Focal Point - October 2009


FOCAL POINT         Issue No. 347

October 2009


  Ed’s Comments,


 On the 18th October at All Saints, Collingham, David Milner is inviting us to a service of ‘Taize worship’.

Now as I do not know what that is, I thought that there might just be others who would like to know more. So………..


Brother Roger, (Roger Louis Schutz-Marsauche) the son of a Protestant pastor and the youngest of nine children, was born in Provence, Switzerland on May 15th 1915 to a Swiss father and a French mother.

In 1949 he set up a monastic community of Protestants and Catholics in the little village of Taize in the south of Burgundy in France.

This community was devoted to prayer - living a parable of reconciliation within the church and the human family.

 Taizé remains resolutely ecumenical, (supporting and encouraging unity between the various types of the Christian religions;)  bringing together people from all denominations and cultures. Today it welcomes up to 5000 young people each week.

It is a sign of hope in a divided world and its spirituality has brought new life to Christian churches throughout the world.

 If Taize is new to you, don't worry about knowing what to do next - simply allow yourself to worship as The Spirit leads you. Taize is much more of an "individual" style of worship than it is a "communal" worship service.  It's more about one person worshipping in the way that is most comfortable for them, than it is about everyone doing the same thing at the same time.

 It has been referred to as ‘a therapeutic way of praying’.

 I’m sure David Milner would love to see as many people as possible at this service where he will no doubt provide the gaps I have undoubtedly left.

As it says each month on the ‘Services’ page –  ALL ARE WELCOME


Cliff Newbold

 Closing date for the November issue is:- 23rd October.







The next Lunch will be on Monday, 5th October. The menu will be:


Steak and Kidney Pie


Trout in Almond Butter


Seasonal Vegetables



Blackberry & Apple Crumble with Ice Cream


£7.00 including a glass of wine and coffee.


Please ring Jean and Peter Foden (704241) not later than Thursday, Oct. 1st to reserve your place and give your choice of menu. Please pay at the door.


 Frances Kelly, Chairman




 Our Lunch Club chef, Roger Tysell, and his team raised £1,400 for the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Charity by completing the Robin Hood half marathon in Nottingham. Roger's personal total was £200, much of which came from those at the August lunch. Congratulations to Roger and thanks to those who contributed to a very worthwhile cause.




Winthorpe School Lunch –

A new term sees the start of the villagers lunch at the school -  for October it will be at 12noon on Wednesday the 21st




Garden Club


Janette Merilion has a passion for gardens.  In her mid-40’s she went back to university to retrain and is now a garden designer.  She travels widely and holidays are spent visiting gardens.  Shortly she will be doing so in China. 

 The many slides in her presentation illustrated beautifully her theme ‘The Brighter Side of Winter’.  Some were of the ethereal quality of frost and snow on shrubs and trees.  Others demonstrated the wonderful winter colours possible with fruits and berries such as malus and sea buckthorn, or varied barks and stems such as certain cherries, birch and dogwood; of flowers such as winter jasmine, mahonia and daphne.  There were examples of foliage colour  variations with eleagnus, ajuga, euphorbia and different grasses.  Scented plants such as eleagnus, mimosa, honeysuckle, winter sweet for growing by paths or doorways.

 Planting combinations such as climbers running up through evergreens, underplanting of tree-shaded and dry areas were also discussed as were smaller plants such as cyclamen,snowdrop, miniature iris,chionodoxa – the numbers were seemingly endless.  In fact we were given a list of some sixty of our speaker’s favourites.  No doubt many present were persuaded to try something different in their own gardens.

 Our next meeting is on October 21st when Robert Potterton pays a return visit with slides and plants from the family nurseries.


Ian Wilson




 Tuesday, 13th October. Morning Coffee. 10.30am

 in the Village Hall.

 Tuesday, 27th October. Lunch and shopping outing to Pennels in Lincoln. Cars will leave Winthorpe at 12 noon. The details will be worked out at the previous meeting.


