Focal Point - July 2009

FOCAL POINT         Issue No.344    JULY


Ed’s Comments


July the month of the village Festival, fingers crossed for nice weather.

As this is the month when the holiday season really gets underway I thought I would  look to see what was happening that might be of interest and I came across ‘Swan Upping’. What on earth is that thought I? So……….


The ceremony of Swan Upping began on the River Thames in the 12th century with the objective of counting the number of cygnets, to ensure that the swan population was maintained at a healthy level.

 The tradition has been maintained and, during the third week of July each year, The Queen's Swan Marker, and the accompanying Swan Uppers of the Vinter's and Dyer's Livery Companies, row upstream (normally from Sunbury-on-Thames to Abingdon) in six traditional Thames rowing skiffs, a journey lasting five days. The scarlet uniforms of the officials and the flags and pennants of the traditional boats make a picturesque sight, best viewed from the many lock gates and bridges along the course of the Thames.

Now we know!!


Cliff Newbold






The next Lunch will be at 12.30pm on Monday, 6th July.


 The menu will be:

Cold Roast Ham & Turkey


Cold Poached Salmon


 New Potatoes & Mixed Salad



Strawberries & Ice Cream


£7 including a glass of wine. Please ring Jean and Peter Foden, 704241, to book your place and give your food choice not later than Thurs. 2nd July.


Frances Kelly, Chairman




Tuesday, 14th July – Morning Coffee in the Village Hall, 10.30am. A last chance to bring anything for the Festival Tombola.

 Tuesday, 28th July – Garden Party at Tall Trees, The Spinney, at 2.30pm. Please bring an item of food or a raffle prize. If the weather is bad we will have tea in the Village Hall.

 We would welcome any items for our Tombola from Focal Point readers. The proceeds will be going to the nominated cerebal palsy charity – SCOPE.


Jean Foden.



Winthorpe-with-Langford Parish Council


Dates for Meetings of the Parish Council


July 2009 to May 2010

 Thursday 16th July 2009

Thursday September 2009

Thursday 15th October 2009

Thursday 19th November 2009

Wednesday 9 December 2009

Thursday 21st January 2010

Thursday 18th February 2010

Thursday 18th March 2010

Thursday 15th April 2010

* Thursday 21st May 2010


Any relevant items for inclusion on the agenda for the above meetings MUST be received by the Clerk or Chairman of the Parish Council at least 10 clear days prior to the meeting.

All meetings of the Parish Council will commence at 7-30 p.m. and will be held in the Village Hall, on Gainsborough Road, Winthorpe, unless otherwise advised.


*Annual Meeting of the Parish, (commencing at 7 p.m.) to be followed by the Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council.


Clerk to the Parish Council:




Thank you to all who attended the coffee evening on the 9th of June at Church Cottage. The ‘Holme-made’ cakes were wonderful!

A profit of £320 was made to go towards the ongoing restoration fund for St Giles Church.

Again, many thanks to all who supported us.


Joyce Brumpton





The President Mrs. Pat Nelson welcomed members and the guest speaker Mrs. Margaret Harrison to our meeting on a beautiful evening. There were apologies from several members.

The minutes of last months meeting were read by Mrs. Sylvia Lloyd who had offered to stand in for the secretary who was attending a Birthday Bash for film star Richard Todd who was 90 years old.

Tickets were distributed for the open garden evening and the croquet evening.

Mrs. Sheila Palmer gave the details of the boat trip from Brayford Wharf on July 20th , details of transport will be given at the next meeting.


The delegate’s report from the A.G.M. in London were read and the result of the resolution was announced.

Because of our catering at the Fleet Group Meeting we were presented with a cheque for fifty pounds as reimbursement.


After what seemed a long session of notices and business it was finally time for our speaker who had been sitting suffering silently. She was introduced by Mrs. Nelson and then we found out why she had been suffering in silence. I am not a W.I. member she said, but I could have given you all that business off by heart, as this is the fourth W.I. meeting I have attended this week. Then she produced a newspaper article from a magazine of 1928 giving a report of WI. business from around the country, even in those days they didn’t like being dubbed Jam & Jerusalem.


Where-ever she went she wore a red sweat shirt with a huge Nottingham City coat of arms on the front, and as she is a Blue badge guide she wears her blue badge on a chain around her neck, sometimes when she turns up at meetings to speak, a person will come up to her and ask if she is a new member to the group. I ask you, who would wear this outfit if I wanted to be a member?

