Focal Point - January 2008


FOCAL POINT       Issue No. 326 

January 2008


Ed’s Comments,


Again  this month you will read that we have ‘lost’ two more of our villagers. Our thoughts are with those who mourn their loss.

 This is the month that I take the opportunity to thank, on your behalf, those who deliver this newsletter to your door. As they are the same people who have been delivering since before I took over as editor, I thought that perhaps I didn’t need to name them, but as Vivienne Green went unrecognised after her collapse on Hargon Lane, whilst delivering them, then perhaps I do need to let everyone know who delivers where:-

Langford = Sheila Bird

Holme = Diane Malone

Winthorpe– Gainsborough Rd  = Margaret Bark ,  Nan Jackson &

              Diane McClymont plus Holme Lane

The Spinney = Frank Dennis---- Woodlands = Pat Finn

Pocklington Crescent = Ian Wilson, -- Branston Close = Keith Bryan

Hargon Lane = Vivienne Green

My thanks to you all.


What excitement we had at the beginning of last month. Is it the Silver bin or the Green bin? What decisions we had to make! I hope no-one got caught out. Of course I didn’t help by following the Councils inaccurate 2008 document and printing it on the Calendar page.

When challenged about my mistake; yes it was pointed out to me! I did say, (with tongue in cheek) that it was deliberate, as I did not receive any offers following my request for a deputy, (what a surprise that was) I thought that if I made enough errors someone may come forward!

 Cliff Newbold 

Closing date for the February issue is the 24th January.


Winthorpe Parish Council News.

Cricket Club - New Pavilion 

Work on the Cricket Clubs new pavilion has been steadily progressing over the past few months.

The only major work left to be done is the fitting of the false roof so that the completed building will then look much more like a cricket pavilion than it does at the moment.

However the Cricket Club have advised the Parish Council that it will shortly run out of building funds and that this part of the project may have to be delayed — at the moment the Club estimate a “shortfall” of around £4500. Applications for funding have and are being made to various organisations but even if these are successful it is still anticipated that the Club will have to raise a further two or three thousand pounds itself.

Whilst this is a lot of money for a small cricket club it is not, by to-days standards, an insurmountable amount to raise.

The Parish Council have suggested that the Club should perhaps approach the Special Events Sub-Committee, that are responsible for organising the Village Festival, to ask if the they would consider donating some of the proceeds next year to this project. Similarly, that with the goodwill of the village Youth Club, perhaps the Cricket Club could run some sort of fund-raising activity at the village Bonfire night celebrations next November.?

Like the restoration of the Church bells a few years ago, this will be a ‘one off’ appeal.

 Cutting of the grass verges in the village. 

The Parish Council has been approached by the County Council to see if we are prepared to take on the responsibility for the cutting of certain of the grass verges in the village, a task currently undertaken by the County Council.

The County Council would pay us a set amount each year for this work and the Parish Council would then be responsible for seeing that the work was done properly and at regular prescribed intervals during the spring/summer months.

At the moment the Parish Council are cross checking with the County Council the area of grass to be cut and where, and the amount the Parish Council will receive to pay for this.

Whilst the Parish Council does not wish to make a profit from this, at the same time neither do we intend to be out of pocket - otherwise we see some merit in this proposal.

 Winthorpe Bonfire Night — Final accounts. 

For those who may be interested, a copy of the final accounts for the Bonfire night celebrations 2007, have been put on the Parish notice board outside the Post Office.

The proceeds from this event go to the village Youth Club, who do most of the preparatory work and on the night itself, to help meet the costs of running the Club for the year ahead.

 Village Priest  Stone.

 As many local residents may recall, the village priest stone on Holme Lane, the last remnant of medieval Winthorpe and our original village cross, is in dire need of repair and restoration if it is not to disintegrate and be lost.

The District Council require the Parish Council to submit a Planning Application together with a drawing of what we propose to do; without this we cannot proceed further.

Someone kindly agreed to do this for us but has now had to withdraw and has let us down.

Can anyone in the village help please? This not a major task, or particularly onerous, for anyone used to this type of work.

 Next Meeting. The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on Thursday evening the 17th January 2008, at 7 pm in the Village Hall 

Steve Jackson   











 This announcement is in accordance with the requirement of the Act.





