Memorials in All Saints' Church, Winthorpe.

The entire cost of this Gothic Church, built in 1886-88, was met by its Rector, Rev. Edward Handley in memory of his late cousin Philip Handley of Muskham Grange, near Newark, who had been a Patron of the old church.

The Handley's were a large wealthy family of bankers, barristers and clergy, owning many properties in the Sleaford and Newark areas, including Winthorpe. The Rev. Edward Handley along with many members of his family lived at Muskham Grange in the northern part of  Muskham.

The remains of many of the Rev. Edward Handley's relatives were buried in a vault of the old church. The vestry of the present building was built over this vault. On the inside walls of the vestry are Memorials to the deceased members of the Handley family.




The Memorial Tablet to John Handley on a wall in the Vestry.1.  In memory of JOHN HANDLEY of Northgate, Newark-on-Trent, son of John Handley Esq. of North Muskham, he died 8th December 1880 in his 73rd year.


2.  In memory of BENJAMIN HANDLEY Esqre. of Pointon, Lincolnshire, third son of William Handley of Newark, he was born January 13th1784. Entered the Army in the year 1805 and served in the Ninth Regiment of Light Dragoons in South America and in the Peninsula. He was returned member for Boston in the first session of Parliament after the Reform Bill and died at Pointon May 16th 1858.


3.  Sacred to the memory of JOHN HANDLEY Esqre, second son of William Handley Esq., late of Newark. He married Martha, daughter of the Rev. Philip Story of Lockington, Leicestershire, served the  office of high sheriff for this County in the year 1836 and died on the 24th day October 1856 leaving three sons and two daughters.


4.  Sacred to the memory of MARTHA, wife of John Handley Esquire, Muskham Grange in this County and daughter of the Rev. Philip Story of Lockington in the County of Leicestershire. She departed this life August 22nd 1851, aged 70 years, leaving a husband, three sons and two daughters to lament the loss of an affectionate and kind mother.


5.  Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM FARNWORTH HANDLEYof Newark whose immediate ancestors are buried in the chancel of that Church. He was a Deputy Lieutenant and Magistrate for the County of Notts., served the office of sheriff in 1822, represented the Borough of Newark in several Parliaments and died there on the 4th December 1851, aged 71 years.




1.  Sacred to the memory of the REV. WILLIAM RASTELL M.A. patron and formerly Rector of this parish who died 6th November 1826 aged 72 years.


2.  In a vault underneath this marble lie the remains of MARY, the wife of the Rev. William Rastell M.A. who died 5th December 1809 aged 40 years. As wife mother and Christian she was not surpassed.

     Also William Thomas their third son who died 26th November aged 14 years.

     (On this tablet the engraver has carved the letters A.M. instead of M.A. This tablet had at sometime fallen off its backing stone and is standing on the floor.)


3.  In the memory of ANNIE wife of Rev. Robert Ranstall M.A. Rector of Stubton in the County of Lincoln who died March 5th 1847 aged 28 years.


4.  In the vault of the chancel lie the remains of ROGER POCKLINGTON Esquire of Winthorpe Hall who died October 12th 1810 aged 76 years and MARY his wife (Eldest daughter and coheir of  W. Roe  Esq. of Sudbroke in the County of Lincoln) who died July 19th 1808.       


5.  Sacred to the memory of ROGER POCKLINGTON Esq. only son of Roger Pocklington of Winthorpe Hall who died at Leamington in the County of Warwick April 23rd 1847 aged 71 years. Also to the memory of JANE his wife who died at Leamington February 27th 1851. Their remains are interred in the vault of this chancel.



6.  FRANCES, the wife of Benjamin Handley, of this town, gentleman died December 27th 1807 aged 51 years. Her remains, with those of three of their children, BENJAMIN, ANN and JANE, who died in their infancy, are deposited near this marble; also of BENJAMIN HANDLEY Esq., who died 1828, aged 74 years.


