Focal Point - May 2010

FOCAL POINT       Issue No. 354  May  2010 

   Eds Comments, 

 It’s funny that before I started editing the Focal Point, time seemed to go much slower, now it seems to race by as we enter the fifth month of the year.

It brought to mind that aphorism ‘time and tide wait for no man’ (unless you are a woman of 30!!). One of my favourite aphorisms is – You can get more of what you want by a kind word and a gun than you can with just a kind word!’ What has any of this to do with Winthorpe, Langford and Holme  – absolutely nothing, just my sense of humour!

 What has - is the success of Charlie Burkitt who, unless anyone tells me differently, must be the first person from Winthorpe to row in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race. Congratulations to Charlie and let’s hope he makes the GB team for the world championship.

Another one of ‘ours’ was making a little bit of history last month when David Milner was the ‘star’ of ‘thought for the day’ on Radio Nottingham. I’m sure there were many of you listening at 6.30am to hear his Easter message! Well done David you were word perfect.

Good news for cricket fans as Andy Fereday has detailed the fixtures for May and June in this month’s edition and it would seem that there will be a ‘Home’ match almost every weekend thanks to Coddington sharing our facilities. Andy also draws your attention to their website. This prompted me to have a closer look at the village website and I was very disappointed to see that very few of our organisations are keeping their pages up-to-date. When I say up-to-date I mean like, this year! Too much trouble I guess!!!

 Cliff Newbold

Closing date for the June issue is 21st May.




The next lunch will be on Monday, 10th May (not the first Monday in the month). The menu is:

     Sausages & Yorkshire Pudding in Onion Gravy


Salmon topped with Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato


New Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables


                                      Sherry Trifle

  £7 including a glass of wine. Please ring Jean and Peter Foden, 704241, to book your place and give your food choice not later than Thursday 6th May.


At the Annual General Meeting on Monday, 27th April I was able to report another successful year. The Community Centre is now ten years old and, in spite of the doubts of some when the idea was first mooted, it has proved to be financially sound and a significant contribution to the life of the village. Thanks are due (and were expressed at the meeting) to all those individuals and organizations who help in different ways to keep the Centre operating in good order.

 The following Officers and Trustees were elected or nominated:

             President                      Margaret Thornhill

            Chairman                      Frances Kelly

            Vice Chairman               Alec Stewart

            Treasurer                      Duncan Richardson

            Secretary                       Peter Foden

 Organization nominated Trustees:

             Parish Council         -            Alec Stewart, Gary Thompson

                                  WI         -            Margaret Stewart

                Tennis Club      -            Colin Smith

                Youth Club        -           Howard Pope

            Football Club        -         Andrew Clarke

                Tiger Tots         -         Michele Baker-Smith

 Elected Trustees:

 Yvonne Skaith, Diane Rowland, Sue Sharp, John Nelson, David Barthorpe and Justin Baker-Smith.

Unfortunately Mike Casterton and Mike Toulson, who have been involved in the project for many years, have had to retire. We are very grateful to them for their help and support over the years. There are vacancies for Trustees. If anyone is interested in becoming a Trustee please contact myself or Peter Foden so that we can explain what is involved. It is not an onerous position. New blood and new ideas, however, are needed so that the Community Centre can continue to run as successfully as it has done in the last ten years.

 Frances Kelly, Chairman  


Winthorpe School

 Pensioner’s lunch on Wed 26th May 12 noon.

Please telephone the school to book a place

 Jamie Macintyre - Head Teacher 01636 680060



                  Report for April

 April was the month for our Birthday Party. This year it was held a day earlier in the Community centre as we were having visitors from other Institutes in our Fleet group and some of our members were introducing us to Line dancing as the entertainment.

 All the committee ladies and some of their husbands were busy in the afternoon arranging the hall for the evening. Husbands got out the tables and chairs and also the piano, the ladies prepared the tables with tablecloths, cutlery, condiments, glasses and napkins. Food was provided by members who once again provided a wonderful spread. The tables were bending under the weight of the food.

Most members had brought items for the raffle and the table was full with them.

