Focal Point - July 2007

     FOCAL POINT                 Issue No.320 

JULY 2007                     

Ed’s Comments, 

Well I hope that July is drier than the end of

Friday July 6th 6pm-8pm 

 June. We do seem to have had a lot of rain recently, with the gardens of course benefiting. The result being, a lovely display of colour as nature ‘does it’s thing’.

This unfortunately brings me to the number of hedges we have in Winthorpe that seem to be encroaching on to the footpaths; pedestrians then having to walk in single file. Perhaps as a result of me drawing attention to them the shears may appear! It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were being asked not to park cars on the pavement for the same reason.

We do of course hope for a lovely dry day for the Festival on Saturday the 7th and for all of those other outdoor events taking place this month, of which there are many; from tennis tournaments and  garden parties and even treasure hunts.

This is the season where English strawberries are at their best and can be enjoyed with cream and as the season is short, we can indulge a little without too much concern for ‘the diet’. Mind you, I notice that the ladies of the W.I. are ‘partaking in strawberries and wine’, they do seem to know how to enjoy themselves don’t they? 

It was with much sadness that we said our farewell to Beryl Cox. She was such a lovely active lady and it was heart wrenching to see how that terrible disease, ‘Motor Neurone’, can cause such a debilitating affect in a relatively short space of time. Let’s hope a cure can soon be found.

Cliff Newbold

The closing date for items for the August issue is the 20th July.       


Parish Council Membership  At the Elections in May only six members stood for the Parish Council and consequently a further three have had to be cop-opted – residents may recall seeing the announcement placed in the Notice Board inviting nominations. 

At the last two meetings of the Parish Council, Mr Gary Thompson, Mrs Karen Waters and Mrs Masheder have now been co-opted on to the Parish Council for the next four years.

 Open Gardens and Church Flower Festival   It was reported that the Parish Council’s Open Garden event, together with the Church Flower Festival held on 20 May 2007, produced an income of £855.00, which is less one or two small expenses, which ultimately will be divided between charitable organisations in the village. Planning 

The Parish Council considered a Planning Application from a garage on the Mastercare site (A17) for a large display board  (1500mm x 6000mm).It was agreed that this would be a visual pollution in a rural area, so therefore the Parish Council  unanimously opposed  the application..

Village Website 

The Parish Council are delighted to report that the village website has attracted over 2000 ‘hits’.

 The individual headings are listed as follows:-   

Web Site Statistics      April-May- Mid June

Unique visits
(different computers)                 =          583      

Total no visits to site                 =          1436             

 Main Pages Visited

Focal point online                       =          745     

Community Centre                     =          544       

Post office                                  =          285

Village history                           =          752

Lord Nelson                              =          378     

Parish Church                           =          285

Langford                                   =          150     

Neighbourhood Watch             =          136

Village Hall                               =          135

Village Map                              =          201

Parish Council                          =          204     

Village Calendar                       =          305

Clubs and associations             =          233


It was agreed at the last meeting of the Parish Council that advertising on the website will be confined to commercial businesses within the Parishes of Winthorpe, Langford and Holme.  

Clerk to the Parish Council

This months smile………

 My young grandson called the other day to wish me Happy Birthday. He asked me how old I was, and I told him, "62." He was quiet  for a moment, and then he asked, "Did you start at 1?"            

 After putting her grandchildren to bed for a sleepover, agrandmother washed off her makeup, changed into old slacks and a droopy blouse and began to colour her hair. As she heard the children getting more and more rowdy, her patience grew thin. At last she stormed  into their room, putting them back to bed with stern warnings. As she left the room, she heard the three-year-old say in a trembling voice.......  

"WHO was THAT?" 



The next Lunch will be on Monday, 2nd July.

                                                                                The menu will be:-


Chicken Chasseur


Fillet of Trout with Almond Butter


 New Potatoes, Beans, Peas & Carrots



Strawberries & Cream


Tickets at £6.00 including a glass of wine and coffee

available from the Post Office.


