Focal Point - June 2009

FOCAL POINT Issue No. 343

Ed’s comments

Again another of that band of people who have contributed considerably to our village lives has left us, as Malcolm Shelmerdine has now joined his wife Kate.

Malcolm was a lovely man who did not enjoy the best of health yet very rarely did you ever hear him complain.

May they be joyfully reunited once more.


It was nice to see the village sign back in place. You did all notice didn’t you?

The sign, originally made and painted by Hugh Clarke, was repainted by Max Neale our renowned Art Teacher.

Did you spot the difference from the earlier sign though? We now have the Community Centre featured on it, and rightly so, as it does play a vital role within our community and one wonders what we would do without it? I’m not sure that the line dancers would be able to operate in the Village Hall!

The refitting of the sign was something to behold I understand, with Health and Safety Officers nowhere in sight! Steve Jackson and Des Aldridge were lifted into position in the bucket of Brian Wrights Tractor, much to the amusement of a few lucky onlookers. Apparently they considered a ladder unsafe!! Mission accomplished though, well done chaps.

Cliff Newbold

Closing date for the July issue is 20th June.





The next Lunch will be on Monday, 1st June. The lunch will start at 12.00pm to give plenty of time for those who wish to attend Malcolm Shelmerdine’s funeral at 2.30pm.

The menu will be:

Braised Beef in Yorkshire Pudding


Mackerel in Tomato & Basil Sauce


New Potatoes, Broccoli & Peas


        Strawberry Gateaux

£7 including a glass of wine. Please ring Jean and Peter Foden, 704241, to book your place and give your food choice.



At the Annual General Meeting on Monday, 27th April I was able to report a successful year and to thank all those individuals and organizations who help in many different ways to keep the Centre operating in good order.

The following were elected or nominated:

President Margaret Thornhill

Chairman Frances Kelly

Vice Chairman Alec Stewart

Treasurer Duncan Richardson

Secretary Peter Foden

Organization nominated Trustees:

Parish Council Alec Stewart, Mike Casterton

WI Margaret Stewart

Tennis Club Colin Smith

Youth Club Howard Pope

Football Club Andrew Clarke

Tiger Tots Sonya Pepper

Elected Trustees:

Yvonne Skaith, Diane Rowland, Sue Sharp, John Nelson, Mike Toulson, David Barthorpe and Justin Baker-Smith.

At the Trustees meeting immediately following the AGM Zena Cameron was co-opted as a Trustee.


Frances Kelly, Chairman




Tuesday, June 9th. - Outing to Rutland Water.

Marshalls coach will leave the Lord Nelson at 9.30am and stop at the Post Office. Our first stop will be Normanton where there is a café. The cruise on the Rutland Belle is booked for 1 o’clock and leaves from Whitwell.

Tuesday, June 23rd.

2.30pm in the Village Hall – Puzzle afternoon.

We hope to have a tombola stall at the Village Festival (July 18th) as we have for the past 2 years. Please could you bring any items for the stall to this meeting.

Jean Foden



        Summer Concert

In aid of breast screening facilities for Newark.


The concert is "Sounds of Summer" and will be mainly well known songs from the shows,

e.g. My fair Lady, Les Miserable, Oliver, Miss Saigon and much more.

It is to held at Winthorpe Community Centre

on Friday June 5th.

Doors open at 7pm and the concert is starting at 7.30pm

Cost is £7.50 which includes a drink on arrival.

There will also be a paid bar

Tickets available from us 703197 or call at the house -

Old Rectory, Gainsboro. Rd - Hurry they are going fast.


Elaine and Andrew Parkin




Once again it was time for our Resolution meeting.

Mrs. Pat Nelson our President welcomed members and one visitor. There were quite a few apologies from members who could not attend.

Mrs. Brenda Tinsley read the minutes and some correspondence from County House.

There were various boards with lists for events that will take place in the future months, members signed for a trip to York, a visit to the Bishop’s garden at Southwell, (these were from County) and a dinner in the Community centre and a trip on a river boat from Torksey which were arranged by the Institute.