Jerusalem was sung and Mrs Pat Nelson welcomed everyone to the party and especially the members from Coddington and South Clifton and two former members who had come as guests, Mrs Margaret Hewitt and Mrs Glenis Breedon.

 The candle of Friendship was lit by Mrs Dys Gold, for absent friends.

Food and wine was served and after everyone had eaten the Line dancing began. Even the ones who had never tried it before had a go and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

 The raffle was drawn and several visitors won prizes.

Mrs Christine Can" from Coddington, thanked Mrs Nelson and the members, on behalf of the visitors, for the lovely evening.

 Our next meeting is May 13th in the Village Hall at 7-30p.m when

 Mrs Elite Briggs will be taking us through the Resolution to be voted on at the National A.G.M.

Hostesses are Mesdames J.Taylor and E.Bradbury.

 Dorothy Marshall



 Tuesday, May 11th.

 Morning Coffee in the Village Hall, 10.30am.

 Tuesday, May 25th.

 Outing to the Dukeries Nursery for coffee and a look around, then on to Clumber Park for lunch. The coach (Oates) will leave the Green at 9.30am and then pick-up at the Post Office. The cost will be £10 per head for the coach. The seats are limited to 16 so please let me know if you are going a.s.a.p.

 Jean Foden


 The Art of Calligraphy

Are you new to art…calligraphy…or both?

Why not come along to a one day workshop that combines these wonderfully creative activities.

In a friendly environment you can learn some new skills, with plenty of time to have a go.  

10:00 – 3:30 at Winthorpe Community Centre

Dates available:-

Saturday May 8th Saturday June 5th

Saturday June 12th

 Each workshop will offer a new challenge & mini project

Cost £25 for the day – includes materials and refreshments

To book a place and find out more contact:-

Janet and Ali on 01636 860148 or email:-




At our AGM we were able to reflect on another enjoyable and successful year.  We have gained several new members during this time and our total is around 50.  The fact that many come from several miles away is a reflection, I believe, of the general friendliness that has typified this club since its formation in 1995.  The business of the meeting was conducted at a brisk pace with the only change that of Pat Nelson standing down as outings secretary.  She was warmly thanked by the chairman for all her work over recent years and as they say she will be a hard act to follow.  However, Paul and Diane Kitson agreed to step into the role and were duly thanked.  Without mentioning individuals by name, everyone appreciates the special contribution made by several members and we all know their value to the club.

 A further reminder that our main outing this year will be to Grimsthorpe Castle and Easton Walled Gardens on June 16th.  There are still places available, with the all in cost being £34, including morning coffee, guided coach tour of the Grimsthorpe estate, entry to the castle, Easton Gardens and an evening meal at Stoke Rochford Hall to round off the day.  We would ask that payment for this be made to Pat Nelson no later than May 19th, the date of our next meeting.

 The evening visit to Langford Lowfields RSPB reserve has been arranged for Wednesday May 26th.  We will travel by car, meeting at the Lord Nelson, to arrive for a 7.00pm start.

Please remember too, we will visit Roger Pykett’s farm on July 7th.

Finally, at our next meeting, on May 19th. there will be a talk by Andrew Sankey entitled A Year in the Life of a Cottage Garden.

 Ian Wilson




 All village clubs/organizations/groups and interested persons are invited to attend this Public Meeting to discuss the 2010 Summer Festival. The Festival Committee will give an outline of the events and activities planned and provide information on the financing of the Festival.

To enable the Committee to establish a plan of activities it is requested that each club/organization/group and interested person attend the meeting prepared to discuss their planned role and contribution to the Festival.

 The Festival this year will again incorporate an evening event on the Saturday with the Newark based Cavalier Dance Band. The band will be providing the entertainment with well known tunes from Glen Miller's 'In the Mood' to Abba's 'Dancing Queen'. We hope this will again be a great addition to the increasingly popular Winthorpe Summer Festival line up; tickets to the evening event will be on sale soon.

 To complete the weekend there will be a Songs of Praise on the Sunday.

  All are welcome to attend this meeting; it is your opportunity to say what you would like to see at this year’s Summer Festival.

 Sharon Manley, Chairman, Organizing Committee


Garden Bonfires.

 The nice weather is here and once again the issue of bonfires in the garden has raised its head.

