Focal Point - December 2007


FOCAL POINT DECEMBER                Issue No. 325

Ed’s comments


It was with much sadness that the village heard that Rose Lawrence had lost her fight against cancer. She fought so hard but unfortunately this terrible disease won.

Our thoughts will be with Mike and his family at this time.

 I was also very upset this month to hear that Vivienne Green had collapsed whilst delivering the Focal Point on Hargon Lane.

However I am pleased to be able to report that David has informed me that Viv is coming along quite nicely after her stroke and although not able to speak fully as yet, has regained most of her other faculties. Hopefully, she will be back at home by the time you are reading this. We wish her a speedy return to full health.

 On a more trivial note; I get some interesting emails from time to time and this month I received one from ‘The Sweeney’. Now those at the village Murder Mystery evening might know which team competed under this name. They referred in their email to a question that came up in the opening warm up quiz namely:-

‘What sport was O.J. Simpson associated with?’

They were a little disappointed to find the answer given as ‘Basketball’, when they were convinced that it was ‘American Football’.

In case anyone else thought the same, I have spoken to the organiser and he agrees, but he did suggest that the team who were announced the winners had also given ‘American Football’, so it made no difference to the result!

 Cliff Newbold

The closing date for the January issue is EARLY as the Printers close for the festive season - it is Friday 14th December.  

 I wish you all a very enjoyable Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year 

Parish Council News.

Notts: County Council – Older People in Nottinghamshire. 

The County Council has gone out to consultation on a series of recommendations for the future care of older people in the County and has invited local people to comment.

A copy of the document detailing these proposals has been posted on the Parish Village Notice Board.  Anyone wishing for more information or to make any comments should contact Mr Terry Pears (Adult Social Care and Health) on  08449  808080 or alternately e-mail or by writing to Mr Pears direct at  West Bridgford House, Loughborough Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham. NG2. 7UN. A copy of the briefing note displayed on the notice board is also obtainable from Mr Pears.

All replies and comments are required by the County Council by the 11th January 2008.

 Overhanging Trees and Vegetation.

 The Parish Council have received a number of complaints from local residents about overhanging trees and vegetation and in particular along Gainsborough Road and other footways, where some of the trees are obscuring the street lights. We would all wish to avoid Newark and Sherwood District Council becoming involved and writing to the occupiers concerned and we would be very grateful therefore if these could be cut back or trimmed at the earliest opportunity. 

Grass Cutting – Winthorpe Village. 

The Parish Council are currently discussing with the Highways Department at the County Council the possibility of the Parish Council taking on the responsibility of cutting the designated grass verges in the village.

We are waiting to hear what verges are currently designated for cutting and how much the County Council will pay us to carry out this work. It is felt that local control and responsibility for this work would be more effective.

“Potterdyke” Development, Newark Town Centre.  

Many local residents will, we are sure, have heard of the proposals to develop land on Lombard Street in Newark, which, among other things, involves a proposal to move Newark Bus Station and demolish the former (now derelict) Robin Hood Hotel. Clearly this is a major development proposal with important planning and other implications for Newark and surrounding districts. Newark and Sherwood District Council would like to hear from all of those with views on the scheme, whether supporting, objecting, or simply commenting on the proposals. The Parish Council have been asked to bring this to the attention of local residents. A public exhibition is currently on view (in the former Newsagents on Carter gate) at which it is possible to make written comments after having viewed the plans and proposals. The application can also be inspected at Newark Town Hall, and the District Council Offices at Kelham Hall, during normal working hours Mondays – Fridays. Alternately you may contact the Planning Department direct on (01636) 655833, or online – (click on Planning Applications). Please quote the application reference number – 07/01460/FULM.

The closing date for this consultation is the 5th December 2007.

Village Sign – entrance to the village. 

Work continues to restore and re-paint the village sign at the entrance to the village. Unfortunately when the sign was taken down it was found to be in a worse state than originally thought and it is taking longer than anticipated.  In addition, a local resident who offered to do this work then declined and has since left the village, which was a further delay until we found someone able to do this work. 

Bonfire Night Celebrations. 

As in previous years, this event was organised by members of the Village Youth Club with the additional help and support of a number of local residents, and once again it was a great success.  The Winthorpe School P.T.A. was also responsible for organising and staffing the drink stall.

