Focal Point - October 2008



 October 2008


 Ed’s Comments,

Wow! Who says that no-one reads this newsletter? Steve Jackson presided over a packed Community Centre on the 3rd of last month, as the villagers came to discuss the ‘consultation submission’ made by the District Council, regarding -‘potential land for future housing’.

As promised at the meeting I publish, in the following pages, the Parish Council’s response.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve and his committee for all of the work that they do on our behalf, for the compilation of such a response is not done in 5minutes.

Readers might remember that in the April issue, the Parish Council referred to an open space down Hargon Lane that had been identified as a possibility for a new village burial ground; as the Council  had been told that it was a ‘statutory duty’ for us to identify suitable land.

In the June issue we read how some residents adjacent to this land had objected and as a result the Council agreed to try and find an alternative.At the meeting on the 3rd we were told that it was now no longer a statutory requirement for us to identify such ground and future burials could take place outside of Winthorpe. Hey  presto! the original piece of land is now included in the land for future housing. It looks like we could have exchanged a landscaped cemetery for a row of houses!

Anyone for a rethink?


Cliff Newbold


Closing date for the November issue is 24th of October.



 Parish News





In considering the proposals for possible housing development land  within the Parishes, Winthorpe-with-Langford Parish Council would like to draw your attention to the Winthorpe Conservation Area Appraisal document of January 2007 in which the Officer from the Conservation Dept at N&SDC state in the document the following:-

(i) at Note 4.1   ‘The conservation area is notable for the following reasons - a quiet and secluded village in an attractive rural setting.’

(ii) The Appraisal further reports in part of Note 4.2   ‘Gainsborough Road in Winthorpe was once connected directly through to Newark; this route is now cut off by the current A1.  Traffic on Gainsborough Road now terminates at the underpass at the south of the village, which has substantially altered the character of this area of the village with very little through traffic in Winthorpe.  This combined with the villages’ attractive rural setting, makes Winthorpe a quite peaceful village, with an appealing sense of seclusion, which is very much an important part of its character. 

(iii)  The Document at point 4.4 (part) also states that   ’ the large portion of the conservation area given over to historic parkland also makes the landscape setting of Winthorpe very special’


Submission No. 080 -0001

Access to the site.

This site is not sustainable as there is no railway or cycle links to the site, and it would be very difficult and possibly dangerous to access the site by walking.  There is a paucity of public transport, which means residents would have to have a car, and this would even further impact strongly on the surrounding road network, which is already overstretched.

In view of the government directive that 30% of such developments must be ‘affordable housing’ this would necessitate residents in these houses having to own a car! 

Please note comments above re Winthorpe Conservation Area Appraisal.

Because access/egress to this site would have to be by car or bicycle or bus onto A1133, this will heavily increase traffic on a busy road which is already subject to congestion at regular intervals

Pedestrians from this proposed site will have great difficulty and personal danger crossing A1133 to reach, in particular, the School, as well as the Post Office and Community Centre.

In our opinion, it will not be very long before these residents are petitioning the Council for a bridge, underpass, flyover, pelican crossing etc. The same will also apply to existing residents of the village who are forced to drive out on to the All33 to go to Newark, Lincoln etc.


Langford Hall


In addition, this development will destroy the view and ambience of a structure of significant importance, i.e. Langford Hall which is an outstanding Grade II, listed building of merit, and designed by the renowned John Carr.

 Please note comments made above re Winthorpe Conservation Area Appraisal.


Submission No. 08-0231 – Small triangular site.

Development on this site will destroy the rural setting and ambience of the entrance to the village.  This land is also next to the School, and access/ egress can only be onto Gainsborough Road (the only road for all residents and anyone else entering or leaving the village), which is already over used and would create an additional hazard to the already existing traffic problems in and out of the village, especially onto the A1133

Winthorpe-with-Langford Parish Council believes that this land is subject to an Article 4 restriction?


