Focal Point - May 2009


Focal Point                    Issue No, 342

 May 2009



Ed's Comments


There is information in this months issue on this years Village Festival and the forthcoming meeting.

It already sounds good and they haven't had the meeting yet!

Much joy was expressed at the sight of so many children enjoying themselves at last year's Festival and it is to be hoped the weather is fine and dry for the event and we get a similar attendance.


Whilst writing this page and as I look out of the window, the weather is really lovely and it got me wondering where my shorts were.

Then I remembered, 'ne're cast a clout till May is out'.

I always understood that to mean keep your warm clothing on until the end of the month of  May bit as is my 'want' I decided to look this up and found that some folk feel that the 'May' refers to the May Blossom of the Hawthorne which flowers in April.!

Now a translation of a similar French proverb goes:-

         'In April, do not shed  a single thread; in May, do as you please'


So as usual I will follow the sentiments below:-


Whether the weather be fine

Or whether the weather be not

Whether the weather be cold

Or whether the weather be hot

We'll weather the weather

Whatever the weather

Whether we like it or not.


Cliff Newbold


Closing date for the June issue is 22nd May.







The next lunch will be on Monday, 4th May. The menu is:


Honey Roast Ham with Pineapple


Fisherman's Pie


New Potatoes, Broccoli, Carrots & Peas


Sherry Trifle


£7 including a glass of wine.


Please ring Jean and Peter Foden, 704241, to book your place and give your food choice not later than Thursday, 30th April.




The AGM took place after the closing date for this Focal Point. Details will be given next month.


Frances Kelly, Chairman





Both meetings in May will be in the Village Hall as usual.


Tuesday, 12th May. 10.30am. Morning coffee.


Tuesday, 26th May.  2.30pm. Talk with photographs of Crete by Ron Bradshaw.


There are just a couple of places left for the outing to Rutland Water and cruise on the Rutland Belle on June 9th. We will leave Winthorpe at 9.30am and expect to be home about 4.30pm.

The cost, payable on the day, will be £15 including the cruise.


Jean Foden, 704241.



Winthorpe School


Today marks the one year anniversary of my headship at the school. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community for their continued support.

 Our next pensioner's lunch will be on Wednesday 20th May; please telephone the school to book your place.


My Seaside Rescue Story


I woke up one sunny day and got out of bed. I was going to the beach with my friend Ethan. We went to the beach where it was sunny and hot. When I got there I played on my surf board. Suddenly there was a crash! A wave came and we managed to surf on it but some people were being washed out to sea. "Oh no!"  cried Ethan. There were loads of people shouting "HELP!!!!" I stopped surfing immediately and called 999 but there was no signal. I tried to do it again. This time there was a signal. The all weather boat came to rescue everyone. They took a while to do it but everyone was safe. Ethan and I went home and were so tired we went to bed.

By Ruben Dales age 6


Jamie Macintyre, Head teacher

(01636) 680060 --



Winthorpe Youth Club


The AGM for the Winthorpe Youth Club Management Committee will be on Wednesday 20th May 2009 at 7.30 pm at The Lord Nelson. We would warmly welcome more volunteers who would like to join our small, but friendly management team whose aim is to positively encourage the youngsters in our village community.

If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on telephone No. 708727.


Denise Day, Secretary




 Garden Club


The club AGM was a fairly subdued occasion.  We remembered the loss during the past year of founder member Peter Milroy together with that of Jackie Hollingworth.  Our thoughts were also with Steve and Nan Jackson and her ongoing battle with cancer. 


On a happier note the chairman was able to report another successful year with membership maintained, memorable outings to Bressingham and Kexby and what promises to be a varied and interesting programme for the coming year.  All officers and committee members will continue as last year.


The plant sale held in conjunction with the AGM raised approximately £26, a useful boost to our funds.


The main summer outing to Scampston Hall and Jacksons Wold Garden in June is fully subscribed.  We have just received confirmation that a group will be able to visit Highgrove House in July.


At the next meeting on May 20th   there will be a talk by Tracey Akehurst entitled Good Enough To Eat.


Ian Wilson





I have been so overwhelmed by the cards, gifts and well wishes for my retirement. There are too many to thank everybody personally and so I would like to send my thanks to everyone through this magazine.

I made many friends and have such happy memories of working at the Medical Centre in Collingham.

I now look forward to spending more time with my family and pursuing my various hobbies.


Wendy Williams





Since the beginning of time, people have adored the sun. Early on, the relationship was simple - the sun gave light and heat. As our awareness of the world became greater - we began to cherish the sun for the ways it affected us - for the sunshine that gave life on our planet.