This has now become a well established and widely recognised local event, and we are grateful to everyone who contributed towards making this such a successful and enjoyable evening.

 Next Meeting.

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be on  Wednesday the

12th December 2007, in the Village Hall, commencing at 7-30 p.m.

 Steve Jackson, Chairman, Parish Council. 


Dog Excrement in Holme Village


Although we are a rural community, the law regarding the cleaning up after your dog, still applies. 

There are quite a number of young children in Holme and people who allow their dogs to foul the roadsides in Holme are putting the health of these children at risk.

Note; public footpaths are also covered by this legislation


Please, please clean up after your dog.

 Clerk to the Meeting, Holme 


Bonfire Spectacular.


A BIG THANK YOU to all those who helped and supported the village Bonfire. The fireworks were spectacular and the event was a great success.

The youth club members and committee are most grateful for all the help they received . We hope that everyone enjoyed the evening as much as we did.




 Only one meeting in December which will be our Christmas Party on Tuesday, 11th December, at 2.30pm in the Village Hall. Please bring an item of food and a wrapped Christmas gift (costing no more than £2).

 Christmas cards between members will also be distributed.

 Thank you to all members and friends who came to our recent Coffee Morning in aid of the League of Friends of Newark Hospital. A total £127.60 was raised. Mrs Beryl Dickenson informed us of the ongoing project at the hospital that our contributions will help, including the cardiac respiratory unit. 

A very Happy Christmas to all Focal Point readers.

 Jean Foden. 


Whist Drive

Christmas will be with us very soon and our next ‘meet’ will be on

Thursday the 20th December at 7pm in the Village Hall.

NOTE:- By request we are half an hour earlier.

A warm welcome awaits you for a convivial evening.

Light refreshments will be served.

Dennis Taylor



Wednesday 5th December

Just a gentle reminder that the coach will be leaving Winthorpe Post Office at 9.20am and the Lord Nelson 9.30am.

 Looking forward to seeing you all. 



W.I. Report

 There was a good attendance for our meeting this month. Mrs Sylvia Lloyd our President welcomed members and visitors and accepted apologies from members who could  not attend.

County business was read out and members were reminded of the Carol concert in Southwell Minster on December 8th at 2 p.m. The Autumn Council Meeting was referred to and everyone agreed it had been a most informative and amusing talk by Lesley Smith the curator of Tutbury Castle.

 Our speaker was Mrs. Marilyn McGinn from North Hykeham who was accompanied by her mother Mrs. June Pearce, she spoke about her interest in dolls houses and the making of miniature furniture and accessories which go inside them. As a small girl, her father had made her a doll’s house and her mother had made the furniture and bits and pieces to go inside from matchboxes and other odds and ends. When they had moved as a family to Lincoln, she was a teenager and reluctantly said good-bye to the house and left it in the care of her younger cousins.

When she married and started a family there were no girls to buy a doll’s house for, so her interest faded into the background, until she went into the house of a friend who had a magnificent doll’s house. When Marilyn said that her daughter was a lucky little girl to have such a beautiful doll’s house, the reply was “But it’s mine!.”

This renewed her interest and she started buying magazines and going to fairs that cater for people who are interested in this hobby.

Her husband made her a new house and she started to make items to furnish it. Some of the items are so tiny they are no bigger than a pin head; it must take a great deal of patience to work with them. There is a club in Sleaford to which Marilyn belongs and they enter competitions that are in National magazines. They have done so well that one magazine did an article on their work and put the room they had made on the front cover; it was of a library.

Recycling plays a part in this hobby as nothing is thrown away if it will serve a purpose. Foil cups from cakes make toothpaste tubes, the caps from tubes of toothpaste make flowerpots, beads of various sizes make scent bottles; the list is endless. Many of the rooms she had made were on display and some tiny dolls and other articles were passed around the room for us to take a closer view. An interesting talk , made with a great deal of effort, as Marilyn was suffering from a very bad cold and cough, but didn’t want to disappoint our members by calling in sick.

Mrs.Daphne Marshall, who expressed her admiration for the resourcefulness and patience needed for this hobby, thanked her.

The competition for a thimble was won by Mrs. Margaret Wiseman with Mesdames Isobel Chipperfield and Margaret Hewitt second and third.