Jean Foden





As there were quite a few members on the Village holiday to Ireland and others on individual holidays there were quite a few empty seats at the meeting this month.

Mrs. Daphne Marshall took the chair and welcomed everyone back after the break. Also welcomed was Mr. Lynne Carter from Swinderby who was our speaker for the evening.

Mrs. Brenda Tinsley read a report on the strawberries and wine evening in July and then read correspondence from County House. National.

Diaries and calendars were given out for those who had ordered them and lists of names were passed around for forthcoming events.

Mrs. Rose Dickinson had written a card to say thank — you, for flowers and a card received from the Institute when she had been incapacitated with a broken leg.


After all the business had been dealt with, the Speaker was introduced.

Mrs. Carter explained that the talk she had prepared was one that she had given in May to Our Fleet Group meeting. As only three members had been absent from this meeting she had to improvise her talk, which had been ‘Patchwork’. After telling how she had come into the business, which she now runs from her home at Swinderby, she digressed to the subject of her animals. From being a central city girl who, when growing up, never heard a bird or saw a tree, she now runs a herd of sheep, cows, pigs, chickens and ducks and at the moment has two adult Labradors and a litter of five puppies. This all came about because she decided to give up the career she had worked at for many years and make a complete change. Having no idea what this change would be, a friend introduced her to patchwork and from there her new life began.

Mrs. Marshall thanked her for her most interesting talk.

The meeting closed after tea and chat.


Our next meeting is Thursday October 8th which will be our Harvest Supper. Members are asked to bring their own drinks and plates and cutlery, (knife, fork and spoon.)

Hostesses are Mesdames I.Chipperfield, J.Everson and L.Richardson.

The County Cards and gifts stall will be in attendance.


Daphne Marshall.



Winthorpe Tennis Club




 Saturday 17 October


 Winthorpe Community Centre


Quiz Master – David Barthorpe


7 pm for 7.30 pm




Tickets available from Rosanna 01636 704276, Sue 703198 and Maureen 701205




Teams of up to 6 people                    Bring your own drinks and nibbles


 Maureen Smith


Lincs & Notts Air Amublance -Coffee Morning


  1. I would like to say a special thank you for the wonderful support given by those that attended this  event. Especially to the great helpers for their hard       work and generosity for this worthwhile cause.

          The total amount collected was £314.


Thank you once again

Gwen McDonald




  Sunflowers have a gift of radiant warmth. They are the happiest of flowers. This was evident when on the 3rd of September the children attended school after their summer break.

Before starting their holidays, children planted sunflowers at the school entrance. Despite high winds and lashing rain over the holiday period, many sunflowers survived and had opened up their flowers. What joy this gave to the children.


Good news.

The entries have doubled since last year, and the heights for the children’s sunflowers have been very good.


The winner of the 2009 Giant Sunflower Competition was 8 years old Joshua Osborn, with a height of 3mtrs. 41cms. (11ft. 2ins.) Joshua, a pupil at Winthorpe Primary School, has taken part in the sunflower competition every year since 2006. At school assembly, on Friday the 18th of September, Joshua was presented with a framed certificate to record his achievement, a First place card, a bookmark and a gift voucher.

The record set in 1999 by Jon Higgins of Langford with a height of 4mtrs. 48cms. (14ft. 6ins.) still stands.

Second was Maggie Shuckburgh with 3mtrs. 39.5cms. Maggie was unable to attend the presentation.

Third was Neve Woodman with 3mtrs. 21cms.                        

Maggie and Neve were awarded Second and Third place cards and bookmarks respectively.


