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Road Closures to A1133

Roadworks Bulletin – Newark & Sherwood

Temporary Prohibitions – Various Locations      





  1. A6097        Oxton Bye Pass, Oxton - between its junctions with        B6386 Nottingham Road, Oxton and Oxton Road, Epperstone
  3. Oxton Road, Epperstone – between its junctions with        Oxton Bye Pass, Oxton and Epperstone By Pass, Woodborough
  5. Epperstone By Pass, Woodborough between its junctions with Oxton Road, Epperstone and        Lowdham Lane, Epperstone.
  7. A1133 Winthorpe – between its junctions with A46        Roundabout and Lincoln Road, Langford        
  9. Lincoln Road, Langford - between its junctions with        A1133 Winthorpe and Gainsborough Road, Langford
  11. Gainsborough Road, Langford – between its junctions with        Lincoln Road, Langford and Holme Lane, Langford
  13. Edingley Hill, Edingley - between its junctions with        Station Road, Edingley and Mansfield Road, Halam
  15. Mansfield Road, Halam - between its junctions with        Edingley Hill, Edingley and The Turnpike, Halam
  17. The Turnpike Halam - between its junctions with Mansfield Road, Halam and Halam        Hill, Halam
  19. Halam Hill, Halam – between its junctions with The        Turnpike, Halam and Halam Road, Southwell
  21. Halam Road, Southwell – between its junctions with        Halam Hill, Halam and Saversick Lane, Southwell  


Date & Time



From   08:00 hours until 18:00 Hours

Roads 7-11   Mansfield Road, Edingley – Tuesday 20th   August 2019

Roads   1–3    A6097 – Saturday 17th   August 2019

Roads   4-6     A1133 Winthorpe – Saturday 17th   August 2019

These works are weather dependent


Carried Out By


Via East Midlands




Nature of Restriction


Temporary Prohibition of Driving (Road   Closure)

and No Stopping



Nature of Works


Carriageway Resurfacing and associated works     


Alternative Route


Roads 1, 2 & 3 above

A6097 – A614 – A617 – A612 and A6097 and   vice versa


Roads 4, 5 and 6

A46 – A57 and A1133 and vice versa


Roads 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

Station Road - Lower Kirklington Road – The   Ropewalk – Queen Street and Halam Road and vice versa





Ged Comer, Via East Midlands

Tel: 0115 8042231 or 07921 406510



Emergency Contact


Customer Contact Centre

0300 500 80 80

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