Please note comments re. Winthorpe Conservation Area Appraisal at commencement of comments.


Submission No. 08-0145 High Leys

This site has a heavily wooded frontage, and any development would necessitate the destruction of a great many mature trees and what is already an established well known and virtual wildlife sanctuary within the village.

 Access/egress to this site would have to be from Gainsborough Road and then onto the A1133.  The site is also right opposite the School. There would be serious problems regarding increasing traffic at the entrance to the village as well as onto A1133. 


Please note comments made in the Winthorpe Conservation Area Appraisal January 2007.


Winthorpe-with-Langford Parish Council would like to point out that there are other suitable pieces of land within the village which could be developed quite easily and where the residents could easily be integrated into the village life without major problems


Submission No. 08-0295


In respect of this proposed development, the Parish Council would like to draw your attention to POLICY FS2 – Open Breaks between Newark and Farndon, Winthorpe  and Coddington,  the statement on Chapter 4 – Form, Structure and Patterns in Settlements,


Page 21 of the Newark Local Plan, adopted March 1999 which states ‘It is an aim of the Local Plan to ensure that existing settlements within the District retain their  separate identifies and characteristics and, in particular, that the villages surrounding Newark are not submerged into one large urban area.  In order to achieve this, the District   Council has indentified certain areas that are under pressure for development which also provide an open break between settlements. 


These open breaks are not selected on the basis of any landscape value although they may include areas of attractive countryside or Mature Landscape Areas.  It is primarily an urban form policy designed to protect open land between built-up areas.  The open breaks seek to prevent the coalescence of communities and to preserve their separate identities.’  This is also referred to in the Winthorpe Conservation Area Appraisal on page 2 POLICY FRAMEWORK 3.4.


This proposed development between the village and Newark Town appears to contravene the above policy and statement and represents a further extension of ‘building’ between the villages.

The Parish Council s concern with regard to this development is there appears to be very inadequate access/egress to the site and any building here will necessitate costly road works.

Whilst only part of the proposed development is within the Parish, the Parish Council are opposed to this further extension of the boundaries of Newark, by building on these fields.


General Comment:

The Parish Council would like to draw your attention to pages 50 and 51 of your document ‘Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment -  Nottingham Outer

It indicates, on the last paragraph on page 50, that Winthorpe has an ‘Industrial Estate or Local employers within the settlement’. We would also refer to the table on Page 51. 

This is not correct.  Winthorpe has no ‘Industrial Estate or Local employers’ apart from the village Post Office (owners – 2 people) and the Village Public House.


The Parish Council would also seriously dispute the figure given for the population of the village as 657 (although it is noted that the village of Langford is not included in the list)

In a recent assessment by the Parish Council based on the Electoral Register, we counted 321 houses, in Winthorpe and Langford parishes.  This would suggest a population, based on 2 persons per house, of 642






While working for an organization that delivers
lunches to elderly shut-ins, I used to take my 4-year-old daughter on
my afternoon rounds. She was unfailingly intrigued by the various
appliances of old age, particularly the canes, walkers and
wheelchairs. One day I found her staring at a pair of false teeth
soaking in a glass. As I braced myself for the inevitable barrage of
questions, she merely turned and whispered, ' The tooth fairy will
never believe this! '







The next Lunch will be on Monday, 6th October. The menu will be:


Beef Lasagne


Salmon Fishcakes


Seasonal Vegetables



Blackberry & Apple Crumble with Custard


£6.50 including a glass of wine and coffee.


Please ring Jean and Peter Foden (704241) not later than Thursday,

October 2nd to reserve your place and give your choice of menu.

Please pay at the door.


Frances Kelly, Chairman





Both meetings in October will be in the Village Hall as usual.


Tuesday, 14th October 10.30am, Morning Coffee.


Tuesday, 28th October 2.30pm, Slide show of Devon.


Date for your diary:

On Tuesday, 11th November we will have a coffee morning in aid of The League of Friends of Newark Hospital when Christmas cards etc. will be on sale.


