Focal Point - April 2010

FOCAL POINT Issue No. 353

April 2010 

Ed’s Comments,

 How disappointing to see that there isn’t to be a service at All Saints Winthorpe on Easter Sunday. I would guess this must be the first time this has ever happened. Mind you when you look at the services on a Sunday within the new group, it is understandable. For example last Sunday (Palm Sunday) there was a service at:- 

9am Langford – 10am Girton – 10.30am Harby – 11am Collingham – 5pm Winthorpe.

Phew! No wonder I said that David Milner needs all the help he can get.

In addition he now has All Saints without a church warden as Alan Stone has had to retire.(No volunteers I’m afraid!).

My thanks to Alan for all of his help in providing me with all of the church notices and service details over the years.


On the subject of details, this website is well worth a look, for apart from being very well done, there are many interesting sections in it:-


Well the Cheltenham Festival of horse racing has now been and gone and what an exciting few days it was, especially if you were a bookmaker. I believe most are currently in the Bahamas reflecting on events. I hope that Peter Roach didn’t contribute too much as I know he loves his racing.

Watching those super fit horses, brought to their peak by their trainers at the right time, prompts me to congratulate another super trainer in Barbara Finn, whose diet and encouragement has Pat in his prime. For apart from walking about 20miles a week working unaided towards the updating of our village scrap book and preparing for the much supported Sunflower competition. I see that he now has found time to plant 1000 crocus bulbs at the Community Centre. Phew! Again. Perhaps you could pass a few of your training tips on Barbara?

 For those patriots amongst us it’s St George’s day on the 23rd.

Cliff Newbold

Closing date for the May issue is the 23rd April



The next Lunch will be at 12.30pm on Monday, 12th April at the Community Centre. The menu will be:

Chicken & Leek Pie


Fisherman’s Pie


New Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables


Lemon Meringue Roulade & Ice Cream

£7 including a glass of wine. Please phone Jean and Peter Foden (704241) not later than Thursday, April 8th to book your place and give your choice of menu.


Our AGM will be held at 7.30pm on Monday, 19th April at the Community Centre. We hope you will come along to hear what is happening and to give us your views. New ideas are always welcome.

There are vacancies for two Trustees. If anyone is interested in finding out what this involves please contact me or Peter Foden.


As part of the celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of the Community Centre there will be an exhibition of pictures at the Summer Festival (July 17th) covering events that have taken place. If you have any photos of parties or other activities that you would be willing to lend would you please contact Peter Foden or Keith Lloyd. Anything lent will be carefully looked after and returned after the exhibition.


We are very grateful to Pat Finn who has supplied and planted 1000 crocuses at the Community Centre. They have made a fine display while we have been waiting for Spring. Thank you Pat.

Frances Kelly, Chairman


Winthorpe School

By the time you read this class 4 will have been on their ‘Evacuee Day’ to Nottingham Castle. This is a day where the children dress as a World War 2 evacuee, complete with gas mask and name tag. During the day in the basement of Nottingham Castle the children take part in a recreation of an air raid and become ‘history detectives’ looking at pieces of primary evidence to solve a mystery.

Our class 3 children enjoyed an afternoon in a planetarium. On 26th February we hired the community centre and were joined by space expert Mr Morton. Mr Morton owns a giant inflatable planetarium, in which he is able to show the children the constellations in the night sky. This was a fabulous experience and the children are now desperate for plenty of clear nights to test their knowledge!

Our infant children are studying traditional tales and were visited by a travelling actor in March. The actor brought costumes for the children to wear and they acted out the story of Sleeping Beauty. They used this firsthand experience of acting out the story to gather ideas for their own writing. The children are currently planning and writing a fable.

We currently have a few spaces left for children aged 4 in September, so if you have, or know of a child born between 01/09/05 and 31/08/06, that is interested in attending our school, let me know as soon as possible so I can arrange a place for them.