 Our next meeting is on the 13th December in the village church at the usual time of 7-30 pm and will be a celebration of Christmas with carols and readings.

Anyone from the village who would like to take part is welcome.

Members are reminded that there will be no ‘pretty parcel’ this year but the donation envelopes are for the Rainbows Hospice. 

Daphne Marshall 


Vivienne Green.

 Thank you for all your good wishes, messages of support and cards, following the collapse and stroke recently suffered by my wife Vivienne on Hargon Lane.

At the time of writing good progress is being made and the Doctors are extremely positive for Vivienne’s recovery.

It is at times like this that we appreciate the true community spirit that exists in Winthorpe as friends ‘rallied round’ with such sincere concern. Thank you once again.

 Gratefully yours    

David Green



Thank you for supporting the RNIB Coffee Morning in November. 

We had a very enjoyable and successful morning and raised £450.  The local Fundraising Officer of the RNIB has written to me to thank all those who gave so generously.

Barbara Woodcock 




Christmas Lunch

The menu for the Christmas Lunch on Monday, 10th December is:-


 Tomato & Basil Soup with Croutons or Fruit Juice

*Roast Turkey with Sage & Onion Stuffing and Pigs in Blankets


Honey Roast Ham or Pan Fried Trout


 Roast Potatoes, Roast Parsnips, Broccoli & Carrots

*Christmas Pudding with Brandy Sauce or Sherry Trifle

*Coffee & After Dinner Mints

Tickets at £7.50 (£5.00 for children) are available at the Post Office thanks as always to Jo and Martin. 

Happy Christmas! 

Best wishes from the Chairman and members of the Committee

to all those who use the Centre.

2007 has been a very active year with new activities starting up. We are most grateful to everybody who helps with all the jobs that have to be done to keep the place operating smoothly. 

Frances Kelly, Chairman





In the October issue of Focal Point we asked for an indication of interest in this event.

So far we have not really heard anything.

To go ahead we really need to be sure enough will attend to make it worthwhile.

The main feature of the evening will be a good meal and there will be a variety of music to listen or even dance to. At midnight we will see in the New Year with champagne. Tickets will be £10. Profits will go to charity. Please let us know by Monday, 10th December if you would like to come.

Keith & Sylvia Lloyd (703271) & Jean & Peter Foden (704241).


 Ninety Years Young

Peter & Joan Roach would like to thank the birthday party guests for making it so much fun;

for all the birthday cards & good wishes and for all the "Thank you" cards after the event.

A small group broke the rules by bringing a bottle; thank you and know it will be enjoyed to the last drop.

I can only advise you all to try and make it to ninety!!


On behalf of the ‘party guests’ I would like to thank Peter Joan and their family for such a lovely evening. All of those years of experience were certainly in evidence. Congratulations and thankyou. Ed




If you have never been to the Isle of Man it is very well worth a visit for the wonderful scenery and attractions like the Laxey Wheel and the various steam trains and electric and horse drawn trams. We were lucky to have a coach driver who had lived on the island and could take us to all the right places and explain the way this independent country is administered without being part of the UK or the EC.The next holiday will be to North Devon, May 18th – 23rd, 2008. We will be staying at the Park Hotel in Barnstaple. During our stay we will be visiting various places on the coast including Lynmouth, Linton, Clovelly and Bude. We will also tour the Exmoor Forest and the Dartmoor National Park (including Buckfast Abbey). If you are interested and have not already received information from me, please let me know as soon as possible. New members of the group are always very welcome.

Peter Foden, 704241.



 Steven Lovell's talk had little to do with gardening.  What it did demonstrate was the rewarding experiences of some individuals prepared to help others far less fortunate than themselves.    The thrust of the talk was rebuilding in the wake of the tsunami which devastated vast areas of Sri Lanka, in particular, on Boxing Day 2004.  To give some appreciation of the differences between our way of life and that of those in the affected areas we were shown slides of southern India and Sri Lanka pre-tsunami.  Steve was one of a team of builders, plumbers, painters etc. ( he a landscape gardener ) assembled to provide the manpower, with local assistance, for a special 'Challenge Annika' T.V. show.  This involved work on a maternity clinic, school play area and a cricket pitch and pavilion.  It was clearly hard work and members of the team were strongly affected emotionally by what was around them.    There is no meeting in December so I wish all members and friends a Happy and Peaceful Christmas together with a reminder that our social evening is on January 16th. Please remember your food contributions.  If in doubt what this might be, call Pat Nelson on 704712. 