Mrs. Stella Hopewell told members of a walk she had arranged at Besthorpe.

Mrs. Ellie Briggs our speaker arrived and was introduced by Mrs. Nelson. She had come to talk us through this year’s Resolution, which will be discussed at the A.G.M in London, when our delegate, who will vote for us, is Mrs. Shirley Hatcher of Newark Palace Institute. The Resolution is an S.O.S. for Honey Bees, the wording is :-

‘Honey Bees play a vital role in the pollination of food crops and in our environment. In view of concerns about accelerating decline in the U.K. honey bee population, this meeting urges HM Government to increase funding for research into Bee Health.’

We were given a paper with four types of diseases which can affect both the hive and the bees themselves. Varroa is a mite that lays its eggs in the comb and feeds on the grub, Nosema Apis mellifora invades the middle gut of adult bees, shortens their life and reduces the ability of nurse bees to feed larvae.

The hive diseases were European and American Foulbrood and Nosema Ceranae and CCD a new disease (Colony Collapse Disorder).

The funding which was recommended would be used for research into the health of the honey bee primarily as the population has deteriorated to quite alarming proportions. Bee keepers would also be helped as many have lost whole colonies.

There was no motion against, as everyone agreed this was a very

important Resolution. Mrs. Briggs took the vote and the result will be sent to the delegate.

That was the end of debate and everyone settled with tea and cake to finish off the evening.

Our next meeting is June 11th. The Speaker is Mrs. Margaret Harrison who is a Blue Badge Guide.

The Hostesses are Mesdames K.Harvey, S.Hopewell and D.Gold.


Daphne Marshall


Garden Club

Chairman Ian Wilson introduced Tracy Ackhurst a botanist from The Plant Research Centre who gave an excellent talk entitled


This referred to the many uses of plants and flowers other than decoration.

Suggesting that:-

The Sunflower was part of the stable diet of the Incas.

Yarrow being widely used as an antiseptic.

Thyme being good for curing colds.

Lavender can have a calming effect; (on some people).

King Charles had a liking for Cowslip Tart!!

Sweet Violet helps to cure migraine.

And Sage is supposed to cure almost anything.

Do not forget Boric in your ‘Pimms’ this summer.

All 40 members present gave the very interesting talk rousing applause.

The evening finished off as usual with one of Pat Finn’s tricky quizzes which was won by new member - Dianne Kitson.

N. B. Tracy Ackhurst advised us her garden will be open to the public, along with three others, on June the 7th at Oxton. I’ll bet that will be a real treat.

N. B. Two tickets are available for the ‘summer gardens’ coach outing on 17th June to Scampston Hall, Yorkshire, calling at The Olde Bell Barnby Moor for a meal on the return journey.

Anyone interested phone Pat Nelson for details on 704712

John Nelson




Did you know there is no other flower that provokes such a unanimous reaction as the sunflower? They symbolise warm sunny days, lazing on the lawn with bees buzzing and then there is the excitement of the sunflower competition.

Your sunflower plants should now be in the garden and about 20cms high. If you haven’t planted them yet, do it now. Did you choose a sunny site and put plenty of garden compost into the planting hole? This will hold moisture, which the plants like. The plants will take seven days for the roots to become established, and then they will start growing at a fast pace. Have you planted one into your front garden? If not, do so now. Later, when it is in flower, it will bring a smile to people passing by.

Have the village residents planted their sunflower plants?

Did you put in a tall stake to support your plants?


The sunflower is the emblem of the Hospice movement.

Archaeologists have found sunflower seeds that are at least 3000 years old in clay of North American.

Pat Finn


Winthorpe School

The school has a busy time ahead of us. We are having an extension built which will create a new entrance/ administration block. Work will start on Tuesday 26th May and will be completed during August.

Our school council have worked with a local company to design some new playground markings. They were given a set budget and have liaised with the company through every step of process from initial design to final order. The markings will be installed during our half term break.

The school has successfully applied for a grant to create a new food technology area for the children. This will allow the children to learn how to cook with the ingredients they grow in the school allotment. This area is also being installed during the half term holiday.

