The Story of the Church that moved

The Village Hall - 2004.In 1874 G.T. Pierce Duncombe, owner of Winthorpe Hall had erected a church at Brough, two miles from Winthorpe, in the memory of his brother. In 1885 a new church was built at Brough and Mr. Duncombe bought the original building. That same year, it was re-erected in the grounds of Winthorpe Hall. It was used as a Sunday school, library and meeting place for the young men of the village.

In 1906 Mr. Duncombe sold Winthorpe Hall, including the former church, to Capt. W.J. Need. Little use was made of the building until 1938 when Capt. Need presented it to the village. Shortly after, war was declared and the army used it as a store. In April 1951, after the hall had been derequisitioned, it was decided to modernise the former church so that it could be used for various activities. Costing £830, it then became to be known as The Village Hall. The hall is used by the villagers for various club meetings, including a polling station for local and government elections.

A tablet in the entrance records Capt. Need's generosity.

Meers and Stainbank of London moulded the bell in 1874.

The clock, which is in front of the hall, was also made in 1874, in Ludgate Hill, London. Underneath the clock is the inscription:-                       



                                               1874 ANNO DOMINI                                             



Pat Finn. July 2007.



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The Village Hall Clock and Memorial Stone - 2004.