Focal Point - May 2008


FOCAL POINT             Issue No. 330

Ed's Comments,

 MAY  2008

The cuckoo sings in April, the cuckoo sings in May, the cuckoo sings in June, in July she flies away. The cuckoo drinks cold water to make her song so clear, and then she sings "cuckoo, cuckoo," for three months of the year.

 So goes an old rhyme about the cuckoo. Why have I included this? Well I'm pleased to report that Joan Frew has advised me that someone heard the sound of the cuckoo somewhere near the Post Office on the 1st of April this year. Just when I thought everyone had lost interest in reporting it. The custom lives on Peter! Although I did read in the National Press that there did not seem to be so many arriving from Africa now.


Those of you who frequently look at the village website will see some more additions. The Cricket Club, Tennis Club and Youth Club have all recently updated their entries.

What a wonderful tool the internet is. I now know that there is to be a Beetle Drive in the Village Hall in January 2009! Programmed by the WI.

Also there are three English Gardens that are in Italy being ‘brought' to the Community Centre in March 2009 courtesy of the Garden Club.

I can even buy one of Alison Smiths paintings courtesy of Max Neale's Art Club and find out the telephone numbers of the Doctors Surgeries and names of the Doctors at the various practices in our area.


I do hope those of you with the facility take time to view the website, it really is most interesting.


Cliff Newbold

Closing date for the June Issue is 23rd May.


A letter to the Parish Council.....

BT's proposal to re-align payphone  provision to meet consumer demand.


‘As part of BT's ‘Universal Service Obligation', it is required to provide adequate coverage of public payphones. In recent years the needs of consumers have changed drastically with the increase in mobile phone ownership leading to a complete change in the communications culture throughout the UK - the number of calls made from BT payphones has more than halved in the last three years. Ninety-nine per cent of UK homes now have a phone at home and 85 per cent have a mobile phone. There are currently 61,792 public payphones in Great Britain and 60% of these no longer cover their costs.

Striking a balance between the growing commercial pressures and providing an effective payphone service is vital, and BT has managed to keep its payphone business viable by careful management of costs. However, this challenge is becoming ever more demanding, so BT constantly needs to review payphone usage and on occasions looks to re-align the public payphone provision more closely to the reducing demand that still exists.


In compliance with those revised obligations, BT is writing to you as part of a formal consultation process regarding BT's current programme of proposed public payphone removals.

One of the changes introduced following the review is that there is no longer a requirement for BT to consult on the removal of a public payphone which has another payphone within 400m. Out of courtesy, we are advising you that there are a number of these payphones within Newark and Sherwood District, which we will be addressing over the forthcoming months. Additionally there are currently 48 public payphones which are little used by consumers and are therefore proposed by BT

for removal under full consultation.'

The Payphones in Winthorpe and Holme are part of this 48.


The Parish Council will be discussing this on the 15th May.

Should anyone have any views on these proposals please make them known to a member of the Parish Council or ring Steve Jackson on 671377 or Pam Hemphill on 686317 before this date.



Safer Neighbourhood Group Meeting

There will be a meeting of the

 Safer Neighbourhood Group Central


Tuesday Evening 6th May 2008

at 7-30 p.m. at the

Winthorpe Community Centre, Woodlands, Winthorpe.

All Local Residents in Holme, Langford and Winthorpe are invited to attend this meeting.  If you have any issues or queries which you would like to raise would you please contact Stephanie West , Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood Community Safety Partnership, at Kelham Hall, (Tele: 650000 ) and this will appear on the agenda for discussion.

What is a "Safer Neighbourhood Group" ?

Safer Neighbourhood Groups (SNG) are part of the Community Safety Partnership, and their role is to identify and attempt to resolve local community safety problems.


Membership of local Safety Neighbourhood Groups consist of local County and District Councillors and the Police Community  Beat Manager (or another member of the Police Safer Neighbourhood  Team) together with

 representatives from local parish councils, local community groups, tennants and residents associations, Neighbourhood Watch, and voluntary organizations etc. that exist in the area.


The purpose of the Group and these meetings is to reach and involve parts of the local community that existing methods do not, and to identify issues that affect them, from their perspective!