The following each received an Award of Merit card and a bookmark:-

Amelia Everatt-Rowell 3mtrs. 11cms.  Georgia Page 3mtrs. 7cms.  Evie Cox 3mtrs. 5cms.  William Cox 3mtrs. 5cms.  Sophie Hudspeth 3mtrs. 5cms.  Sophie Osborn 3mtrs.  Ella Rippon 2mtrs. 86cms.  Thomas Blundy 2mtrs. 74cms.  Ben Coleman 2mtrs. 74cms.  Callum Jump 2mtrs. 74cms.  Phoebe Loach-Martin 2mtrs. 73cms.  Joseph Powell 2mtrs. 69cms.  Katie Powell 2mtrs. 69cms.  Alfie Chapman 2mtrs. 60cms.  Abbie Moisey 2mtrs. 58cms.  Ethan King 2mtrs. 55cms.  Jasmine Keyworth 2mtrs. 44cms.  Olivier Kulda 2mtrs. 38cms.  Sophie Gray 2mtrs. 36cms.  Rachel Cammack 2mtrs. 35cms.  Katie George 2mtrs. 31cms.  Fraser Overton 2mtrs. 30cms.  Joel Greatorex 2mtrs. 29cms.  Luke Greatorex 2mtrs. 29cms.  Evie Smith 2mtrs. 18cms.  Ben George 2mtrs. 8cms.  Hollie Cammack 2mtrs. 4cms.  Sophie Hurst 2mtrs. 4cms.  Sam Lockwood 1mtr. 98cms.  Tom Lockwood 1mtr. 98cms.  Daniel Hurst 1mtr. 96cms.  Brandon Cox 1mtr. 75cms.  Joshua Hobby 1mtr. 67cms.  Sophie Hobby 1mtr. 66cms. Matilda Everatt-Kemp 1mtr. 52cms.  Holly Cowley 1mtr. 40cms.  Joseph Cowley 1mtr. 30cms.  Gracie Palmer 91cms.  Beth Munn, who was a late entry, 3mtrs. 34cms.


The teaching staff also joined in the fun. Head teacher, Mr. J. Macintyre had to measure his sunflower whilst kneeling down. His 1mtr. 85cms. plant had blown down during the strong winds. A lesson to be learnt. Always tie your plants securely to their stakes. Miss M. Blake 3mtrs. 15cms.  Mrs. S. Green 2mtrs. 57cms.  Mrs. M. Allman 2mtrs. 29cms., with a little help from her granddaughter. Miss N. Litowczyk 2mtrs. 24cms.

Well done ladies.


Thank you for entering the competition. I know you all enjoyed growing those giant yellow daisies.

Many thanks to your teachers, parents, in some cases grandparents, for the help and encouragement they have given to you. It is often difficult to keep children’s interest going over a 20-week growing period.

Finally, thanks to Mr. J. Macintyre for his co-operation in having the presentation at his school, and Cliff who kindly took the photographs.


Pat Finn.


PS  As a tribute to Pat’s 15 years of dedication in the organising of this competition, the school children presented Pat with a wonderful sunflower wall plaque. It was an emotionally charged moment and Pat has asked me to publish his thanks to all concerned for such a lovely gesture. Ed





Commander’s update…


Current priorities


My current priorities, which are shaped by your feedback, are to reduce the unacceptable levels of

anti-social behaviour and assaults in and around our town centres at weekends.

Over the coming weeks my staff and partners from the district councils, will be putting in place a

range of activities to tackle both of these issues.

I want to see maximum use of Anti-Social Behaviour Orders (ASBOs) to curb people’s offending.


One of the division’s most prolific thieves –

Stevie Richardson, aged 28, of Worksop – is now subject to an ASBO until 2013. He has 157 convictions, mainly for theft from cars and the order bans him from town centre car parks.

We are handing out leaflets with his photograph on asking the public to tell us if he is seen in a car park. I want to see more of this citizen-style policing because I believe it works.


While the police are in no way responsible for the causes that drive these crimes, we take full responsibility to do our best to reduce them and catch offenders.

You can help by informing your local officers of anti-social behaviour in your area, and most importantly, who is responsible.


Could you be a community safety volunteer?


People often ask me what else they can do to increase safety and reduce crime where they live.