Nature has given her own glorious tribute to the sun in the form of flowers. Perhaps the best of these flowers is the sunflower. The sunflower stands as a monument to the vital connection between the sun and the earth, towering over at heights of three metres or more with thick stems and brilliant golden heads.

Like sunflowers we seek the sun, delight in its warmth and welcome the light into our hearts.

Your sunflower seeds will have now germinated, taking about seven to ten days, and have their first pair of leaves. Tie your plants to a small split cane. If the plants are on a windowsill they will bend towards the window, half-turn the pot every day to keep them growing straight.

When the plants are about 8cms high, place them outside against the wall of the house for two days to harden off before planting into the garden. This should be the sunniest spot in your garden. Dig a deep hole for each plant and fill with garden compost. This will be beneficial to the plants in holding moisture. Then plant out your sunflowers. Plant one sunflower into your front garden, this will make people passing by smile when they see it in flower.

Do not forget to put in a tall stake to support your plants.




The much loved sunflower, the giant of the daisy family is grown worldwide as a food crop. The oil extracted from the seeds is used in cooking and the seeds themselves which, when dried, salted and baked make a tasty meal.


Pat Finn.           





Our new President, Mrs. Pat Nelson, welcomed everyone to our fifty-fifth birthday party. A special welcome was extended to our guests from Besthorpe, Coddington and Collingham, also to Mr. Steve Bradbury, our entertainer, for the evening. Apologies were received from the invited guests of North and South Clifton, Mesdames Margaret Hewitt, Edith Pacey, Kath Harvey, Daphne Marshall, Sandra Leigh, Joan Lord and Rose Dickinson.


Mrs. Sylvia Lloyd began the evening with the playing of Jerusalem accompanied by the choir!! Mrs. Margaret Wiseman thanked Sylvia for her five years as President and how much we were looking forward to working with Mrs. Pat Nelson. Sylvia was presented with a planter of spring flowers on behalf of the members.


Our Secretary, Mrs. Brenda Tinsley, informed us of future dates for our diaries. A card was read from Mrs. Isobel Chipperfield thanking all for their good wishes after her recent fall. It was lovely that she was able to join us. Mrs. Dys Gold then lit the Candle of Friendship, symbolising how a small flame can light up the darkest corner. This is always a lovely start to our evening. Thank you Dys.


Steve then entertained us for half an hour before our meal. I don't think we have ever provided such a splendid buffet. I'm sure Winthorpe W.I. would have won gold, had it been a competition. After our meal Steve, with audience participation, entertained us. I seem to remember 'My My My Delilah.' A well earned vote of thanks was given by Brenda.


Mrs. Sheila Palmer informed us that Mrs. Viv Clarkson won the ten-pin bowling that was held on March 19th. Viv was presented with a chocolate plaque inscribed 'Bowls 1st Place.' Second - Mrs. Sandra Leigh, third - Mrs. Linda Richardson, fourth - Mrs. Lily Goodwin.

Mrs. Fiona Wright, who provided the quiz for the evening, presented first prize (Easter eggs,) to our Coddington visitors, Mesdames Sylvia Aslin and Norma Heron. Second were Mesdames June Taylor, Isobel Chipperfield and Elaine Bradbury. (no relation to our entertainer)

Our guests were given Easter eggs to take home and enjoy later. Before leaving, our President thanked all for their hard work and wished everyone a safe journey home.

Please note the Fleet Group Meeting will be at 7.15pm on Monday

May 11th in the Community Centre. Would members kindly donate cakes, scones, tea loaf, shortbread etc. (No savouries)

Our next W.I. meeting at 7.30pm on Thursday May 14th will be our Resolution Evening. Mrs. Ellie Briggs will guide us through this resolution.

Any ladies who wish to join us at our future meetings will be made most welcome.


Barbara Finn.



Red Cross                                          

The Red Cross collection week this year is from 3rd until 9th May. Please support the committed volunteers who so willingly give their time to collect. 

We do have some Gift Aid envelopes, if you would like one please ask.

Thank you,

Julie  Stone   



Children' s Society


Children's Society Collecting Boxes.


I will be collecting the Children's Society Boxes during the 2 weeks beginning the 11th  May.  If you can deliver your box to me at Appletrees, The Spinney, I shall be very grateful; otherwise I will ring and arrange a time to collect.

 Many thanks for your generosity.

 Barbara Woodcock, 01636 681299






    Another Great Achievment......


