Focal Point - September 2008

FOCAL POINT          Issue No. 334


September   2008                       


Ed's Comments


In this months edition Steve Jackson announces the date for a ‘special public meeting' to discuss possible proposals for future housing developments in our area. He is hoping for a good attendance so that as many villagers as possible will hear what the council has to say about the proposals and comment accordingly.

Should all of these proposals go ahead it would change our profile in a big way and what else could the future hold then?

For better or for worse - that is the question?


Further to the letter published last month on overhanging hedges, I eventually received an email from Ashley Barker, Technical Services,

Highways North, Nottinghamshire County Council, which stated:-


‘Anyone who owns a hedge overhanging a public highway has a legal obligation to maintain it for public safety. If necessary, the council has powers under The Highways Act to cut hedges and recover the costs from the owners'.


At the time of writing, former Focal Point editor and Winthorpe's ‘star photographer' Peter Milroy, is in Newark Hostpital having suffered a minor stroke. Also I hear that Phil Watts and Ken Candelands are in Lincoln Hostpital. I would therefore like to join others in this edition and on your behalf, wish them a speedy recovery and be assured that we are thinking of them and their families at this time.


Cliff Newbold

 Closing date for the October issue is 19th September.



Winthorpe - with - Langford Parish Council






for Local Residents of the Parishes of Winthorpe and Langford


will be held on



in the

Winthorpe Community Centre


commencing at 7-30 p.m.


This meeting has been called to discuss the submission of potential ‘land for future housing developments'

in the parishes of Winthorpe and Langford, as detailed on the map opposite ( the four areas shown hatched/shaded ), which have been submitted for consultation by Newark and Sherwood District Council in accordance with Government policy and directives.


If approved (by the District Council) it is felt that these developments will have a major impact on the life and character of the villages and before responding the Parish Council would like to hear the views and comments of local residents.


Steven Jackson, Chairman






The next Lunch will be on Monday, 1st September. The menu will be:


Roast Pork with Stuffing, Apple Sauce and Roast Potatoes


Poached Haddock with Lemon and Dill Sauce and New Potatoes


Seasonal Vegetables



Peach Melba


£6.50 including a glass of wine and coffee. Please note: Tickets will not be on sale at the Post Office. Focal Point is not due out until the day of the Lunch but hopefully you will have seen the posters and rung Jean and Peter Foden (704241) to reserve your place and give your choice of menu. Please pay at the door.




In the near future the play equipment will be treated with wood stain to help preserve the timber. Notices and barriers will be put in place and we request you to ask your children not to try to use the equipment while the work is going on. The new swings will not be treated and will be fully available. A plaque is being placed on these swings in memory of Alan Taylor whose bequest made their provision possible.


Frances Kelly, Chairman








7.30pm, Wednesday, 10th September

at the Community Centre


All village clubs/organizations/groups and interested persons are invited to attend this meeting to review the 2008 Festival and make suggestions on how to proceed in 2009.

Please come along and air your views.

All are welcome.


Alec Stewart, Chairman, Organizing Committee.





Another summer is almost behind us - or did you miss it ?  One positive aspect is that with such frequent rain our gardens needed less watering.  Equally positive has been the response to our outings this summer.  We were fortunate in having good weather for the three outings to Kexby House, Bressingham Gardens and Carlton Walled Garden. 


Special thanks are due to Pat Nelson for all the work she did in organising these.  Now is the time to be planning for next year, so bring your suggestions along to the next meeting.  I am heartened to hear of several potential new members and invite anyone who may be interested to come and see what we are about.


The next meeting will be on :-  September 17th at 7.30pm at the Community Centre when Alan Solomon will talk on:-


‘Preparing and Establishing an Herbaceous Perennial Border'.


As I write this I hear that one of our founder members, Peter Milroy, has suffered a slight stroke and is in Newark Hospital. I am sure we all wish him a speedy recovery.


Ian Wilson




Both meetings in September are in the Village Hall as usual.


Tuesday, 9th. September. Morning Coffee, 10.30am, 50p.


Tuesday, 23rd. September. 2.30pm. Picture Quiz.


Jean Foden




Did you keep the measurement of the height of your sunflower? If not do it now. 

