspectors Report for the Winthorpe Council School: 'This little school continues to be taught with commendable industry and fair success'.

           Aug. 29th - Walter Godson is absent from School. He is in the harvest field during the day.

1905  Feb. 2nd - I, Margaret Walker commenced duties as Monitor as today in place of Miss d'Ascanio who is still ill.

           March 1st - Each child took home their last year's books. The garment's will be sold after today and the money will be used to buy new material for the girls to make up.

           March 23rd - A gentleman came to look round and examine the premises in view of putting the water supply pipes in as the school water has been condemned.

           April 8th - Closed the school on account of so many suffering from Scarlet Fever.

           June 5th - Re-opened school today. The children have forgotten a good deal of their work.

           June 17th - The children are using their new drill canes during the drill lessons.

1906  May 24th - Today being Empire Day we have departed from the timetable in order to have lessons in Patriotism.

1907  March 27th - Checked registers and found them correct. Signed C. W. H. Griffiths - Manager.

           Sept. 15th - The Scripture Report has been received and the following is a copy of the same:

Upper Division.

Repetition of Scripture - Fair      

Singing from Memory - Fair

Old Testament - V.Good

New Testament - V.Good

Infants Div.   

Repetition of Scripture - Fair

Singing from Memory - V.Good 

Old Testament - Good

New Testament - Good

1908  Jan 30th - Mr. Griffiths distributed the prizes presented to Walter Godson, May Carter and George Bilton by the S.P.C.A. for the best essays on the subject of 'Cruelty to Animals'.

           April 3rd - Mrs. Branston visited the school and looked at the Needlework.

1909  April 5th - I, Beatrice E. Brown commenced duties as Mistress of Winthorpe Council School. Examined every child in reading. Upper standards fluent, but entirely without expression. Lower standards - very backward.

1909  April 6th - Examined chd. in Arith. St. V did not know 1st month's work. Others quite as backward.

           May 7th - Chd. in big room. obtained lOO% for attendance for the first time since I took charge. As a reward, have allowed them to have a longer play. Walter ...... still absent.

           May 11th - Total Annual Grants received

Upon 28 Scholars at 22/- per head £30 l6s. Od.

   "      "      "         "    l7/- per head £20  Os. Od.

                                            Total   £50 16s. Od.

           June 3rd - Medical Inspection tock place this morning. Everything went on splendidly and did not interfere much with ordinary work. Weighing machine had not arrived, so chd. will have to be weighed another day.

1910  May 20th - School closed on occasion of the funeral of Edw. V11.

1911  Feb.15th - Interval of 30 mins. to take chd. to see the meeting of the hounds at Winthorpe Hall.

           July 11th - The nurse called this afternoon and examined the girls' heads. 13 out of 15 were exceptionally clean and the other 2 much better than last time.

           July 17th - Walter .., will be absent some time owing to diptheria in the house.

1912  March 8th - When dropping the seat of one of the desks this morning, one of the iron castings was snapped by the oldest girls. They are good girls and I do not think in any way responsible for the accident.

           Oct. 3rd - This morning at 8.50 the temperature of the school was only 49 degrees This entry is made, not as a complaint against the caretaker, but to show the need for fires at so early a date.

           Nov. 22nd - Nothing of any importance has happened during the week.

1913  Sept 17th - A very bad storm came on. All the girls and two little boys had very wet feet. Fires were lighted end boots and stockings taken off and dried.

           June 19th - The children have been most trying throughout the week. They have seemed incapable of thinking about anything and four or five of the boys have acted in such a ridiculous manner one might have imagined they had, for the time being, partially lost their senses. An approaching thunderstorm was, I think, largely responsible for the trouble.

           Sept. 1st - The Headteacher is suspending the ordinary lessons in order that she may give some simple lessons on the cause, progress and areas effected by the present war.

           Sept.11th - A special lesson was given on the Countries of our Allies.

1915  Feb. 22nd - I resumed duties today after an absence of six weeks - 'nervous exhaustion' being the cause of absence - Alice Roberts.

           March 10th - The Headteacher has obtained the sanction of the Chairman of the Managers to finally close the registers by 1.30p.m. today, and dismiss at 3.30, that the children who wish to do so, may go to Newark in time to see the soldiers arrive.