There must be something about Winthorpe as again I am thrilled, on behalf of you all, to be able to congratulate another wonderful couple, as Dorothea and Ernest Robinson celebrated their  65th wedding anniversary on the 15th April 2009.

  1944     -       2009

 Dorothea Mills was a 'Winthorpe girl' way  back in 1944 and lived in Fleet Cottage on Holme lane until moving to the Lodge, as her parents worked for Miss Gilstrap and accommodation was provided at the Lodge gate house.

Ernest Robinson, a Newark boy, worked for many years as a Maltster for Branstons later known as 'ABM Maltsters'.

 As the war had not ended, they decided to get married in Christ Church on Lombard Street to avoid friends and family having to travel from Newark to Winthorpe All Saints Church.

Although Ernest did have to travel as he had to walk to Winthorpe to collect his button hole which had been made by Dorothea's father who was the gardener at the Lodge. He then had to walk back again. A journey to be repeated later that day as they forgot something after their reception at the Labour Club!

They both lived at that time in Fleet Cottage which was owned by the 'Church' and Ernest being the church grave digger qualified for one of the houses.

The cottages were later sold for private ownership and Mr and Mrs Robinson moved to their present house; No. 6 Gainsborough Rd. a house that had been vacated by Joan and Andy Frew who had taken over the management of  

The Lord Nelson public house.

Dorothea and Ernest have a son David and Daughter Valerie who have presented them with seven lovely grandchildren.

Congratulations once again to you both and I look forward to taking your photographs on your 70th Anniversary.






               SATURDAY, 18th JULY, 2009 




All village clubs/organizations/groups and interested persons are invited to attend this Public Meeting to discuss the 2009 Summer Festival Gala Day.

The Festival Committee will give an outline of the events and activities planned and provide information on the financing of the Festival.


To enable the Committee to establish a plan of activities it is requested that each club/organization/group and interested person attend the meeting prepared to discuss their planned role and contribution to the Festival.


The festival this year will incorporate an evening event with entertainment provided by the Newark based Cavalier Dance Band. This 18 piece group comprising of saxophones, brass, rhythm and vocalists play a range of well known tunes from Glen Miller's 'In the Mood' to Abba's 'Dancing Queen'. We hope this will be a great addition to the increasingly popular Winthorpe Summer Festival line up; tickets to the evening event will be on sale soon.

 To complete the weekend there will be a Songs of    Praise on the Sunday.

 All are welcome to attend this meeting; it is your opportunity to say what you would like to see at this year's Summer Festival.


Chairman, Organizing Committee

Sharon Manley



Winthorpe Tennis Club


Fun Tournament

 If you are interested in playing tennis we would like to see you to join us for a fun tennis tournament on Sunday 10 May. This would give you the opportunity to meet others who enjoy playing. You would then be able to decide if you would like to join the Tennis Club or, if you are already a member, it would give you the opportunity to exchange contact details for arranging future games.

We will be meeting on court at 2 pm to carry out court maintenance and the tournament will start immediately after this. Any extra help with the maintenance would be greatly appreciated.

 If you are a member, entry into the tournament is free and for non-members there would be the normal court fee of £2.00 which would be deducted from your membership fee if you decide to become a member.

 Beat the credit crunch

 For less than a month's gym membership you can play tennis on the courts at Winthorpe all year. Membership fees remain the same as they were in 2006! Exceptionally good value for money.


 Please contact Sue Sharp (01636 703198) to become/renew your membership.

 Membership Fees 2009

Family membership £40

(two adults + children under 11 years)

Adult membership £20

Junior (11-18 years) £5

Students £5

 The cost for a key either for a new member or a replacement for loss is £4.

 We are still offering non-members the opportunity to play on a pay and play basic for a maximum of four times per year before they would be expected to become a member.

 Non-member - Pay and Play Fees

£2 per hour + £5 refundable key deposit.

 Committee Members 2009

Colin Smith - Chairman

Maureen Smith - Secretary

Sue Sharp - Vice Chairman/Subscription Secretary

Derek Crumpton - Treasurer


Quiz Night

Please make a note in your diary that we will be holding a Quiz Night on Saturday 17 October. More details to follow nearer the time.

 Looking forward to seeing you on court!


Maureen Smith - 01636 701205




 See if you can figure out what these words have in common.

  1. Banana
  2. Dresser
  3. Grammar
  4. Potato
  5. Revive
  6. Uneven
  7. Assess
Answer on Calendar page.



Winthorpe Whist Drive

The last whist drive of the season was held in March with 11 members.  Des Aldridge and myself had the highest gent's score, but I won on the cut of the cards.  It was my turn to wear the trousers this month!