Frances Kelly, Chairman



  WI. REPORT    

    Mrs Tinsley read the minutes and correspondence. One of the letters concerned some of our members who have been knitting teddy bears to raise funds for the children of Berundi, where a school has been built and is now in its final stage.Other business was the reminder about the 90th Celebrations for the County WI to be held in the Parish Church in Newark on July 19th and 20th, finishing off with a Concert at 7pm. on Friday.

The 2008 calendar was on display for members to order.We were reminded of our stall at the Festival and members volunteered to make sandwiches and cakes. 

In July our monthly meeting will be at 7.30pm on the 12th  at the home of Mrs Wiseman when we will be partaking of strawberries and wine.

 Our speaker was Mrs Maureen Newton from Hucknall who spoke on Childhood games and Pastimes. However, at the beginning of her talk she read us some shocking facts about children’s lives before the Act of Parliament to stop Child Labour. One seven year old in Nottingham told of her little sister who started work sewing fingers on gloves at the age of three and a half. A seven year old boy from Ripley told of his life working in the pits from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. These children did not have time to have games and pastimes.Most of our members did have memories, and were soon sharing them with one another i.e. Scrapbooks, cut out dolls and dressing up collections, some of which would be frowned on today.There were rhymes for picking ‘who was on’ in a game, silly rhymes for clapping games and skipping and ball-bouncing rhymes. Everyone knew at least one of them and we were all joining in.Mrs. Newton said that most children these days did not know any of the games and rhymes that had been passed down the generations and urged our members to go out and teach children some of them.

She was thanked by Mrs.Gold, who said the look of nostalgia on the members faces was a sign they had enjoyed the evening.

The competition was for a Childhood Photograph. Mrs Callicot was first once again and Mrs. Graham and Mrs .Marshall were second and third respectively. 

Mrs D S Marshall


Tuesday, July 10th. 

Morning Coffee in the Village Hall. 10.30am. 50p.

Tuesday, July 24th at 2.30pm

Garden Party at “Tall Trees”, The Spinney.

If the weather is bad from the outset we will have tea in the Village Hall. Fingers crossed for good weather; we have been lucky for the last two years!

 Jean Foden 


The total raised by the village this year amounts to a fantastic £403.21.A huge thank you to you all.I have already thanked the team who put aside their own time to help make this possible & I know that the work the Red Cross do is important to many of you, so again "thank you" to the collectors both new and seasoned. 


LANGFORD & HOLME TREASURE HUNT & BBQ                                


Treasure Hunt to start at 6pm at Langford Church  followed  by BBQ from 7pm onwards at Rose Cottage, Holme. Adults £3:50 ---Children £1:00 ---

All Very Welcome   


 Our second outing of the year was a resounding success. We visited the delightful gardens of Felley Priory and then travelled to Shugborough Hall, set in beautiful surroundings in Staffordshire.

Here, in sunny weather, members and friends enjoyed its many attractions. The day was completed by a meal in the Baronial Hall at Risley Hall. Everyone was full of praise for Pat Nelson's organisation of the day.

On JULY 25th  there will be an evening outing to gardens at Kexby near Gainsborough. Travel will be BY CAR  leaving the Lord Nelson at 6.15pm. Anyone requiring further details please contact Pat Nelson on 704712.

HELP PLEASE!   I would like some help with the skittles and another game at the village festival on Saturday July 7th.

These are the Garden Club's contribution and if anyone can help please contact me on 686249

 Ian Wilson

All Saints Church Flower Festival Ladies

Once again you have excelled yourselves; each year I wonder what display of beauty you will produce. This year it was fantastic, and wasn’t it nice to have arrangements dedicated; perhaps we can continue to develop this idea?

Thank you ladies for this wonderful display of flower arrangements you created for the Festival. Your artistic acumen transformed our church to a house full of colour and vibrancy...

My thanks must also extend to those people who so generously donated money towards the flowers.

All your efforts are truly appreciated.

