Focal Point - November 2008

FOCAL POINT        Issue No. 336 

 November  2008

  Ed’s Comments


  Good Luck - Bad Luck!

There is a Chinese story of a farmer who used an old horse to till his fields. One day, the horse escaped into the hills and when the farmer's neighbours sympathized with the old man over his bad luck, the farmer replied, "Bad luck? Good luck? Who knows?" A week later, the horse returned with a herd of horses from the hills and this time the neighbours congratulated the farmer on his good luck. His reply was, "Good luck? Bad luck? - Who knows?"

Then, when the farmer's son was attempting to tame one of the wild horses, he fell off its back and broke his leg. Everyone thought this very bad luck. Not the farmer, whose only reaction was, "Bad luck? Good luck? - Who knows?"

Some weeks later, the army marched into the village and conscripted every able-bodied youth they found there. When they saw the farmer's son with his broken leg, they let him off. Now was that good luck or bad luck? Who knows?


Why do I include this story?

On reading Fiona Wright’s report on the September whist drive, I see that there were 10 people there and there were 9 prizes on offer.

It made me wonder if there was just one person who didn’t get a prize?

Was this bad luck or good luck? – ‘who knows’?


Speaking of ‘luck’, there are no doubt many who have ‘tales to tell’ during these present turbulent times and David Milner in his lovely article gives us some areas for reflection.


Cliff Newbold


Closing date for the December issue is 21st of November.



Winthorpe Parish Council News.


Grass Cutting.


As from next year the Parish Council will be responsible for the cutting of  specified grass verges in the village.  This was previously undertaken by the County Council who approached the Parish Council a little while ago asking if we would be interested in taking on the responsibility for this work.

Following the successful negotiation of a grant from the County Council to cover the cost of this work, the Parish Council has accepted, as it was felt that we were better placed to ensure that this work was done properly and regularly during the summer months.


Priest Stone/Village Cross.

 As many local residents will be aware, it was agreed that the remains of the Winthorpe Village Priest stone (later Village Cross) would be re-sited on a new stone plinth a few feet away from where it stood for around 150 years - on the village green on Holme Lane, in front of the Alms Houses.


The new stone plinth has now been completed and the old stone is now firmly in place on top.

We feel sure that everyone in the village will agree that this new plinth looks very good and is a big improvement.

This old stone, the last remnant of medieval Winthorpe Village, should now be good for at least another hundred or so years!


The new plinth will be blessed by the Vicar, the Reverend David Milner, on Thursday morning the 6th November at 10-45 a.m. (weather permitting!)  and the Parish Council hopes that as many local residents as possible will join us  and attend this event to help mark this little piece of our village history

The children from Winthorpe Primary School will be present and will entertain everyone with an appropriate song to mark the event.


Elsewhere in this issue of Focal Point Mr Pat Finn has kindly written a brief history of the stone and its original purpose.



Dog Fouling


The Parish Council has received a number of complaints of dogs being allowed to foul the grass verges and walk areas in the village.

The Council provides special bins for the disposal of this mess, but these are ignored by some owners.

We suspect however that those owners who fail to clear up after their pets live outside the village and are not local residents.  The Parish Council can do very little to prevent this nuisance, and unless we are able to clearly identify the owners responsible, we cannot report them for prosecution.

If anyone can help with identification and are prepared to come forward as a witness we should be pleased to hear from them.


Next Meeting.


The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Thursday the 20th November 2008, in the Village Hall, commencing at 7-30p.m.


Steve Jackson, Chairman




Our meeting in October was a departure from our usual garden subjects. Malcolm Walpole gave us a slide and commentary presentation of his experiences on a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador is a South American country on the equator but the climate is governed by altitude as the Andes form part of the country. A great variety of fruit and vegetables can be grown, both tropical and temperate, but the main export is bananas.


Malcolm had many adventures on his journey – a train derailment before the train had even left the station, a trip on a hotel boat on the Amazon and then a cruise to the Galapagos Islands. Here he saw some of the unique birds and animals, all very approachable.

Many restrictions are put on tourists who visit the Islands to preserve the special habitat.


Our next meeting is a week later than usual on Wednesday, 26th November at 7.30pm. James Ellis will be talking about “Streptocarpus” (commonly known as Cape Primrose).

Jean Foden.





The next Lunch will be on Monday, 3rd. November. The menu will be:


Coq au Vin


Mild Vegetable Curry with Rice


Mixed Vegetables


Syrup Sponge & Custard


£6.50 including a glass of wine.


Please ring Jean and Peter Foden (704241) not later than Thursday, 30th October to reserve your place and give your choice of menu. Please pay at the door.