Jean Foden





The Village Bonfire will take place on Saturday 1st November in the field behind the School. Hot Food, a Bar and a Bouncy Castle will be available .




Tickets:-   Adults £4 and children under 16 - £2

Family tickets can be purchased in advance from the Post Office for £10. Please note that Family tickets cannot be purchased on the gate.


Free parking will be available -please follow the directional signs which lead to the designated car park- Also note that areas around Gainsborough Road Pocklington Crescent and Hargon Lane MUST be kept clear.


Gates open at 6.00 pm and the mini fireworks display starts at

 6.45pm (this display is designed to be more suitable for younger children).

The Bonfire will be lit at 7.00pm and the main firework display will follow at 7.15pm.

Personal Fireworks –

Due to insurance restrictions, personal fireworks are not allowed;

This includes Sparklers.



We would be delighted if you would help us to marshal the event.

Please contact Denise Day tel. 708727 or Mike Toulson tel. 610641

 if you can offer assistance.



"Wooden waste will be accepted on Sunday 26th October"


Do come along and enjoy the event.

Denise Day





Mrs. Sylvia Lloyd welcomed members back after the August break and also welcomed some new members to the meeting.

The business was discussed and members said how much they had enjoyed the July meeting with the strawberries and Pimms in Mrs. Margaret Wiseman’s garden.

Three people had applied for the calligraphy day at County House and several were to go to the Autumn Council meeting which is being held in the Cedric Ford pavilion at the showground and will feature a night at the Proms.

Names were taken for the Carol concert in Southwell Minster in

December and ‘Christmas’- here we go again, in Oxton Village Hall.


Next month our Fleet group is to hold a Harvest Supper and Square dance

in Collingham Memorial Hall. There will not be an Institute dinner in

September as there is no date available at the Community Centre, but

Mrs. Lloyd will arrange one for October.

Mrs. Sheila Palmer and Mrs. Sandra Leigh will attend the Collingham Halloween Birthday party.


An appeal was made for hats, scarves and gloves by the Samaritans ‘Purse’ charity, these must be in the office by November 17th.


Mrs. Rose Dickinson made an appeal for members to fill children’s shoeboxes with small gifts e.g. hair slides, ribbons small coloured pencils etc., for disabled children and orphans of Romania..

A letter had been received from the Macmillan Nurses for the donations

Raised from the Festival, we had given £140 towards the total of just over



Mrs.Lloyd then introduced our speaker Mrs. Susan Latter from the Body Shop. She had brought along a large array of products and explained that her job was to bring the products to the customer and she arranged parties in people’s homes and for organisations. Names had been put into a draw for a facial demonstration and Mrs Joan Lord was the lucky recipient. We could not buy the products on show, but there were order forms and catalogues for those who wanted to buy. We all had lots of creams to try and we all went home smelling like fruit salads.

 Daphne Marshall





 Last time I sat down to write a focal point article was  during the summer holidays in a lifeless, empty school. Today is very different; I have the privilege of working in a school full of children with a passion for learning new skills and seeking new knowledge. We have welcomed 14 new pupils to the school this year. All of them have settled into school life really quickly and I have do doubt that all of them will make their mark during their time at our school.


 The staff have planned many exciting learning opportunities for the children this year. Last week class 3 visited Eyam in Derbyshire. The trip is linked to their topic of ‘The Plague'. They explored the village and followed the plague trail to see the buildings they have been reading about. A real highlight was seeing the stained glass window depicting the plague story in Eyam church.


 A Royal Navy helicopter landed on the school field last week. This was a wonderful opportunity for the children to see the helicopter and meet the pilots. The children found out about the helicopter's forthcoming mission to Antarctica to study the effects of global warming.


 Miss Blake kindly arranged a visit by the poet Brian Moses. Brian has written many children's books and specialises in poetry. He has actually published a poem called ‘Miss Fish', which is based on our own Miss Fish (now Mrs Edmonds), who he met on an earlier visit. Brian worked with our year 6 children and 12 children from other schools. In this master class, the children learned how to bring their writing ‘to life' and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.


