Focal Point - August 2009

Focal Point Issue                     No. 345

 August 2009


Ed’s Comments


How wonderful today’s technology is. I am editing this month’s issue sitting in a caravan in Cornwall looking out at sea through one window and watching a farmer round up his sheep through another. Now after many years being captivated watching ‘one man and his dog’ on television,

I am now becoming fascinated watching this particular farmer rounding up his sheep riding on a huge ‘Quad Bike’. Although he did it very successfully, I think that I would have preferred watching that wonderful bond between a man and his dog performing in a time honoured fashion.

Where is Phil Drabble when you want him? Mind you ‘one man and his quad’ has a certain ring to it!!


Whether this issue gets to you on time could hinge on a small device that plugs into a lap top computer and connects me to a mobile telephone signal. This document then hopefully disappears through the airwaves to  arrive on a computer at Willsons Printers. Once printed Pat Finn takes over and collects the finished copies to distribute to our valued ‘posties’

Many thanks Pat.


The things that you learn editing this newsletter!

As you will read later, the ladies of the WI have been busy ‘hulling’ away in order to serve up the perfect strawberry.

Being a mere male with obviously limited knowledge of food preparation, I had never heard of ‘hulling’. Of course my wife had!!!

I couldn’t help but look it up on the internet and find that ‘Hull’ apparently is another word for husk! I also find a tip to make the job easier. Using a drinking straw pushed through from the pointed end of the strawberry, the Hull, or in my language - the green bit on the end of the strawberry, is easily detached from the fruit.


Cliff Newbold

 Closing date for the September issue is 21st August.







The next Lunch will be on Monday, 3rd August. The menu will be:


Chicken Chasseur


Cod & Cheese Bake


 New Potatoes & Seasonal Vegetables



Raspberries in Meringue Nests with Cream


£7.00 including a glass of wine and coffee. Please contact Jean and Peter Foden (704241) not later than Thursday, 30th July to reserve your place and to give your choice from the menu.


Frances Kelly, Chairman





A very big thankyou to all those who contributed to our Tombola at the Village Festival – especially Tuesday Club members who, as usual, gave generously. We raised a total of £183.


In addition to the Tombola, Margaret Hewitt raised a further £50 for Scope by raffling “Clarence”, a large cuddly polar bear. Thank you Margaret.


The Festival Committee are to be congratulated on putting on a great afternoon and evening – Thank you.


Jean Foden



 Garden Club


Fortune certainly smiled on us for the village festival, with a dry Saturday sandwiched between horribly wet Friday and Sunday.  Our skittles game was once again well supported, The profit of £50 is to be divided with £10 to the gala fund and £40 to SCOPE.  As in previous years we have to thank David Tingle for the loan of the skittles, Bob Allen and Diane for the straw bales and also to those club members who manned the stall during the afternoon.

We will have had two outings before you read this, one to Harpswell and another to Highgrove.  A report on these in next month’s issue.  Finally a reminder that we have no meeting in August but resume our indoor meetings in September.


Ian Wilson



Village Festival  - a thank you..


 Another year has gone by, and here I am again saying a big thank you to those who made it possible. The village festival was a great weekend.
Lots of people put in hard work for various activities for the
children, stalls and music. I loved the donkeys and what a bonus the
Lancaster and it's escort flying over. In the evening the Cavalier
Dance Band brought back memories playing the old tunes and the finish
of the weekend was Songs of Praise. A wonderful service and David as
usual was in fine form.

Thank you all for making Winthorpe a lovely village to live in.

 Audrey Craven.



Winthorpe Whist Drive

The first meeting of the new season will be held in the Village Hall on Thursday, 24th September commencing at 7.00 p.m.  The cost is £2.50 and we would love to see some new members.  We also have refreshments, a raffle and prizes for the winning scores. 

Hope to see you there. 

Fiona Wright



Winthorpe and District WI Report


The great British Summer showed its usual face, on this our ‘Garden Evening’, by sending heavy downpours all through the afternoon. However the committee ladies were indoors getting everything ready for the evening, hulling strawberries and setting out dishes and biscuits and glasses for the wine.

Mrs. Lily Goodwin had kindly invited us to her home for this evening and we were taking over her kitchen and dining-room with all the goodies.