It was with great sadness that I heard about the sudden death of David Jackson. He became involved with the creation of the Community Centre through the Youth Club and was very active in all aspects of the project. His advice on all practical aspects of the construction was invaluable. It is thanks to David that we have a kitchen that is well up to standard for all types of catering that can be provided at the Centre. When the project was complete he remained a very active Trustee acting as the Chairman of the ongoing fund raising committee and launching the Lunch Club for which he acted as chef. At the time of his death he was busy planning the next quiz night. He will be greatly missed. 


The quiz night will take place as planned on Saturday, 9th February. This is thanks to David Barthorpe who has kindly volunteered to act as quizmaster so that the event can continue in memory of David Jackson. Full details will be given nearer the time but please make a note of the date in your new diary. 


As usual, the site boundary of the Community Centre will be closed for 24 hours so that a legal prescriptive right of access is not established. To cause the minimum disruption the site will be closed from 4pm on Sunday 6th January to 4pm Monday, 7th January, 2007. The gate will be locked and tape barriers will be placed across all other openings onto the site. We hope that everyone will respect the reason for this closure.


No lunch in January. The next lunch will be on Monday, 11th February. 
Finally, I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year on behalf of the Trustees of the Community Centre. 

Frances Kelly, Chairman




Both meetings in January will be in the Village Hall as usual.

 Tuesday, 8th January.

                Morning coffee, 10.30am, 50p.

                We welcome anyone who would like to come along.

 Tuesday, 22nd January.

                 2.30pm - Slide show of The Isle of Man followed by the AGM.

 Joyce White

We were all saddened to hear of the sudden death of Joyce and send our sympathies to the Rev. David White and his wife and family.

Joyce had been a regular member of the Tuesday Club for many years and long time residents of Winthorpe will remember her and her mother, Mrs Mumby, in the Post Office.


 A very happy and healthy New Year to all.
Jean Foden.




Yet again purses have been stolen from houses in Winthorpe. In one case a door was left unlocked and a purse was taken unnoticed. In another case two men claiming to be police checking the security of the property after a recent burglary were admitted and again a purse was stolen. They showed a false identification card. The latter type of incident is harder to stop because it seems so genuine at the time. It should not normally be necessary for anyone to need access to a property without prior notification from a recognized organisation. The advice from the Police is - try to see who is at the door before opening it. Once the door is open it is difficult to prevent entry. If in any doubt say you are going to ring 999 and do so. If you have an alarm call button use it. Please do think about keeping your doors locked and, if in any doubt whatsoever, do not let unknown people into your house. 

Peter Foden, Central Co-ordinator 


 Winthorpe Cricket Club 


                       It seems an awfully long time since I have been able to commit finger to keyboard in order to provide the Focal Point with an update on the comings and goings of the cricket club, July in fact having checked!  Hopefully there will be one or two faithful readers of the report who will be pleased that there is an update this month. Those of you who regularly take a constitutional along the Jubilee Walk or walk their dog down at the cricket ground will have noticed some activity recently.  At long last we have managed to procure and install the first phase of the pavilion development.  We now have a new kitchen and lounge area, two changing rooms with showers, disabled toilet and umpire’s changing plus groundsman’s storage all of which are fitted out and ready for use.  This means that we will now be almost fully operational from Holme Lane again.  The reason I say almost is due to the fact that there is still some work to be completed in order to tidy up the surroundings and the final service connections.  Additionally we need to beg, borrow or steal plant and equipment so we can prepare and maintain the pitch, the outfield and perimeter for the forthcoming season.   Over recent weeks a number of people within the village have been enquiring “as to when the pavilion will be finished?” or “why hasn’t it got a roof?” 

 This brings me nicely back to my comment at the start of the previous paragraph regarding this being the first phase of the project.  The second phase of the project is in fact the installation of a false roof to the units in order to give it a more “traditional” look.  The club has currently been able to bring the cost of the new pavilion within the projected budget.  The original budget did not however include the cost of a roof and we are now left with a shortfall in funds with which to provide it.  Based on previous cost figures and tightening of the purse strings the projected shortfall is likely to be in the region of £6,000.  The club are to begin raising funds and researching further grant streams during 2008 with a view to the roof being installed for the 2009 season.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the support that you have given us over the last couple of years and hope that you will continue to support us in the future.  If anyone has any ideas regarding fundraising opportunities, sources of funding, wishes to make a donation to the club or even knows of a benevolent benefactor who may be willing to assist, please do not hesitate to contact me or any other member of the club.  With your help and assistance I am sure that the pavilion can be completed sooner rather than later!  I will keep everyone informed regarding further developments via regular updates in the Focal Point. On the playing side of things, the season was very disappointing due to the weather. 