Ian Wilson 



 Village Website -


Village Scrapbook Vol.3. (Thanks to Pat Finn)

Winthorpe Airfield

 Local legend has it that Winthorpe airfield was built in error and never used operationally because the main runway was aligned such that a fully laden bomber taking off for a mission would pass over the town and more importantly the Ransome and Marles ball bearing factory. This would lead to a fairly high risk of an ‘own goal' doing something that Göering failed to do, that is destroy bearing production and the factory skilled workforce. History supports this theory.  The airfield was not used for operational flying. It was built in 1940 as a satellite field for RAF Swinderby and later Syerston. It has the distinction of being one of the few airfields in the area to be attacked, a parachute mine falling on the 14th of November 1940. This was seen coming down by some of the ground personnel. Thinking it was a parachutist they began firing. When they realised that it was a parachute mine they ran for their lives. It landed on the south side of the airfield leaving a large hole and fortunately no loss of life or aircraft. The airfield was then used as a base for a Heavy (bomber) Conversion Unit,i e  training. A brief period around D-Day it was used as a storage site for gliders and then reverted to its HCU role until the end of the war.So whilst there is no official admission of a mistake, it does indeed seem that the airfield was not used for operational flying. Various aircraft have used the airfield:-  Fairey Battles, Wellingtons, Manchesters, Lancasters, Stirlings, Spitfires and Hurricanes.  

Flying ceased in 1945 and the airfield became inactive in 1959.



We would like to congratulate Peter Roach on achieving ninety years of age on October 26th. The church would like to thank him & Joan for many years of faithful service, which they have given to the church and their continuing support, and we thank the bell ringers for ringing a quarter peal in celebration.

We are all deeply sorry to hear the sad news of the death of Rose Lawrence of whom we were all very fond. She was a supporter of the Family Service & served on the P.C.C. We send our condolences to Mike and family.

 On Sunday 18th November we held our Christingle Service and we were delighted to welcome children from the village school and their parents. They played instruments and Sylvia accompanied their singing of songs on the piano.

We were very surprised and pleased to see the Rt. Revd Harris, retired bishop of Southwell, in the congregation.

He had been visiting Lincoln and on his way home wished to attend a service in the Benefice - so we were the lucky ones. He enjoyed the service and joined in the coffee afterwards.

£76 (including gift aid ) was collected and this will be sent to theChildren’s Society by Mrs Kate Shelmerdine, who is our representative. The Christmas cards that we send to people who support the church in any way, will this year have been designed by two children from the village school, Luke Greatorex aged six years and Sophie Hudspeth aged nine years. They won a competition, organised by Mrs Green & Miss Blake in school, from a suggestion by David Milner. Philip Watts very kindly chose the winners and presented them each with a money token at a School Assembly. We would like to thank the Head Teacher Mr Walker for allowing the time for this competition in school. There are now free tickets for David’s Festive evening on December 8th (Community Centre - 6pm to 9pm.) available from the Post Office, Sylvia Lloyd and Ann Stone .Tickets are only required for catering purposes. We do hope many will come and enjoy a social evening.

Our Carol Service will be held on Sunday December 16th at 3pm and will be followed by a cup of tea and mince pies. Members of our congregation and others are joining the Collingham Choir to lead the singing and we are hoping that some of the school children will also be present.

Our Christmas Eve Holy Communion this year will be held at 7.3Opm. This earlier time has proved very popular.

 Church Bells:- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.3Opm until 9pm and possibly for the following:- 

December 9th - Holy Communion Service 10.l5am

December 16th  - Village Carol Service 3pm

December 24th - Christmas Communion Service 7.3Opm

 From the Registers

Holy Baptism - November 4th - Harry Lewis Wines

November 10th - James Nigel Dilger

November 10th - Ella Rose Elizabeth Gale

 Brass Cleaning

Mrs Burton & Mrs Chipperfield

We all know of people in our village who are unwell at this present time. If they would like a visit from the Revd David Milner they can contact him on 892682 or telephone Ann on 702104    

 A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to everyone.

Alan & Ann Stone 

Up to date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office.



The Church will be open on Friday 14th December from 1.30pm. We would be delighted if you could decorate your usual space, for this Festive Occasion...