 Sylvia Lloyd 


8th Ladies Tournament

The eighth Ladies Tournament took place on Tuesday 12 June.It was a fabulous day with 30 ladies taking part. Amongst the winners was our own Sue Sharp who received one of the beautiful trophies. The weather was kind to us and the day was finished off with a delicious barbeque lunch, wine and trophy presentation at The Lord Nelson.  

Thank you to Mrs Thornhill and Collingham Tennis Club for the use of their courts, The Lord Nelson for the splendid lunch and raffle prize, Al Myatt of AM Trophies for making and presenting the trophies, Ken Forbes from K & H Sports for providing tennis balls for the tournament, Winthorpe School for the loan of their clip boards and Sue Sharp and Rosanna Marks for helping me organise the event. 

Village Festival – Saturday 7 July 

The courts at the Community Centre will be available to play tennis. There will also be Mini Tennis equipment available to play short tennis in the Main Hall of the Community Centre. 

 Sunday Tournament 

The next Sunday Tournament is planned for 10 am on Sunday 22 July. It is just a fun tournament with the only prize being a mention in Focal Point if you win. Non-members are welcome to take part on this day for the usual £2 court fee.Looking forward to seeing you on court 

Maureen Smith – 01636 701205 -----Winthorpe Tennis Club Secretary 


All these holidays include travel by Travel Wright executive coach.

 ISLE OF MAN, OCTOBER 7th – 12th, 2007 

At the time of going to press there are several twin rooms and one single room available at our hotel in Douglas. Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to join this holiday and I will let you have the details. Those who have paid there deposits will be contacted in August with further information including the balance payments required. 

NORTH DEVON, MAY 18th – 22nd, 2008 

We will be staying in the Park Hotel in Barnstaple and making excursions to the North Devon countryside and coast. 50 people have already expressed interest in this holiday. If you are interested and have not already told me (via the questionnaire issued earlier) let me know.   Details, including the deposit required, will be issued in October. 

EDINBURGH TATTOO, 7th – 10th AUGUST, 2008 

As well as viewing the Military Tattoo we will be visiting Edinburgh and other places of interest during the four day holiday. Because hotels in Edinburgh are very expensive, particularly during the Tattoo, we will be staying just outside the city. Again, a lot of people are interested in this holiday so if you would like to join us and have not told me, please let me know. Information will be issued before the end of this year. 

Peter Foden, 704241.   


The first part of this year’s Festival took place on Sunday, 20th May when ten gardens were open to the public and an art exhibition was held in the Village Hall. Additionally a flower festival and a “Songs of Praise” service were held in the Church.

 I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks to all of the people who so generously opened their gardens on this day. Thanks are also due to:

·        the many stewards who manned the gardens and the ladies who prepared and served refreshments

·        the car park attendants and the ticket sellers who worked so hard to make this day a success

·        the many artists who exhibited their work in the Village Hall

·        the ladies whose flower arrangements made the Church a joy to behold

·        Alan Stone for his music, the choir for leading the hymns and the Rev. David Milner for a most enjoyable “Songs of Praise” service.

  Finally my thanks go to Steven Jackson and his team for taking the lead in organizing the Open Gardens Day. The event made just over £800 towards the Festival Fund. The full 2007 Festival accounts will be published after the Gala Day. 

The GALA DAY part of this year’s Festival will take place at the Community Centre on Saturday, 7th July, from 12 noon to 4pm. The Rev. David Milner has kindly agreed to officially open the event at 12 noon. Details of the afternoon’s activities are given elsewhere in Focal Point.

 I would again encourage you to spend the afternoon with your friends and family at this event. Those of you who heeded this advice last year were rewarded with an afternoon of fun and enjoyment. 


All car parking is free of charge. A temporary car park will be situated at the Cricket Field with pedestrian access to the Community Centre via the Jubilee Walk.

 No car parking will be permitted at the Community Centre because of the activities there. The elderly and disabled may be delivered to, and collected from, the Centre but cars may not remain there.

 Please do not upset the residents of Woodlands and Gainsborough Road by parking inconsiderately. 