With the Community Safety Partnership, I am developing a new initiative to introduce Community Safety Volunteers.

These will be a dedicated group of public I am delighted to have the opportunity to write to you in my new monthly update.

Having now been your Divisional Commander for six months it has become very clear how many of you want regular, two-way communication with me about policing across Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood.

I believe listening to you and keeping you informed about our activity and plans is so important in increasing your confidence in the service we deliver.

I know I have met many of you already on my tour of the division and I do try to get to as many community meetings and events as possible.

For those of you that don’t know me, I live near Blidworth with my wife and four young children – so I know exactly what it’s like to juggle the work-life balance.

I have now been with Nottinghamshire Police for 27 years and have worked in various roles in both CID and uniform across the county.

A particular highlight of my service has been as Head of the Drugs Directorate, during which time I coordinated the national award-winning offender rehabilitation programme called The Sherwood Project.

Throughout my service I have found that listening to public view has been so beneficial in strengthening the relationship between the police and communities. I want this monthly newsletter to support this approach.

I will honestly say that it is a privilege to take command of this division and I hope that by keeping in touch with you I will be able to continue to improve the good work already happening.


Welcome to my first monthly update!


The volunteers (people like you!) who can support us with certain activities. For example, distributing crime reduction advice leaflets to homes in their area, putting up posters and carrying out community surveys.

I envisage these volunteers will have their own uniform and become a key part of our team.

Volunteering time to support our work has for increasing numbers of the public become a key part of their weekly life – they are greatly

appreciated by my staff.

If this sounds like something you could get involved in please contact myself or our volunteer coordinator Tracey Clay on 07595 006180.


Your Neighbourhood Policing Inspectors


Our division is divided into four Neighbourhood Policing Areas; East Bassetlaw, West Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood.

A Neighbourhood Policing Inspector is responsible for the policing of each area .

Sherwood Inspector

 Get Involved in Shaping the Future of Newark and Sherwood District

In mid October, the District Council will publish its Core Strategy Options Report.  This is the latest document from our Local Development Framework (LDF) – a set of planning documents which outline how development will be managed in the District.  It will set out the Council’s vision for Newark and Sherwood District up to 2026 and give an opportunity for comments to be made about the choices that have to be taken.

The Core Strategy will be one of the most important parts of the LDF because all the other planning policy documents  which will be included in the LDF will take the principles of the Core Strategy as their basis.  As parts of the LDF are adopted, elements of the existing Local Plan, the precursor to the LDF, will be replaced.

We want you to help us shape the future for our District.  Public consultation lasts for 8 weeks.  It will be published on the Council’s website at  and will be placed in the District’s Local Libraries.  Public events will also be organised.

Anyone who has taken part already will be informed when the document is available for comments.  If  you would like to be notified, please email, or telephone on 01636 655850, or write to Planning Services, Newark and Sherwood District Council, Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire, NG23 5QX.



 Hire a slave……. And support a good cause.


Dear residents of Winthorpe, Langford and Holme,

I am currently raising money to help fund an educational expedition to Morocco with an organisation called World Challenge ( via my 6th form (Carre’s grammar school 6th form, Sleaford).

I will be going on the trip in July 2010 and need to raise a total of £1950.

I will be doing an 8 day trek, and then taking part in volunteer work to support the local community.


So, if you are looking for a babysitter, a dog-walker, a house-sitter or any other general jobs, please give me a ring at 01636 700835 or 07526591420 (outside school hours).

You may also email me at


Thank you very much in advance for your support.


Jacob Kneen (age 16) - 11 Woodlands, Winthorpe.



 Church Notices

 Our thanks are overdue to Mr Pat Roberts of the Spinney for cutting back the shrubs around the cremated area and removing the rubbish  as his gift to the church which he does annually .We are very grateful to him and to any other person who is willing to help in the graveyard. We also thank Mr Steve Lord for organising this year’s ‘Ride & Stride’ event in aid of the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust. Sponsorship for this cause provides funds to help in the restoration of church fabric etc. Thank you to all those who have supported this event by being available to welcome visitors to the church and offer refreshment.