Where a Group have identified and attempted to tackle a problem, but have been unable to do so for whatever reasons, this is then referred to the Local Action Group.

If you have something involving community safety in your area that concerns you, then please attend and raise this at the meeting on the 6th May at the Winthorpe Community Centre, at 7-30p.m.

Steve Jackson



The next lunch will be on Monday, 5th May and not the 12th as previously advertised. Because of changes in bookings for the Centre all the lunches for the rest of the year (except the Christmas Lunch on December 8th) can now be on the first Monday of each month.


The menu for the May lunch is:


Beef Bourguignonne


Smoked Haddock and Herb Sauce


Mashed Potatoes and Swede, Broccoli & Peas


Fruit Crumble & Ice Cream


Tickets at £6 including a glass of wine will be available from the Post Office thanks to Jo and Martin. PLEASE try to buy your tickets not later than the Thursday before the lunch. Ordering the right amount of food is difficult when the ticket numbers go up at the last minute.



The AGM took place after the closing date for this Focal Point.

Details will be given next month.

Frances Kelly, Chairman


Both meetings in May are in the Village Hall as usual:-

Tuesday, 13th May. Morning coffee, 10.30am, 50p.

Tuesday, 27th May.  2.30pm. A quiz!

Jean Foden.




This was our 54th Birthday Party.

Mrs. Sylvia Lloyd welcomed members and visitors from Coddington, Collingham, Besthorpe and North and South Clifton Institutes, two of whom had sent birthday cards.

The Committee had been busy during the day shopping and getting the Hall ready, and setting the tables for the evening. They looked lovely with candles and tiny potted plants, which were presented to the guests as they left. A buffet table had been set up at the end of the hall, which was positively bursting with food, and there was white and red wine to drink or orange juice for those who were driving! At the other end of the room, a table was laid out with cakes, courtesy of Lauren's Patisseries.


Mrs. Edith Pacey provided the entertainment with three stories from her collection. One was the lady who was stopped for speeding on the Motorway, when asked by the traffic cop to give a really good reason for doing 140 m.p.h. she replied" Well you see my husband left me for another woman, and when I saw the blue light flashing in my rear view mirror, I thought you were bringing him back." The second was a poem telling us that her husband could solve all the problems there are in the world, and the third was telling us not to pucker up and kiss her when we met.

Members had all brought a raffle prize and so many members and guests were lucky in the draw.

Everyone agreed that it was an excellent party and all look forward to the next one.


Our next meeting is on May 8th, in the Village Hall, when Mrs. Ellie

Briggs will be discussing the Resolutions that will be put forward at the

Annual General Meeting in London and which we will be voting on.

Hostesses are Mesdames June Taylor and Lily Goodwin.

The competition is for a Single Flower.

Daphne Marshall.





Firstly, thank you for the kind messages of support I have received over the past month. I have been incredibly busy during my first three weeks as head teacher, but am thoroughly enjoying my new role.


I had the pleasure of giving the Rev. David Milner a tour of the school last week; we discussed ways of creating stronger links between the school and church. I am delighted that David has agreed to visit one of our classes next month and talk about his job and the church.


Mr Pat Finn visited the school and gave a wonderful presentation about Winthorpe. The children were fascinated and inspired by Pat's talk which included some lovely photographs and interesting facts. Class 2 then went on a tour of  Winthorpe and have produced some brilliant pieces of writing and detailed drawings.


Class four's study of Japan and the Far East is now in full swing. They are studying a book called Kensuke's Kingdom  which is about a boy who finds himself on a desert island. Eventually he meets an ancient Japanese man who he discovers was a soldier in world war two. Class 4 have been loaned some super Japanese artefacts and photographs by Heather Greensmith who responded to my last Focal Point article. The children have used these photographs to help with presentations they are doing about life in Japan.

Unfortunately, the school now no longer receives a free paper recycling service. After much negotiation we have a new contract with Biffa Waste Services. I am very happy for the village to use this service; if you need to get rid of any paper or card that will not fit in your silver bin, please use our red bin.


The school is currently planning a live music evening on the

20th June. A local band called ‘Big Stuff' has agreed to perform at this event; there will be food and a bar available. I will post further information next month.