The winning lady was Pat Underwood, closely followed by Norma Breed.  

We also had prizes this month for the third gent and lady, who were James Taylor and Stella Hopewell.

The booby prizes were awarded to Doug Burton and June Taylor. 


The next Whist Drive will be held on Thurs. 24th September at 7.00pm. 


We would love to see some new members and if you have never played before, don't worry, you are welcome to contact me anytime before September to learn.  It's easy and fun! 

Happy holidays with hopefully plenty of sunshine.

Fiona Wright



Winthorpe Line Dancers

We have had a very successful 7 months of line dancing, with an increased membership to 35 dancers.  As a result we have donated £700 to the Community Centre funds, which has far exceeded previous years, a fantastic achievement and long may it continue.

 I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has joined the group and for all the fun we have had this year. You have all worked so hard.  Does anyone in the Village have any line dancing CD's they are not using, or could copy for me, as I am running out of music and could do with a few more? 

We have now finished for the summer and will recommence probably in September, but I will let you know the definite date in a future edition of the Focal Point. 

As always, if anyone would like to join us, we meet every Tuesday at 7.00 - 8.00 p.m., during the cooler months and the cost is £2.00, which is much cheaper than going to a gym and a lot more fun!  


Happy holidays.

Fiona Wright, Spindlewood                                                                            






Annual report summary....


2008 was a busy year for our church at Winthorpe.

 My continuing thanks go to Alan Stone who supports the ministry of the church not only through his musical gifts, but also through his work as churchwarden.

Anne has continued in her role of PCC Secretary and together with others, provides much appreciated support behind the  scenes, enabling church events to run smoothly.

 The Communion held on the third Thursday monthly at 10am is valued. Thanks to Anne Stone who makes the coffee and tea and provides biscuits    so that those attending are able to enjoy some much appreciated social time.


 There will be much change during the coming months. Working together I

 believe the East Trent Group of Churches has a positive future. Alone

 all our communities are under threat and only by working together

 across parish boundaries can we sustain church life as we know it.


 2009 is going to be hard. Together we can face it, alone we will fail.

 At a time to be agreed there needs to be a conversation about what is

 sustainable at All Saints, and what has to change.

Only by demonstrating our ability to change will we survive.


Prayer is the foundation of all that is thought and done through and

at our churches. Together with other opportunities I have introduced a

monthly  prayer breakfast which is held at the Rectory.

On Monday nights, at All Saints, Collingham, there is also to be a monthly service dedicated to prayer.


David Milner





Dear All,


Another bank holiday, and a chance to stop and draw breath, then again maybe the scary thought of an invasion of unwanted people. Public holidays will always provide contrasting points of views. As we begin our journey with our church partners in Clifton, Harby and Thorney there will be many new stories to be both heard and told. During the coming months much work will need to be done as communities along the whole of the A1133 begin to meet each other, sharing concerns, and of central importance, discovering a workable plan in the short to medium term to enable the group to flourish. 

A family of eleven requires a different sort of leadership than one of five or even eight as it has been for the past four years. My responsibility as Priest will remain the same, how I exercise my role however will change.  Key will be building a workable team of people prepared to serve the needs of the whole group.  The diocese is developing a number of new strategies to meet the realities of a reducing number of clergy and financial resources. I am determined that the East Trent Group is, where possible, able to make decisions rather than have decisions imposed on it from outside.

In order that The East Trent Group may be effective in its mission it is essential that we are able to produce, operate and sustain a workable plan.   


Two months ago an office hour was introduced enabling those wishing to book a wedding, blessing or baptism to come to the Rectory. The scheme is working well and with lay support several people can be seen on the same evening.  At the last session 5 different people were dealt with on the same evening.  To ensure an appropriate level of confidentiality the study, hall and dining room at the Rectory were all used.  At the moment two other rooms in the house are used to store parish records and paraphernalia.

The Rectory is splendid in many ways but it was never intended to be used in this way.  It no longer provides the necessary work space needed to resource the group.  An important early project is underway to find appropriate accommodation from which the parish office can be efficiently run, particularly a workspace for the Priest, administrator and other key laity. 


Once the Group has been given official status the administration for the whole group will be operated from the parish office.  I will still be available at the Rectory, the hope is that I will have more time to visit and engage with parish projects.  This would include work with the four schools within the group as well as visiting generally.  There will be an increase in church services both at the weekends, but especially occasional offices, including birth, deaths and marriages.


I have already made a plan for the delegation of various responsibilities to lay members within the group. There will be more developments during the coming months as we establish new relationships discovering both strengths and weaknesses.