Please note: the Christmas Lunch will be on Monday, 8th December.



 Due to inadequate drainage we have had flooding of the car park when heavy rain has occurred. This has led to damage to the top end of the Jubilee Walk because of water flowing down it. By the time Focal Point appears work should have been carried out to improve the drainage and repair the damage to the path. We hope this did not cause too much inconvenience.


Frances Kelly, Chairman





Tuesday, 11th November.



Winthorpe Tuesday Club

 invite you to a

Coffee Morning in aid of

The League of Friends of Newark Hospital

in the Village Hall on Tuesday, 11th November,

10.30am to 12noon.


Christmas cards, calendars, paper, tea towels etc will be on sale and there will be raffle. Coffee and biscuits £1.


Please come and support your local hospital.


Tuesday, 25th November. Outing to Downtown, followed, hopefully, by lunch at The Mutton Gap Inn. They do not accept bookings but we should be able to be fitted in. The coach will leave The Green at 9.30am. and pick up at the PO shortly after. The cost will be £6.

We may have some spare seats – if you are interested please contact me, Tel. 704241.


Jean Foden




Friday 21st November

To those who have booked:- The coach will be leaving the Post Office at 9.20am and the Lord Nelson at 9.30am.

We will be having coffee at the Ffolkes Arms Hotel Country Club, Hillington, King’s Lynn.

I suggest you take a snack for lunch as the restaurant at Thursford gets very busy.


I look forward to seeing you.




Winthorpe Conservation Area – Proposed Extension


Following the adoption of the revised and expanded Winthorpe Conservation Area in July 2007 the District Council is undertaking a review of a proposed further extension to the Conservation Area.

This includes the remaining properties along the north east end of Gainsborough Road. This area includes several significant historic buildings, including former estate buildings, the Old School House and a couple of significant Victorian and Edwardian villas. It is felt that by extending the Conservation Area as suggested the full extent of the historic village would now be included within the Conservation Area.


A more detailed description of the architectural and historic merit of this area will be provided on our web site. Individual building addresses will also be written to. Further copies of the map will be available at the Council offices at Kelham Hall or from our web site shortly. Alternatively, individuals can also call up to request a copy.

A six week consultation period will run between November 10th and December 22nd 2008 on the proposal to extend the Winthorpe Conservation Area, during which time you are invited to give any comments. These comments will be considered before any final proposals are adopted by the Council. Please be aware that any comments you make will become part of a public file and will be made available on the internet. Details such as your name, address, telephone number or email address will not be made publicly available.


In 2007 a draft Conservation Area Appraisal was produced, to assess the special interest, character and appearance of the area. Following this additional review the findings will be added to the Appraisal document and, following the consultation period, the Appraisal will be formally adopted.


I would be pleased to receive comments in writing by midday on the 22nd December 2008 addressed to:-

Amy Schofield, Conservation Officer, Newark & Sherwood District Council, Planning Services, Kelham Hall, Newark, NG23 5QX.


Please check our website for the latest information or call the Conservation Officer on 01636 655862.


In the March issue 2007 you may recall that the Parish Council did ask for certain properties to be included in the Conservation review and their request appears to have been met. Unfortunately this item came to me late and the outline on the map opposite was in red, which may not appear particularly distinct as we are in black and white! The revision however is hatched and that seems OK.






Mrs. Pat Nelson took the chair for our meeting this month, as Mrs. Sylvia Lloyd was indisposed.

Apologies were received and also a thankyou card from Mrs. Lloyd to all friends who had sent cards and flowers on her accident.

Minutes were read and boards were distributed for names to be entered for events taking place in County e.g. The carol service in Southwell Minster on December 6th, Xmas - here we go again -at Oxton Nov. 6th and our own dinner in the Community Centre Oct.22nd.- 7pm for 7-30


Mrs. Nelson introduced our speaker Mrs. Ann Barnes who is a W.I. member from North Scarle. She called her talk Christmas coming.

The start of her talk was a demonstration of how to make a topiary Christmas tree with bay leaves, and the method of preserving the leaves so they do not dry out during the festive season. However, she said she had not come to demonstrate flower arrangement, but to give us ideas for decorating the home at Christmas. She had three empty tables when she started and soon proceeded to fill them with her ideas. You do not have to go to a lot of trouble or expense to make a fancy show was her advice, you can adapt even the worst plastic arrangements to suit your display. She does her own home Christmas decorations after Midnight mass on Christmas eve!