 One of the highlights of the school year is the annual sunflower competition; kindly organised by Pat Finn. The children and staff would like to thank Pat for organising such a wonderful competition.


 Finally, I would like to offer two invitations. Firstly, all are welcome to attend the school's Harvest Festival on Friday 3rd October at 10am.

 The Rev. Milner has kindly agreed to host our celebrations at the church and to take part in our service; which is being held in aid of Beaumont House. All the children will be performing in our service and would really appreciate your support.


 My second invitation is for any pensioners in the parish who would like to join our children for lunch. The children would like to invite you to lunch on Wednesday 15th October at midday at the school. Our kitchen staff will prepare a wonderful roast dinner and pudding at the very reasonable price of £2.17 and I am sure you will not be short of conversation as our children are very sociable! If you want to join us, please phone the school so we have a good idea of numbers to cater for; I will even throw in a free guided tour of the school!


 Jamie Macintyre

Head teacher

(01636) 680060



    Garden Club

 Alan Solomon lives in Farndon.  When he bought his house there was no garden, merely lawns.  He decided to create colourful herbaceous borders.  The story of how he achieved this was the basis of this illustrated talk.  Knowing exactly what plants he wanted and the number required of each he went to price them at a garden centre.  The total was a massive £1700 !  The decision to grow from seed was easy, although requiring more time and patience for the plan to come to fruition.


We saw preparation of the beds using double digging and incorporating prodigious quantities of horse manure.  When the plants were large enough they were placed, in their pots, in planting positions to ensure correct spacings etc. then planted up.  In addition to the normal gradation of height to the rear of the border, Alan chose a colour scheme starting with blue at one end, moving through white, yellow, orange to red. 


As well as excellent images of these plants at various stages of development, we were treated to close-ups of various butterflies and bees which are attracted to the garden.


Our next meeting is on October 15th when Malcolm Walpole will present


Experiences of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands


Ian Wilson



New Year's Eve Dance in the Community Centre

I would like to thank the few people who contacted me, who were interested in coming to the above event, but unfortunately we did not have enough response to make it worthwhile.  We have decided to cancel, rather than trying to sell tickets at the last minute and are very sorry to disappoint those interested.  It was worth a try.  Thank you.
Fiona Wright





Many thanks to the people that attended the recent Public Meeting held on September 10th. The outcome of the meeting is as follows: 

·         During the meeting it was announced that the current Chairman Alec Stewart and Keith Lloyd would be stepping down from the Festival committee with immediate effect.  Mr Steve Jackson, Parish Council Chairman, recognised the hard work that Alec and Keith have put in over the years and they were thanked for all their efforts.

·         Peter Foden will be remaining on the Committee and his work and effort was also recognised.

·         The new Chairman of the Committee will be Sharon Manley with Peter Foden as Secretary and the other members will be Tish Applewhite and Justin Baker-Smith.

·         There will be no Open Gardens in 2009 mainly due to the small number of gardens that have been available in the recent years.  The event could still go ahead should anyone wish to organise it.  If anyone is interested then please contact Steve Jackson on 01636 671377.

·         The proposed date for the Gala Day was 11th July 2009 but as there is a previous engagement at the Community Centre the event will now be held on Saturday 18th July, 2009.

·         It was agreed that the format of the day should remain the same as for this year’s Gala Day which was an enjoyable day with the chosen charity benefiting from over £1000 that was raised.

·          A suggestion was made that there should possibly be an evening part to the Gala Day to finish the day off and allow all the people that worked hard during the day to come along and enjoy a drink and a dance.  A live band with a bar and possibly food would be available but this is to be confirmed.

 The selected charity for 2009 will be SCOPE which is the charity that focuses on people with Cerebral Palsy. This particular charity was suggested by myself as this is the condition that my daughter Alex has and it was agreed at the meeting that it was a worthy charity.