           July 2nd - On the same afternoon, it was too dark for the children to see to work until 3.00p.m., therefore as the thunder was very heavy, and the lightening unusually vivid, the greater part of the time was spent in marching and other occupations of a distracting nature.

1915  July 23rd - The Headteacher has today been notified that H. M. Inspector, Mr. Turner has sanctioned the making of sand bags and the proposed deviation from the time table to admit of this for a period of 6 weeks at the outside.

           Sept 17th - Owing to ring worm, and various forms of illness, there has been a very poor attendance this week.

           Oct. 1st - Today sandbag making ends. The boys have worked most whole heartedly and are very sorry to stop. Seven boys have completed 24 bags.

1916  May 16th - The attendance was poor this afternoon, owing to some children absenting themselves to see Newark Fair. No. present 18. No. on roll 33.

          June 9th - In view of the action by the Government in postponing the Bank Holiday to a later period of the year, the Board of Education have pressed upon L.I. Authorities the importance of co-operating with the Government for a general postponement of holidays, therefore the Whitsuntide Vacation will be cancelled this year.

          July 19th - Miss Gilstrap visited the school this afternoon and presented each child in the upper division with a War Savings Card.

           Dec. 22nd - Attendance has fallen considerably this week owing to a downfall of snow and very wintry weather.

1917  Feb 9th - The boys have done cardboard modelling this afternoon instead of brushwork, as unable to obtain water from the tap on account of the severe frost.    

           Mar. 1st - Three of the eldest boys are absent, appears they have all gone to Newark to attend a Patriotic Fair which is being held there.

           April 20th - Potatoes have been set in the school garden by the elder children.

           May 15th - Miss Harrison is absent from school today in order to spend the day with her soldier brother who is receiving a Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery on the battlefield.

           May 16th - Headteacher has given permission for Miss Harrison to go home to see her brother, who if leaving for the front by the 3.20p.m. train from Newark station.

           May 25th - During the morning special lessons were given on the National Scale of Voluntary Rations and the need of Food Economy. National songs were sung and the children saluted the Union Jack.

           Sept. 21st - The school was thrown open this afternoon from 2.30 to 3.30 for the parents to visit and hear the children sing and recite.

           Sept. 26th - School did not meet this afternoon to enable the elder scholars to gather the fallen horse chestnuts from  the private grounds of Mr. Branston and Captain Need.

1918  Feb. 22nd - Seven children have been absent during the whole week suffering from whooping cough and mumps chiefly.

           June 17th - Nine of the eldest scholars arrived in school this morning after the registers had been closed. Therefore losing their attendance marks. An aeroplane that had  dropped in a field at Langford was the only reason.

           Oct. 18th - School closes this afternoon until October 28th for potato picking by order of the Managers.

           Nov. 11th - School was closed for the afternoon session to commemorate the end of the war.

1919  Feb. 27th - A gentleman from Nottingham came to school to take the measurements for Emily Gibson's spectacles.

           July 22nd - The school was closed the whole day to celebrate the Peace Festivities in Winthorpe.

1920  Jan. 9th - Repairs to the Girls playground began this morning, consequently the girls played in the boys' Playground with the toys.

           May 19th - Rev. Gillet took the Scripture lesson this morning as usual.

           July 8th - R. A . Bradley Esq., School Manager, visited the school this afternoon.

1921  April 8th - As there was a solar eclipse this morning, the ordinary routine of work was suspended until 11a.m. in order that the children could make observation of the same.

           April l8th - The temperature of the school is only 48 degrees in both rooms, as there are very slack fires due to lack of coal.

           Nov. 9th - Admitted 4 new children from Morton-cum-Fiskerton. Very backward.

1922   Feb. 28th - School did not meet today for secular instruction being the Wedding Day of Princess Mary. A tea was given to the children to celebrate the event.

           April 26th - Several children are absent owing to whooping cough.

           Nov. 13th - The percentage of attendance has  fallen to 51 owing to the spread of impetigo.

           May 14th - The School Medical Officer visited the school this afternoon and ordered the school to be closed.

1923  Dec. 20th - The Rev. Gillet and Miss Curtis visited the school this afternoon to see the children partake of the Christmas Pudding which had been made in their observation and domestic lessons.