There were also recipes for preserving orange rings and small oranges which combined with cinnamon sticks and raffia make attractive hangings for the tree. Also chilies and Scotch bonnets threaded on raffia or string or wire can be used.

Mrs. Sue Reynolds gave the vote of thanks.


The competition for a plate was won by Mrs. Daphne Marshall with Mesdames Barbara Firm and Isobel Chipperfield second and third.


Our next meeting is November 13th when we will be having cheese and wine. The gift stall will be there with Christmas cards and presents etc., so do not forget your purse! The competition is for a card.

Hostesses are Mesdames B.Finn, P.Nelson and D.Marshall


Daphne Marshall



Dear Friends

  Some of you already know that I suffered a stroke in  August, and thank you for all of your cards and visits.

  I am sorry to have to send this “round robin” letter — but I thought you would appreciate an update from me.


I have been discharged from Newark Hospital  and am now recovering at Red Rose Nursing Home in Farndon.

Unfortunately  progress is slow, which I understand from the nursing staff is often the case with strokes.

Luckily my speech and communication is fine, but my left side is badly affected and progress here is slow. I also tire very quickly. As you can imagine it is very frustrating because of the ‘ very active life’ I was leading before — but I hope to see improvements soon.

Do come and visit me if you wish. There are no set visiting hours at Red Rose — people can pop in when they like.

The address is:-


Red Rose Nursing Home, 32 Brockton Avenue, Farndon  Newark

Notts.  NG24 4TH  - Tel: 01636 673O17


From A46 turn right into Long Lane, and first right into Brockton Avenue.

If you have any queries, or messages to pass on — don’t hesitate to call my daughter Joanne Vaughan on 07802 946220 or 01428 643142. She will be pleased to hear from you.

Post can also still be directed to 61 Woodlands.



Peter Milroy





The Preaching Cross, sometimes known as The Village Cross, was the forerunner of village markets and churches.


 Priests would ride around the country on donkeys calling at villages, that didn’t have a church. The meeting point in the village was the Preaching Cross where the people would gather around to hear the priest preach the Gospels of God. The priest would also perform marriages and baptism.

Small villages could not afford to build a church until a rich benefactor came along. (A benefactor is a person who gives financial support to a good cause.)


In Winthorpe, Roger Pocklington who lived in Winthorpe Hall was a benefactor for All Saints’ Church. (Church No. 2) The Rev. Edward Handley was the main benefactor for the present All Saints’ Church. (Church No. 3)

 The Preaching Cross was very often on the highest spot in the village. This had the advantage that people could see and hear the priest, but in many cases they were on the village green. We know that the Preaching Cross in Winthorpe stood in the centre of the village in front of Winthorpe House, close to the Lord Nelson Public House. This can be seen on a map drawn in 1775. There has been a suggestion that the Cross may have been in the churchyard but this has not been proven.

 The Preaching Cross in Winthorpe was made of stone. It was a tall pillar and probably about six feet high and mounted on five steps. A drawing of the village in 1807 shows the pillar to have a round flat disk on the top. There may have been something else on top, but that, I do not know. Looking at pictures of Preaching Crosses that are scattered round the country shows them having crosses, balls or figures of Christ on top of the pillars.

What you see today is the remains of a short section of that pillar mounted on the top step. The remainder of the Preaching Cross has been lost in time.

 About 1860, the remains of the Preaching Cross were moved to the village Green, which is in front of the Alms Houses, on Chapel Lane, and mounted onto a brick plinth. Over the years this brick plinth had fallen into ruin and has now been replaced by a stone plinth. This work was completed on the 15th October 2008.

 A number of experts who have looked at this stone are of the opinion that it is over 700 years old.

This Preaching Cross is a vital piece of our village history and must be preserved.


On behalf of the village I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Mr. Steve Jackson, Chairman of the Parish Council, for organizing the erection of the new plinth.


Pat Finn.





          Invites you to a :-



(By kind permission of Mrs Alison Smith)


On Saturday 6th December, 10.30 am – 12.00 pm


Come and meet with your constituency MP

Mr Patrick Mercer OBE

Cake Stall -  Gift Stall – Raffle Prizes

(All contributions for the stalls& raffle gratefully received)


Tickets £2.00 from: John Tinsley Tel-01636-611576 or at the door


Thank You

To my many friends in the village who have been so supportive since my accident. The flowers, telephone calls, cards and visits were all greatly appreciated.

As you will be aware the sudden stoppage of my activities has been very frustrating, but there has always been someone there to help.

Thank you all.


Sylvia Lloyd


School Harvest Festival


Thank you Mr Macintyre and Staff for a lovely Friday morning Oct. 3rd.