Jamie Macintyre

Head teacher

(01636) 680060 -




 Your sunflower plants should now be in your garden. Have you chosen a sunny position for them? I always dig plenty of garden compost in before I plant mine. This will hold moisture, which the plants like. The plants will take seven days for the roots to become established, and then they will start growing at a fast pace. Have you planted one into your front garden? If not, do so now. Later, when it is in flower, it will bring a smile to people passing by. Did you know there is no other flower that provokes such a unanimous reaction? They symbolise warm sunny days, lazing on the lawn with bees buzzing and then there is the excitement of your sunflower competition.


Do not forget to put in a tall stake to support your plant.



The scientific name for the sunflower is Helianthus. Have you ever wonder how it got this name? Well, it comes from two words, ‘Helios' meaning sun, and ‘Anthos' meaning flower. The sunflower often follows the sun, and it is this characteristic that it got its name.


Pat Finn



Winthorpe Tennis Club

Committee Members 2008

Colin Smith - Chairman

Maureen Smith - Secretary

Sue Sharp - Vice Chairman/Subscription Secretary

Derek Crumpton - Treasurer


Welcome to all the new families that joined the Club last year.

If you have moved into the village and enjoy playing tennis we would welcome you into the Tennis Club or you can pay and play - see details below.

Please contact Sue Sharp to become/renew your membership.



Family membership £40

(two adults + children under 11 years)

Adult membership £20

Junior (11-18 years) £5

Students £5

New key either for new member or a replacement for loss £2.50

Non-member - Pay and Play Fees

£2 per hour + £5 refundable key deposit.

Maximum number of times casual play available to a person is 4 times per year.

Club Night has been changed to Tuesdays starting at 6.30 pm on 6th May.

Sunday Tournament

Please let me know if you would like to take part in a tournament on Sunday 18 May at 10 am. It is just a fun tournament with the only prize being a mention in Focal Point if you win. Non- members are welcome to take part on this day for the usual £2 court fee.

Village Website

Please visit The Tennis Club page of the village website to keep up to date with future events

Looking forward to seeing you on court!

Maureen Smith - 01636 701205

Garden Club

At the club AGM the chairman reported another successful and enjoyable year.  The membership had enjoyed talks by speakers of a high calibre throughout the year.  There had also been wonderful outings to Harrogate Spring Flower Show and Shugborough Hall. 


Thanks were given to all members for their continuing enthusiastic support and more particularly to Nikki Dales, Pat Nelson and Pat Finn for their hard work on behalf of the club.  This was extended to all committee members who give freely of their time in the management of our affairs.  Special thanks were extended to Nan Jackson for her years of diligent stewardship as treasurer.


Existing committee members remain in place with the addition of Sylvia Lloyd as treasurer and Di Gelsthorpe and Sheila Hall as joint meetings secretaries.


Our next meeting is on May 14th when Gordon Day will give a presentation on - RSPB LANGFORD LOWFIELDS.


A reminder of other coming events :- 


June 4th - evening outing to Kexby Hall.  Meet at the Lord Nelson car park to leave at 6.15pm.

June 18th - outing to Bressingham.  Coach leaves the Lord Nelson at 9am.  Anyone who has not yet paid, please let Pat Nelson have your money, preferably before the next meeting.

I. Wilson

Winthorpe Youth Club

The Youth Club Annual General Meeting will take place on

Thursday 15th May  at 7.30pm at The Lord Nelson.

New committee members would be most welcome.

Denise Day


     WINTHORPE CRICKET CLUB                           

Apologies for missing the March edition of the

Focal Point, hopefully I will be able to give you a

more thorough update on happenings at the Cricket Club in this months update. 

First and foremost the pavilion has suffered no harm over the last few weeks so, long may that remain.  We had the ground-day a couple of weeks ago in order to tidy up the inside and prepare things in readiness for the new season.  There will be a big push over the next couple of weeks to make the final services connections and landscape the external areas.


Our continuing search for funds received another boost this last week when we heard from Newark & Sherwood District Council.  We applied to NSDC under their Sports Grant Aid Scheme for assistance and I am pleased to say that our application went to Committee in March and was successful to the tune of £2,000.  Additionally we are in the process of applying to the Awards For All scheme with comes under the Lottery Grants for Local Groups funding programme, so fingers crossed.