Then the subject of her talk -  Bess of Hardwick!  Most people have heard of Bess, but how much do we really know? How did she get to be the richest woman in England in her own right? Well this little lady Margaret Harrison told us and it was the best history lesson we have ever had, she was so down to earth and hilarious with it. There was not a dry eye in the house, everyone was doubled up with laughter. We will surely be booking this speaker again.

Mrs.Dys Gold gave the vote of thanks and she said that if some of her pupils from her teaching days could have heard, they would certainly have learned something.

After the raffle and tea and biscuits the meeting closed.


Our next meeting is on July 9th 7-30p.m. in the garden of Mrs. Lily Goodwin, in the Spinney, next to the Rectory, when we will be having strawberries and wine, keep your fingers crossed for fine weather.


Daphne Marshall.



 An Offer from Peter Roach


Win a half bottle of good Champagne.


This story, which is true, comes from the "Week" magazine,

which takes it's articles from the world wide press.


This comes from East Africa….


         ‘Our hero X was walking home through the bush thinking happily of his dinner and a lazy afternoon when he trod on a python which immediately wrapped him up and climbed into a tree and there X and the python struggled .Though thoroughly embraced, X bit the pythons tail hard and more importantly managed to pull off his shirt and wrap it over the Pythons head. After three hours it was stale mate but X was weakening,

          however, he managed to reach his trouser pocket and his mobile phone."  ?????????????????


          To win the bottle, write the first 15 words, or less, of his call. Definite or indefinite articles don’t count.


Replies to the Editor by 18th August.


 Garden Club


Fifty members and friends travelled to the Malton area of Yorkshire on our summer outing.  The visit to Scampston Hall and Jackson’s Wold was proclaimed a great success by everyone, their enthusiasm dampened only marginally by the incessant rain.

 Much of the layout at Scampston was reinstated only in recent years.  There is parkland designed by Capability Brown and modern gardens created by Piet Oudolf within the old walled gardens.  We were given a plant list of over 1400 named specimens, though the true total is now some 2000. There were many unusual plants though one real gem was the rockery to be seen on the woodland walk.

 Jackson’s Wold was a more modest affair. Situated 500 feet up on the wolds, the gardens were constructed around a farmhouse on really chalky soil which obviously determined which plants would best succeed there.  Many of the party found this to be a captivating garden with lovely planting combinations including many old-fashioned roses and an abundance of magnificent astrantias.

 A wonderful day out was capped with an enjoyable meal on the homeward journey.

Pat Nelson was universally praised for her hard work in organising another memorable trip.

 Our next meeting is on Wednesday 22nd July. This is to Hall Farm, Harpswell. Transport is by car and we will leave the Lord Nelson carpark at 6.00pm.


Ian Wilson






A 6 foot ornamental tree has been planted in front of the Community Centre along with a memorial stone as a tribute to Hector Young. (1928-2008) The tree, a Prunus x blireana ‘Flowering Plum,’ was planted by Hector’s daughter, Karen and son-in-law Erik. This hardy tree, considered to be one of the best spring flowering blossom trees, is a cross between the cherry plum of the Middle East and the winter flowering plum of China and Japan. The deciduous tree has coppery-purple foliage which complements the semi-double rose pink flowers that appear in March.

In front of the tree is a 14 inch high brick plinth. Mounted on top is a 12 inch square slate, with a small stainless steel plate with etched black lettering. The words on this plate read:-





This was erected by Peter Foden.


Pat Finn.






What is happiness? Well, to me in gardening terms, it is a cheerful clump of high golden sunflowers beaming over a garden wall or hedge. These easy growing beauties reach the parts that other plants cannot. There are not many annuals that reach 3.6mtrs (12ft) tall, 70 days from sowing to planting.

There has recently been some good weather for growing sunflowers. In May we had warm sunny days. The first few days of June we had the welcome sight of rain. That did the plants a world of good and now we back to warm sunny days. Just what sunflowers like.

Your plants will now be growing at a fast rate. Do not neglect them. They may require a longer cane for support. Keep tying the plants to your canes. On the 15th June my sunflower was 1mtr. high. Are your sunflowers higher than mine? Go out and check. While you are there, have a look and see if the flower bud is forming. It will be the size of a small button.