If you are not able to provide your decoration, or there is any other problem please Contact Sylvia on 703271. Otherwise I look forward to seeing you on the 14th December.

 Sylvia Lloyd



                  Dear all, 

During the last year all the churches within our group of eight have continued to work hard together building a shared vision for the future. All the churches in our East Trent Group have at least one major project on hand involving fundraising and diocesan approval.  This is remarkable, but also extremely demanding.  There is much to be excited about and look forward to, but all involved need to careful pace themselves..

Here are some highlights from 2007:-

The Steering groups formed 2 years ago have continued to support ministry across the group. Worship, social gatherings and mutual support  have all been enriched and enabled through their work.  The Education and Mission Group arranged  short courses promoting discussion around bible themes. Two have been held with more being planned  over the coming months

Pastoral Care has been a priority for us and I am very grateful for the diligent support of a number of parishioners who support this work discreetly and efficiently.

The Finance group has met and discussed issues affecting the parish share and other financial matters

The East Trent Churches Choir has continued to flourish currently working hard in preparation for Carol Services in South Scarle, Winthorpe and Collingham.  They are always on the lookout for new members. Practice nights are advertised in the weekly Grapevine so come along and sing!

It was great to join with a goodly number at Langford, on the completion of a further phase of restoration to the interior. Paul Jones and his wife Fiona  told their story in words and music.  Jillie and Jerry Steel who instigated the event provided wonderful hospitality in their home at the concerts conclusion.

The journeys we make to the shops, on holiday or to visit friends are known and generally easily understood.  The Christian journey is very different taking us to new places and enabling us to do things we never imagined or dared to consider. In the Christmas story Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and wise men all put their trust in something out of this world. In doing so they took a risk, but their hope reinforced their belief affirming their underlying faith. They had to undertake the journey, staying at home was not an option.  Jesus’ ministry was dedicated to liberating all of us, many bound by old wounds and insecurities. At this special time of year it is an opportunity to engage again with the Christmas story and make the journey to Bethlehem with Mary and Joseph.

Preparing for Christmas should be filled with joy and expectation.  The business of the Christmas season with all the things we feel we need to do must not mask the wonder of the event.

As far as I am aware neither a store card, computers or exotic holiday were required to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  During his earthly ministry Jesus was happy to party and is credited to entertaining thousands at open air picnics.  At a time of the year when things may well become too intense   “keep it simple” might be a good phrase to remember.

With my grateful thanks for all those who have made this past year so enjoyable ‘Keep Christmas’ and  ‘Keep it simple’

 A very happy and blessed Christmas and New Year to you all 

In Christian Love David 




 Sunday 2nd    1st Sunday in Advent

 9.00am             Holy Communion, Holme

                         No Service in Winthorpe          

Sunday  9th 2nd Sunday in Advent          

10.15am           Holy Communion, Winthorpe.           

6.00pm            Carol Service, Langford               

Sunday 16th  3rd Sunday in Advent

9.00am             Holy Communion, Langford

3pm                 Village Carol Service.

Thursday 20th

10am                Holy Communion (BCP) Winthorpe.

Friday 21st      

                          School Service.

Sunday 23rd 4th Sunday in Advent                                   

                          No Service in Winthorpe. 

5pm                 Carol Service, South Scarle.

Monday  24th Christmas Eve

7.30pm            Christmas Communion, Winthorpe.

Tuesday 25th               9.00am         Holy Communion, Holme.            

Sunday 30th 1st Sunday after Christmas           

8am                  Holy Communion, Winthorpe          



7th Mrs Young & Mrs Lloyd - 21st Mrs Finn & Mrs Nelson



Monday 3rd       Silver bin

Thursday 6th    Library Van

Monday 10th     Luncheon Club, 12.30pm, Centre.

                         Green bin

Tuesday 11th    Tuesday Club Party, 2.30pm V.H.

Wednesday 12th     Parish Council Meet. 7.30pm V.H.T

Thursday 13th    WI – 7.30pm - All Saints

Friday 14th       Church Flower Ladies, 1.30pm                                             

Monday 17th    Silver Bin

Thursday 20th   Whist Drive 7pm V.H.                                            

                       Library Van

Monday  24th  Green Bin

Monday 31st   Silver Bin