I have received a letter from a villager (name and address supplied) who makes this comment -

“It would appear that some people in the village have complete disregard for others and are oblivious to the effects of having bonfires in close proximity to their neighbour’s windows.”

     There was much more but I think that sentence covers the gist of the complaint.

    The last time I included this subject I quoted the District Council’s guidance which included the advice to warn your neighbours beforehand and only burn at dusk.

    I even gave guidance (from the internet - November 2006 issue) on how to build a successful compost heap and thus avoid the need for such bonfires.

     I strongly believe that respect and consideration for others is one of life’s better philosophies.



Whist Drive 

 The last whist drive of the season was won by June Taylor closely followed by her husband Jim Taylor.  Pat Underwood and Des Aldridge were second lady and gent.   The booby prizes were awarded to Kath Harvey and Doug Burton.  The next meeting in the autumn will be on Thursday, 28th October in the Village Hall, starting at 7.00 p.m.  Everyone welcome.

 I hope you all have happy summer holidays with plenty of sunshine and     thank you for all your help and support this year

 Fiona Wright  


 Your sunflower seeds will have now germinated and have two pairs of leaves. They take about seven to ten days to germinate. How many days did it take your seeds to germinate?

Using a plastic tie, loosely fasten your plants to a small split cane. If the plants are on a windowsill they will bend towards the window. To keep them straight, half turn the pots every day.

To prevent giving the plants a shock treatment going from a warm house into a cold garden they will require hardening off.  To do this, put them outside for two days against the wall of the house when they about 15cm high.    

Prepare a sunny spot in the garden for your sunflower by digging in some compost. This will hold moisture and is beneficial to the plant. Before the end of the month, plant your sunflowers into the garden.

Try and plant one into your front garden. This will make passers-by smile when in the summer they see its giant yellow face.

 I wonder if any of the village residents will be planting sunflowers. I do hope so.

 Do not forget to put in a tall stake to support your each plant.

 Did You Know?

 The sunflower is the national flower of Russia and they grow most of the world sunflowers..

  • The sunflower is the national flower of the state of Kansas in the United States of America.
  • The sunflower is the emblem of the Hospice movement.

Pat Finn.



 It’s been a while since contributing to the Focal Point however Spring is in the offing and in my new role as Chairman feel galvanised to put digit to keyboard to produce what will be the first of many ramblings over the season to come.  The recent AGM passed without incident the upshot of which I am very pleased to say that Vincent Dobson agreed to continue in the role of President; I became Chairman; Paul Matthews will continue his excellent work as Secretary, Max Cope as Treasurer, Simon Potter volunteered to stay on as Captain all supported by Brian Noble and Neil Bailey who again offered to serve on the committee.  Thanks went to Ashley Locke, Jamie Macintyre and Neil Hartland who stepped down this year through personal commitments.

For those of you who haven’t heard the month of March didn’t get us off to a great start when we discovered that someone had broken into the electricity meter box at the ground and proceeded to steal all of the mains cabling to the pavilion!  Hopefully this will not be a sign of things to come.

 On a much brighter note things have been happening over the winter which the club believe will be of great benefit to Winthorpe but also Coddington.  Coddington Cricket Club will be playing their fixtures at Holme Lane this year.  This will mean not only mean more use of the current facilities it will bring the total of teams playing at Winthorpe to 3; Winthorpe; Kavaliers in the evening league and Coddington.  A major plus is that Coddington are also very active in junior cricket running teams at a number of age groups who will also be using the ground for practice sessions and games.  This is an ideal opportunity for all as any youngsters who would like to get involved with organised practice sessions can now do so. Any adults wishing to play cricket either on a friendly basis, the odd one off game, midweek or even evenings can do so plus any juniors will now have the chance to play cricket at their local ground! I believe this is a very exciting time for the club and will hopefully encourage parents to bring their children along and also become involved themselves.  It would be wonderful if we could increase the number of people living in Winthorpe becoming involved with the club in one way, shape or form.  Evening nets are also planned for the forthcoming season and I will keep Focal Point posted regarding arrangements.  Don’t forget that you do not need to bring you own pads, bats etc. as we have practice kit available, the main thing is to come along and give it a try.  If you are interested please contact one of the people listed below.