I now feed my sunflower once a week with Tomorite. This liquid fertiliser, used for tomato plants, is high in potash. Just the job for flowers and fruit.



  • The tallest sunflower grown was 1986 in the Netherlands and was recorded at 7mtrs 63cms. (25ft 5½ ins)


  • The tallest sunflower grown in this country was in 1976, which was our hottest summer. It reached 7mtrs 17.6cms. (23ft 6½ins)


  • The tallest sunflower grown in the Winthorpe, Langford and Holme Giant Sunflower Competition was in 1999. Grown by Jon Higgins of Langford, it reached a height of 4mtrs 42cms. (14ft 6ins)

Pat Finn.



 Betty Buxton.


I have received a letter from Betty Buxton’ s daughter, Jo Dayland, asking me to pass on the sad news that Betty died on the 7th June following a massive stroke.

It was Betty’s wish to be ‘brought back home’ to Winthorpe and Jo will indeed be doing that in the near future.

Betty and her sister Kitty Euston were very much an integral part of our village for many years and indeed, through their writings, have passed on many of their memories via this newsletter and the village scrap book.

I had been in touch with Betty recently and she was in the process of providing us with some more stories of the past, both her own and Kitty’s.

Jo now has them and will be getting them to us before they are donated to the Newark museum.

We offer Jo and Nigel our condolences.




Community Safety Information


At the last  meeting of the Community Safety Partnership, it was stated

by the local Chief Superintendant of Police that the Nottinghamshire

Police Force are looking for volunteers for the Special Constabulary and

anyone interested should contact the Police Information Office in

Collingham for more details.



There has been an increase in distraction type burglaries.  Offenders are visiting addresses purporting to be from utility services.  Please remember to check ID, if unsure contact a neighbour or ring the Police.  If they are using a vehicle try to get the details, e.g. model, colour, registration number and report it to the Police immediately on 01909 500999. 


Police are encouraging the people of Bassetlaw, Newark & Sherwood, to join them in their fight to disrupt the stolen property market. Criminals thrive on selling on valuable items they steal from the homes of innocent victims.

By following these simple security measures, you can stop your property becoming the next “bargain” bought down the pub or at a car boot sale and stop criminals profiting from your property:-


Keep a list of serial numbers of your electrical items. These

can help police identify your property if it is stolen.

 Register serial numbers of valuable items for free on the IMMOBILISE online database. Police routinely check the serial numbers of items they suspect are stolen against the database to trace their rightful owner. Visit

 Photograph your jewellery, ornaments, paintings or other items that cannot be easily security marked.

 Mark all valuables, such as electrical items like computer games

consoles, televisions and DVD players, with SmartWater. To find out more

about SmartWater contact your local police station, call your Crime

Reduction Manager on 01909 500999 or visit 

The long range weather forecast for Summer 2009 is one of increased

sunshine and increased temperatures compared to recent summers.

This is good news for all of us who enjoy our gardens and outdoor

activities. However, it also good news for the opportunist thief and burglar.

Opportunist thieves commit 35% of all burglaries.

Together we can reduce these opportunities:




At home

If you’re in your back garden make sure you keep doors and windows

secure. Ensure that if you have a barbecue in your back garden that all

windows and doors at the front of the house are locked.


Use strong locks on all external doors and easy to reach windows - such

as those on the ground floor, above flat roofs or near drainpipes.


Don’t hang keys where they could easily be reached through a letterbox

or window and never leave them on a sideboard where they are visible.


Keep valuable items away from windows where they could be seen by

passers-by. This includes home computers and television sets.


Never leave garden equipment unattended, even for short periods of time.


Garages and sheds

Try to keep your garage door open only for as long as is necessary. If

thieves can see there is something worth stealing from a garage they

could come back later and break in.


As with items in your home, valuables stored in either a shed or a

garage should be marked with your postcode and house number so if they

are stolen and recovered you can be traced and reunited with your



Large expensive equipment, like lawn mowers, should be fastened to

something bulky. Alternatively, fit anchor posts attached to the floor

to provide a fixed point for locking your belongings to.



Don’t leave windows and roofs open on vehicles while they are unattended

When leaving your vehicle make sure there is nothing on show.