Our next pensioner’s lunch will be on Wednesday 28th April; please telephone the school to book a place.

Jamie Macintyre

Head teacher, (01636) 680060



Mrs.Pat Nelson our President welcomed members to the A.G.M..

Ordinary business was done first and apologies were given for members who were unable to be present.

There were many boards going around for various events and money was collected for our outing to Nottingham to see the Riverdance Farewell performance.

After the close of the monthly business there was a break and the raffle was drawn.

Then came the Annual Meeting. There were no minutes to be read and so the Financial Statement was read and approved. Mrs Marshall thanked Mr. Eric Dickinson, through his wife, Mrs Rose Dickinson,for auditing the accounts.

Mrs.Brenda Tinsley gave the Annual Report of meetings.

Mrs. Pat Nelson gave the President's Address, thanking committee and members for their help and support during her first year in the office.

The Annual Report was approved and adopted.

As we have a full committee and Mrs Nelson has agreed to stay in office, there was no need for an election, so the meeting was closed.

The rest of the evening was a social meeting with tea and biscuits.

Our next meeting is our Birthday Party on April 7th in the Community Centre at 7. 30 p.m.

You all know what you are bringing, so ‘bon-appétit’.

Daphne Marshall


Betty Buxton

Jose Doyland (nee Buxton) has telephoned Des Aldridge to say that she will be coming to Winthorpe on the 11th April to attend a ceremony to bury her mother’s ashes at Winthorpe Parish Church. The ceremony will be at 3.00pm. Anyone wishing to attend will be very welcome.




After a long and very cold winter, (the coldest for 30 years) it is nice to welcome the arrival of spring with the preparation of the Giant Sunflower Competition. 

This competition is open to:-

• Children who live in Winthorpe, Langford or Holme and who are born after the 1st of September 1998.

• All pupils who attend Winthorpe Primary School and who may live outside the three villages.

The competition will start on Easter Sunday, 4th April, when the children will sow their sunflower seeds.

The competition will end on Sunday, 12th September, when the children will telephone me with their results.

If you wish to buy your own seeds, you will require SUNFLOWER GIANT SINGLE, which can be obtained from Wilkinson's. Each packet costs 49p and has 75 seeds. 5


Fill your 9cm plastic plant pots with potting compost. Make a hole with your finger into each pot about 2cm deep. Push one seed into the hole, cover with compost and water. Place on a windowsill. Watch out for the seeds germinating. This takes about 7 to 10 days.

Did You Know?

The scientific name for the sunflower that you are growing is Helianthus annus. The name Helianthus comes from two Greek words, Helios meaning sun and Anthos meaning flower. 

The word annus is Latin and it means that the sunflower will grow and die in the same year.

The sunflower often follows the sun and it is this characteristic that gives the sunflower its name. This behaviour is known as heliotropism.

Pat Finn.


Don Witton is an ex-primary school teacher. He showered us with humorous anecdotes of his classroom days. The slide presentation was first class, showing examples of numerous euphorbias and other spring-flowering perennials, with photographs taken in his own garden supplemented by others from famous gardens throughout the U.K.

Most spring-flowering plants prefer shady conditions but many euphorbias originated in Mediterranean climes. The euphorbia genus is huge, with over 2160 species. Don holds a national collection, most of them growing on his allotment at Firvale. He holds two open days a year in aid of charity, the next one being Sunday 9th May from 1 – 4 pm. The slide showing the fabulous display there will entice many to mark this in their diary.

In club news; places can now be booked for our annual coach outing. This year it is on June 16th to Grimsthorpe Castle and Easton Walled Gardens. There will be an evening meal at Stoke Rochford Hall and the inclusive cost is £34 payable to organiser Pat Nelson. As usual, the trip is open to non-members, the aim being to fill a 53 seat coach.

The date for an evening visit to Langford Lowfield RSPB site has not been finalised but is likely to be in late May.