1924  July 24th - Two children left school at 10.30a.m. to receive treatment from School Dentist at the Village Hall.

1925  Date unknown - A pleasing function took; place in school this morning. A presentation was made to Miss K. V. Harrison on the occasion of her leaving the school after nine and a half years service and of her forthcoming marriage. Miss Gilstrap, Lady Manners and Rev. Gillet being present.

           Nov. 3rd - During, the weekend little Donovan has died of meningitis suddenly.

1926  June 30th - The afternoon session closed at 3.30p.m. to allow the teachers to take the elder children for a picnic to Edwinstowe to observe the Major Oak.

           Aug. 24th - There are l4 children absent this afternoon. A fire in Mr. Ward's stackyard at Langford being the chief reason for the children's absence.

1927  April 7th - Received notification from the School Medical Officer to close school from April 6th to April 22nd inclusive owing to the prevalence of measles.

1928  July 9th - Their Majesties the King and Queen of Eng. visited Newark. The children were conveyed by means of motor bus into the town to see them pass in Friary Road.

           Sept. 14th - Received Circular Letter 8/28 this morning which contains the following information on:

1. Visit of their Majesties to Nottinghamshire.

2. Leap-frog for girls.

1929   July 10th - Bettie ....... attended the High School, Newark, to sit for an entrance exam to enter same.

            Oct. 7th - The Rector (Rev. G. Gillet) Manager of the School paid a visit this afternoon and warned the boys who absented themselves on Friday afternoon to pick potatoes not to do it again or due punishment would be meted to them.

1930  March 4th - The afternoon session closed at 3.15p.m. in order to allow the children to visit a Zoological performance held in Newark Market Place.  

1931  March 27th - During play-time this afternoon an accident occured in the school yard. Herbert ......, threw a small stone into the right ear of Jack ......, who was bending down at the same time. It was so deeply imbedded that the headteacher took him immediately to Newark Hospital but unfortunately the House Surgeon was unable to remove it and ordered his removal to Nottingham Hospital.

1932   April 7th - During a gale of wind this morning, a window frame in the classroom was blown out with part of the frame. Gave instructions to Mr. Camamile (the local joiner) to repair same at once.

1935   May 22nd - Mrs. Need came, into school this morning and  presented Jubilee medals to the children.

1937  March 5th - Headteacher left school at 2.15p.m. today to attend a B.B.C. Demonstration in Newark.

           May 11th - The school closed this afternoon for the Coronation.

1939  Sept. 18th - School re-opened today after an extended holiday due to the unsettled state of affairs during the National Emergency.

           Dec. 21st - It being impossible to hold the usual Christmas Party this year on account of the lighting restrictions, the latter part of this afternoon been used for games and refreshments etc.

1940  Jan. 15th - Car breakdown due to the intense frost resulted in my not arriving at school till 10.30 this morning.

           Jan. 29th - Attendance only 39%. This is on account of the very severe weather, frost and very deep snow making it impossible for any other than those who live within  reasonable distance of the school to attend. 

           June 3rd - Mrs. Swanson began work here. She is in charge of the Evacuees. Eleven Evacuees have been admitted from Great Yarmouth.

(Other entries covering the War years are unfortunately very brief, referring only to openings and closures.)

1945  May. 8th - School closed. National Holiday V.E. Day.

1948  Nov. 20th - School closed for Royal Wedding.

1958  Sept. 20th - Received from County Hall, Test Papers for Parts 1 and 11 of Secondary Selection Examination.

1961  March 3rd - Visited school today - J. Edward Mason - Director of Education.

'This is one of Nottinghamshire very happy country schools. The Headmistress should be very proud of this when she retires from duty at the end of next month.'


           April 17th - I, Raymond K. Ellis took up duty here as headmaster.

           May 9th - The parents were invited to attend an Open Evening. There was a good response and during the course of the evening a Parent Teacher Association was formed.

1963  Nov. 13th - It was agreed at a P.T.A. meeting this evening that the P.T.A. would find the remaining cost of a T.V. set if a grant of 50% could be obtained from the Authority.

           Dec. l7th - Parents and friends visited the school this evening to watch the Christmas play and carol Service.

1964  Feb. 4th - The television set was delivered today. 

           May 7th - The school closed this afternoon for the Newark Show. A display of the children's work was placed on exhibition at the show.