If you have a satellite navigation (SatNav) system in your car remove it

when you leave your vehicle and wipe away sucker marks from your



Before going on holiday

If you're going on holiday use timer switches on radios and lamps to

give the impression the property is occupied.


Don’t make any significant changes to the exterior of your property. For

example, if you never a shut your gate when you’re at home, don’t shut

it when you go away.


Make an arrangement with a trusted friend or neighbour to check on your

home while you’re away.


Look at your home through the eyes of a burglar. If you can get into

your house without keys then so can a burglar.


Police are also encouraging people who suspect someone is selling or

buying stolen goods to contact them. Anyone with information should

contact Nottinghamshire Police on 0115 9670999 or Crimestoppers

anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Des Aldridge



A lawyer defending a man accused of burglary tried this creative defense:
"My client merely inserted his arm into the window and removed a few trifling articles. His arm is not himself, and I fail to see how you can punish the whole individual for an offense committed by his limb."
"Well put," the judge replied. "Using your logic, I sentence the defendant`s arm to one year`s imprisonment. He can accompany it or not, as he chooses."
The defendant smiled. With his lawyer`s assistance he detached his artificial limb, laid it on the bench, and walked out.






1.00pm – 5.00pm




To be opened by children

from Winthorpe School


 Children’s Sports


Pony & Buggy Rides


Donkey Rides


Vintage Vehicles




Boundary Sound


Sumo Wrestling


Bungee Run
















Church Notices 



The village Songs of Praise will be on Sunday 19th July at 6pm. (Festival Weekend) and not the 26th as indicated last month. The collection will be towards the named charity. Please come and raise the roof !

Although a sad and unexpected occasion it was pleasing to see so many friends and family at Malcolm Shelmerdine’s Memorial Service. He will be sadly missed by us all.

We were sorry to hear that Beryl Watts had been in hospital but we are pleased that she is now home again with Phil.

Once again we are having to say ‘Good Bye’ to another much loved character of Winthorpe, Fiona Stewart. She has lived in the village for most of her life and we shall miss seeing her around.

At the moment of writing Keith Lloyd has been in hospital for an operation but now at home recovering and we wish him well.

On Saturday 13th June we held a Summer Evening event in Mrs Margaret Thornhill’s garden. We thank her for allowing us the use of her beautiful garden as it made a marvellous venue. Many people were involved in making the evening a success. The ticket sellers, people who gave donations, those who donated raffle prizes Pat Finn for organising the quiz and helpers who served the drinks. We would especially like to thank Pat & John Nelson for arranging the nibbles and B-B-Q etc. The sausages were very much enjoyed causing questions to be asked. They are called ‘Country Style’ and can be purchased at our Post Office.

The sun shone, and we would like to thank all those who came and made the evening such a great success We raised over £500 towards the re-pointing of our church. Thank you all so much and please watch this space!

We were delighted to have Beth & Maggie with us, two members of the Winthorpe School Netball team which won the County Championship. Many congratulations to the village school. - WELL DONE. !!

We are very sorry to tell you about the sudden death of Alex Jackson, a loving son of Steve and the late Nan Jackson. Our thoughts and sympathy are with Steve at this very tragic time. He will need all our support and prayers.

Church Bells


They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm - 9.00pm

and possibly for the following :-

Sunday July 12th 10.15am Holy Communion service

Sunday July 19th 10.15am Family Service and Village Songs Of Praise at 6pm


From the Registers


Holy Baptism - 17th May- Lucie Megan Gibson

                           19th June - Philip Stuart Turner


RIP - 1st June Malcolm Shelmerdine Memorial Service


Alan & Ann Stone

Up-To-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed outside the church.



Apparently, 1 in 5 people in the world are Chinese.

And there are 5 people in my family, so it must be one of them.
It's either my mum or my dad.
Or my older brother Colin.
Or my younger brother Ho-Cha-Chu.
But I think it's Colin.


So I was getting into my car, and this bloke says to me "Can you give me a lift?"
I said "Sure, you look great, the world's your oyster, go for it.'






Dear All,


Summer began for us at All Saints with a wonderful ‘Summer Evening Relax and B-B-Q’ at Margaret Thornhill’s home.

It was a wonderful occasion, food, wine and most important good conversation. It gave me the opportunity to spend time with folk and have a good chat. Retired or not, life is so busy for many that sitting down in the evening for any length of time and enjoying the company and conversation of others, rather than falling asleep in front of the TV,  is a special event!  It was good to see familiar faces as well as some new ones.