When the sunflower head becomes full of seeds, feed every time you water to get the seeds big and fat. The weight of the seeds will cause the head to bow down. This is nature's way of keeping the seeds dry.

When the seeds are ripe, using a small hacksaw, cut the seed heads off and hang them from a tree, as my drawing shows. Birds love to eat sunflower seeds, as they are rich in oil. See how many varieties of birds come to feed.

You may like to save some seeds to use for growing next year's plants. The best seeds are on the two outer rings. Lay these on a sheet of paper for the sun to dry them. When they are completely dry store in a dry place using a paper bag. Do not use a plastic bag as this will make the seeds sweat and rot.


Ring me on Sunday 7th September with the height of your sunflower.


Pat Finn.



 A Golden Day


On Saturday afternoon on the 16th August we got together with our close village friends and good neighbours to celebrate our forthcoming golden wedding anniversary.

Despite gloomy forecasts the weather on the day was good to us and we were able to ‘wine and dine' al fresco and enjoy good ‘and sometimes intelligent' conversation.


We would like to thank everyone involved for their valued friendship, the lovely gifts and cards and their contribution in the loan of garden furniture etc.

In particular we would like to thank Sara and David for their hard work in the preparation of the food and the manning of the bar respectively, as well as their other work behind the scenes, ably assisted by Rebecca and Holly.

We would also like to thank Cliff and Brian for their time and hard work in setting up the facilities and Terry for her lovely floral decorations.


Thanks to all who attended for making it an enjoyable and memorable day.


Rita and Tony Smalley.


Thank You ..................


Steven and I would like to thank everyone who came to our (slightly premature!) 50th Wedding Anniversary celebrations last July. 

 We hope that everyone had an enjoyable time; happily the weather was excellent, which was just as well because I don't think we would have got everyone into the house!


We have made so many good friends since we moved to the village nearly fourteen years ago, which was the best decision we ever made.


Thank you all so very much.


Nancy and Steven Jackson.


  Wendy's Walk

      We did it!


Wendy, Anthea and Linda wish to thank all our sponsors.

It took 7 hours to walk the 20 miles around Derbyshire in the rain. The company and atmosphere was terrific and, although tired and wet at the finish, we were all very proud to get our medals.

We have sent £1,530 in total to Breast Cancer Care and appreciate all the support given to us.

 Thank you

Wendy, Anthea and Linda -The Medical Centre, Collingham



Winthorpe Line Dancers

Just a reminder that Line Dancing recommences at the Community Centre on Tuesday, 9th September at 7pm.  Everyone is welcome to join us. 

 Look forward to seeing you all there.
Fiona Wright


Whist Drive

The first Whist Drive of the new season will be on Thursday, 25th September commencing at 7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.  The cost is £1.50 plus £1.00 raffle tickets (optional) and we play for small prizes.  If you enjoy playing cards, then please come along and join us, as we really do need some new faces.  We are a very friendly bunch.  If you need a lift, then you only have to ask.  Please phone me if you need any further details.  The subsequent Whist Drives will be on Thursday 23rd October, 27th November and 18th December (provisional).  All the proceeds go the Village Hall funds.
Fiona Wright, Spindlewood 677512




Dear All,


‘Fiddler on the Roof' a musical first performed in the 1960s dealt with the challenge of change against a society and culture ruled by tradition.  In the story a Jewish family in Russia in the last days of the Romanov Empire dealt with a world that no longer fitted  their deeply rooted understanding of everything from how and what should be  eaten, what books were to be  read and what one might have  hoped for ones children.    The musical was powerful, humorous and moving. I first saw it in London on my sisters 18th birthday.  As you will realise it has made a lasting impression on me. 

It is a tradition still held by many that the only time to take a holiday is in August.  For some families that may, in part be true.  Equally many people individuals, couples and families take holidays at any time.  At some point we will understand that a long held tradition has changed.

September traditionally marks, for many, a return to work following an August break for an equal number September will merely see a gearing up to a faster pace. 

Our churches along the East Trent will make their annual journey around the group village by village.  We will begin on the first Saturday in September at 6pm at St. John the Baptist Collingham.  On Sunday we will continue with an 8am said Communion Service at All Saints Winthorpe which will be followed by a light breakfast?  Throughout the day all the churches will hold services ending with Choral Evensong, lead by the group choir and followed, by tea. 