A second evening visit is a follow-up to Roger Pykett’s talk last year. We will be visiting his ‘reserve’ on July 7th.

Finally, on April 21st. we have our AGM and plant sale. Please do try to bring along one or two surplus saleable plants to help bolster club funds.

Ian Wilson



I am writing to inform you that this afternoon (Sunday 21st March) my wife, whilst walking our dog Dylan past the skateboard park, was verbally abused by 3 boys (all about 11/12years of age) with disgusting language and very lewd suggestions...... she felt quite threatened and quickly made her way home. Unfortunately I was at work when this happened....but on returning home she informed me of the incident!

I have on several occasions passed by the Skateboard park on numerous occasions and heard foul language from that area.....I am not a prude having spent 23 years in the Army and then 14 years as a Prison officer......but I think that when a person, be it man or woman, has to run the Gauntlet it is very wrong! Therefore my wife will not walk the dog in that area again!!

Very sad that this has come to the village!! I report this in case anyone else has been subjected to the same?

Jeff Powell

Has anyone had a similar experience or have any idea who the boys who frequent the park might be?



Dear All,

There is a brand new compilation of Notts Guided Walks. This has been put together by a team of three volunteers, concerned at the demise of the county’s annual publication of a similar name. The new version is available in limited numbers as a booklet and there is a new web site giving general advice and a convenient monthly listing of walks showing details of where to meet, duration etc. There is also a special section on Walking for Health events. 

The web address to visit is and the booklets will be available in places like the Tourist Information offices and Rufford Park.

Kind regards,

Joy Allison

Adventures aboard n.b. Mulberry 

Victorian Ingenuity....

One of the highlights of the north western canals is the Anderton boat lift which links the Trent and Mersey Canal, one of the oldest canals in the country, with the River Weaver, one of the most industrialised rivers in England. 

At Anderton the river and canal are very close but the fifty feet (15metres) difference in water levels made the transit of goods very difficult. There is no room for a lock system so in 1857 a vertical boat lift was built, one of the Victorian engineering wonders. Two huge water filled chambers, big enough to hold two narrow boats each, are mounted on large hydraulic rams set into the ground below. The rams are linked together to counter balance the chambers, as one raises the other lowers. The chambers, called caissons, are guided inside a huge iron structure with watertight gates at each end to allow boats to enter and leave. The operation is very ‘green’ as, by admitting slightly more water into the uppermost caisson than is in the lower, gravity will power the lift.

Such enormous expense was justified because of the great nineteenth century trade in salt and chemicals from the River Weaver to Stoke and Manchester.

Trade also went directly out to sea at one time as the river was made navigable to large ships. There are six sets of locks between Runcorn and Winsford, each lock being twice the size of Newark Town Lock and there are two locks at each set. There are also several very large swing bridges to allow the boats to pass. Their operation is typical of Victorian ingenuity, at the pivot point the bridge structure is supported on an iron barrel which sits inside a large ‘tub’. To swing the bridge water is pumped into the tub which then floats the barrel, lifting the bridge. The whole structure is then floating and can be rotated with a very light push, there being no friction,

There are many chemical and salt works on the river, some derelict, some still working, the biggest being the huge ICI works at Runcorn. Some factories, encrusted with many years of salt deposits look derelict even though they are not! Surprisingly, between the industrial bits, the river runs through beautiful countryside, including some stunning sections of wooded valleys without signs of human influence where the birds sing loudly as you pass on a leisurely two-week journey down and back. The image of Amazonian rainforests or the film ‘African Queen’ spring to mind.

One of the unexpected delights of this area is travelling on the Trent and Mersey Canal from Anderton to Manchester. The canal is in the same valley as the Weaver but fifty or more feet up the hillside. For many miles you can look out over the river and see the winding river and large swing bridges below. Eventually the canal leaves all this behind and, travelling through Preston Brook Tunnel, heads towards Manchester, but that’s another story.