 Over the winter we unfortunately had to stop running the weekly Bonus Ball draw which for sometime had contributed majorly to the upkeep and running of the Club.  The good news is that there are plans ahead to resurrect the Bonus Ball.  Scott and Caroline have agreed for us to run it from the Lord Nelson as previously so keep you eyes peeled for the appearance of the newly refurbished Bonus Ball jar & pen.  If you would like to take out a number please let me know as it will help us to gauge the level of interest and make sure you get first pick of the numbers available.

 Don’t forget if you would like to find out more about the Club please take a look at the Cricket Club webpage on the Village website and also take a look at our own website on which has now been bought up to date. 

 Contact Details

Should you wish to contact the Club please call any of the following or alternatively there is a “Contact the Club” facility on the website.

Andy Fereday – 678622, Simon Potter – 612968, Paul Matthews - 677 769

 Forthcoming Fixtures:-

 Winthorpe                                                             Kavaliers

 09 May            ---Owmby – Home           05 May--Hougham & Marston - Home

16 May---Bassingham – Home            12 May--Staythorpe Power - Home

30 May            ---Branston -  Home         19 May--Barrowby - Away

06 June---Heighington – Away              20 May---Staythorpe Power - Home

13 June --Bassingham – Away               26 May--Nelson’s Ashes -      Home

20 June --Nettleham – Home                  02 June--Newark RFC - Away

27 June --Branston – Away                       09 June--Brant Broughton -Awa


 02 May                        Doncaster Railwaymen - Home

08 May                        Open All Stars - Home

23 May                        Scopwick - Home

06 June                       Wellow - Home

12 June                        RAF Ladies - Home

20 June                        Thurgaton - Away

27 June                        Luxfur Gas Cylinders – Home

 Andrew Fereday



You may be aware there has been a hive of activity around Collingham Medical Centre over the last few months. We hope to have all building works, including car parks, completed by the end of May. 

 We are extending our GP service of the building in order to accommodate an additional consulting room which allow the practice to support one additional GP Specialty Registrar placement in the Practice, increasing the number of GP appointments available to the community as well as a future workforce development.

 We are also extending our dispensary area and the community Pharmacy.  The dispensary area from which your prescriptions are dispensed has over recent years become tighter and tighter as the volume of prescriptions and items has trebled since the Pharmacy was opened in 1997.  We will be doubling the size of the dispensary and allowing for more stock and storage at the rear so that we can ensure that we have a full extent of formulary available and extend the Pharmacy services. 

The third area of extension is to the first floor of the building.  This space is currently occupied by Collingham Healthcare Education Centre and they are looking to expand their space for additional services to the Primary Care community in surrounding counties.

I think I noted earlier in the season that we have also been preparing and are awaiting approval from Severn Trent Authority to repair the drains in our section of the car park.  We are hoping that Severn Trent Authority will give permission for us to run the top water into the main drains as the soak-aways are collapsing.  We await their approval.  Assuming approval is forthcoming, we will be looking to do this work during May.  It will mean some disruption to the car park but I hope you will bear with us as the future gain for a better top water flow should outweigh any inconvenience.

 Our thanks are extended to Bodill & Sons Contractors Ltd, Nottingham, who have kept the work going around our clinics and services with minimal disruption.

Julie Reid, Practice Manager


Adventures aboard NB Mulberry....

    Locking up?

Locks, like the one by the castle in Newark, are a major feature of the canals in England, They provide the most common means for raising or lowering boats from one canal level to another.

Passage through a lock requires some skill and planning, but it becomes easier with practice. For the pilot of the boat the skill is in driving a 15 tonne, 55 ft long lump of metal into a space barely inches larger than the boat, whilst steering from the back, rather like reversing an articulated lorry into a tight parking place. Numerous hazards can make life difficult; the worst is the jet of water that often flows across the face of the lock doors from the ‘by-wash’ channel which passes the necessary flow of water in the canal around the lock. More embarrassing is the occasional crowd of spectators waiting for you to make a ‘pig’s ear’ of the   manoeuvre; not that we ever do!