Nearer the time we will publish information on what we hope will be a highly enjoyable and successful Gala Day and on activities that have been arranged.  Anyone wishing to come along and help with the organising of the event or just lending a hand on the day is most welcome.  We will also be looking for any local businesses that would be prepared to make a small donation to sponsor any of the events that will be taking place on the day.  If you can help or wish to donate then you can contact either

Sharon Manley (674488) or Peter Foden (704241).


Sharon Manley, Chairman, Festival Organizing Committee.




 Everyone  loves sunflowers for their cheerful oversize blooms. There is no other flower that provokes such a happy reaction. They symbolise warm sunny days, lazing on the lawn with bees buzzing. We saw little sun this summer but lots of rain. Despite the bad weather we had some good results.


The winners of the 2008 Giant Sunflower Competition were sister and brother, Olivia and Jack Sinclair from Holme. Olivia and Jack who are 8 years and 5 years old respectively, shared one sunflower which reached a very good height of 3mtrs. 11cms. (11ft. 1in.)

At Winthorpe Primary School assembly on Thursday 18th of September, Olivia and Jack were presented with a framed certificate to record their achievement, First place cards, bookmarks and gift vouchers.

The record set in 1999 by Jon Higgins of Langford with a height of 4mtrs. 48cms. (14ft. 6ins.) still stands.

Second was Ethan King with 3mtrs.

Third was his sister Bea King with 2mtrs. 95cms.

Ethan and Bea were awarded Second and Third place cards respectively and a bookmark.


The following each received an Award of Merit card and bookmark.


Maggie Shuckburgh 2mtrs. 93cms; Joe Powell 2mtrs. 91cms; Sophie Hudspeth 2mtrs. 90cms; Katie Powell 2mtrs. 83cms; Ben George 2mtrs. 67cms; Joshua Osborn 2mtrs. 58cms; Katie George 2mtrs 53cms; Georgia Page 2mtrs. 51cms; Sophie Osborn 2mtrs. 46cms; Abbie Moisey 2mtrs. 42cms; Molly McNae 2mtrs. 42cms; Jack McNae 2mtrs. 42cms; Hollie Cammack 2mtrs. 36cms; Samuel Mabbott 1mtr. 98cms; Brandon Cox 1mtr. 85cms; Holly Cowley 1mtr. 70cms; Joseph Cowley 1mtr. 50cms; Lauren Cork 1mtr. 28cms.


Three teachers and the headteacher also joined in the fun. Miss M. Blake 3mtrs. 60cms; Mr. J. Macintrye 2mtrs.16cms; Mrs. S. Cobb 1mtr. 92cms; Mrs. S. Green 1mtr. 89cms.


Mrs. Cobb had 12 flowers on her sunflower. Sorry Mrs. Cobb, you don’t get anything for that. In 1999 Kayleigh Williams had 20 flowers on her plant.  

In 2005 Mr. Macintyre’s sunflower reached a height of 1mtr. 53cms. I wrote at that time that he needed a little help from his pupils. Well it must have worked because this year his plant grew above his 2mtr. high garden fence. I am now calling for photographic evidence.


Well done everyone and thank you for entering the competition. I know you all enjoyed growing those giant yellow daisies.

Many thanks to your teachers, parents, in some cases grandparents, for the help and encouragement they have given to you. It is often difficult to keep children’s interest going over a 20-week growing period.

I have enjoyed running this competition and the kind reception which I always receive on visiting this school.   

Finally, my thanks to Mr. J. Macintyre for his co-operation in having the presentation at his school, and Alison who kindly took the photographs.


Pat Finn.




 The Harvest Festival takes place on Sunday the 19th October.

If you could possibly find time to do a simple Harvest arrangement for

Your allotted space we would be absolutely delighted.