The Harvest Festival at the church was great. The schoolchildren certainly did not let you down with their singing and acting. All of your hard work paid off.

I’m sure everyone that attended thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

 Audrey Craven


Invitation for Lunch


We would like to say a big thank to Mr. Macintyre, staff and children of Winthorpe Primary School for making us so welcome on Wednesday the 15th of October. We enjoyed a tour of the school, followed by lunch prepared by the school catering staff and served by the children. What a healthy menu. School dinners were not like this in our day.

Same time, same place, next month!!!

 Pat and Barbara Finn.



 WHIST DRIVE – September

 Ten people took part in the September Whist Drive, which was a good start to the season, but we could still do with a few more participants.  Please come and join us and give it a try.  We don't play for big prizes, usually a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, or maybe a plant, but we do have fun and lots of chatter! 

We take it in turns to do the refreshments at half time. 


The cost is only £1.50 plus £1 or more for raffle tickets and most people go home with either a winning prize, raffle prize or a booby prize. 

In total we have 9 prizes, so as you can see there is a very good chance of winning one. 

The next date is Thursday, 27th November commencing at 7.00 p.m. 

 WHIST DRIVE - October

Only 7 people attended, due to several members being on holiday. The winning gent was James Taylor and the winning lady was Norma Breen.  Doug Burton and June Taylor came second.  Myself and Joan Frew were awarded the booby prizes (mine was the second time in succession)!  That only left Stella Hopewell who thankfully won a raffle prize, as she was the only one left. 

We hope to see a lot more people on November 27th at 7.00 p.m. and hopefully some new faces.  The emphasis is on having fun.

Fiona Wright



Two Norwegian hunters from Minnesota got a pilot to fly them to Canada to hunt moose. They bagged six.

As they started loading the plane for the return trip, the pilot said the plane could take only four moose.

The two lads objected strongly, 'Last year we shot six, and the pilot let us put them all on board, and he had the same plane as yours.'

Reluctantly, the pilot gave in and all six were loaded.

However, even on full power, the little plane couldn't handle the load and went down a few moments after take-off.

Climbing out of the wreck one Norski asked the other,

'Any idea where we are?'


Yaaah I tink wee's pretty close to where we crashed last year.'





I must start this article by saying thank you for the support  the school has received from the community this month. Firstly we had a marvellous turnout at our harvest festival; parents, grandparents, relatives and villagers alike enjoyed the service put on by our children. I must say a special thank you to Mr Lloyd and Rev. Milner for their help and for the generous donations received on the day; we were able to raise £189 for Beaumond House.


Secondly, the school hosted its first pensioners’ lunch and I am delighted to report that we were joined by 16 guests. Our guests were treated to good food and excellent company; our pupils are keen to turn this into a monthly event and I am pleased to announce that our next lunch will be on Wednesday 19th November at 12.15pm. Please contact the school to book; I look forward to your company. Many thanks for the cards, letters and messages of thanks that the school has received.


Jamie Macintyre, Head teacher

(01636) 680060


 Our trip to Pizza Express- by Abbie-Mae and Ruben aged 5 and 6


First we went on a bus to Pizza Express. When we got there we walked in and took our coats off and put them in a pile. We had to go and wash our hands. So when we had washed our hands we put our aprons on and our hats on. Then we got some flour from one of the men who were helping us. The chef brought some food.

We had to try it.

First we tried the olives, they were horrid. After the olives we tried pepper, onion and green chilli. Then we tried some goat’s cheese. Our favourite things were the red pepper and goat’s cheese. The chef brought some dough for us to make our own pizza. We had to press the dough down and try to make a big molehill shape in the middle of the pizza. Then we had to put it in a pan. After that we shook some tomato sauce on the top of the dough, we shook the pizza so the sauce covered the top. We put on cheese and any topping we wanted on the pizza. The lady put them in the oven and we went back to school. For lunch we got to eat our own pizzas in the classroom, we were all really full. It was a really fun trip.


Class 4’s trip to Drax- By Alex Wright (9) & Bea King (10)


First we got on the bus and drove to Yorkshire where we found 12 cooling towers surrounding the power station. After that a person called Pauline talked to us about Drax and the safety rules. Then another lady called Claire talked to us about how electricity is made, the order it went in was:

First they collected the coal from a huge hill.

After that they took it to the power station to be burned to boil water.

The steam from the boiler got transferred into another machine where it made some massive turbines go round.

The turbines were connected to a big generator to get turned into electricity.

Then they were sent to the pylons where it is carried along the wires into our homes.

 So there you have it; that is how you get electricity.