7.  This tablet also records the memory of BENJAMIN, a younger son of the above Benjamin and Frances Handley, Lieut. in His Majesty's 9th Lt. Dragoons, who perished in the Tagus in the 22nd year of his age by the loss of the boat in which he was embarked on the confidential duty of conveying the standards of the Regt. from the Admiral's ship to the Commanding Officer's transport on the Regt.'s return from the Peninsular War May 22nd 1813. His remains were recovered & interred in the British Burial Ground at Lisbon.


 8.  In memory of CHRISTOPHER MORLEY who departed this life the 23rd of May 1826 aged 91 years.

Memorial plaque to Robert Hunt Bradley.

     And also of CHARLOTTE MORLEY relict of the above who died 15th of April 1833 of her 64th year.



 9.  There is a metal plaque high up on the left hand side of the wall badly corroded and  is unreadable.







 The altar piece is offered in filial memory of HENRY HANDLEY of Culverthorpe, Lincolnshire, died 29th June 1846.

 (Rev. Edward Handley's father.)




 1.  In memory of GEORGIANA HANDLEY of St. George's Home, Cape Town died December 14th 1874.

      (Rev. Edward Handley's sister.)


2.  In memory of the SISTER LAURA, Community of All, Saints, died at Cape Town June 16th 1882.

     (Rev. Edward Handley's sister.)






1.  Sacred to the memory of ROBERT HUNT BRADLEY who departed this life January 24th 1954 aged 73 years. Ever a sincere and devout Churchman he acted as Churchwarden at this church for forty years and was a member of the Church Council from its inception being revered and beloved by all who knew him.



2. To the Memory of Robert Taylor, M.D. Phyfician in Ordinary to His Majefty who died the 15thMay 1762 aged 53, Alfo of Elizabeth Taylor, his Wife who died  10th May 1812 aged 86, and of Robert Taylor their Infant Son. This Monument is erected by their only Daughter Elizabeth Chaplin.


The Baptistery.BAPTISTERY.


1.  The baptistery is erected in memory of ROBERT BRUCE RUSSELL, the children's friend. Died March 17th 1887.


2.  On the base of the Baptism Candle Holder is a small brass plate which reads:

     In loving Memory of May Mumby 1900-1992. 




1.  To the glory of God and in memory of PHILIP HANDLEY of  Muskham Grange this Church was built and consecrated June 7th 1888.

     (See footnote.)


2.  In ever grateful memory of the REV. EDWARD HANDLEY, M.A., Patron of this benefice and from 1886 to 1895 Rector, at his sole cost this Church was rebuilt 1886-1888. He died Feb. 1st1901, aged 61 years, and was buried at Bath, but here to the glory of God stands the monument of his Piety and of his earnest desire for the spiritual welfare of all  who may dwell in Winthorpe. R.I.P.


3.  This new lighting and re-wiring of this church was carried out in March 1976 and over three quarters of the cost was met by bequest from ROBERT INSUL HUMPHRIES who died  on 3rd May 1974 aged 101 years and who is buried in the south west corner of the churchyard. R.I.P.





Memorial Plaque to E.Ward.     On a brass plaque is the following:     

     To the Glory of God a Thank Offering from E.WARD A.D. 1888.

    (See footnote.)





1.  To the Glory of God and in honored memory of ARTHUR CECIL RICHARD and  ARTHUR DEAN who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918. The noble died that we in peace might live.


This War Memorial of these two Methodist men was found by Mr. Geoff. Appleby in the old Methodist Chapel on Chapel Lane, which he then owned, and hung about 1950, in All Saints' Church. 

 War Memorial to Arthur Cecil Richmond and Authur Dean who fell in the Great War 1914-1918.




On a brass plaque on the right hand side of the organ is the following:


 The brass eagle Lectern.                              1897.

The Diamond Jubilee of the reign of Victoria R.I.


In commemoration the organ was built by subscription and dedicated to the Glory of God. October 5th 1899.  


C.W.H.Griffith M.A. Rector.

H.Ringrose.  )

J.Batty.           ) Church Wardens.