Luckily by the time everyone arrived at Lily’s the rain had stopped and it was quite a mild evening so we all took our seats into the garden and what a beautiful garden it is. Mrs. Pat Nelson the president welcomed everyone for the evening and thanked Mrs. Goodwin for inviting us all to her home. There were one or two items of business but, the strawberries and wine soon appeared and the chatting began.


Mrs. Finn had brought along a couple of quizzes. One was a tale of love with hidden flowers and the other was about nursery rhymes. Nine members were winners of the first quiz, but as there was only one prize we held a draw for the ultimate winner. The second quiz was won by Mrs. Fiona Wright.

It really was a lovely evening and everyone enjoyed the chance to socialize and just sit and admire the view. Mrs. Nelson wished everyone good night and thanked Mrs. Goodwin once again for the use of her garden.

Mrs. Sheila Palmer presented Lily with a pretty apron and everyone had signed a card.


Our next meeting is on September 10th, when the speaker is Mrs. Lynn

Carter and her topic is ‘Patchworking’.

The hostesses are Mesdames V.Clarkson, S.Reynolds, J.Lord and F.Wright


Have a good break.

Daphne Marshall.






After several nail biting days during the week building up to the gala day and the horrendous weather that descended upon us on Friday I had resigned myself to resorting to plan B.  This would have meant finding shelter wherever we could to escape the rain whilst trying to make the day as successful as the previous year’s. 


Even as we set up on Saturday morning there was part of me that kept glancing at the skies and just hoping it would do its worst and then leave us alone.  Who would have thought that the afternoon would turn out as it did with glorious sunshine and a good time being had by all.


To make the day even more special we had the wonderful flypast by the Battle of Britain flight which was fantastic and as much as I would like to say we arranged it we have to thank the Landrover show that was being held on the showground.


The afternoon ended as usual at around 5pm and then it was back into set up mode for the evening event.  This was our first attempt at complementing the day’s fun with an evening of entertainment and I hope that you all agree it was a huge success.  And again the weather was kind to us and even though there were a few warning spots of rain early in the evening we managed to remain outside and dry for the whole event.


Sunday evening saw the weekend come to a close with a ‘Songs of Praise’ in Winthorpe Church with a great turnout despite the weather.


As usual the weekend would not have been the success it was without the many people that gave up their time to make it happen and those who came to support.


Firstly a huge thank you to my fellow committee members Peter Foden, Justin Baker-Smith, Tish Applewhite and Sue Mashedar who have lived through the planning of this for the last 12 months. 


Thanks also to the following in no particular order:-


Rev. David Milner

Boundary Sound

Cavalier Dance Band

Mikey Gray and the Jazz Group

Jean Foden and the Tuesday Club

Pat Nelson and the WI

Joan and Steve Lord

David Barthorpe

Louise Lyons from Grove House

Marylin Kingsley and Poppet

Ian Wilson and the Garden Club

Jo and Martin from the PO

Charlie Lockwood and the PTA

Jamie Macintyre, Miss Litowczyk and the children from Winthorpe Primary School

Harry Lord and the Line Dancers

George and his donkeys

Hoval UK Ltd, Heron Volkswagen, Timico and AM Trophies for their sponsorship

Lincs Coop, Newark Superbowl and everyone else who contributed raffle prizes

Richard Radford and the Tigers

Michelle Baker-Smith, Zena Cameron and the Tiger Tots

Cliff Newbold

Balderton Scout and Guide Band

John Nelson, Fiona Wright and Ron Moore for the BBQ

Gwen Macdonald

Duncan Richardson

Roger Turner

Colin Smith

Steve Jackson and the Parish Council

David Woodcock and the Village Hall Trustees

Frances Kelly and the Community Centre Trustees

Howard Pope and the Youth Club

Ann Stone

The Church Choir

The ladies who decorated the Church

Diane Rowland and Bob Allen

Brian Wright

Chris Perkins

Geoff Manley

Richard Tomlinson

David Green

John Ward

Anyone we have missed - apologies!


As this goes to print we are still calculating the figures for the events of the weekend. A detailed report will be given in September’s Focal Point. Also in the September issue will be the date for the Post-Festival Meeting.