Please bear in mind that we must keep the roads clear of obstruction to allow emergency vehicles easy access to all parts of the village at all times.


As agreed at the Public Meeting on February 19th, organizations, clubs and individuals realizing a profit from their activity are expected to make a donation towards the overall cost of the Festival. The amount is not stipulated but a small percentage of the profit is suggested. Please pass this contribution to Keith Lloyd, Peter Foden or myself as soon as possible after the event.

 The nominated charity this year is the Lincs. & Notts. Air Ambulance. Representatives of this organization will be on hand collecting on behalf of this worthy cause. The proceeds from a raffle will also go to the Air Ambulance. 

Profits from the Festival will be distributed as follows:

(a)    The Festival Fund will be replenished to its existing level after expenses have been deducted.

(b)   Any profits remaining will be divided as follows:

(i)      10% to the Festival Fund

(ii)    30% each to the Village Hall, the Church and the Community Centre.


We hope we have good weather again and have a wonderful time at our Village Festival.

 Alec Stewart, Chairman , Organizing Committee.


 GALA  DAY SATURDAY  7th JULY,    Midday – 4.00pm


Emergency Services Displays,---Pony & Buggy Rides,---Vintage Cars, Steam Organ,---Scout Band,---Bouncy Slide,---Cheerleaders,---Folk Band,Children’s Art Exhibition,--- Tennis Competition,--Skittles,Stalls,---Barbecue,---Refreshments. 

In aid of the Lincs. & Notts. Air Ambulance 

Winthorpe Primary School Summer Fayre 

Something for everyone  

The weekend starts here! 





Having started off on a not too positive note last month I thought I’d try to be a bit more upbeat this month.  As I reported, we have spoken to Kelham Hall regarding the phased completion and are now in the process of discharging the planning conditions.  Samples have been obtained along with a proposed planting scheme and they will be very soon despatched to the planning department.  Final discussion has taken place with the manufacturers of the new pavilion and fingers crossed we hope that we will have the new building insitu. prior to the end of the season.  As ever I’ll keep you posted with events. 

On the playing front we have now got a healthy squad of players to pick from and in fact are having to adopt Rafael Benitez’ rotation technique to keep all parties interested.  However, we are still looking for additional members to join us in order to ensure the security of the club for the future.  One of the bright spots is the increased number of junior members which has certainly helped to drastically reduce the average age of the squad.  If you or you know of anyone who may be interested in playing either on a regular basis or just the occasional game please give me, or a member of the club, a call.  You can make yourself available as regularly or irregularly as you wish.  

 As ever we would like to remind people of the Bonus Ball draw that the club runs every week.  This provides the club with the much needed finance to keep us operational.  Without it we would find it impossible to survive, so if you find yourself in the Lord Nelson why not try your luck.  Just ask the bar staff for details of how to enter and it only costs a £1.

 Sunday 3rd June saw us travel to Bassingham where we were able to play our first league match, the previous two having been called off due to weather. 

 Batting first Bassingham scored a total of 209 all out completing all of their allotted overs.  Simon Potter was again amongst the wickets taking 3 for 35 off 10 overs.  He was ably supported by Brian Noble; 2 for 33 off 10 and Lee Briggs; 2 for 28 off 5.  However a special mention must go to Neil Hartland (junior) who in his first game finished with figures of 3 for 35 off 7.  After tea, chasing 210 for victory Winthorpe carried out an excellent run chase only to fall short of the total required by 10 runs when at one stage looking well set to complete the victory.  J Macintyre; 70; C Wragg 53 and L Briggs, 33 on debut were the pick of the batsmen as we finished on 200 for 5.  

