Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch


  • It is about being neighbourly and watching out for each other
  • It is about neighbours banding together so that many eyes and ears can be alert to things happening locally that could cause worry or concern to residents
  • It is about working together to reduce crime and improving the local environment by combatting vandalism, graffiti etc.
  • It is not about being nosey or interfering;
  • it is about caring for your community.
  • It is a programme of community awareness and observation which deters opportunistic thieves from operating in our area.

The Winthorpe & Langford Neighbourhood Watch Scheme  has twenty Neighbourhood Co-ordinators each with an average of sixteen houses on his/her list. They are there to be contacted if you are concerned about suspicious or unacceptable behaviour in your area. However, if you see a crime taking place or find  evidence of a recent crime you should immediately ring 999.

Most of the Co-ordinators are on a dedicated Whatsapp Group so they can receive and share information on criminal activities in the local area. This is a pragmatic “rapid response” system that the coordinators can use to be made aware of any incidents or suspicious behaviour. They will pass this information to you when it is considered relevant.

If you are going to be away you should consider telling your Co-ordinator or neighbour where you can be contacted in emergency.

A newsletter is delivered to your house every six months. It gives useful reminders on home security and other matters. One of the most frequent problems is entry to houses by persons distracting the householder and stealing property. The advice is not to let people into your house unless you know who they are or have very good evidence that they are who they claim to be.

If you do not know who is your Co-ordinator please contact the Central Co-ordinator, Mark Kneen (07711 059184) or E-Mail: and he will put the person in touch with you.

If you have any queries or comments about the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme please let us know.