Later on we went on a tour on a bus where we went round the power station. Then we went round the nature reserve they have at the power station. Time past so we had lunch and then class 4 had a look in the actual bit where you see everything being done. We had to wear hard hats, reflective jackets, safety glasses and ear phones.

Inside the power station it was very smelly, very mucky and EXTREMELY noisy.



   The Walking Bus

        be Safe --be Healthy


Tired of congestion at the school in the mornings?


As a Winthorpe resident and mother of two children at the school, I am organising a walking bus for the children, starting at Winthorpe Road, through the tunnel and up Gainsborough Road to the school, starting at 8.10am every school morning, from Tuesday 4th  November.

The ‘bus’ can be ‘caught’ anywhere along Gainsborough Rd.


I am confident that with the support of the parents and the headmaster, that we can significantly reduce the volume of traffic in Winthorpe at this hectic time of day.

Please help me by driving carefully through our village in the morning rush hour, as safety to all is vital for this to succeed.


Thank- you


Nikki Dales (Woodleigh)



The Village Hall Trustees

invite you to:- 

The Winthorpe Village Hall Christmas Party


on FRIDAY 5TH DECEMBER, 7.30pm - 9.30pm.


Come along and enjoy an evening with friends.

Tickets £5.00 - for a glass of wine and nibbles.


Tickets will be on sale at the Coffee morning on 5th Nov, and from Bob McClymont, Fiona Wright and Barbara Woodcock.





 Winthorpe’s parent and toddler group, Tiger Tots, looks set to close if volunteers do not step up to the mark to run it.

Tiger Tots runs on Friday mornings from 9.30 to 11.15am  and caters for babies and toddlers up to the age of 5 years.

 Between 20 and 30 babies and children, regularly attend, and the group is seen as a valuable resource for parents, especially those who are new to the area.

Tiger Tots has been run by a voluntary committee for the last four years, but as committee members have moved on, replacements have been difficult to find. The group is now faced with imminent closure if new management is not found.


Anyone interested in either taking over the group as a whole, or becominginvolved in a management committee should contact

Lesley Blundy on 01636 610647.



   Letter from Richard Radford……………….


I have received, by a somewhat circuitous route, a letter (see below) from Nottinghamshire County Council concerning Winthorpe United Football Club.  This does not relate to Winthorpe & Coddington Tigers and I am unsure whether it is anything to do with the now defunct Winthorpe Wanderers.  It would seem a shame to lose the link to the archives for this former club and wondered whether someone in the parish might know something or whether a log could be kept on the parish web site or scrap book?


Should anyone be able to help please contact Richard - Tel.688982 (Ed)


Notts County Council Communities Dept.

Archive Enquiries -  Tel. 0115  958 1634


Ref:- JHH/JS/Winthorpe United FC

Jaimie Harris-Hughes


             Dear Mr Jackson

            I was recently given your name as a possible contact for Winthorpe United

           Football Club.

          Several years ago. a minute book and register of players for the

          club were deposited at Newark Library by Mr David Marshall. These records have recently been transferred to Nottinghamshire Archives            (ref: accession no. 7412) and I now need to inform the depositor of this.


       Unfortunately, the contact details we have for Mr Marshall appear to be Out-of- date, and his association with the club is also unclear.

        I am hoping you may be able to provide current contact details for Mr Marshall. or be able to provide more Information about the club, which I         understand may now be known as the Winthorpe and Coddington Tigers

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


          Yours sincerely

Mark S Dorrington, Principal Archivist


On another subject…………….


Following a number of conversations I have had with various people in the village I am considering starting up the ‘Winthorpe Labour Party Group’. 

If anyone else is interested could you please contact either myself, Richard Radford (688982) or Lee Cammack.


Richard Radford


 “We Don’t Need Super Nannies………!”


As Home-Start Newark prepares to mark its 25th anniversary year, supporting local families with young children, the scheme is not looking for “Super Nannies” but is keen to recruit people with real parenting experience and with two to three hours to spare each week,

as home-visiting volunteers.


“Families need help for lots of reasons”, says Sue Trickey, an Organiser at Home-Start Newark, “perhaps because of post-natal depression, disability, multiple births or because they are isolated or inexperienced. Volunteers can help parents to gain the confidence to manage on their own and give their children the best possible start in life.”


People who have themselves got through the highs and lows of parenthood often find it very rewarding to volunteer their own experience to help someone else: Parents helping parents; it’s a simple formula but it works.