On the base of the brass eagle Lectern is:

      To the Glory of God and in memory of the Rev. Capel John Sewell M.A. one of H.M. Inspectors of Schools, who died April 14th1896 aged 63 years, this lectern was dedicated by teachers of elementary schools and friends in his district and presented to his parish Church of All Saints, Winthorpe, Notts.







The Madonna and Child Statue.The Madonna and Child statue is on the wall behind the Lectern.



     On the base of the statue of the Madonna and Child  is:

     1930  Kath Maria Rippingale  R.I.P.


      The Madonna and Child statue representing Mary the mother of Jesus and her Son.


     Madonna is an Italian term for an important woman. The English translation is ‘My Lady.'

    (See footnote)




      On the Pulpit is a wooden book stand with a small brass plate which reads:


     In memory of Ralph White 1925-1995 for over thirty years a Churchwarden of All Saints.






1.  In the Porch on a wooden plaque is the following:

     ‘Enter his gates with thanksgiving.'


     On the bottom of this plaque is a small brass plate which reads:


     In loving memory of Hugh Thomas Clarke 1926-1992.


2.  In the Porch on a brass plaque is the following:


     To the Glory of God and in Loving Memory of Arthur and Ada Forman The exterior floodlighting was given by their Daughter and Son-in Law Brenda and Keith Hindmarsh. 39th November 1969.


Pat Finn. September 2008.




On the memorial plaque to Philip Handley, at the rear of the Nave, it states that the church was consecrated on June 7th1888. This was not so, as the ceremony was unable to take place due to the illness of the Bishop of Southwell. The consecration, by the Bishop of Lincoln who deputized, took place on the 19th June 1888.


The name E. Ward on the brass memorial plaque at the rear of the north Aisle could be the husband of Eliza. Ward of Winthorpe, whose window is in the south Nave.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              On the memorial tablet to Robert Taylor M.D. on the south wall of the Nave, the stone mason has used the letter ‘f' for the letter ‘s' in the dedication of Dr. Robert Taylor but not in the word ‘Son.'


This tablet was restored by E. Gills and Sons on Newark and re-hung on the 29th July 2008 after it had been found lying for many years in the church's vestry cupboard.


Dr. Robert Taylor, physician to King George 111, started the building of Winthorpe Hall in 1761. The following year he died leaving the unfinished building to his wife and daughter Elizabeth. As there was no money to complete the building it remained untouched for three years. Roger Pocklington, the Newark banker, offered £8.000 for the Hall property if a Special Act of Parliament would set aside the will. This was done in 1765, and so Roger Pocklington became its new owner and completed the building work.


A press cutting from an unknown source.


          DEDICATION SERVICES - A statuette of the Madonna and Holy Child presented by the family of Mrs. Rippingale, in memory, was dedicated at Sung Eucharist on Sunday morning. After the figure had been unveiled by Mr. C. W. H. Rippingale, Mr. A. J. Rippingale asked the Rector to dedicate the memorial, in these words: "Revd. Father, we pray you accept this gift, for the beautifying of this church, as a constant reminder of the love of God in sending his Son into the world, and in affectionate remembrance of His servant Katie Maria Rippingale, and to dedicate the same to His glory." The Rector replied, "In the faith of Jesus Christ, we accept this gift and dedicate the same to His glory." After some versicles and the recitation of the collects for Christmas and Lady Day, the service proceeded in the usual way; Hymn 449A and M. being sung as an introit. The Rector in his sermon reminded the congregation how in times past paintings and statuary were used not only to beautify God's house, but as the "books of the unlearned." The representation of the Mother and Child and of the Crucifixion stressed two central truths of the Christian Faith - the Incarnation and the Redemption. There was a large congregation and the simple service was well rendered by the little village choir. Amongst the congregation were representations of the Mothers' Union as well as friends from Newark.


 Lady Day is the traditional name of the Feast of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin and is on the 25th March.


 A drawing of Kath Maria Rippingale riding a three wheeled cycle can be seen in The people of Winthorpe in Volume 3.


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