The following week saw our first home game taking place in a re-match with Saxilby.  Batting first on a tricky pitch Winthorpe reached a modest total of 107 with C Wragg top scoring with 30.  Given the circumstances all thought this was a defendable total.  In what proved to be an inspirational piece of captaincy A Locke was asked to bowl from the opposite end from normal.  After what can only be described as an extraordinary spell of bowling, Saxilby were reduced to 16 for 7 with A Locke taking all 7 wickets!  Saxilby then found themselves at 24 for 8 and all seemed comfortable.  However after a combination of good batting and an ample portion of determination Saxilby rallied and ended up all out for 92.  A Lock was obviously the pick of the bowlers finishing with 7 wickets for 6 runs off his 10 overs. 

This last Sunday saw Market Rasen visit Holme Lane for the first time. They were just pleased to have a game and were amazed we were able to play as their pitch was still underwater.  Winthorpe were put into bat scoring 129 off 40 overs.  Again this was believed to be a defendable score although probably 20 or so runs short of an ideal total.  Max Cope had an excellent knock of 46 the highlight being a straight 6 into the field.  On the day Market Rasen proved to be a little too strong for us and scored the 130 runs required off 27 overs. I have included our fixtures for July below. 

All that remains now is to hope for a good summer and we hope to see you down at Holme Lane.  

 Contact Details:-   Andy Fereday – 678622 - Ashley Locke – 703988 -

 Peter Bateson -704787 -- Simon Potter– 612968 

Fixtures June/July 2007 

Day Date Home Club/Team   Away Club/Team Venue
#Sunday 24-Jun Hartsholme 1st XI vs Winthorpe 1st XI A
Sunday 01-Jul Martin 1st XI vs Winthorpe 1st XI A
Sunday 08-Jul Winthorpe 1st XI vs Reepham 1st XI H
Sunday 22-Jul Timberland 1st XI vs Winthorpe 1st XI A
Sunday 29-Jul Winthorpe 1st XI vs Hartsholme 1st XI H

Duck Day 

The Club would like to thank every one who turned out on duck day despite the atrocious weather conditions.  Although the numbers were well down we still managed to turn a small profit on the day,  which has been added to the new pavilion fund.  Following numerous comments regarding the event and suggestions that it would be a good idea to hold another Duck Race Day in August.  The Club has therefore decided that there will be a second Duck Day on The August Bank holiday.  Dave at the Lord Nelson is also agreeable with this and we will be discussing the possibility of putting one or two additional attractions if possible. I’ll give you a further update in the August Focal Point. 

Andy Fereday


Are you watering your sunflowers? If you are you will have noticed they are growing at a fast rate. On the 16th June mine was 1mtr 50cms high.

  • Is your sunflower higher than mine? Go out and check.
  • The reason why the plants require a lot of water is that a large percentage of the water taken up by the roots is lost through its large leaves to the atmosphere. This is called ‘transpiration’.
  • Keep tying the plants to the stakes. As the stems get thicker you may have to loosen off the ties, as you do not want to strangle the plant.
Look very closely at the top of the plant and you should notice the new flower bud appearing.Feed the plants once a week with Tomorite or a general liquid fertilizer. You will not get large plants unless you water and feed. You sunflowers need feeding just like you do. 


If you are lucky to go onto the continent of Europe for your summer holidays look out for the fields full of sunflowers. These are a shorter variety than the ones that you are growing. They are grown for their seeds. The seeds are used in the food industry throughout the world. The seeds are crushed and the oil extracted is used in cooking oil and margarine. This helps to prevent heart disease, as it is high in essential polyunsaturates and low in saturates.


I was fortunate to get my sunflowers tied up before the heavy rain we had on the 13th and 15th of June. Did you?

The heavy rain and wind flattened the two sunflowers that I am growing in between the patio slabs, thankfully they have now recovered.

 Pat Finn.

Another piece of Village History taken from our website...     
    (This was prompted by the WI report. The italics are mine. Ed.) 

..........”The village celebration of the postponed coronation day of Edward V11 (1902) seems to have been on similar lines, but perhaps it is of interest to note that among the usual kind of races there were the following:- 

Rope Quoits, Single Women over 18– Self explanatory I feel, Quoits being a ring of rope, although the class of competitor sounds a little strange 

Women's Bicycle Threading Needle Competition:–

Rules I think:-One team member rides the bicycle carrying the thread and proceeds to her partner at the other end of the course who has the needle. When the threader has thread the needle the cyclist sets off to the finishing line. The first one back, complete with threaded needle, is the winner.