Frankie Reavill, a volunteer who recently joined the Home-Start team says; “I was looking for a way to help others and make a difference when I was put in touch with Home-Start by the local CVS. I thoroughly enjoyed the preparation course and I am now home-visiting a family as well as helping out at a Home-Start family group. I have been able to draw on my own experiences as a mum and grandma when offering support and friendship to parents and children. Everyone at Home-Start is very friendly and the work is certainly rewarding.”


Home-Start Newark offers a thorough, interesting and informative Course of Preparation for prospective new volunteers. The 25th anniversary year Course of Preparation starts on 21st January 2009 and runs for a series of 10 Wednesdays.

If you are not a super nanny but a real parent or grandparent keen to find out more, please contact Elaine, Sue, or Sarah on 01636 705011.





The Village Bonfire will take place on Saturday 1st November in the field behind the School. Hot Food, a Bar and a Bouncy Castle will be available .

 Tickets:-   Adults £4 and children under 16 - £2

Family tickets can be purchased in advance from the Post Office for £10. Please note that Family tickets cannot be purchased on the gate.


Free parking will be available -please follow the directional signs which lead to the designated car park- Also note that areas around Gainsborough Road Pocklington Crescent and Hargon Lane MUST be kept clear.


Gates open at 6.00 pm and the mini fireworks display starts at

 6.45pm (this display is designed to be more suitable for younger children).

The Bonfire will be lit at 7.00pm and the main firework display will follow at 7.15pm.

Personal Fireworks –

Due to insurance restrictions, personal fireworks are not allowed;

This includes Sparklers.



We would be delighted if you would help us to marshal the event.

Please contact Denise Day tel. 708727 or Mike Toulson tel. 610641

 if you can offer assistance.



"Wooden waste will be accepted on Sunday 26th October"


Do come along and enjoy the event.

Denise Day







is to be held in



TUESDAY 4th November 2008

commencing at  7.30 PM

Safer Neighbourhoods is about local communities; police and partners working with you to identify and tackle issues of concern in your neighbourhood, such as anti social behaviour, graffiti, noisy neighbours, or vandalism.

For further information, contact the Community Safety Partnership on

 01636 655232

 or speak to your local Beat Manager,


PC 2548 Deborah Bakin on 07776 460407




Firstly, apologies from me for not putting pen to paper in sufficient time to meet the Focal Point deadline over the last couple of months.

28th September saw us finally draw the season to a close when Boston were the visitors to Holme Lane.

It has been a difficult season which came as somewhat as a surprise as the new season started with such optimism what with the new facilities and equipment and also with the success of the first Paul Evans Memorial game.  You will see by the table included at the end of this report that on the playing side things have not been as we had hoped.  The main reason for this has been our inability to field a full side in a number of fixtures, 2 games had to be forfeited, as we could not raise the minimum number required and a number of others left us with less than 11.  Thankfully, following an extra-ordinary meeting, we rallied a little and have been able to complete the season’s fixtures.  I have to say however that when we have been at full strength there have been some tremendous performances. 

There will be much debate as to how the league will be re-structured, as there have been a number of teams who have dropped out of the league this season.  It is an extremely worrying situation, as year on year more clubs are folded, with local traditional village cricket teams becoming fewer and fewer.

Hopefully the ongoing popularity of twenty20 cricket and a good Ashes performance will give the game at local level a much needed ”shot in the arm”, boosting cricket’s popularity with the young. 


We will be embarking on a recruitment drive in the New Year in order to swell our numbers for 2009.  Our preference would be to increase our membership from people from within the village as after all we are a village cricket team.  We have a mix of players some from the village, others who live locally and others who have been with and supported the Club over many years.  There is no specific recruitment policy and we welcome players of any ability or experience, our main requirement is for enthusiasm and the desire to have a good time.  We will be holding a number of indoor net sessions prior to the new season, which will be continued throughout the course of the season. They will be held in the evening down at the ground.  These sessions are an ideal opportunity for you to give cricket “a go”, please feel free to join us.  I will of course be publishing details once the final arrangements have been made.  Please feel free to register your interest in advance by contacting a member of the committee; details below.


Now the season has ended we are in the process of finalising our finances and how we will be moving forward with phase two of the pavilion development.  Once these details have been finalised I will provide Focal Point with an update and our plans for moving forward.                                                             


Our annual Presentation Dinner will be held on the 9th November at the Lord Nelson, which is our final fixture of the season.  It will be an evening of mixed emotions as it will be first without our former long standing Chairman Paul Evans. However it will be the first with our new Club President (and former player) Vincent Dobson.  We are looking forward to an excellent evening.  Anyone wishing to attend please contact a committee member who will provide you with a menu and details.