If I have sparked an interest in this fine example of Victorian engineering a visit may make a good day out. There is a visitors’ centre with an engineering exhibition and book shop adjacent to the lift and at intervals through the day, there is an opportunity to ride the lift on a specially designed trip boat called the ‘Edwin Clark’, after the designer of the lift.

Martin Shapley


From the net - Some nice things to think about.....

• Be kinder than necessary because everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

• A sharp tongue can cut your own throat.

• If you want your dreams to come true, you mustn't oversleep.

• Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.

• The best vitamin for making friends..... B1.

• The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

• The heaviest thing you can carry is a grudge.

• One thing you can give and still your word.

• You lie the loudest when you lie to yourself.

• If you lack the courage to start, you have already finished.

• One thing you can't recycle is wasted time.

• Ideas won't work unless ' You' do.

• Your mind is like a functions only when open.

• The 10 commandments are not a multiple choice.




AGM - 7.30 Friday 16 April

The Snug, Lord Nelson, Winthorpe


Maureen Smith – 01636 701205

Winthorpe Tennis Club Secretary




7.45 Tuesday 20th April - Coddington Community Centre

7.30 Tuesday 20th July - Barnby Village Hall

7.45 Tuesday 20th October - Coddington Community Centre

(please contact Deborah Johnson – 01636 655800 or if you would like to attend)



Margaret and Alec Stewart wish to thank the many, many caring and thoughtful people from Winthorpe and beyond who provided us both with so much help and support during Margaret’s illness and hospitalization.

Margaret received so many cards, gifts and beautiful flowers that her hospital ward took on the air of a cheerful springtime scene.

We both received so many calls from well wishers that we have now had to have surgery performed upon our ears to better accommodate the telephone.

Many, many thanks to all of you.

Alec and Margaret


Spring Fair Saturday 17th April Collingham Memorial Hall

2pm until 4 p.m.

Entrance £1.00 an adult and 50p a child, refreshments included

Childrens crafts in Mayfield Room

Stalls include:- Second hand books,

Homemade cakes, tombola, Lime Tree Design, Revive Body and Soul, Chi Chic Jewellery, right hand children’s clothes, raffle

and many more….



'Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work'.

Thomas Edison


Home security


Before you go out, REMEMBER TO:

1. Close and lock all doors and windows even if out for a short time.

2. Set your burglar alarm.

3. Make sure the side or back gate is shut and locked.

4. Lock the shed

5. Make sure that valuables are out of sight.

6. Put keys out of reach from windows and doors.

7. Make sure the curtains are shut and some lights are in if you are going out in the evening.

General Home Security

• It is good practice to mark property, and ideally keep photographic and detailed records of valuables (i.e. the make, model and serial number.) Keep these in a safe place.

• New belongings - Don’t leave empty boxes (of high- value goods such as a plasma TV or laptop) outside your home. They may attract burglars.

• Good outdoor lighting can put off or draw attention to a burglar.

• Make your home look occupied when you are out, use automatic timer switches to turn lights on when it goes dark, they can also turn on radios and other appliances when your out.


Newark Police station 0300 300 9999 ext 8097616 or

8097770 for the Collingham Contact Point voicemail.

Remember:Nottinghamshire Crimestoppers Call FREE on 0800 555 111

(Call anonymously with information about crime)



Dear all,

Easter is here! The season of chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies and chickens is in full swing. Against this busy holiday filled period is the amazing truth for faith followers that Jesus rose from the dead, demonstrating God’s power and love. Our churches will be filled with people singing hymns of praise and thanksgiving united in the power of the resurrection event. The Gospel writers meet Jesus’ ministry experience in various ways helping us walk, work and live with Jesus. 

During the weeks leading up to Easter those who have followed the Lenten disciplines of reading, thinking, being and waiting will feel a sense of relief and joy as the mystery of Jesus’ Resurrection is re-told. 

Easter provides an opportunity for us all to embrace change, to start afresh and to re-affirm our faith both at a personal and a shared community level. 

