100 Club Rules

Winthorpe Community Centre 100 Club Rules


The purpose of the 100 Club is to raise funds for the development and maintenance of the Community Centre for the benefit of the residents of Winthorpe, Holme, Langford and the surrounding area.


The 100 Club will operate under The Gambling Act 2005, which deals with Small Society Lottery. The promoter will be Duncan Richardson. All participants must be 16 years or over.

The Community Centre Trustees reserve the right to alter the Rules of the 100 Club as may be deemed necessary.

All profits made by the 100 Club will be used for the development and maintenance of the Community Centre and its facilities.

The Lottery will be limited to residents and their relatives and friends.

The subscription will be £2 per month by monthly standing order. One month’s notice is required for cancellation.

Subscription must be up to date to be entered in the monthly draw.

The prizes will total 50% of the monthly income apportioned as follows:-

            1st prize.  30%

            2nd prize. 15%

            3rd prize.   5%

The winners will be paid monthly by cheque.

The draw will take place monthly and will be conducted by 2 people, one of whom will be the Chairman or Treasurer of the Community Centre.

The result of the draw will be published in Focal Point and on the Village web site.