Men's German Race, and Boys' German Race:- No idea.      

Men's Clothes Basket Competition:- No idea

Girl's French Skipping:-.

To play you needed a really long piece of knicker elastic - the kind that's about 5mm wide - or, more likely, several pieces that you'd scrounged from your mum's sewing basket all tied together to make a big loop of elastic. A good size for playing with three people would be about three metres. To play properly, you'd need a minimum of three players, but at a pinch you could play with 2 and a bin (or in extreme desperation one person and two stools). All players but one would stand inside the loop so they were stretching it relatively taught around their collective ankles.The remaining player would then perform a series of jumping moves to ensure that after each manoeuvre their feet would be in specified positions in relation to the gaps of elastic between each player.
They went in the following order:-Both feet under the elastic----Both feet on top of the elastic---One on top, one under   ---One on top, one under, swap feet before moving to the next stretch of elastic (known as 'swapsies')After a round of all the jump types above had been completed successfully, the height of the elastic would be raised (obviously increasing the difficulty of the jumps) to 'kneesies', then 'thighsies' before 'waistsies' and then the real challenge, which was 'chestsies'.If the current player failed to execute the correct jump their turn was over.  

Girls Dutch Skipping:-

Or Double Dutch skipping, where a person jumps through two jump ropes at the same time, which are being
twirled in opposite directions. Apparently it’s twice as hard but twice as much fun as well.

 (Next years Festival!!) I hope that others found this as fascinating as I did. Ed.


After several weeks work the Winthorpe Village Scrapbooks are on the village website, although there is still a small amount of tweaking to do. See This should be the most important icon on your desktop.

For those people who haven’t got a computer you can still borrow the Village Scrapbooks from me. Tel: 704444.

 A reminder of how it all began……. 

A competition was organised in 1970-71 by the Newark Archaeological and Local History Society for a local Village Scrapbook. The object of the competition was to collect information about village history from local people, and a condition was that all the scrapbooks should afterwards be deposited for reference in the Gilstrap Public Library in Newark. (A copy was made for the village)

Winthorpe took up the challenge. A committee under the chairmanship of Mr. G. P. Bennett was formed. The committee sourced out information from different places including the parish and church records. Books were read and notes made. Help was obtained from members of the village, who contributed many articles and photographs. The information gathered filled two A3 ring binders.

After tying for first place with Elston, we were awarded six trees. A weeping willow was planted on The Green in front of the Almshouses and the remainder, silver birch, lime, balsam poplar, red horse chestnut and prunus around the edge of the cricket field, on the left-hand side just inside the gateway.

The Scrapbooks, of which there are now four, are being updated with the help of several members of the village, but much work is still to be done!!

My thanks to Malcolm and Richard Smith who taught me how to use the website.

Pat Finn


The service of Corpus Christ! (the Body of Christ ) was held in Winthorpe Church for the whole Benifice on Thursday 7th June at 7.3Opm. It was well supported and we thank Collingham Church choir for leading the singing.

This service is a celebration of the institution of the Holy Communion service.

On Sunday 17th June at 6pm a service of Thanksgiving for the PCC’s and churchwardens of all the churches in the Benifice was held in All Saints Church Collingham and we were pleased to welcome other members of the churches who joined us for the service.

A presentation ( previously shown to the Diocesan and Deanery Synods ) of the implementation of the working together across the eight churches was shown to the congregation and explained by Nick Narracott, Giles Proctor and Revd David Milner. It showed that we had progressed in an almost impossible situation. The three groups that had been formed at the beginning were working well together which was encouraging ... Watch this space!!We are very lucky to have David as our priest who is so enthusiastic and supportive. 

I am sure all the village wish to send sincere condolences to Harold Cox and his family following the death of Beryl whose illness was bravely borne. She will be sadly missed as she has been part of the village for a long time and has made many friends. Her daughter Suzanne was a member of the Church Choir. 