Our East Trent Group has been in operation since the beginning of January. Over the past three months I have been greatly heartened by the support the new group is receiving from many among our village communities. I am enjoying very much getting to know many new faces. I am working on the names!! Particular thanks must be given to the musicians who have contributed greatly to the worship. Recently Church Representatives from across the group met with Anne Speed who leads the Music Group, Carole Needham who leads the choir and Anne Wynne who organises the rota of organists who support worship throughout the East Trent Group. Anne also plays at several services on most Sundays. All present were able to talk through their hopes and ideas. If you would like to sing in the East Trent Choir, play for worship, or be part of the music group you will be warmly welcomed. 

Please contact us at the Rectory for more information.

It is a pleasure to lead worship at Clifton, Harby and Thorney. Over recent weeks worshippers have turned up valiantly against all the odds, the weather being the biggest challenge and not the hours fixed for worship! On one particularly snowy Sunday one intrepid member travelled for 45 minutes through what felt like a ‘white-out’ to attend an early service at Clifton. 

Our New Diocesan Bishop Paul Butler was installed at the end of February at Southwell Minster. He promised a period of good communication and hands on pastoral care. He intends visiting all clergy and parishes during his first year. To this end he is going to spend Sunday 6th June with us. The detail has yet to be put in place, please watch these pages for news of his programme. 

Working amongst the enlarged group is going to take some time to evolve, but we seem to have a made a good start. I hope that Easter and all it offers will be a further time of growth and encouragement.

Our Church communities rely on the good will of an enormous volunteer group, who bring considerable gifts to our churches, spiritual life and wellbeing. Following the Annual General meeting of All Saints Winthorpe PCC I must report that Alan Stone our Churchwarden has retired. He is still going to play the organ and help, more informally in a number of ways, but sadly he realises it is time to lay down the responsibility of Churchwarden. Over the last four years of Alan’s period of office much has been achieved. The installation of a sound system and new lighting, work to the churchyard and paths and major work on the Bell Tower and much, much, more.

Thank you Alan for your hard work and dedication.

I am very thankful for all the PCC do in supporting and working very hard to ensure our church remains open. Behind every man it is said there is a good woman, in Alan’s case, Ann. Thank you Ann for your continuing commitment and hard work

It is with sadness that I report the death of Reg Priestley who died peacefully at home last month. 

Reg will be much missed. I am personally thankful for his gift of music, generosity of spirit, and friendship. I know that our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Joan and children Nigel, Gillian and Rosemary.

I am very mindful that we are all at the beginning of an exciting journey. A plan is in place, but there is still much to do. Bishop Paul’s visit will be an opportunity for us to come together and celebrate the legal formation of the East Trent Group of Churches. 

Details will appear in due course, but for now remember 6th June and if at all possible keep it free for when our diocesan Bishop will visit the Group.

In Christian love,




Sunday 14th March “Mothering Sunday” our service was enhanced by joining in the celebration of 65 years of marriage with Joan & Peter Roach and their daughters Jill & Sally. The end of the service concluded with Alan playing the Wedding March followed by a glass of champagne to celebrate. It was a wonderful occasion . Although not able to be amongst us, we all wished Mr John Hewitt a Happy 90th birthday.

On Monday 15th March the PCC AGM was held in the Village Hall . Sadly Alan stepped down as churchwarden due to ill health but will continue as organist . Unfortunately he has not been replaced. David thanked Alan for his work as churchwarden and his efforts had achieved a number of improvements some which improved the quality of the services. A sound system had been installed for people with hearing difficulties and the lighting improved. A new white frontal has been made for the Altar by Mrs Jean Lauder of Collingham who is now repairing the red frontal. The church gates had been replaced and the exterior pointing of the brickwork will hopefully commence in April. We are grateful to Mr David Woodcock (bell ringer) assisted by Mr Ian Hasman for keeping the graveyard tidy and checking the safety of the gravestones. The graveyard continues to be admired by visitors as a quiet place to sit & reflect (on a nice day!)