In July following the Saturday Gala Day there will be, on Sunday the 19th July at 6pm, a Songs of Praise in the church  to round off the weekend and give thanks for everyone’s hard work.  Through these events we are able to build to affirm our community and consolidate some friendships and discover new ones.

Today’s internet cyberspace world can, through the Face Book and other Internet and social network sites give many an impression that they have hundreds even thousands of friends, all of which can be picked, ignored and terminated at the click of a mouse.  Friendship is much more, and both the Songs of Praise and the Summer Evening Relax & B-B-Q enable conversation to develop naturally and yes, fun, bubble up.  I wonder what else could be done in our village that might draw folks together?


The quality of our friendships is key.

Out of the blue, I received a phone call from my second cousin Christopher a 19 year old Canadian.  I had met Christopher twice before, many years ago. He was on his way back to British Columbia following a period of volunteering at a hospital in Ghana. Christopher had just 24 hours ‘stop – over’ and I had the daunting privilege of showing him something of the UK. On the afternoon of his arrival we went to Southwell and travelled the length of our East Trent Group of Churches. The following morning we went to London. We walked from Lincoln’s Inn to St. Paul’s, crossed the Thames, walking to The Globe, Tate Modern, Westminster, Downing Street, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.  Finally we returned to the Left Luggage at Kings Cross in a London Black Cab to pick up Christopher’s things. He took everything in his stride coolly taking in the sights and sounds of London. I have no idea what will be his memory of the experience.  My response is, not of the amazing sights, but the conversation we had throughout the day. Through Christopher’s quiet sense of humour and insights into his country and his life I gained the overwhelming realisation of how little I know. Age does not hold the key to wisdom or common sense.


Central to Jesus’ teaching was the ability to listen to peoples’ stories to learn what they wanted and daring to offer what was and, through the record of his ministry, is really needed. Jesus’ unique style enabled many to discover hidden talents and most important to use and enjoy hitherto half discovered gifts. 


During the coming weeks the themes that will be presented at church will be about Jesus’ story, what he actually did, the lives he changed, the many who were challenged and importantly those who rejected God and Jesus’ authority.  There will always be those who just don’t want to know. There are however many more who seek and question. Why not come along sometime.

You know where we are.  All Saints might just provide the space that you are looking for.


In Christian love,




From the internet….


Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.

 Martin Luther King Jr.


Listen to the ‘mustn'ts’ child.
Listen to the ‘don'ts’.
Listen to the ‘shouldn't haves’, the ‘impossibles’, ‘the won'ts’.
Listen to the ‘never haves’, then listen close to me.
Anything can happen child. - Anything can be.

 Shel Silverstein





         Church Services in July


                        Sunday 5th Trinity 4


                        9am                  Holy Communion, Holme


            Sunday 12th  Trinity 5

            10.15am                       Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            6pm                             Evensong, Langford.


            Thursday 16th

            10am                            Holy Communion, Winthorpe.


            Sunday 19th Trinity 6

            9am                              Holy Communion, Langford.

            10.15am                       Family Service, Winthorpe

            6pm                             Village Songs of Praise, Winthorpe.


            Sunday 26th Trinity 7

            8am                              Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

           10.45am                       Family Service, Holme.





                         CHURCH CLEANING VOLUNTEERS

                              July                               AUGUST

             3rd - Miss Applewhite. 14th Mrs Stone, Mr  McClymont.

            17th - Mrs Lloyd.                      28th Mrs Foden, Mrs Hill.

            31st - Mrs Nelson, Mrs Finn.





Monday 6th              Luncheon Club 12.30pm  Centre.

                                Silver Bin

Thursday 9th W.I. ‘Strawberry Bash’, 7.30pm  Spinney.

                                Library Van

Tuesday 14th            Tuesday Club Coffee  Morn. 10.30am V.H.

Saturday 18th         VILLAGE FESTIVAL, Comm. Centre.

Sunday 19th            SONGS OF PRAISE 6pm All Saints.

Monday 20th            Silver Bin

Wednesday 22nd      Garden Club Trip, 6pm – Lord Nelson Car park

Thursday 24th           Library Van

Monday 27th            Green Bin

Tuesday 28th            Tuesday Club Garden Party 2.30pm Tall Trees