Winthorpe - The Village Baker

In 1953 when a house in Appleton Gate, Newark was undergoing repairs a flour bag was found bearing the name J. A. Woolley.

The following verses were on the bag, which is framed in the Village Hall.



1          God speed the plough,                                       

            For men do now,                                                           

            Want bread as much as ever;                                       

            Sunshine and rain,                                                                                         

            Both grow the grain,

            And make the best of weather.                                        .


2          Come work the mill,

            With right good will,

            The Baker, aye stands ready;

            To knead the dough,

            Or round to go,

            When customers are ready.


3          Some like the crust,                                               

            Some like the crumb,                                                 

            The Baker likes to please;                                                 

            When health is good,                                                 

            And folk want food,                                                 

            He must not "stand at ease."                                        


4          His oven is hot,

            And his mare must trot,

            To serve all be is willing;

            He'll bring you bread,

            Or flour instead,

            But likes the ready shilling.


5          Up with the morn,                                                 

            He thinks no scorn,                                                           

            His honest bread to win;                                                 

            Then day by day,                                                           

            The Baker pay,                                                           

            He smiles to see your tin,         


6          Good crops will come,

            With "Harvest Home,"

            To gladden every heart;

            Then let each one,

             Do all he can,

            And noble play his part.


John Alfred Woolley, who owned Winthorpe Mill from 1883 - 1885, was a miller, baker and confectioner.

Pat Finn August 2007.



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