A big thank you also goes out to 2 local residents who have been in contact donating items of plant and equipment to the Club.  At the time of writing one item is in storage the other awaiting delivery.  The donation of these items plus the purchase of other key items will put us in an excellent position for the forthcoming season.


It has been an excellent few months for the Club in terms of the progress we have made.  It is the best part of three and a half years since the pavilion burned down.  Over that period it has been a long and tortuous route to get where we are, especially as we had little or no success in the early days in terms of funding or offers of assistance.  Things seemed to turn around in the middle to back end of last year when we obtained planning approval allowing us to procure the units and commence works on site.  Since then the minor funding grant applications have been successful; we have received assistance from a number of quarters including the Parish Council, Kelham Hall and Vince Dobson amongst others.  This has been in addition to the continued support we have had from the Village with Duck Days and the like, so to all of you thank you very much.


Despite the recent success we are continuing to look at fundraising in order to provide a roof for the pavilion.  I will keep Focal Point updated of our progress. However, if in the meantime you are aware of any sources of funding or would like to play the part of benevolent benefactor, or know someone who might, please give me or any other member of the club a call, you will be assured of a warm welcome.  Over the coming weeks we should be able to be more specific regarding our targets once we have completed the current phase of works and have established final costs.


I'd also like to remind you about the Bonus Ball draw which runs throughout the year providing the club with much needed funds.  Without it we would find it impossible to survive, so if you find yourself in the Lord Nelson why not try your luck.

Just ask the bar staff for details of how to enter and it only costs a £1.


 By the time of reading this, you will all hopefully have visited the ground to have a look around the pavilion on the open day which was held on the 27th April and enjoyed the first Paul Evans Memorial Match.  Another date for your diary is Duck Day, which will be held on its traditional date of late May Bank holiday, which is Monday 26th May.  Posters will be going up shortly so all we need to do is book the good weather to ensure a good time will be had by all.


The Club is also looking to swell its numbers this year.  To assist in this Kelham Cavaliers will be playing their home games this year at Holme Lane.  They play in the midweek league and there has been a transmigration of players between the two Clubs over recent seasons.  The Cavaliers do not have a ground of their own so it is an arrangement that has mutual benefits to both Clubs and is hopefully just the start of a long-standing arrangement. 


For those of you who prefer your updates electronically the Cricket Club webpage on the Village website is now up and running.  It is a bit basic at the moment and only has fixtures and brief updates however we will be building on this over recent weeks provided Malcolm Smith can put up with my very elementary questions!


Following the AGM which was held on 4th March 2008 the following people were elected onto the committee:


Peter Bateson - Chairman

Max Cope - Vice Chairman & Treasurer

Andy Fereday - Secretary

Simon Potter - Club Captain

Paul Matthews - Vice Captain

Committee :-

Brian Noble -Ashley Locke - Jane Greenwood

Jamie Macintyre - Neil Bailey - Neil Hartland


Should you wish to contact the Club for any reason please call anyone of the following or alternatively there is a "Contact the Club" facility on the website.


Contact Details

Andy Fereday - 678622 Ashley Locke - 703988 Peter Bateson - 704787

Simon Potter - 612968

Finally here are the fixtures for both Winthorpe and Cavaliers for May. 

The full fixture list for the season is available on the website.  Midweek games will generally start between 6:00 and 6:30pm


Winthorpe CC


Washingborough 1st XI


Winthorpe 1st XI



Winthorpe 1st XI


Reepham 1st XI



Nettleham Cc 1st XI


Winthorpe 1st XI



Winthorpe 1st XI


Bassingham 1st XI



Cavaliers CC





Kelham Cavaliers





Kelham Cavaliers



Kelham Cavaliers







Kelham Cavaliers



Andy Fereday


For Dog Walkers and House Owners

A few words to the wise, and the not so wise.


Walking through Winthorpe with my dogs, I am surprised how inconsiderate some dog owners by leaving their dog's droppings on pavements and footpaths, on the grass beside the footpaths and in areas where our children play and where considerate dog walkers exercise their dogs. I was beginning to think that all the dog walkers in the village had mended their ways and were picking up their dog's droppings but, alas, I am mistaken.