I recognise that some will see the changes taking place within the East Trent Group as reducing the church to a business.  I sympathise, however for the Group to flourish, it needs to be managed appropriately. The hoped for efficiency, enabled through appropriate office space and personnel, will give as far as possible, support wherever needed.


I am very thankful for the support of my two colleagues. Canon Philip Humphreys and Rev. Michael Briggs. They are both retired and provide support when available.

The hard fact remains that I will still be the only stipendiary priest legally responsible for the East Trent Group.


I ask for your prayers as I lead the Group.


In Christian love,





 Church Notices


We do hope you all had a Happy Easter. Many attended our Easter Day Holy Communion service and we were pleased to welcome people from other churches .The altar looked particularly attractive this year being adorned with our new altar frontal, lilies and beautifully cleaned brasses. We are sad to say that Rose & Dennis Taylor are retiring after over twenty years of cleaning our brasses. It is people like these that the church relies upon to present a clean an attractive church that Winthorpe is so proud of. We are most grateful to them for their long & continued support and we are hoping that two people (male or female) will come forward to take their place in the team. This would occur twice a year, in October & April. A suitable time for their convenience can be arranged. Please contact Alan or Ann on 702104.

 Sylvia & her flower ladies again beautified the church in an amazingly short time but it was obvious that much thought had been given to the arrangements. Thank you all very much.

We would also like to thank David & Philip Humphreys for their support of the Easter services.

 Ascension Day occurs on Thursday 21st May. - THERE WILL BE NO HOLY COMMUNION SERVICE AT 10am on that day but there will be a HOLY COMMUNION service for the whole Benefice at 7.30pm.

We do hope that many of you will be able to come.

 Sunday 24th May there will be NO 8am SERVICE due to Priests being away.

Sunday 31st May - Whitsunday, No service in Winthorpe but -

                                  East Trent Evensong at Thorney Church at 6.15pm

 We remember the sick especially Nan Jackson who is in Red Rose Nursing Home at Farndon. She is very poorly but comfortable. Our thoughts are with Steve & family at this distressing time and also with Joan Young whose daughter Karen is still in hospital in America.

 For your diary:-

Saturday 13th June - Venue Mrs Margaret Thornhill's garden -

                                Barbecue with wine etc. More information later.


Church Bells :-

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from

7 pm until 9pm and possibly for the following: -

May 10th - 10.15am Holy Communion service.

May 17th - 10.15am Family Service.

May 21st for 7.30pm Ascension Day Holy Communion.


Alan &Ann Stone.

Up-to-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed outside the church..







Sunday May 3rd - Easter 4


9.00am                Holy Communion, Holme

                           No Service in Winthorpe


Sunday  May 10th   - Easter 5

10.15am           Holy Communion Winthorpe


Sunday   May 17th -  Easter 6

 9.00am         Holy Communion, Langford

10.15am           Family Service, Winthorpe


Thursday 21st      - Ascension Day

7.30pm      Holy Communion, Winthorpe.


Sunday 24th Trinity 1

8am         Holy Communion Winthorpe. Cancelled


Sunday 31st  Whitsunday

                   No Service in Winthorpe

                         East Trent Evensong at Thorney Church 6.15pm






          MAY                                         JUNE

  8th Mrs Finn, Mrs Nelson.                                     5th  Mrs Foden, Mrs Hill.

 22nd  Mrs Stone, Mr  McClymont                         19th Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Nelson





Monday 4th                      Luncheon Club, 12.30pm - Centre

                                          Green Bin

Sunday 10th                    Tennis Tournament, 2pm

Monday 11th                    Silver Bin

Tuesday 12th                  Tuesday Club Coffee Morn. 10.30am - V.H.

Thursday 14th                 WI meeting, 7.30pm - V.H.

                                           Library Van     

Monday 18th                    Green Bin

Wednesday 20th             School Dinner

                                           Garden Club, 7.30pm - Centre

                                            Youth Club AGM 7.30pm - Lord Nelson

Monday 25th                     Silver Bin

Tuesday 26th                    Tuesday Club talk, 2.30pm V.H.

Wednesday 27th              Festival Meeting, 7.30pm - Centre

Thursday 28th                  Library Van



Saturday 13th                       Barbecue - Margaret Thornhills


Saturday 18th                       Village Festival


Thursday 24th                      Whist Drive starts


Saturday 17th                       Tennis Quiz


Words in common page 14. 


 In all of the words listed, if you take the first letter, place it at the end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will be the same word.