 Only 7 fixtures were completed all season with us winning 4 and losing 3.  With so few games being played, we were never going to be in the running for honours likewise we were never likely to be relegated finishing the season just below mid table.  The highlight of the season playing wise was Ashley Locke’s bowling performance against Saxilby at home where he finished with figures of 7 wickets for 6 runs off 10 overs.  Batting, fielding and player of the season were all “scooped” by Chris Wragg who seemed to thrive on being promoted up the order coming in first wicket down and had an excellent season.  

 Just to let you know the Bonus Ball draw runs throughout the close season.  This provides the club with the much needed finance to keep us operational.  Without it we would find it impossible to survive, so if you find yourself in the Lord Nelson why not try your luck.  Just ask the bar staff for details of how to enter and it only costs a £1. 

The Club will be having an open day prior to the season starting once the pavilion is fully operational, giving the opportunity for those interested to come down to Holme Lane and check out the new facilities. 

As ever, we will keep you informed via Focal Point and hopefully next year via the village website. Once again thank you all for your support.

 Contact Details

Andy Fereday – 678622 Ashley Locke – 703988  Peter Bateson - 704787Simon Potter – 612968 

Andy Fereday


Coffee Morning 29th Nov

I would like to thank my students and all of those from the village who supported the Coffee Morning and Holistic Evening I ran for charity. We raised £347.

By the time you read this the monies will have been equally divided and given to the two charities, PASIC (Parents Association for Seriously Ill Children) at the Q.M.C. and the Breast Institute/Gillis Ward at Nottingham City Hospital.

PASIC have already acknowledged their money and are planning the Christmas shopping trip for the children’s presents from Santa.

I would also like to thanks all those who supported me with their time and generous donations - Thank You.

Wishing you all a Peaceful 2008

Joanna Driver 



It is at this time of the year when Cliff thanks his Focal Point distributors. Well, I would like to turn the tables on him.

Like the editors before you, Lynne Shapley, the late David Brooks, Jenny Lindley, Peter Roach and Peter Milroy, you are doing a first class job. You have added a new dimension in your seven years as editor of Focal Point. 

Thank you Cliff.

.Pat Finn. 

Thank you Pat. Ed


 A Ready Response.


When I worked as a collier in hot and dusty conditions, I often came ‘up pit’ with an almighty thirst craving to be quenched. A glass of beer in the pit bar went down a treat and in double quick time. I didn’t try to keep up with my fellow colliers. Some had an astonishing capacity and a few never knew when to stop. On Mondays there were always absentees, some without doubt from overindulgence, so when I received a letter from the Ministry of Labour requiring me to attend a tribunal to explain my absence from essential work on a series of Mondays over some months, I was more than a little annoyed. I had not been absent from work during this period, but the dates coincided with a course the manager had sent me on to qualify for the Pit Mine Rescue Team. I reread the letter and penned a suitably cutting reply, suggesting that they should check their facts. I was not a ‘Monday Malingerer’. Needless to say I never received a reply, let alone an apology.

 At Ilkeston Mine Rescue Station I had followed with six others, a rigorous programme of technical and practical training. We were familiarized with the use of breathing apparatus and all our exercises were undertaken in concrete underground practice mine galleries. We were subjected to increasingly demanding practical tests, culminating in a full-length, and realistic mine rescue and fire-fighting exercise, which we all agreed afterwards put the fear of God into us. The casualties were dummies, but the rest was dauntingly real.