On Sunday 6th September we celebrated ‘Beating the Bounds’ which commenced with Holy Communion at 8am followed by breakfast in the Village Hall which gave people sustenance for their journey around the churches in the Benefice. Sylvia Lloyd and daughter Sharon produced a traditional English cooked breakfast and they were assisted in the kitchen by their grandchildren , Rebecca & Liam, who worked continually . It was much appreciated and a pleasure to see the younger generation willing to be involved. Thanks to all the others who helped. once again many hands making light work !

We had a drip from the tap in the graveyard and once again we were able to call on ‘Mr Fixit’, Thank you Gerry!

Tickets for the Harvest Supper on Friday 16th October from 7 pm - 9 pm are available from Ann Stone , Sylvia Lloyd & the Post Office . We do hope to have an enjoyable evening . The price of the ticket is £7 including wine. The Harvest Festival Service will be held on Sunday 18th October at 10.15am (Family Service )

The Patronal Festival of our church dedicated to ‘All Saints’ is on Sunday 1st November at 5pm. It will take the form of Evensong and we shall be joined by members of All Saints Church Collingham. We may be assisted by the Benefice Choir.

The contribution last month by the late Betty Buxton was very interesting. I have it on the authority of the young man who awakened her in the early hours, that the time of her disturbance was 6am and not 5am! He is still going strong - therefore no ill effects (which is surprising)!!

 We send our best wishes to those who are unwell at this time. We do hope that the village holiday to Northern Ireland was enjoyable and a great success.

Church Bells

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm - 9.0pm

and possibly for the following:-

Sunday October 11th 10.15am Holy Communion service

Saturday October 17th 7.30pm - 9pm Visiting Bell-ringers, ringing ‘Cambridge Surprise Minor’

Sunday October 18th 10.15am Harvest Festival

Sunday October 25th 5pm Evensong

Sunday November 1st All Saints Evensong at 5pm


From the Registers

Holy Matrimony –

September 5th Peter John Bateson and Jane Kathryn Greenwood

Alan & Ann Stone

Up-To-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed outside the church.




Dear all,


In three months time my colleague Reverend Ken Potter will retire from the Clifton Group of churches and a new period will begin in his life and so will ours amongst the 11 churches which form the East Trent Group.  I have had many conversations with parishioners from across the whole group.  Everyone is filled with apprehension, above all the realisation that nothing will be the same.  The question must be posed

The same as what?

 In truth and as evidenced by and through our own lives, situations, circumstances and importantly relationships, are always changing. For us all the coming months will be a period of activity and long term change.  As we enter 2010 I will be the only Parish Priest responsible for the East Trent Group.  There will only be so much that I can accomplish.  I intend to focus on schools, ministry to the elderly and house bound, and engagement with families through All Age Worship. There will be areas that hitherto I have been actively involved with that will have to take a back seat. 

The first few months will be a time of ‘running in’. Only once we are all working together and moving around the churches in our group will patterns of worship and methods of approach be confirmed. For the first 6 months I will need to discover how I will manage the larger group, not least, on

the ‘to be considered’ list, will be the increased driving, geographical and logistical perspectives I will face.


As I prepare for this new role I do so confident in the support of my churchwardens and laity, without whose continuing assistance and support I would not be able to sustain my ministerial support. 

At the beginning of September we had another successful pilgrimage around our group with a goodly number joining for services throughout the weekend. It began on Saturday evening the 5th of September at St. John the Baptist, Collingham and ended on Sunday evening at St. Helena, South Scarle. As in previous years Sunday began with Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer at All Saints Winthorpe which was followed by a hearty hot breakfast at the Village Hall. It was good to be welcomed at both Holme and Langford where a considerable number worshipped and prayed together. My theme for the weekend was the nature and shape of holiness.  It was designed to be a reminder and perhaps for some an awakening of the riches within everyone. It was hoped that the worship and fellowship would provide the right positive space for all to experience something new about God and their individual journeys.