           July 24th - The children and staff attended Winthorpe Church this morning where they were joined by some of the parents. The Rector conducted the service.

1965  July 15th - The school was closed for the whole day to mark the commemoration of the sealing of Magna Charta in 1215 and the Parliament of Simon de Montford in 1265.

1966  July 22nd - Mrs. Parkinson terminated her appointment this afternoon after 17 years as the Infant Mistress at this school.

            Aug. 31st - Mrs. Davies commenced duty as Infant Mistress.

1967  March 22nd - I now terminate my appointment as headmaster of Winthorpe School. R.K. Ellis.

           April 10th - I, James Allan Smith took up duty here as headmaster.

           Nov. 6th - Two officials from British Railways visited the school to speak to the children about the half barriers erected at Winthorpe Railway crossing.

1970  Oct. 21st - Miss Euston visited the school to talk to the children and show slides about old Winthorpe.

           Dec. 18th - Mrs. Davies terminated her appointment after 4 years service.

1971  July 16th - Winthorpe old school building closed for the last time after serving the community well for the past 93 years.

           Sept. 2nd - School re-opened in the new building.

1972  Oct. 19th - Representatives of the infant and junior classes took birthday cards they had made to Mr. R. Humphreys on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

1975  June 9th - A notice regarding re-organisation of Secondary Education was placed at the entrance to the school. This notice is to remain in position for 2 months.

1976  April 12th - Classroom extension officially handed over at 2.30p.m.

           July 23rd - I terminate my appointment as headteacher of this school. J. A. Smith.

1977  Jan. 5th - I, J. Douglas Burton took up duty as headteacher.

           June 11th - The school played host to the three villages of Winthorpe, Langford and Holme on the occasion of the celebration of the Queen's Silver Jubilee.

1978  May 15th - As part of our contribution to Newark Education week sixteen children gave a practical demonstration of clay and balsa wood modelling.

           July 10th - Children of the Upper Junior class accompanied by the Head Teacher, Mrs. Aldridge and Mr. M. J. Casterton, parent manager departed for an extended educational visit to London.

1979  Feb. l5th - School closed for the Half-Term Holiday one day earlier than planned due to deteriorating weather conditions.




I8l9-l827 or longer   Vason (or Vazin, Vasin)

1831                         Wilkinson                         

1832                         Wm. North

1861-67 or longer    James Allen, Mrs. Allen.                         

1879                         Miss Herring

1879                        Mrs. Sarah Fox                                                                           

1881                        Miss Rice                            

1897                        Miss Turner, Miss Moss                             

1900                        Annie Gale, Miss Kelly - ast.                             

                                Florence Louise Cresswell

1901                        Mela Fisher - Headteacher                             

                                Miss Nellie Broadberry - ast.

1903                       Miss Batho - Headteacher                                                                               

1906                       Miss Maggie Walker - ast.                           

1907                       Alice Thaine - Headteacher

1909                       Beatrice Brown                             

1910                       Miss Harrison - ast.                              

1911                       Miss Deverall - ast.                            

1912                       Alice Roberts - Headteacher

1916-25                  Kathleen Harrison                               

1916-32                  Emily Hibbert                              

1925-30                  Gwendoline Cooke                              

1930-46                  Eva Wright                               

1932                       Miss V. Boast                              

1939-40                  Mrs. Richards                                                                              

1939-61                  Miss Fanny Rawdings                                                                    

I940                        Mrs. Swanson                             

1948-49                  Margaret Marsden                               

1949-66                  Mrs. Parkinson - ast.                               

1961-67                  Mr. R. K. Ellis - Headteacher                                

1966-70                  Mrs. M. Davies - ast.

1967-77                  Mr. J. A. Smith - Headteacher                                  

1971-72                  Mrs. B. R. Brown - ast.                                

1972-                      Mrs. J. D. Aldridge

1972-                      Mrs. D. McClymont                              

1977-                      Mr. J. D. Burton - Headteacher




I should like to express my appreciation of the help received in the preparation of this brochure from Mrs. D. McClymont, who designed the cover, Mr. P. J. Milroy, who gave invaluable assistance in the production of the cover, and Mrs. J. Smith who has typed the contents.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have in any way contributed to our Centenary Celebrations.




Diane McClymont. July 2007. 



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