Finally, our next pensioner’s lunch will be on Wednesday 24th June.


What are SATS Tests?

                          By Leon Neale and Hannah Bosworth


In years 2 and 6 children takes SATs tests, but what are they?

SATS are special tests that are used to tell how well the school and children have been doing.

They are so important because the Prime Minister checks the results to tell each school how well they have been doing. SATS are also important for the year six children as they take their results of these tests to secondary school so the teachers there will be able to tell which classes to put them in.

We take the tests in our classroom, but all the displays have to be covered up. We are not allowed to talk and have to work completely on our own. We do tests in English, maths and science.

The tests were not actually that bad and we even enjoyed them. Best of all the year 6 children are going for a bowling party as a treat for doing our best!


Jamie Macintyre

Head teacher (01636) 680060 -



Winthorpe Cricket Club

Rain, rain and more rain – summer’s here and so is the cricket season. As a first time contributor to the writings within the Focal Point, I have managed to look back over some of the past ramblings of previous secretaries and decided not to break with tradition.

Firstly official business;

Following the AGM which was held on 1st March 2009 and a subsequent committee meeting the following people were elected onto the committee:

Simon Potter – Chairman & Club Captain

Max Cope – Vice Chairman & Treasurer

Paul Matthews – Secretary & Vice Captain

Brian Noble - Committee

Ashley Locke – Committee

Jamie Macintyre – Committee

Neil Bailey – Committee

Neil Hartland – Committee

Daniel Marshall - Committee

Our continued thanks go out the Vince and Maureen Dobson for their constant fundraising efforts and for Vince’s continued support as Club President.

Our first game on 26th April was away at Nettleham which was cancelled due to our inability to provide a team. A very poor way to start the season but with only 6 players available the decision was taken to concede the game without a ball being bowled.

Our first game in anger took place on a sunny, yes sunny Sunday the 12th of May against Owmby at home. Unfortunately we again suffered by not having 11 persons to take the field and we were quite simply outclassed by a better team. Winthorpe batted first and struggled to a very poor score of 67 all out. Only Andy Fereday and Brian Noble managed to make it into double figures scoring 20 and 13 respectively. Owmby comfortably reached the target without loosing a wicket.

Our next game was due to be away at Bardney but was subject to a late change of venue due to the League in which we play in deciding their ground was unsafe. So another home game beckoned. With both teams only able to field 10 men (seems to be the usual number for Winthorpe) at least for once we were starting on even keel. Bardney chose to bat first in a game reduced to 32 overs per side. They made a good start and one batsman scored an impressive 60 runs. Good bowling from Simon Potter, 4 wickets from 8 overs conceding only 12 runs, tight bowling from our youngest player James Bailey. With 2 wickets for Andy Fereday and one for Brian Noble plus 2 run outs afforded Bardney a score of 122. With rain a constant threat to the sandwiches during tea, a rare moment of brightness in the early evening allowed Winthorpe to try and chase the runs required for a first victory. A steady run chase began but with less than 30 runs scored both of the Winthorpe opening batsmen were back in the pavilion. That brought the youth of James Bailey (15) and the slightly older and less fit Paul Matthews to the wicket. James scored 22 in a partnership of 66. Paul was eventually out for 53 leaving the remaining batsman a total of only 14 to achieve a win from 8 overs, which they eventually achieved for the loss of only one more wicket. The winning runs being hit by Daniel Marshall. It was a well fought game played in a really good spirit. The first of many victories, only time will tell.

Future Sunday Home fixtures

31st May - vs Fulbeck 2nds XI 7th June - vs Boston 2nds XI

21st June - vs Aisthorpe 1st XI 28th June - vs Heckington 1st XI

Future Midweek Home fixtures

Wed 3rd June – Kavaliers vs Newark Rugby Club

Wed 10th June – Kavaliers vs Nelson’s Ashes


Again a call to anyone who would like a game of cricket. We are still struggling to field 11 fit men or boys for our Sunday games. (I use the word fit very loosely). We can provide equipment as we have Club bats, pads, gloves etc. Please get in touch no matter what you availability is, every week or occasional we would like to hear from you. You can make a difference.