Like virtual spacemen, wearing breathing apparatus on our chests and voluminous asbestos suits we entered the low seams, to be met by the singeing heat of a blazing inferno. The thick, billowing smoke made orientation and communications extremely difficult. In these conditions it took time to find and stretcher the dummy casualties to safety. That achieved, we tackled the deep-seated fire as swiftly as possible and after some time and many false hopes we finally extinguished it. The heat, the exertion in cramped conditions and growing fatigue had slowed us down, but we pressed on to the last vital stage. We dragged many scores of sandbags some distance to build a floor to roof airtight

barrier around the source of the fire, to deprive it of air and prevent re-ignition. Finally, relieved and thoroughly exhausted we retreated. In the seemingly endless time it had taken we had all felt severely tested. We also lost pounds in weight but thank goodness not our nerve. After all, it was only a rehearsal!

In my three and a bit years in the pit, that test, together with quite a few hazardous work experiences, taught me valuable lessons about myself, and the men I worked with daily. Many had lived with such experiences for half a lifetime or more. Gradually I grew to respect and value those I worked with, often unschooled and outwardly rough and ready, they showed on many occasions reliability and often utter selflessness, qualities bred, I’m sure by the daily awareness of danger and death and the need, deeply felt, to rely on and come to the aid of a fellow, whatever the cost.

 Ron Bradshaw. 



Walking in the village

Wherever it may be,

Gives me a little problem

Sometimes two or three.

Is it John or Peter?

Margaret or Joan?

                      Their precious names elude me

                      ‘Til I’m probably at home.

                       The greeting is sincere enough

But lacks the friendly touch.

Apologies may well apply

But face it honestly I will

Without a doubt it’s Anno Domini

 My name escapes me.



Church Notices


On Saturday evening December 8th many of us enjoyed a social evening at the Community Centre organised by Revd David Milner. The evening commenced with Muriel Silby at the piano playing well-known songs from years ago which are still well known today. As many of you will know, she plays from memory. Sylvia Lloyd accompanied the carols and other songs, with support from David & Carol Needham who is leader of the Benefice Choir. It was most enjoyable and there was still plenty of time for conversation, wine & mince pies.

We would like to thank all those who made mince pies , prepared the room ,the pianists Muriel & Sylvia and George Donaghue for his photography during the evening and last but not least, all of you for coming.

We are looking forward to our Carol Service on Sunday 16th December when we will welcome the Benefice Choir with their leader Carol who has given a lot of her time & thought to make these musical events successful and inclusive.

 It has been a sad time in the village. On Sunday 25th November David Jackson (47 years) died suddenly at home.

Since David and his family came to live in the village he has supported it in various ways. Latterly many of us have relied on his expertise in solving computer problems, which we appreciated. Our sympathies are with Sue, Nan, Steve and all his family.

 On Saturday 8th December Joyce White died suddenly. Joyce had not been a well woman for many years but had been uncomplaining and cheerful although disabled and often in pain. She had lived in Winthorpe most of her life helping to run the Post Office with her Mother ( Mrs Mumby ) She supported Ralph in his Parish Council work and as Churchwarden. Until recently she was a regular worshipper at church and had continued to support us when possible. She will be very sadly missed by many. Our thoughts are with her son David, his wife Jane and all the family.


We feel that the church is becoming more integrated into village life, due mainly to the efforts of our priest David who works very hard to support the village in so many ways amidst his many commitments; Thank you David.

We would like to thank Sylvia & Keith Lloyd , the PCC and all those who support the church in various ways , also Martin & Jo at the Post Office & Cliff Newbold for continuing to be the Editor for the Focal Point.

We would welcome any volunteers who would like to help in a practical way.

With more we could do more!

 Church Bells :-

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until 9pm and possibly for the following:

January 13th Holy Communion Service 10.l5am

January 20th Family Service 10.15am

 From the Registers 

Holy Baptism

 December 1st - Darcy Jo Smith & Lara Meg Smith of 130 Winthorpe Road, Newark

 We send our good wishes to everyone in the village and especially to those who are unwell at this present time.

If they would like a visit from the Revd David Milner they can contact him on 892682 or telephone Ann on 702104 

A Happy New Year to everyone

Alan & Ann

Up-to-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office. 


 How many of you new we had our own ‘anthem’?