For the lock operator it is hard work and planning. Each lock gate has to be opened and closed and each of the paddles has to be wound up and down in a sequence. There can be six paddles and the gates can weigh 3 tonnes. Good planning is useful in arranging to walk around and across the lock the minimum number of times while ending up in the correct location for getting back on the boat.

Canals in the Midlands, like those on the Trent and Mersey canal are ‘narrow’. That is, the locks are only the width of a narrowboat, just over seven feet. Since only one boat can go through, at busy times queues can develop. One day we found ourselves in a ten boat queue at Great Haywood in Staffordshire. Even with skilled operation and willing boaters it takes at least 20 minutes to ‘cycle’ the lock, especially if there are boats coming up as well as going down. You can work out how long we waited! It does give you time for a cuppa and a gossip with the other boaters though.

Many other canals are twice as wide, built for barges. The locks are much heavier and harder to work. Since they will take two narrowboats at a time their saving grace is that you can travel in pairs, giving twice as many lock operators. Some experienced boaters strap their boats together side by side allowing one pilot to drive both, freeing up more operators to wind paddles, push gates and criticise the pilot. We have made many friends while travelling together.

Old canals tend to have locks at places with a natural change in levels,

In the 19th century canal engineers recognised the benefits of grouping locks together in ’flights’ so that passage along the canal is composed of long level stretches, often with embankments and cuttings, allowing swift passage, interspersed with short up or downhill sections, easily supervised and maintained by the canal company. The resulting lock ‘flights’ are imposing and a little intimidating. Notable among these are the 20 locks of the Hatton flight on the Grand Union, climbing from Warwick towards Birmingham, the 35 at Tardebigge on the way from Worcester to Birmingham and, most spectacularly, the 20 lock Caen Hill flight on the Kennet and Avon canal at Devizes in Wiltshire. Caen will always be in our memory because of the drama of the middle 16 of these locks. They are set in a dead straight line on the steep hillside, the stunning view from the bottom is like the feathers on an arrow.

We do enjoy working the locks, but it’s nice when we finish and can rest a little before we arrive at the next one.

 Martin Shapley


 Lead Theft

 Bob Cordell sent me this email:-

 ‘At 01.45hrs this morning I disturbed two men stealing the lead covering from my bay window roof. I believe that there are others suffered a similar loss.

 The police are aware but there is obviously a need for vigilance.’

 Since that email I have been informed by the Police that there were in fact 17 others who were affected but that they had apprehended two men who were ‘helping them with their enquiries’ to use their terminology.

Hopefully there will be a satisfactory conclusion. It is still very annoying and upsetting for those affected.




How To Beat The Bogus Caller - ‘ If in doubt keep them out’

 LOCKED- Home or away – keep all doors locked

  • STOP- Is anyone EXPECTED? Back door locked?
  • CHAIN -Put chain on before opening the door.
  • CHECK- Ask for callers I.D. check it by PHONE.

 Most people who call at your home will be genuine. But sometimes, people turn up unannounced, with the intention of tricking their way into your home. They are know as ‘Distraction Burglars’ or ‘Bogus Callers’, whose only aim is to get into homes to distract people and steal their money or valuables. You should always be aware when someone you don’t know call at your door. By using this advice you can protect yourself and vulnerable members of your family.

Bogus callers may be smartly dressed and claim to be form the council, the police, health organisations or gas, water or electricity companies. They can be convincing and persuasive. They may be men, women or even children. They may ask for a drink of water or to wash their hands. Some may be looking for a lost pet. In fact, people may use any story.

 They often use ‘props’ like an identity card or wear overalls with a company logo. If you are expecting the caller, remember to check their identification very carefully against the letter you have been sent or the password you have agreed before you let them in.

Do not keep large amounts of money in your home.

 Bogus callers can also turn up as builders or gardeners and try to trick you into paying for unnecessary work. You should never agree to having work done by someone who is just passing, or take their word that work needs to be done at all.

Do not be pressured into paying them before they do any work. Do not accept any offer from them to drive you to the bank to withdraw the money. If you think works needs to be done, get quotes from trusted companies (two or three should be enough) and also ask a friend or relative for a recommendation. You can check whether the company is reputable by contacting your local councils trading standards office.

IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS -  KEEP THEM OUT!        Only let them in when you are absolutely sure that they are genuine.



  Dear All,

 May Day is a holiday for many and an opportunity to enjoy a short working week. Not of course for the many who will make Collingham’s May Day special through the events organised for Bank Holiday Monday, but hopefully fun for all.

 It is just about a month since the 11 churches of the Easter Trent Group celebrated the high point of the Christian Calendar – Jesus’ Resurrection.  The celebrations started at Winthorpe when the first Easter light was brought in to church. From Winthorpe the Light of Christ, symbolised by a single lit candle was taken to All Saints Collingham and on Easter Day to all the other Anglican churches which form the East Trent Group.

There was worship in all our churches which was a considerable achievement and made possible because of an army of willing helpers.  Here in Collingham the Choir heralded the news of Jesus’ Resurrection with a vibrant Taize Round ‘Jesus Christ is Risen’.  On Easter morning, at the conclusion of the morning Eucharist with an attendance of over 100, the Music Group under the leadership of Anne Speed treated the congregation to Vivaldi’s ‘Spring’ from his Four Seasons work.

 The first 3 months since the new group was formed seem to have flown by. The support that so many are giving is very encouraging. I am very thankful for flower arrangers, bell ringers, musicians and singers.  I am very thankful for our organists and pianists, Anne Ackroyd, Sylvia Lloyd, Anne Speed, Anne Wynne, Sylvia Woodhurst, Alan Stone and Jean Wright. They all make a significant contribution to our worship.

 What made Easter this year so special for me was the obvious joy with which so many in our group were able to embrace the celebrations.

Rev. Michael Briggs and Canon Philip Humphreys gave invaluable priestly support and Nigel Priestley, Nick Narracott and John Speed added their support as they individually sang an ancient song at the point that the light was brought into our churches.

 Easter demonstrated the enormous possibilities that are available to us.  It is my hope that the energy and talent that made our Easter Celebrations so special will be called on as we prepare for Bishop Paul’s day with us on the 6th June.

 On Easter day we heard the account of Mary’s meeting with Jesus in the garden on the first Easter morning. The event continues to change and transform today.

Bishop Paul’s visit will provide public recognition for the work that has already been done by many throughout our group, work that is drawing us together whilst recognising our individual gifts and the history and traditions of our 15 villages.

The future is a little scary, but much more it is exciting and invigorating. We must continue to grasp opportunities that will arise to change and improve our group.

Mary’s meeting transformed her world, and our world has similarly been transformed through the retelling of Jesus Resurrection.

 Yours in Christ




St Helena’s Church – South Scarle

          3pm – Sunday 9th May

 1685 play music for a spring afternoon - Harpsichord – Flute – Recorders – Viol.

 1685 are a small group of musicians from Lincoln and London who play Baroque music. 1685 being the year that Bach, Handel & Scarlatti were born. Come and enjoy their music.

Their guests on Sunday afternoon 9th May include virtuoso Dante Ferrara playing  Baroque 'hurdy gurdy' and soprano  Wendy Leonard.

 Tickets in advance £7 from South Scarle Farm shop tel. 01636 892003 or 4, Redmay Corner, South Scarle tel 01636 893419  Or £8 on the door.



Although we only have one full time Priest it is amazing that all the eleven churches in the Benefice were able to have at least one service to celebrate Easter. Winthorpe were lucky to have two, one was the Devotion on Good Friday from 2 -3pm which was the only service of its kind in the Benefice. It was well attended and we welcomed many from the other churches in the group. On Easter Saturday evening we held our Service of Light; this is a short but very moving service and if you have never been do come next year. David is trying to keep all our churches open but this will only happen if we support them.

We awoke on Easter Day to a beautiful sunny morning and fourteen of us from Winthorpe joined together with others for a Holy Communion service in Holme church where we were pleased to see Canon Philip Humphreys who took the service. We were delighted to see his wife Joan again who when possible supports him. As Holme & Langford are now without an organist Alan, when available may play the organ for them.

Unfortunately due to ill health John & Audrey Craven are unable to continue cleaning the church brasses . They fulfilled a great need and we are very grateful to them and we hope that with the warmer weather on the horizon John’s health will improve.