With this article comes my grateful thanks to all who made the experience so memorable and positive. We are now preparing for eight or so services celebrating Harvest across the group during September and October.  Remembrance Sunday in November and then of course in December the weeks of Advent culminating in a myriad of Christmas services. 


In conclusion on the 18th October at 6pm there will be a service in the style of Taize worship at All Saints Collingham.  This is a new departure for the East Trent Group and you are very warmly invited to attend.  I am very thankful for the raft of prayers that continue to reinforce our Christian journey. Through your support I know that much will be achieved.


In Christian love,







This year we thought it would be appropriate to include our veterans.

If you know of any ex service personnel, deceased, whom you would like

remembered by name at this years service, please contact Keith Lloyd on

703271 or Alan Stone on 702104 by October 31st.

We would like the rank name & Service/ Regiment,



Keith Lloyd


All Saints Church Flower Ladies


Harvest Festival will be held on Sunday 18th October.

The church will be open from 1.30 pm on Friday 16th  for you to bring your harvest arrangements.

If you are not able to decorate your space please ring me on 703271. Thank you all for your help in dressing the Church it is always really appreciated.


Sylvia Lloyd


 Bell Ringers........

Bell ringing is GREAT FUN!   A unique hobby for whole families from 9 – 90.

  • Very sociable group participation — you'll make friends for life.
  • A craft almost 400 years old practised throughout the        British Isles and in Australia, Canada,
  • New Zealand, Southern Africa and the USA — plenty of      scope for travel!
  • Service to the Church — you will soon be able to make an important contribution.
  • Lots of brainwork if you like it — but this is optional.
  • Healthy light exercise — you don't need to be big and strong.
  •     It helps if you have a sense of rhythm and reasonable               coordination — you don't have to be a musician.  


Winthorpe Church Bell Ringers are welcoming new members to join the band, whether experienced ringers or completely new to the hobby.

Contact Ian Hasman on 01636 679105 for more information, or send an e-mail to





                Sunday 4th Trinity 17

                                                            NO SERVICE AT WINTHORPE

               9am                  Holy Communion, Holme.


            Sunday 11th Trinity 18

            10.15                              Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

              5pm                 Evensong,  Holme.


            Thursday 15th             

             9.45am             Holy Communion, Winthorpe. BCP

            10.45am           School Harvest Festival, Winthorpe.


            Sunday 18th  Trinity 19

            9am                  Holy Communion, Langford.

            10.15                              Harvest Festival, Winthorpe.


         Sunday 25th Trinity 20 (Bible Sunday)

NB      5pm                 Evensong, Winthorpe.


         Sunday 1st November All Saints Day

5pm     United Evensong with All Saints Collingham.


                              ALL ARE     WELCOME




                                OCTOBER                           NOVEMBER

                        9th  Mrs Lloyd.               6th Mrs Stone, Mr McClymont.

                23rd Mrs Nelson, Mrs Finn.    20th  Mrs Foden, Mrs Hill




           Thursday 1st                 Library Van

            Monday 5th                  Lunch Club, 12.30pm – Centre

                                                   Green Bin

            Monday 12th                 Silver Bin

            Tuesday 13th                Tuesday Club Coffee Morn. 10.30am V.H.

            Thursday 15th               Library Van

            Friday 16th                    Harvest Supper, 7pm - Centre

            Saturday 17th                Tennis Quiz, 7pm – Centre

            Sunday 18th                  Taize Worship, 6pm Collingham

            Monday 19th                 Green Bin

            Wednesday 21st           Garden Club, 7.30pm – Centre

            Saturday 24th                Decent Chaps, 7.30pm Collingham

            Monday 26th                  Silver Bin

            Tuesday 27th                Tuesday Club outing, 12noon – TB arranged

            Thursday 31st               Library Van