I must emphasise, again, that it is an offence to leave dog droppings on the highway, which includes pavements and footpaths, and anywhere within one and a half metres of the highway. The fine can be harsh!

Anyone seeing a dog walker whose dog does its business on the highway or within one and a half metres of it and that dog walker fails to clean-up the mess, must report it to the Dog Warden at the District Council; telephone no. 01636 655511.

Please help by reporting the offenders; you may be the next one to step in a mess!

Don't live to regret....

The Police, Fire Service, Ambulance Service and the utility services have asked us to request all house owners to display, in a prominent place, the number of their house. Too often they receive ‘call-outs' to houses and are only given the name of the house. This has caused delays in these emergency services finding the house where the call for assistance originated; these delays could cost lives. So please, help yourselves and the emergency services by acting now and putting up your house number.


Please help.

Des Aldridge






7.30pm WEDNESDAY, 28th MAY


All village clubs/organizations/groups and interested persons are invited to attend this Public Meeting to discuss the 2008 Summer Festival Gala Day.

The Festival Committee will give an outline of the events and activities already arranged and discuss those still in the planning stage.

The financing of the Festival will also be discussed at this meeting.


To enable the Committee to establish a plan of activities it is requested that each club/organization/group and interested person attend the meeting prepared to discuss their planned role and contribution to the Festival.


Keith Lloyd's "Women at Work" exhibition is seeking the loan of any old fashioned or wartime domestic appliances such as the mangles that were clamped to the kitchen sink or the meat mincers that were clamped to the kitchen table, anything of that nature. If you are able to help please contact Keith direct on 703271.


All are welcome to attend this meeting; it is your opportunity to say what you would like to see at this year's Summer Festival Gala Day.


Alec Stewart

Chairman, Organizing Committee



A Great Achievement......


I would like, on behalf of you all, to congratulate Mary and Willis Osgathorpe of

1 Pocklington Crescent who, on the 11th of May 2008,

celebrate 68 years of married life

What a wonderful achievement by two lovely people.

The wedding on May the 11th 1940 nearly didn't happen as Willis, who had been called up at the age of 20 to undergo gunnery training with the RAF at Blackpool, couldn't get a pass to get back to Sheffield to wed the lovely Mary. However on the Whitsuntide weekend with training relaxed, the ‘cunning plan' was made. With the aid of his landlord's suit (about 4 sizes too big) and a colleague who shouted "present sir" in his absence, he slipped off to Owleton Church in Sheffield and the wedding went ahead.


Willis was an air gunner/navigator during the war and when the Wellington bomber that he was in was shot down, I'm sure that he didn't think he would be sitting in Winthorpe some 60 years later. One of only two survivors, he parachuted onto the beach at Worthing only to be seized by a member of the Home Guard thinking he was the enemy.

During some of this time Mary was working at Morris Motors making aircraft parts and the inner lining for army helmets.


For 12 years, Mary and Willis ran the ‘Old Blue Bell' public house in Sheffield before moving to North Hykeham to work for Smiths crisps. They moved to Winthorpe in 1975. He later worked for Holes Brewery before retiring as a driver for Heron motors at the age of 76!

They have two sons Robert and Andrew who have presented them with 4 grandchildren, two step grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren

They obviously have much to be proud of and I'm sure count their blessings. Apart from the obvious things, Mary did have a couple of others that she happen to mention, one being that she passed her driving test at the age of 60 here in Newark and the other was she still has her own teeth!

Congratulations once again to you both and I look forward to taking your photographs on your 70th Anniversary.



 Thanks to those who came forward to co-ordinate the Red Cross Door To Door collection this year, in my absence.

The volunteers - all residents from Winthorpe, will be collecting during the week 4th to 10th May.
Thank you in anticipation of your continued support and generosity,
Julie Stone


Wendy's Walk

We all know somebody who has been affected by Breast Cancer - themselves, family or friends.

I am walking the Ribbon Walk in Derbyshire on June 21st in aid of Breast Cancer Care.

Linda Keasley and Anthea Scott from the Medical centre are walking with me. This year we will be walking 20 miles.

If anyone would like to sponsor us, forms will be available in reception at the Medical Centre in Collingham.


Thank you.

Nurse Wendy (Williams)


Can you help?.........