Once again, many thanks to all for a wonderful weekend.


Sharon Manley, Chairman, Winthorpe Festival Committee.



Winthorpe School 

On Friday 10th July Class 4 went on a residential trip to Caythorpe Court. PGL is an activity centre, where you get to experience your ability for climbing and mental and physical strength. Activities range from climbing poles and getting wet.


We were split into mixed groups with team leaders that were there to support and encourage as you attempted the nerve-racking activities.


The activities were: abseiling, raft building, archery, fencing, quad-biking and many more. There wasn’t a minute to be bored.


A lot of the time we were strapped in harnesses to make it safe when we were climbing or doing high up challenges. The rest of the time we were either getting wet or tucking our trousers in our socks.


By Yasmin, Sophie and Emily


Check out the school website for pictures of our experience!

 Jamie Macintyre, Head teacher, (01636) 680060






Your plant will now be producing its flower head. This usually occurs about 4 months from sowing the seed. When the flower head opens to reveal the yellow flowers an interesting thing occurs. The flower head will turn and face the sun, following it from early morning to late evening. Look out for bees, nature’s busiest workers, pollinating the flower. They are attracted by the flower’s pollen. I am hoping that the white-tailed bumble bees, which have an underground nest in my front lawn, will pollinate my sunflowers.

When the flower is fully formed, measure the height of your plant from the soil level to the highest point. Make a note of this because you will have to ring me with result on Sunday Sept 6h. Tel: 704444.



  • The well-known sunflower characteristic of the flowering head tracking the sun’s movement is called heliotropism.
  • Yellow is not the only colour of sunflowers. They can be gold, bronze, orange, and mahogany red. The centre discs can be yellow, brown, reddish, or purple.
  • The ‘face’ of a sunflower plant can contain up to 3,000 tiny flowers or florets. A seed develops from each floret.
  • The florets within the sunflower’s cluster are arranged in a spiraling pattern. Some spirals go left and others go right.

 Pat Finn



Community Safety Information


In last month’s edition we were given advice on community safety. This month I have received details of our local Support Officer who has provided the same guidance (which I will not repeat) but she does introduce herself and informs us of a list of contacts should we need them…………..

Let me introduce myself to you as your local PCSO              (Police Community Support Officer).

My name is Harriet Samson-Bailey and I have been a PCSO for Collingham and the Meerings for two and a half years. My beat manager as you may know is PC Deb BAKIN and I also work along side Mike Munro who is a PCSO for Coddington and Beacon.

Contact your Beacon, Coddington, Collingham and Meerings Safer Neighbourhood Team for any issues that concern you:

PCSO 8130 Samson-Bailey, Mobile number 07595074288


PC 2548 Bakin, Mobile number 07776460407


PCSO 8128 Munro, Mobile number 07516148103


Newark Police station 01636 605999 ext 8097616 or

8097770 for the Collingham Contact Point voicemail.


Remember: Nottinghamshire Crimestoppers - Call FREE on

0800 555 111 - (Call anonymously with information about crime)


and finally…….

While diligently going through the risk assessment with a prisoner being booked into custody, a sergeant asked the detainee about any injuries he may have, ‘Yes, I have a broken ankle’ he replied.

Due to the height of the desk in front of her, the sergeant had completely missed that the prisoner had struggled in on crutches. The officer’s embarrassment was complete when the reply came to the next question, ‘Which ankle?’

‘well, seeing as I only have one leg; I’m guessing by process of elimination that it can only be my right.’.





Residents of the village cannot fail to notice the newly painted ‘THE SPINNEY’ and ‘WOODLANDS’ road signs. Using artistic skills gained from watching the late Tony Hart’s 1960’s ‘Vision On’ television programme, Simeon Taylor and John (Horatio) Nelson have carried out an excellent job in renovating these dirty alloy road signs.

Thank you.

There are now only eleven road signs in the village left to complete!!


Pat Finn.



Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2009

Thursday 19th November at 2pm


Just a gentle reminder that the money for the Thursford Christmas Spectacular 2009 will be due by the 31st of August.

The cost is £39.00 per person.

The cheque made payable to Travel Wright Ltd. and sent to me please.

The cost of the meal will be required on the evening.


Kind Regards

Barbara Finn.





