Winthorpe Village Scrap Book Competition

In a competition organised in 1970-71 by the Newark Archaeological & Local History Society for a local Village Scrap Book, Winthorpe tied for first place with Elston. The object of the com­petition was to collect information about village history from local people, and a condition was that all the Scrapbooks should afterwards be deposited for reference in the Gilstrap Public Library in Newark.

For the award of six trees, the committee chose a weeping willow, silver birch, lime, balsam poplar, red horse-chestnut and prunus (in lieu of a copper beech which had been requested.) Five of these trees are planted on the edge of the cricket field, on the left-hand side just inside the gateway. The willow is planted on the Green in front of the Almshouses.

There follows the report of the judges, who were Prof. M.W. Barley, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.Hist.S. (of Nottingham University), Mr. K.S.S. Train, M.A., A.R.C.S., F.S.A. (Thoroton Society) and Mr. D.L. Roberts, M.A. (Head of Arts Section, Newark Technical College.)

Report on the Village Scrapbook Competition.

The high standard of the work submitted for the Village Scrapbook Com­petition more than compensated for any disappointment felt at the small number of entries. The difficulty the judges had in reaching a decision is reflected in their comments -


The standard of illustrations is impressively high. The judges were struck by the social survey of the village and of the ages of the houses. On the whole, this scrapbook seems to incorporate a wider range of ideas. 60 pages, illustrated, some colour, map and line drawings,   19" x 13".


A very elaborate and interesting history of the village. 240 pages, preface, illustrated,   10" x 13".


The history of the village including its lighter side is competently dealt with. There is a varied and interesting series of illustrations both in colour and monochrome. 57 pages, illustrated, some colour, maps,   10" x 15".


A history of Syerston written and presented in a popular style. 25 pages, preface, illustrated, map,   11" x13½".


The text is elaborate and scholarly, the compilation seems to have involved a large number of people. It is certainly an extremely valuable work and must at all costs be preserved and made accessible to inter­ested persons.

103 pages, index, bibliography, map, illustrations, some colour, 14" x 17".

The Winthorpe and Elston scrapbooks had equally impressed the judges, but since the first prize could not be awarded jointly, first prize of a village seat went to Elston, and a special prize of six trees was awarded to Winthorpe. All the other competitors received a tree to be planted in their village.

Through this competition a great deal of valuable local history material has been collected and recorded, which otherwise might have been lost. All the scrapbooks are now housed in Newark Public Library, where they may be consulted on request.


In 2004 it was decided to update the Village Scrapbooks. Several people have made contributions, which is still ongoing.

Pat Finn. April 2007.