The Bonus Ball draw is still very active so please if you are in the Lord Nelson and fancy a flutter please have a go.  Just have a word with the bar staff who will be happy to assist – it’s all in a good cause.


Don’t forget if you would like to find out more about the Club please take a look at the Cricket Club webpage on the Village website and also take a look at our own website on which has now been brought up to date.  


There are a couple of match reports still outstanding to complete the season, however I have included the following, one penned by our Captain Simon Potter, the remainder will hopefully follow in the December issue.


Winthorpe vs Middle Rasen 24.08.2008


Following last week's disappointing result Winthorpe were back on home soil against the team who had inflicted upon them their heaviest defeat of the season having beaten us by 175 runs!! Potter was back on form and duly lost the toss and was asked to bat by his opposite number. Winthorpe's batting line up had a very solid look about it with everyone able to score good runs. However, runs aren't scored on paper and batting out in the middle was very difficult indeed on a very slow and low pitch. Macintyre was looking in fine form scoring 24 before being given out LBW having hit the ball! With the exception of Matthews who made 21 no other home batsman made it to double figures and in the end we were grateful to the opposition who gifted us 20 in extras to take us to the grand total of 94!


The Middle Rasen reply got off to a flyer with them scoring 22 off the first 5 overs. However when Locke removed the free scoring Rasen opening batsman, the run rate slowed dramatically. Wily off spinner Noble's introduction into the attack, brought immediate reward collecting 2 wickets in his first over leaving the opposition on 31 for 4 the game was very much on. Potter took a wicket with the first ball after the drinks break to make it 5 down and still more than 40 runs required. Locke returned to bag 2 wickets in successive overs and with Noble picking up another victim in between Rasen were reduced to 58 for 8.

For probably the first time in the match the home side were firm favourites. Having used up all the overs of his most experienced bowlers, it was left to Winthorpe's junior bowlers Bailey and Hartland to remove the last remaining 2 batsman. This was duly accomplished in the space of just 21 balls with them picking up a wicket apiece to leave the home side victorious by the considerable margin of 24 runs.

Quite a turn around from that of our previous encounter!


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 A belated 'Thank You ' to those who opened and manned the church for the 'Ride & Stride' on September 13th. The number of visitors was disappointing but they were given a warm welcome and offered refreshment.

On the 3rd October the church was delighted to host the school's Harvest Festival together with parents and villagers. We would like to thank Mr Macintyre for inviting us to join the children at this service , and also the children for inviting pensioners for lunch in school on Wednesday October 15th. Sixteen of us enjoyed a tour of the school by the children who then served our lunch. We were all very impressed and enjoyed our visit .

On Sunday 12th October at the Holy Communion service the memorial to Dr Robert Taylor & the new Altar Frontal were dedicated by Revd David Milner. It was a memorable service that had been very well planned by David. We are mindful of David's workload therefore we are extremely grateful for the time he is able to give to individual churches. We would like to thank the Benefice Choir who did much to enhance the service and a big 'Thank You' to Mrs Jean Lauder of Collingham who designed and made the frontal. Alan presented her with a flower arrangement.

For the Harvest Festival flower ladies once again excelled themselves and we thank them most sincerely for their artistic arrangments. Pat Nelson organised the refreshments after the service and once more we thank her & her helpers for a very pleasant tea. After the service , the gifts presented at the Altar were taken to the Womens Refuge and they were grateful for our continued support.

On Sunday 30th November we shall be holding our annual Christingle service .We do hope as many of you as possible will come and join in the celebration. It is a very popular and enjoyable service. On Saturday some children and their mothers come to church to prepare the christingles and on the Sunday the children from the school usually sing some songs . The collection will be given to the Children's Society .


We are still investigating how we can improve the lighting in the church but are not finding an easy solution - but we will continue to try.

We have received a bequest on behalf of Kate Shelmerdine from Malcolm for which we are very grateful . Kate was a dear person and was held in high esteem by us all. Her legacy of £1500 will be used as she would have wished towards the re-pointing of the exterior brickwork of the church. The PCC have already agreed to undertake this work and the first phase will hopefully commence in the spring of 2009. We still have at least over £3000 to raise!

We congratulate Nan & Steve Jackson on their Golden Wedding on October 9th when they were able to celebrate with their family. We all send them our best wishes.


Church Bells :- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until 9pm and possibly for the following:-


November 1st - 1pm for the wedding of Philip Turner & Anne Hulse.

November 9th - 10.15am Remembrance Sunday

November 15th - 10am -11am Newark & District Bellringers open day

November 16th - 10.15am Family service.