I have received a letter from a Mr John Clayton who lives in Somerset. He is trying to trace some of his descendents and wondered whether anyone living in our area could help. He provides the following information:-


My great uncle was Robert Hill 1858 - 1944, his wife Harriet (nee Morley) 1858 - 1940 are buried in Winthorpe Parish Church graveyard, with well preserved headstones. Their son William, born 1890, married Ellen Green in 1920.

A son, Arthur Robert Hill, born 1925, married Jean Audrey Newham at Lenton Parish church in 1948. This was a double wedding with Jean Audrey's  twin  sister marrying Ernest Victor Smith.


Mr Clayton would be interested in making contact with anyone who is a relative of the above. His address is:-


J Clayton, 35 Grangefields, Street, Somerset, BA16 0HI

Trust me! I'm a nurse

 For some time the practice nurses have seen patients before their medication review with the doctor. 

  We take your blood, and take the necessary measurements appropriate to their long-term condition.

  In many instances we have given them advice so that the  appointment with the doctor is not really necessary.

Conditions such as Asthma, Raised blood pressure, Heart disease, Diabetes, Under active thyroid, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease, Epilepsy and also some repeat prescriptions such as contraception, pain relief and HRT do not necessarily need to be reviewed by the doctor each time if everything is stable.

We will advise you to see the doctor if we think it is more appropriate.


When you make an appointment for your next repeat prescription the Patient Care Advisor will help you make the appointment with the most appropriate clinician.

The Practice nurses also offer appointments each day for Minor illnesses that can be booked on the day.

We hope this reduces your visits to the Medical Centre and be reassured that you will always get the most appropriate care.


The Collingham Medical Nurse Team




Dear All,


Thirty years ago I visited America for the first time.  I went on a fly drive holiday. The carriers were a company called Pan American Airlines, now long defunct.

My companion and I drove over a four week period from San Francisco by scenic route, to Los Angeles.  It took all of our 4 week stay to get to grips with American roads and signage.  On one occasion at traffic lights in the centre of LA, we observed two cars approaching a crossroads really slowly, so slowly we were able to shout helplessly. "Manoeuvre or you will hit the on coming car, manoeuvre or you'll hit the on coming car" and yet neither driver altered course and almost in slow motion they hit each other.  There was not a great deal of damage as they were travelling at a snails pace.  Their indignant anger was real as were the police who appeared together with breakdown trucks and fire appliances.  From our front row position the whole episode would have done justice to a Laurel Hardy comic turn and was equally over the top.


The point of the story is that everyone watching knew exactly what action was required to avoid the accident. Despite shouting and the wild gesturing by passers by the needless accident could have been avoided, but human behaviour ruled supreme.  Jesus throughout his ministry, I am sure, would have felt like us at the traffic lights knowing exactly what was going to happen and despite every warning the individuals literally ploughed on. 


Jesus teaching is clear, he commands us first and foremost to love and cherish one another. Through his style of rabbinic teaching all Christians are called to an active developing faith using everyday examples to develop his principles of life.  To be effective we must not just have our eyes and ears open we have to absorb and use what we see.  

Do we?

How often do we remain bystanders, rather than standing by in readiness?


The annual AGM fest for our group is now over for another year. Hurrah!

Thank you again to all who enrich our church life, particularly Alan Stone our churchwarden and organist.


This could be a good time to review the quality of our personal and shared spiritual journeys.  Even the most cynical critics recognise that people who develop a faith base, however tentative, are often happier, enjoy life more and can live longer.  With all these benefits it might just be worth thinking about.


In Christian Love,



Church Notices

The Vestry Meeting which was held in the Village Hall on April 18th commenced with a very welcome cup of coffee prepared by Dys Gold. Many thanks Dys.

Alan Stone was re-elected as Churchwarden for a further year and Sylvia Lloyd and Ann Stone as the Deanery representatives for three years.

The Annual General meeting followed. Ann Stone was re-elected as secretary, Joan Lord was elected as treasurer and Nan Jackson as assistant treasurer. Sylvia & Keith Lloyd, Joan Young, John Nelson, Christine & Ian Hasman were re-elected to the PCC. Julie Shuckburgh & David Wathen resigned because of work commitments. Dr Wathen had served on the PCC for some years and we thank them both for their support. Both Revd David Milner and Alan Stone thanked the PCC for all their work and also all the people who helped the church either financially or by their hard work behind the scenes (applause).