Parents helping parents – a simple formula’


As Home-Start Newark marks its 25th anniversary year supporting local families with young children, the scheme is recruiting people with parenting experience who can offer 2 to 3 hours each week as home-visiting volunteers.

You don’t have to be ‘Super Nanny’ to help parents with young children, if you’ve got through the early days then why not volunteer your experience to help someone else?

There is no rulebook for raising a family and at times it can seem overwhelming, particularly if you are going through difficult times. Sometimes families just need a bit of help........YOUR HELP! Home-Start volunteers are all ages and from all walks of life. You could spend time with a young parent helping to build their confidence as they adapt to life with a small baby, share an outing with a family who finds getting out of the house difficult and needs that extra pair of hands or provide a listening ear to a mum who is experiencing post natal illness.

Being a Home-Start volunteer means offering friendship to parents and spending time with families in a way that meets their needs.

Home-Start Newark offers a thorough, interesting and informative Course of Preparation for prospective new volunteers. The 25th anniversary Course of Preparation starts on 30th September 2009 and runs for a series of 10 Wednesdays, with a break during school holidays.


If you are a parent or grandparent keen to find out more, please contact Elaine, Claire or Sarah on 01636 705011.






Bonus Ball Update


First of all a big thank you once again to all those people who have continued to support the club by way of participation in the weekly Bonus Ball draw. 

We would very much like to continue the Bonus Ball as it provides essential revenue without which we would find it very difficult to survive.  It is currently of concern that due to the closure of the Lord Nelson and no sign of it opening in the near future that the usual format and place of payment is unavailable and that some of you may be concerned about increasing amounts due with no facility to pay.  We have continued to run the Bonus Ball and have informed those people who have been fortunate enough to win during this interim period.  However moving forward it is our intention to still operate the Bonus Ball and would propose to operate in the following manner until “normal service” can be resumed. 

Winners of the Bonus Ball will be posted in the Focal Point on a monthly basis so as to keep all informed.  Additionally winners will be also contacted in person by either Peter Bateson or myself. 

A list of all people who have numbers on a regular basis is included at the end of this report.

People wishing to enquire as to what amounts they have outstanding should contact either Andy Fereday in the first instance or alternatively Peter Bateson.

Those wishing to make a payment can do so by cheque, cash or whatever means again contacting Peter or myself who will come an collect payments or alternatively post it through our doors with an appropriate note to 17 Pocklington Crescent or Dial House, 58 Gainsborough Road, respectively.


If there is anyone out there who wishes to take out a regular weekly number or even for a fixed period of their choice, this may be 4, 6, 8, 10 or any other number of weeks please do not hesitate either Peter or myself.

Don’t forget if you would like to find out more about the Club please take a look at the Cricket Club webpage on the Village website and also take a look at our own website on which has now been brought up to date.  


Bonus Ball Contact Details


Andy Fereday   Dial House. Tel.678622

Peter Bateson   17 Pocklington Crescent. Tel. 704787


July Winners:

04.07.09  Number 23 = Liz Moran ---11.07.09 Number 08 = Gil Bignall

18.07.09 Number 12 = A. Locke

Current Numbers



Mike Casterton


Harold Mabbott


Neil Hartland


Simon Potter


Jane Greenwood


Dave Mack


Paul Matthews


Tony Wells




D. Woodcock


Mark Bailey


Lori Fereday


Chris Hickman




Gil Bignall








George Wright


Mike Fletcher


Harold Mabbott




A. Locke


Steve Hopkinson - Hoppo


Sarah Potter


A. Locke


Gerry Platts


Barbara Moore


Duncan Richardson


Andy Leary


John Earl


Suzanne Holmes


D&B McClymont


Margaret Wiseman


Tracey & Kev Kilcoyne


Andy Fereday


Kev & Tracey Kilcoyne


Peter Bateson




Steve Hopkinson - Hoppo


B. Locke


Neil Bailey




Andrew Clarke


Liz Moran




D. Bird












Dear All,


A couple of weeks ago I spent a most enjoyable time at our village school in the audience watching a lively musical “Splodge City”.

 It was great fun and with much work from staff and pupils was a thoroughly enjoyable event.