Although the PCC is a small group we work as a team. Sylvia & Keith Lloyd have taken on more responsibilities and John Nelson has agreed to organise some fund raising events with the help of younger people. Pat although not on the PCC organises the catering, so there should be little change in the life of ‘All Saints’

We are extremely grateful to Joan Lord for continuing as our Treasurer although she is an extremely busy person and we value her knowledge and financial expertise.

Ann thanked David for his loyalty and support given to Alan whilst he was churchwarden. She also felt that David had raised the profile of the church within the village by his support of the school and the various village activities. As Ann is PCC Secretary and the local contact, any queries regarding church matters can be addressed to her on Tel. No 702104.


Good Friday 2-3pm - This service includes Hymns, Prayers & Readings.

Service Of Light 7pm - This service has lots of atmosphere and lasts about three quarters of an hour. The service begins with the church in darkness and a candle is lit to represent the resurrection as the Light of the World. The light from this candle will be taken in turn to all the other churches in the Benefice on Easter Sunday.

On the first Sunday in the month Winthorpe never has a service so it is unfortunate that this year Easter Sunday falls on that day. Holme Church have a service at 9.30am and Alan will be playing the organ as they are now are without an organist. Probably some of Winthorpe villagers may like to attend that service. If transport is needed then please contact Ann on 702104.

We send our best wishes to Margaret Stewart who is now home from hospital & to those who are ill or are in hospital at this time.

We wish them a speedy recovery and better health in the future.

Church Bells

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm - 9.0pm 

and possibly for the following :

Sunday April 11th 10.15am - Holy Communion

Sunday April 18th 10.15am - Family Service

Friday April 23rd 6pm to 7pm - National Ringing for St George's Day

From the registers

RIP Alice Hilffert - Friday 26th February

Brass Cleaners

Mrs June Taylor, Mrs Everson. 

Ann Stone, PCC Secretary.

Up-To-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed outside the church. 



The Winthorpe ringers came second out of four teams in the Newark District heat of the Crawford Cup, which is a competition to perform a piece of ringing with as few striking faults as possible. The heat took place at Norwell on Saturday 21st March, and the team members were Elizabeth Harrison, Christine Hasman, Ian Hasman, Paul Raithby and David Woodcock, plus Lindsey Arkley from Coddington in place of Jon Higgins, who was unfortunately unavailable.






2pm-3pm The last hour, Winthorpe.


7pm SERVICE OF LIGHT, Winthorpe.

Sunday 4th EASTER DAY

9am Presentation of the Light, Langford.

9 30am Holy Communion at Holme


Sunday 11th 2nd Sunday of Easter

10.15am Holy Communion Winthorpe.

Thursday 15th 

10am Holy Communion Winthorpe.

Said service ( B.C.P)

Sunday 18th 3rd Sunday of Easter

10.15 am Family Service Winthorpe.

6pm Holy Communion, Langford.

Sunday 25th 4th Sunday of Easter

8am Holy Communion Winthorpe.

6pm Evensong, Holme.



              APRIL                                                        MAY

23rd Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Nelson               21st Miss Applewhite



**Saturday 3rd Green Bin

Sunday 4th Sunflower competition begins.

Thursday 7th WI party, 7.30pm – Community Centre

Sunday 11th Betty Buxton ashes ceremony 3pm - All Saints.

Monday 12th Luncheon Club, 12.30pm - Centre

Silver Bin

Thursday 15th Library Van.

Friday 16th Tennis Club AGM 7.30pm – Lord Nelson.

Saturday 17th Coll. Preschool Fair, 2pm - Coll. Mem. Hall.

Monday 19th Community Centre AGM 7.30pm – Centre.

Green Bin

Monday 26th Silver Bin

Wednesday 28th School Pensioners lunch 12noon – School.

Thursday 29th Library Van.