I am pleased to say that we have secured the services of a groundsman; Steve Seconde, who has agreed to prepare the wicket for us. It is a paid position so we will need all your support at fund raising events such as the Duck Race day and the bonus ball competition.

Bonus Ball:

A big thank you for your continued support with the Bonus Ball it is much appreciated. Andy Fereday and Pete Bateson have taken over the running of the bonus ball and will be in the pub on regular occasions to help you part with your money. If by some miracle they are not in the Lord Nelson just have a word with the bar staff who will be happy to assist – it’s all in a good cause; you may even wish to consider taking out a regular number every week.

Don’t forget if you would like to find out more about the Club please take a look at the Cricket Club webpage on the Village website and also take a look at our own website on which has now been bought up to date.

Contact Details

Should you wish to contact the Club please call any of the following or alternatively there is a “Contact the Club” facility on the website.

Simon Potter – 612968 - Paul Matthews - 677769

Andy Fereday – 678622 - Ashley Locke - 703988

Interesting Cricket Fact:

In a test match in Faisalabad in 1997-98, Mushtaq Ahmed was bowling to Pat Symcox. Symcox missed the ball, which went on to knock the middle stump out of the ground. However, the heat had fused together the bails and they did not fall. Symcox went on to make 81, his second highest test score..!!

Paul Mathews



This year has seen a lot of turbulence in trade levels at your local. We are in recession and now more than ever, extra support for local establishments is very much needed. It is felt by both, Joanne and myself that this village could do a lot more in contributing to keep this local running.

As you know, Jo and I get up very early in order to complete the paper rounds before opening the shop. We see plants and ‘growbags’ and numerous other items that could have been bought here at your local. You can understand how upsetting that is when the overall consensus of people in this village is that they would never want this shop to close.

It must be borne in mind that the retention of our post office this time was extremely lucky and something I feel could never be repeated given that profitability is the be all and end all of business institutions. Use of this post office by this community has now shrunk by 40% since Jo and I first came. Rest assured that Post Office Ltd knows this and it is only 6 yrs till the next review where more closures are inevitable.

How do I increase the turnover of this quaint little shop to prevent that potential closure. I have asked numerous persons familiar with marketing strategies and none have come up with anything different to that which has already been tried. I have even asked The Newark and Sherwood “Business Link department” who approached me to see if they could help in their effort to keeping small businesses in Newark and Sherwood going. Having seen them once only I am still awaiting their return.

So all I can think of doing now is to turn to you directly and say; how can we serve you better, what would you like to get from your local, how can I get you to buy just a little bit more than a morning paper. If everyone currently entering this shop were to spend an extra ten pounds a week, this shop would be as safe as the bricks with which it is built, and that’s without the post office.

As you now know Jo and I are leaving Winthorpe so any efforts made by you in reacting to what I have said will be for the benefit of Winthorpe, not Joanne and I.

Thank you to all our customers who have supported us in giving that little bit extra that is much needed through this difficult economic climate that we are all experiencing



                                   SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL

From 1-7-09 there will be a box on display for you to insert your suggestions and requirements of what you would like to be able to obtain from this shop. This will then be assessed and dealt with sometime after 31-7-09

Please note, As a result of delivery charges being increased for the second time by our wholesaler, our own charges will have to be raised to £1.25 p.w. 25p per day if less than 5 days. This will commence 1-7-09.



Bee Swarms

Winthorpe ‘Bee Keepers’, Julie and Mark, would be pleased to collect and provide a hive for honey bee swarms.

Contact: 706640

Bees will swarm anytime from now until August, so please keep this number handy.



British Red Cross

This years total for the collection was £275. Thank you to all who contributed & thanks again to the volunteers who made it possible.





We cater for babies through to 5 year olds.

1st time entry free!

Entry fee: £1.50 (+50p each additional child)

Tea or coffee and juice with snacks are served

at each session.

Different craft activity each week.