Thank you


Sylvia Lloyd



Fun and Informal Flower Arranging Class


Winthorpe Community Centre


 All flowers and foliage provided

 Take home your masterpiece!


For further details contact:-  Lou Stafford Dip.ScGD, MFS  Tel: 01636 647127   Mob: 07876 341 532      Email:




Dear All, 


What is harvest?


Well it’s a general gathering up and bringing home. Harvest is a word that can provide a warm sentimental feeling.  Harvest is a picture of fair waving corn, ripe apples, tasty runner beans, and plump tomatoes.

The reality is rather different this year.  Farmers are struggling to gather the produce from the fields and plant for next year. Even I with my few runner bean plants have struggled to pick even a few servings.  Last year a similar number of plants provided more than could be eaten. This year as harvest hymns old and new are sung, it will be worth recalling that the life of farmers is pretty tough.  There are many privileges living in the countryside but for farmers particularly it is often not an easy life. 


For my part I will attend many harvest services, 12 at the last count.  Produce, dry goods and useful things will be brought to various churches for distribution to good causes.  On the whole, familiar hymns will be sung and harvest fare consumed and another important ritual in our village life will have been observed by some and actively acted out by others. Many will be drawn to church for an annual or bi-annual visit, a very human harvest.


Over the first weekend in September we made our annual pilgrimage around all the churches in our group. A very amazing harvest! We began on Saturday evening with Holy Communion at St John the Baptist followed by wine and nibbles.   At 8.00am on Sunday at Winthorpe, 35 attended Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion.  The service was followed by a wonderful breakfast. There was a very well attended service at Holme and then on to Langford for prayers.  A good crowd were at ‘Noisy Worship’ where Brad Coles led the service.

To bring home the reality of community he asked all the congregation to put their handprints on our long presentation wall at All Saints Collingham.  The bright paints provided meant that on completion the whole length of paper was filled with hands, mixed up, some blurred, all different and many overlapping each other.  It is a great picture showing what we can be as a Christian community.   Following the service nearly everyone stayed for refreshments.  The next stop on the trail was to Besthorpe where many, after more singing in church, gathered for a Faith Lunch.  The table bearing the food was heaped with contributions from those attending.  The considerable crowd then made their way, some I fancy waddling by now! to Girton for prayers and a cup of tea. The last stop of the day was at South Scarle where another full church took part in Choral Evensong. It was followed by, yes you guessed, tea and lots of home made good things to eat.


It was a day of abundance, good humour, all happily sharing the journey and replete when returning home at the days end.


The Bible provides many examples of the attributes of what it is to be a Christian and  in doing so often demonstrating how unchristian Christians can be.  During the weekend, time and time again, I met enormous generosity from many who undertook the journey around our group of parishes.  Their generosity was expressed, in part, by food brought, but central was the general sense of spiritual generosity and of self-giving to one another, freely offered and accepted.


Many  do good works and work extremely hard to support their church and village.  On the first Sunday of September the sense of community, of love, care, participation and community was palpable.

Another harvest was gathered the following weekend when we were able to celebrate another 9 congregation members being confirmed at Southwell Minster by Bishop George Cassidy.


As we brace ourselves for shorter days and longer, darker evenings and all that will come our way in the autumn, this might be a good moment to give thanks for the diverse nature of our church and the number of many gifted people who give their time to our church life and enable our community to flourish


Being a Christian will always bring its challenges, it can and should be enjoyable and more. It must be fun, lightening our spirits and our mood.


On Sunday the 12 October at our 10.15am Sunday Communion Service we will be dedicating both a new Altar frontal and the memorial, now placed on the wall and  clearly visible as the church is entered.  I am grateful, as always for all the work done to enable so much to be achieved at our church of All Saints.


I am grateful to all who made it a memorable harvest.  When I write next, harvest will  have finished. On Saturday November 1st we will observe All Souls Day with a service at St. John the Baptist at 6.00pm. On this occasion we remember by name all those who have died within the group during the past year.  It is our tradition to read the names, on request, of others who have died in earlier years.  Candles are lit as the names are read out and it is a very moving and often encouraging occasion. You may wish to join us, you will be made most welcome.