 We are delighted to welcome Jean Aldridge and Diane McClymont who have volunteered to join the brass cleaning brigade in their place.We are most grateful to them both;.after nearly thirty years of cleaning the church Avril Hill has retired.Until Alan became ill they cleaned together and afterwards Jean Foden very kindly helped Avril. We do thank Avril for all her hard work over the years and we shall miss her.

We join Cliff in congratulating the success of our Bell Ringers in becoming second in the Newark District Heat of the Crawford Cup. Winthorpe is very lucky to have them and other churches in the Benefice appreciate their help and expertise.

 The re-pointing of the church brickwork is expected to begin on  26th April 2010.

 We send our best wishes to those who are unwell at the moment, especially John Craven, also those who are in hospital at this time.        We wish them a speedy recovery and better health in the future.

 Church Bells

 They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm - 9.0pm

and possibly for the following:-

 Sunday May 9th 10.15am Holy Communion

Sunday May 16th 10.15am Morning Worship

Sunday May 23rd 6pm Evensong

 From the registers

 Holy Baptism:  21st March 2010 - Sidney Ivor Mortiboys

  28th March 2010 - Oliver Neal Faulkner

 Marriage Blessing: 27th March - Mr & Mrs Hindmarsh.

 Interment of ashes: 11th April - Lillian Bessie (Betty) Buxton.

 Ann Stone, PCC Secretary.

Up-To-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed outside the church.



To all Children's Society Box Holders

 I shall be collecting the Children's Society boxes during the two weeks beginning Monday 10th May.

 Thanking you in anticipation of your generosity and please let me know if this collection period is inconvenient for you.

 Barbara Woodcock (01636 681299)



 I hope that you will all understand, but I am no longer able to commit the time to organising the Red Cross collection.

If there is anyone wishing to continue organising the collection from this year onwards I will be more than happy to assist in advising them of what is required and to continue as one of the loyal band of collectors who have so ably assisted this valuable work.
As the collection date for this year is soon upon us, and as I have been unable to find a replacement organiser myself to this point, I would respectfully ask, if anyone is interested in taking over, could you please   contact me as soon as possible on the number below.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the villagers of Winthorpe who have both donated to this worthy cause and given their time so selflessly for the benefit of others.
With best wishes, 

    Julie. Tel. 706640


                     SERVICES FOR MAY

SUNDAY  2nd Easter 5

9.00am             Holy  Communion,  Holme.

                           No Service in Winthorpe.

 SUNDAY 9th Easter 6 Rogation Sunday

 9.00am            Morning Worship, Langford.

10.15               Holy Communion, Winthorpe

 SUNDAY16th Sunday After Ascension Day

10.15               Morning Worship, Winthorpe.

 Thursday 20th

 10 am              Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

 SUNDAY 23rd Whitsunday.

10.15am          Family Service, Holme.

6pm                 Evensong, Winthorpe.

 SUNDAY 30th Trinity Sunday

6pm                 East Trent Evensong, Langford..  

                        No Service in Winthorpe.

                   ALL ARE WELCOME


                       CHURCH CLEANING VOLUNTEERS

                       MAY                                               JUNE

   8th Mrs Finn, Mrs Nelson.                   5th  Mrs Foden, Mrs Hill

  22nd Mrs Stone, Mr  McClymont.          19th  Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Nelson.



** Saturday 1st            Green Bin              

Sunday 9th              South Scarle Church music afternoon

Monday 10th          Luncheon Club, 12.30pm Centre.

                                 Children’s soc. Collection begins.

                                Silver Bin

Tuesday 11th          Tuesday Club Coffee morn. 10.30am Village Hall.

Thursday 13th         Library Van

Monday 17th           Green Bin

Wednesday 19th    Garden Club, 7.30pm – Community Centre.

Monday 24th          Silver Bin

Tuesday 25th          Tuesday Club outing, 9.30am pick up. Nelson.

Wednesday 26th     Garden Club visit, 7pm departure.

Thursday 27th         Library Van.

 **Saturday 29th      Green Bin


Wednesday 9th     Festival Meeting, 7.30pm - Centre