November 30th -  Christingle Service 2.30pm


From the registers

September 9th R.I.P Oswald (Ken) Candeland

We send our best wishes to those who are unwell at this time and are pleased that Mr Phil Watts is now home again after his fall and operation and that Sylvia Lloyd is also improving after her fall.

Alan & Ann Stone notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office.



Dear All,


As I wrote this article towards the end of October, windswept nights had led to some bright, cool and clear days. I have taken to spending some time each day watching our natural world. Clouds forming, moving and swirling, bright crisp and clear mornings and days dull when the air all around feels damp. Nights when I look to areas where it is dark and mysterious. Then to our more suburban villages where the street lights create dangerous shadows, ominous shady figures and then a branch or tree moves and what seemed like a giant turns into a mouse.


There is much in our world that can worry us, finance, security, a fear that the past will be forgotten and a future that seems bleak and forbidding.   We do live in uncertain times and our future may be precarious.  There is however much to be thankful for and glad about.  There is often the sound of children’s laughter and youthful noise escaping from school.  They are our future.   The village is situated in a glorious part of our county and countryside.  Trees, fields and pastures that have sustained and delighted communities for centuries constantly remind us of our natural heritage. 


On the 6th of November the Priests Stone will be reinstalled and dedicated. The school will support the event.  An important piece of the village’s history will be restored and a reminder of the past and a present sign of endurance and hope. It is a symbol that will enable those in the future to recognise dedication and love within the living community.  During these difficult times there will be little we can do that will change events at a national, international and local level. Not reading newspapers, watching the TV or listening to the radio would be extreme. Equally getting caught in the media moment of doom and gloom might be as convicting and in so doing making our prison.


Recently with friends we lay on the ground flat on our backs looking straight up at the sky.  There were spits of rain in the air and the clouds were moving. The picture constantly changed from grey to grey- blue and dirty white, in short an endless parade constantly available, free and mysterious.  There is perhaps more to be thankful for and rejoice about than we sometimes realise    Looking around enjoying the biggest show on earth bounded by dawn and dusk can not just be uplifting but transforming. Where did this wonderful event happen, Israel, Egypt, Naples, Canada? You maybe surprised to learn - my garden. 

Why not remind yourself of earlier days, happy viewing, and happy transformation?


In Christian love,






            SUNDAY 2nd  - All Souls Day

                        9am                  Holy Communion, Holme.

                                                NO SERVICE IN WINTHORPE


            SUNDAY 9th   - 3rd Before Advent

            10.15am                       REMEMBRANCE DAY Service, Winthorpe

            5pm                             Evensong, Langford.


            SUNDAY 16th   - 2nd  Before Advent

            9am                              Holy Communion, Langford.

            10.15am                       Family Service, Winthorpe.


            THURSDAY 20th

            10am                            Holy Communion, Winthorpe.


            SUNDAY 23rd – Christ the King

            8am                              Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            10.15am                       Family Service, Holme.


            SUNDAY 30th  - Advent Sunday

            2.30pm                        Christingle Service, Winthorpe.


Note:- Evensong will be at 5pm until the clocks go forward again.


            ALL ARE WELCOME




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       7th Mrs Young — Mrs Lloyd           5th Mrs Stone — Mr McClymont

       21st  Mrs Finn — Mrs Nelson        19th Mrs Foden — Mrs Hill




Saturday 1st               Village Bonfire – 6pm

Monday 3rd                 Lunch Club 12.30pm – Comm. Centre.

                                     Green Bin

Tuesday 4th               Walking Bus starts 8.10am

                                     Safe Neighbourhood meeting 7.30pm Centre.

Wednesday 5th         RNIB coffee morning, 10.30am – V.H.

Thursday 6th              Priest Stone Blessing, 10.45am

Monday 10th             Silver Bin

Tuesday 11th           Tuesday Club coffee morn. 10.30am V.H,

Thursday 13th         WI meeting,  7.30pm - Village Hall.

                                 Library Van

Monday 17th             Green Bin

Wednesday 19th        School Lunch, 12.15pm

Thursday 20th            Parish Meeting, 7.30pm – V.H.

Friday 21st                 Thursford Bus, 9.20am – Post Office

Monday 24th             Silver Bin

Tuesday 25th             Tuesday Club outing, 9.30am

Wednesday 26th        Garden Club, 7.30pm – Centre

Thursday 27th            Whist Drive, 7pm – Village Hall

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Friday 5th                  Village Hall party 7.30pm

Saturday 6th               Cons. Club coffee morn. 10. 30am

Monday 8th               Lunch Club Xmas ‘do’