Winthorpe  -- Lyrics by Jo Freya     



                        Winthorpe, is a place of names

                        A place of many different fames

                        A place of charity and toil

                                    A place no-one could ever spoil


1. The ‘Camamiles ‘did once reside

And worked as carpenters with pride

Also, wheelrights, they were too

So many tasks they,d do for you

In seventeen hundred and ninety eight

That’s when they came and sealed their fate 

2.  G. Gamble gave the needed ground

On which the chapel can be found

The man, a miller was by trade

Foundations on his ground were laid

In eighteen hundred and forty nine

The chapel was built and stood so fine

    3.  In modem times, as you can see 

The WI. it came to be 

Giving to charity, helping a cause 

Hearing a speaker to loud applause 

In Nineteen hundred and eighty eight

The chair was held by Lily Longmate 

4.  And now with sadness let us sing

Of Ralph, espoused to Edna Wing

They met, they danced and then they wed

For only two years it was said

In nineteen hundred and Eighty five

 On the A46 they sadly died. 


    Thank You

Steven, Nancy and Susan Jackson and our family would like to thank everyone for the very welcome support received following the sudden death of David.

This was a great comfort, helping us through what has been a difficult time.

We were especially gratified that so many people came to his funeral.

Thank you.



Church Flower Ladies

 To-day I saw a church transformed.

 Once again you have surpassed yourselves in the beautiful Christmas arrangements you have provided. Thankyou everyone for your efforts, it is so appreciated. 

 Sylvia Lloyd  


Church Bells


I am pleased to be able to advise you that:- 

(a)The faculty is approved

 (b)The funding is complete 

Also the order has been placed with Hayward Mills to weather proof the belfry.

Our thanks to everyone who has supported us in this project; the bells should now be able to be maintained for the next 100 years!

Thank you on behalf of the P.C.C and tower band.

 K.J. Lloyd

The Rector

Dear All, 

Welcome to 2008!!

Last month I was able to spend time with a number of folks around the village at an event held at the Community Centre.  ‘The Rectors Jolly’.  A good time was had, singing, eating mince pies and enjoying good conversation.  Thanks to Sylvia Lloyd for accompanying the singing and Carole Needham for help in preparing the words and music and conducting on the night.  A special delight was a guest performance on the piano by Muriel Silby, just 99 years young.

Thanks to all who serviced wine, made mince pies, set up and cleared away!!

 The message of Christmas is one of inspiration and hope.  As we journey into January, wet, windy and even cold! the message of Jesus birth should still be able to warm and encourage us. 2008 will bring new adventures and challenges for us, new places to go and new people to meet. At the heart being open to new possibilities is key in our journey with Jesus. From Nazareth to Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Emmaus, through his example we on the faith trail are called to challenge and change.

Jesus leads all faith followers to as yet unknown destinations.

Once on board an exciting lifelong experience is assured.

It will be filled with risk and delight.

 Come and join us!! 

A very happy new year to you all. 

In Christian Love David              




                       Sunday 6th

                        9am                  Holy Communion, Holme

                                                NO SERVICE AT WINTHORPE


            Sunday 13th     Epiphany 2

            10.15am                       Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            5pm                             Evensong, Langford.

             Thursday 17th

            10am                Holy Communion BCP, Winthorpe.

             Sunday 20th Epiphany 3

            9am                  Holy Communion, Langford.

            10.15am           Family Service, Winthorpe.

             Sunday 27th Epiphany 4

            8am                  Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            10.15am           Family Service, Holme.





4th  Mrs Stone — Mr  McClymont -- 18th   Mrs Foden — Mrs Hill




            Monday 7th                  Silver Bin.

            Tuesday 8th                  Tues. Club Coffee Morn. 10.30am V.H.

            Thursday 10th               WI Meeting, 7.30pm  V.H.

                                                Library Van.

            Monday 14th                Green Bin.

            Thursday 13th               Monday 17th    Green  Bin.

            Wednesday 16th           Garden Club Social, 7.30pm  Centre.

            Thursday 17th               Parish Meeting, 7.30pm V.H.

            Monday 21st                 Silver Bin.

            Tuesday 22nd                Tuesday Club slide show, 2.30pm V.H.

            Thursday 24th               Library Van.

            Monday 28th                Green Bin.


            Monday 11th                Luncheon Club.

 Village organisations and local bodies – if at anytime you would like to get in touch with a village contact, why not try this website.?

Our Advertisers.


There are three new advertisers for 2008.

We now have a new Plumber, a 24 hour Locksmith and a Jetwashing service.

Please consider our advertisers, for without their support we would have difficulty funding this newsletter.


My sincere thanks to all of them.