The first weekend in September when we ‘Beat the Bounds' has become a tradition for our group, over time I expect it will change.


Central to Jesus' teaching was the need for followers to be able not just to cope with change, but embrace it.  The values that Jesus urged his hearers to take up were a constant challenge for them.  As we read through the New Testament we meet person after person whose way of life was challenged.  Only when they responded to the challenge offered were they able to fully move on in their faith.  The fishermen gave up their work to follow Jesus, Matthew the tax collector gave up his job to follow Jesus, Martha Mary, the woman at the well, amongst many more, were challenged and changed through Jesus' teaching.  The exciting thing is that this continues today. 

Everyone who comes to our church and hears Jesus' message is challenged and as in Jesus' day has the same opportunity to accept and embrace his teaching.   Jesus broke with tradition, providing all who accepted his message a new and deeper relationship, through him with God.  The message is the same, the Gospel message, Jesus teaching is the same.  We are essentially the same as those who first heard Jesus message over 2000 years ago.  As the autumn comes and the nights grow longer, and maybe it will rain less!! it might be the right time to consider our spiritual needs.

The worshipping community at All Saints welcome all those who come. 


In Christian Love



Parking near the Church...........


Please could everyone be considerate when parking near the church. The driveways on either side are in constant use (whether their gates are shut or not) and it would be much appreciated if people would avoid obstructing them; there is plenty  of room to park nearby.


Many thanks

Margaret Thornhill.


Church Notices    


On September 7th we are again ‘Beating the Bounds', see August Focal Point or notices around the village for details.


On Saturday September 13th the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust are holding the annual sponsored ‘Ride & Stride' around various churches in the county. We have benefitted in the past from their funds.

Winthorpe Church will be open from 10am to 6pm and will be manned by a number of volunteers. I have some sponsor forms for anyone wishing to take part.


At the moment several of our well known villagers are unwell and in hospital. Peter Milroy is in Newark Hospital, Philip Watts & Ken Candeland are both in Lincoln Hospital.

We send our good wishes to them and their families at this difficult time and any others who are unknown to us.


Jo & Martin from the Post Office will soon be off on a short but well earned holiday. We do wish them an enjoyable break and hope that the weather will be kind to them.


Church Bells :-

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.3Opm until 9pm and possibly for the following:-


 14th,  Holy Communion, 10.l5arn  &  21st Family Service


Alan & Ann

Up-to-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office.





                   Sunday 7th Trinity 16

                                                Beating the Bounds

            8am                              Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            9.30am                         Short Morning Prayer, Holme.

            10am                            Prayers Outside, Langford.


            Sunday 14th  Trinity 17

            10.15am                       Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            6pm                             Evensong, Langford.


            Thursday 18th                        

            10am                            Holy Communion, Winthorpe.


            Sunday 21st  Trinity 18  (St Mathew)

            10.15am                       Family Service, Winthorpe.

            9pm                             Holy Communion, Langford.

            Sunday 28th  Trinity 19th

            8am                              Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            10.15am                       Family Service, Holme.





                 SEPTEMBER                                OCTOBER


   12th Mrs Stone - Mr McClymont        10th Mrs Lloyd - Mrs Nelson

   26th Mrs Foden - Mrs Hill     24th  Miss Applewhite





Monday 1st          Luncheon Club, 12.30pm - Centre.

                           Silver Bin.

Wednesday 3rd    PUBLIC MEETING, 7.30pm - Centre.

Thursday 4th        Library Van

Sunday 7th           Sunflower Comp. Phone Pat Finn.

Monday 8th         Green Bin.

Tuesday 9th         Tuesday Club, Coffee Morn. 10.30am - V.H.

                           Line Dancing, 7pm - Centre.

Wednesday 10th Festival Review Meeting 7.30pm - Centre.

Monday 15th       Silver Bin.

Wednesday 17th Garden Club, 7.30pm - Centre.

Thursday 18th      Library Van.

Monday 22nd       Green Bin.

Tuesday 23rd       Tuesday Club Quiz, 2.30pm - Village Hall.

Thursday 25th      Whist Drive, 7pm - Centre.

Monday 29th       Silver Bin.