Come and join us at:

Winthorpe Community Centre, Woodlands, Winthorpe

If you have any questions please contact

Sonya Pepper 07846 138122


Babysitter Available

I am a local eighteen year old, currently awaiting my A level results in order to gain a place at university in October. I have several years babysitting experience for families in and around the village (references available).

I will be available daytime or evenings until the end of September for regular or one-off babysitting responsibilities in the local area.

Further details are available on enquiry.

Please ring Lauren on: - 01636 706640


Church Notices

We were all very sorry to say ‘Good Bye’ to Nan Jackson after a very long illness which she bore with patience and fortitude. We were pleased to see so many of the village supporting Steve, Liz, Alex and family at the funeral. David, our Priest, and Steve, gave much thought to the service and the discs, which portrayed her origins and interest in the love she had for the violin, made the service refreshingly different.

We are very pleased that Joan Young has had encouraging news about her daughter Karen and we hope she will continue to improve.

Beryl & Phil. Watts have recently both had a difficult time so it was a joy to see them go off on holiday to their beloved Eastbourne. We do hope the weather was kind to them.

We send our best wishes to Keith Lloyd who at the moment is having some health problems which we hope will soon be resolved.

Audrey & John Craven have kindly volunteered to replace Rose & Dennis Taylor to complete our team of Brass Cleaners. We thank them and are extremely grateful to them.

On Saturday 13th June commencing at 7pm we are holding a Summer Evening Relax & B-B-Q at The Grove by kind permission of

Mrs Margaret Thornhill. Tickets are £3 and will include wine & nibbles.

B-B-Q and raffle will be extra. The proceeds will be for the repairs to the brickwork of the church. Tickets are now available from The Post Office, (thank you Jo & Martin) Sylvia Lloyd and Alan and Ann Stone.

Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather and come and support your Church.

By popular request we are having a Village ‘Songs Of Praise’ on Sunday evening 26th July at 6pm. Requests for Hymns please to Alan on 702104. Wine, nibbles and conversation will complete the evening.

Mr. Malcolm Shelmerdine.

We were all very shocked and surprised at the sudden death of Malcolm. He walked to church on Sunday 10th May and he appeared to be in good form. We all knew that he had a progressive illness, but he did have remissions from time to time when he was able to function well. In the past he supported the church in many ways. He was member of the PCC, acting as treasurer, secretary and Churchwarden. He was a generous man and will be sadly missed. Life was very difficult for him without Kate, but he was very courageous supported well by members of the village and his many friends.

It was announced in Church on Sunday that the Revd David Milner is to be married later this year. We are all very pleased for him and we send him and his future wife our congratulations and best wishes.

Health Warning!

If you listened to the ‘Today Programme’ on Monday 18th May you may have learned how to postpone the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

1) You may-continue in paid work longer.

2) You may engage your brain in activities such as ‘Bridge’or other mind bending pursuits or

3) You may help Alan as a volunteer for the church ! No sensible offer refused!!!


Brass Cleaners-

Mrs. Burton, Mrs Chipperfield

From the registers


Emma Isabel Arthur on 19th April

Lucie Megan Gibson on 17th May

RI.P. -

NanJackson on 8th May.

Church Bells:-

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7 pm until 9pm and possibly for the following:-

June 14th - 10.15am - Holy Communion service,

June 21st - 10.15am - Family Service.

June 28th - 6pm – Evensong

Alan and Ann Stone

Up-to-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed outside the church. There may be some changes to the pattern of services due to clergy holidays.




Dear All,

What topic is most likely going to make you turn over the page without stopping to read? For those who don’t like sport, golf, football and cricket, such an article will be unacceptable a real turn off. As I watch and read the news I have come to dislike great swathes of the news so much of it being a real turn off.

I have thought a good deal about why I feel so uncomfortable. In the case of MP’s expenses, it is my own sense of having been let down, by a group of people who are collectively and individually regularly telling us, the British Public, how to behave. At the very heart of our system of government there are more than a few who, by flipping their properties and claiming for non existent mortgages, are operating various frauds. Frauds that were they committed by you or I we would be sent to prison.