There will be a Coffee Morning on Saturday 31st  May in the Village Hall from l0am to 12noon. The proceeds from this event will go towards a new Altar Frontal and a Fair Linen altar cloth. There will be the usual raffle, stalls - ie cake, bric-a-brac, plant & preserves and books. We would be delighted to accept gifts for any of these.

Tickets price £1 will be on sale soon.

Margaret Donoghue has very kindly donated one of her paintings that will be put into a Grand Prize Draw. This painting will be on show at the concert on 25th April in the church and at the Village Luncheon in

May. Tickets will then be available and the Grand Draw will take place at the Coffee Morning on the 31st May. We do hope that this will be well supported.


A REQUEST FROM Mrs Barbara Woodcock .--  If possible, please could people who have ‘Children's Society' boxes bring them to the Coffee Morning as she will be there to collect them. Many thanks.


I have asked for some sponsorship forms for the Ride & Stride event on Saturday 13th September. The idea is that by visiting churches in the area, either by walking or cycling, money can be raised for restoration work on listed church buildings. (We have recently received a grant of £1100 towards the tower weather proofing.) If anyone requires a sponsorship form would they please ring me on 702104.


Church Bells :- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.3Opm until 9pm and possibly for the following:

May 11th Holy Communion Service 10.l5am (Whitsunday)

May 18th Family Service 10.l5am (Trinity Sunday)


We send our good wishes to everyone in the village and especially to those who are unwell at this present time.


May is the start of the holiday season and, we hope, the warmer weather. We send our Good Wishes to all those in the Village who are going to North Devon for their holiday. We wish them a safe & happy holiday.

Alan & Ann Stone notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office.


All Saints Church

Flower Ladies


If you had been in the church on Maundy Thursday when everything was removed, and then visited again after Friday evening you would have seen a wonderful transformation and it was all due to you good ladies who once again worked your magic.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped in any way or made donations to make All Saints look so beautiful for the Easter celebrations.

The pedestal arrangement behind the Altar rail was funded by Peter Milroy in memory of Rita and Claire, his wife and daughter. I know it gave great pleasure to Peter, What a wonderful way to remember them.


Again I say thank you and together with P.C.C we are eternally grateful,


Sincerely yours

Sylvia Lloyd


                    SERVICES IN MAY


                        SUNDAY 4th Sunday after Ascension

                        9am                  Holy Communion, Holme.

                                                No Service in Winthorpe


            SUNDAY 11th Whitsunday

            10.15am                       Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            No Evensong at Langford as there will be a

             Deanery Service at      6pm at Southwell Minster.


            SUNDAY 18th Trinity Sunday

            9am                  Holy Communion, Langford.

            10.15am           Family Service and Holy Baptism Winthorpe.


            THURSDAY 22nd Corpus Christi

            7.30pm            Benefice Evensong, South Scarle Church.


            SUNDAY 25th Trinity 1

            8am                  Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            10.15am           Family Service, Holme.

                          ALL ARE WELCOME


                   May                                    June

        9th Miss Applewhite                     6th Mrs Finn & Mrs Nelson

       23 Mrs Young & Mrs Lloyd      20th Mrs Stone &  Mr  McClymont



                     MAY CALENDAR


         Monday 5th      Luncheon Club, 12.30pm, Centre

         Tuesday 6th      Safe Neighbourhood. Meeting, 7.30pm Centre.

     Thursday 8th     WI meeting, 7.30pm Village Hall.

         Tuesday 13th    Tuesday Club Coffee Morning 10. 30am V.H.

         Wed. 14th         Garden Club Meeting, 7.30pm Centre.

         Sunday 18th      Tennis Tournament, 10am

         Monday 26th    Duck Race

         Tuesday 27th    Tuesday Club Quiz, 2.30pm Village Hall

         Wed. 28th         Gala Day Meeting, 7. 30pm Centre.

         Saturday 31st    Church Coffee Morning, 10am V.H.


                       JULY 12th     Village Gala Day

‘Village organisations and local bodies - if at anytime you would like to get in touch with a village contact, why not try the village website.'