On Saturday 7th July is the Winthorpe Festival Gala Day which is to be held at the Community Centre and we send our best wishes for it’s success and hope it will be well supported by the village.We are nearing the main holiday time of the year and we wish those going away a happy holiday, good weather and a safe return. 

Church Bells:-

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from  7.3Opm until 9pm and possibly for the following:

July8th:- Trinity 5 for 10.15am - Holy Communion service.

July 20th:- Trinity 6 for 10.15am - Family Service 

From the registers:- 

Holy Baptism :- Marcus William James Russell 

Up-to-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benifice are displayed in the Post Office. 

Alan Stone 


Dear All, 

We are midst the season of garden parties, barbeques and out door sports, and it’s raining!

There is something rather reassuring about the unpredictability of English weather, with or without global warming.

We recently held a service in the group with a particular emphasis on all who serve on parochial church councils throughout the group.  We were rather a large gathering.  I hope it was both affirming and enjoyable for all those who attended and took part.

One of the key elements of being part of the group of churches is being able to talk with one another and importantly learn from one another.  As the group is developing, I am mindful the journeys that many have made to embrace the Christian way.  The faith journey is like no other.  It is at the same time scary, exciting and affirming.  Scary  because we often don’t know where God is calling us.  It is exciting, because we just don’t know what will happen and where God will call us and faith is affirming when we can sense God’s part in an area of our life.

Jesus uses a number of examples demonstrating the notion that we are all called.   Recognising the activity of God and using what we discover is a lifetime journey. Most of all Jesus brings us the greatest gift of love.

 The Christian faith is understood, by many, but shared by few. The Christian faith is known by many, but lived by few. Centrally the Christian faith can draw people together and assist in building sound communities. It only attracts and grows when communities are healthy, and remain in good health or get into shape, as with nearly everything a certain amount of effort is required. The response can be amazing.   

Jesus recognised the need for sincere friendship and understood a basic human need to feel valued and known.  Joining the faith trail can make a positive life changing difference. Why not come along and meet us at a Sunday or Thursday service. Times and days are clearly displayed on Notice Boards around the Village? 

  Be welcome,  
Yours truly, David


 Sunday 1st  Trinity 4 9am      Holy Communion, Holme-----No Service at Winthorpe 

Sunday 8th  Trinity 5

10.15am           Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

6pm                 Evensong, Langford.

Sunday 15th  Trinity 6

 9am                  Holy Communion, Langford.

10.15am           Family Service, Winthorpe.

Thursday 19th

10.15am           Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

Sunday 22nd  Trinity 7

8am                  Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

10.15am           Family Service, Holme.

1pm                 Holy Baptism. Winthorpe.

Sunday 29th  Trinity 8 ---No Service at Winthorpe  6pm - East Trent Evensong at Clifton       



Meeting of PCC Tuesday 17th July at the Rectory, Collingham.


     6th Mrs Stone & Mrs McClymont---- 20th Mrs Foden & Mrs Hill


                                 JULY CALENDAR

            Monday 2nd      Luncheon Club, 12.30pm – Centre

                                    Green Bin

            Friday 6th         School Summer Fayre, 6pm

                                    Langford Treasure Hunt, 6pm – Church

            Saturday 7th      VILLAGE FESTIVAL

            Monday 9th      Silver Bin

            Tuesday 10th    Tues.Club Coffee Morn. 10.30am – V.H.

            Thursday 12th   WI Meeting, 7.30pm - Chapel House

                                    Library Van

            Monday 16th    Green Bin

            Tuesday 17th    PCC Meeting, The Rectory, Coll.

            Thursday 19th   Parish Council Meeting, 7.30pm V.H.

            Sunday 22nd     Tennis Tournament, 10am

            Monday 23rd    Silver Bin

            Tuesday 24th    Tues.Club Garden Party 2.30pm Tall Trees

            Wednesd.25th   Garden Club outing, 6.15pm