In Christian Love 




Church Notices

  ‘Beating the Bounds’ on Sunday September 7th was a very successful day, enjoyed by many amongst the group of churches. We would like to thank all those friends who helped to prepare the breakfast in the Village Hall following the 8am Holy Communion service.

On Sunday October 12th at the 10.15am Holy Communion service we shall be dedicating the Robert Taylor Memorial and the new white Altar Frontal & linen, which has been kindly made for us by Mrs Jean Lauder who attends the churches in our group. We do hope to welcome as many of you as possible on this special day and the collection at this service will be given to Christian Aid.

On Sunday 19th October at 3pm there will be our annual Harvest Festival. Gifts of produce or tins will be very acceptable and these will be donated to the Womens’ Refuge or any other needy cause. The service will be followed by afternoon tea.

Many of you may not have realised that Keith Lloyd has retired from bell ringing due to problems with both knees making climbing the steep steps to the ringing room painful and difficult. We thank him and appreciate the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment he has shown over past years.We are very lucky to have a team of bell ringers led by Ian Hasman who not only ring in Winthorpe but also in other churches within our group.

Some of you will have noticed the erosion of the bricks as you enter the church. The architect in his survey has recommended that the pointing of the bricks is in urgent need of attention. We have contacted a

firm in Bilsthorpe (obtained from the Nottinghamshire Historic Churches Trust flyer) and they have quoted £5600 and the PCC have recommended acceptance. The work is expected to commence in the spring of 2009.

We are very aware that the church lighting is poor and many of you are finding difficulty reading small print This is something that we need to rectily as soon as possible. At the moment we are investigating options.

If anyone wishes to make a donation to either of these projects it would be much appreciated.


Church Bells :- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.3Opm until 9pm and possibly for the following:-

October 12th Holy Communion 10.l5am

October 19th Harvest Festival 3pm

October 26th Evensong 5pm


From the registers:-

Holy Matrimony: 6th September Nigel John Corah & Melissa Romayne Smithers.

Holy Baptism: 14th September Max Edward Holmes-Dickens


Brass Cleaners

Mr & Mrs D Taylor


We send our best wishes to those who are unwell at this time.

Alan & Ann Stone notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office.






      FRIDAY 3rd

         10am                            School Harvest Festival


      SUNDAY 5th TRINITY 20

                                                No Service in Winthorpe

            9am                              Holy Communion, Holme.


            SUNDAY 12th TRINITY 21

            10.15am           Dedication of the Robert Taylor Memorial & new  white Altar Frontal followed by Holy Communion.  Winthorpe.

The collection will be for Christian Aid.

            6pm                             Harvest Festival, Langford.


            THURSDAY 16th

            10am                            Holy Communion, Winthorpe.


            SUNDAY 19th TRINITY 22

            9am                              Holy Communion, Langford.

            3pm                             Harvest Festival followed by tea, Winthorpe.


            SUNDAY 26th Last after Trinity

            5pm                             Evensong, Winthorpe.






                           OCTOBER                               NOVEMBER

            10th Mrs Lloyd — Mrs Nelson     7th Mrs Young — Mrs Lloyd

            24th  Miss Applewhite                   21st  Mrs Finn — Mrs Nelson





Monday 6th            Luncheon Club, 12.30pm - Centre

                                Green Bin

Monday 13th          Silver Bin

Tuesday 14th        Tuesday Club Coffee Morn. 10.30am – V.H.

Wednesday 15th   Garden Club, 7.30am – Centre.

Thursday 16th        Library Van

Monday 20th          Green Bin

Sunday 26th            Wood Waste on Bonfire

Monday 27th           Silver Bin

Tuesday 28th          Tuesday Club Slide show, 2.30pm – V.H.



Saturday 1st            Bonfire Night