Here is the difficult part; we need MPs and they do generally give of their best, even those who have been creative in their expenses claims. It is easy for me to criticise, and although there are daily bulletins about MP’s wrong doings I don’t know what leads public spirited people to behave in such a way.

The truth is MPs are ordinary people, like you and I, with the same daily problems that most of us share.

Key is how we move on, and move on we must. Pointing the finger at some foolish middle aged MP is not going to help or make any real difference. What we need is to develop a new system which will better support our MPs so that they can discharge their duties without the present financial distractions they face.

We live on an increasingly fragile planet. The human race is using up the earth’s natural resources at an alarming rate and yet there are wars and rumours of wars and greed on a scale not seen before.

The Good News is that each one of us can make a difference alone and together. If we truly want a safer more loving society, if we want to live in a community that is more interested in people and the quality of living, then it is up to us.

At church we face many challenges and will make tough choices over the next year or so about how we cherish our church community. All Saints still has an important part to play in the life of the village. As much as the building provides a beacon along the A1 and a landmark along the A1133, it is the people who it supports and supports it that are really important. The building, great though it is, is a tool providing people to gather and enabling community to flourish. How we use it, and care for one another are central to those committed to the work and mission of All Saints Winthorpe.

You can make a difference, believing we can and daring to have a go, even if we might look foolish, are necessary if we are to grow into the people we have been called to be.

Disregard the bad news stories, and ask yourself three questions.

Beginning with the statement - I can make a difference

1. What needs to change

2. What needs to change in me

3. What can I do to achieve my goal

As many of you know Malcolm Shelmerdine died last month. I had the privilege of knowing both Malcolm and Kate. I count myself blessed to have been allowed into their world. Malcolm was an amazing man, irritating, determined, loyal and loving.

I shall miss the time Malcolm gave to me unstintingly and especially our conversations about so many things. Many in the village will have lost a friend and confidante.

In Christian Love




For funds for St Helena, South Scarle

Summertime Weekend in South Scarle

Everyone most welcome - Come and join in the fun

Saturday 4th July

11 am to 4 pm - Dog Show and Demonstrations At Folly Farm Pets,

South Scarle Info: 011636

6 pm for 6.30 pm - BBQ (by ticket) Licensed Bar, Forward Line Band

At Hall Farm House, South Scarle

Sunday 5th July

10.30 for 11am - South Scarle Scurry - Fun Run approx. 1 mile Fancy Dress optional On the Green, South Scarle

2.30pm - Collingham Singers in Concert Tea and cakes

In St Helena’ s Church, South Scarle

4pm approx - Grand Raffle Draw - St. Helena’s Church.

Further information from the Farm Shop Tel: 892003 or 892409






9am Holy Communion, Holme.

Sunday 14th - Trinity 1

10.l5am Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

6pm Evensong, Holme.


Thursday 18th

10am Holy Communion, BCP, Winthorpe.


Sunday 21st - Trinity 2

9am Holy Communion, Langford.

10.l5am Family Service, Winthorpe.

Sunday 28th - Trinity 3

6pm Evensong, Winthorpe.




                     JUNE                                 JULY

5th - Mrs Foden, Mrs Hill.            3rd - Miss Applewhite

19th - Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Nelson.    17th - Mrs Lloyd

                                                         31st - Mrs Nelson, Mrs Finn.



Monday 1st                        Luncheon Club, 12noon, Centre.

                                            Green Bin

Monday 8th                        Silver Bin.

Tuesday 9th                       Tuesday Club Outing, 9.30am – Nelson.

Thursday 11th                   WI meeting, 7.30pm – V.H.

                                             Library Van.

Monday 15th                      Green Bin.

Wednesday 17th              Garden Club Outing.

Monday 22nd                    Silver Bin.

Tuesday 23rd                  Tuesday Club Puzzle 2.30pm V.H.

Wednesday 24th             School Lunch.

Thursday 25th                  Library Van.

Monday 29th                     Green Bin.




‘Village organisations and local bodies – if at anytime you would like to get in touch with a village contact, why not try the village website.’