 It took me back to my childhood and a time when the Wild West ruled the TV airwaves

The school musical was sentimental, fun, refreshing and thought provoking. One song in the story stood out for me. “Where is the hero in me?”

We live in an age when people are often put forward as heroes. Often it’s more about celebrity rather than some really brave activity. Many in our own communities are heroes. It might be those who give their time for some good cause or another. It could be the person who always has a kind word, another for always being around. Being a hero does not have to involve saving the world. It does need to be an activity that is more about others than self.

However heroic we think we are there is always another hero nearby.

 Is there a hero near you?

What might be done to say thank you?

In our village we have unsung heroes, of all ages and all around us.

How might we best celebrate their contribution to our lives?


The Winthorpe Festival was an event filled with unsung heroes, men women and children giving their time for the benefit of the community. In a dangerous and often selfish age the Festival is an example of sustaining and effective community, and to be valued and recognised.

In the school musical there was a secret hero who was able through work and example to encourage others to discover the hero in themselves. There is in all of us an heroic spirit waiting and wanting to be released.

Recognising the hero in others may enable us to discover the hero within us.


The 1950’s has in historical terms become the lost decade. It covered a period of austerity and, at least for some, the first tentative steps of modern technology. The coming of now familiar and largely taken for granted white goods came against the backdrop of TV and the 50’s culture of the Cowboy movie and early TV adventures of The Lone Ranger, and the wild west family drama  Bonanza.  The dominance of the American Wild West is largely a thing of the past and for me a warm sentimental memory. It was a delight to attend the village schools musical production of Splodge City. It was funny with a dusting of drama, good humour and lots and lots of verbal puns.

One of the characters in the musical ‘Herb’ sang a poignant song ‘Where is the hero in me?’

A question many of us will have pondered.


In Christian Love




 Church Notices


   On August 4th at 7.30pm we will be delighted to welcome the Newark History Society to Winthorpe Church when Mr Pat Finn has kindly offered to give a presentation on the history of the church.This will be followed by coffee. If anyone from the village would like to join them they will be very welcome and it will last about an hour.

On Wednesday 5th August we are once again inviting residents of the Winthorpe Hall to tea in Mrs Margaret Thornhill’s garden so we hope the sun will shine again this year - we are usually very lucky.

On Sunday 6th September the Benefice will be ‘Beating the Bounds’ There will be an 8am Holy Communion service in Winthorpe church followed by breakfast in the Village Hall. As in recent years all the churches will be visited during the day and will conclude with Evensong at South Scarle church.

Do not forget the concert which will be given by the ‘Collingham Singers’ on Friday 25th September. Advertising & tickets will be available shortly. They visited us two years ago and their concert was very much enjoyed.


Several of our friends have been ill and some have needed hospital care. We send them all our good wishes.

At the moment of writing we are looking forward to the Village Gala weekend.

Much thought and preparation has gone into the planning and we trust it will be a great success.This will conclude with a ‘Songs of Praise’.

Church Bells

They will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.00pm - 9.0pm

and possibly for the following:-

 Sunday August 9th 10.15am Holy Communion service

Sunday August 16th 10.15am Family Service

On August 1st a team of iterant bell ringers will ring a quarter peal starting at 11.30am and on August 7th a different party will ring from 12noon to 12.30pm approx.


From the Registers

Holy Baptism

 20th June  -  Florence Isobel Baker-Smith

19th July  -  George Alfred Gibson



26th June -  Alex Richard Jackson


Alan & Ann Stone


Up-To-date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed outside the church.


A Few Anagrams



When you rearrange the letters: 

When you rearrange the letters: 

When you rearrange the letters: 

When you rearrange the letters: 


When you rearrange the letters: 

When you rearrange the letters: 







              Sunday 2nd Trinity 8

                                                NO SERVICE IN WINTHORPE

            9am                            Holy Communion, Holme.


            Sunday 9th Trinity 9

            10.15am                       Holy Communion, Winthorpe.              

            6pm                             Evensong, Holme.


            Sunday 16th Trinity 10                      

            9am                              Holy Communion, Langford.

  1.             10.15am                       Family Service, Winthorpe.


            Sunday 23rd Trinity 11

            6pm                             Evensong, Winthorpe.


                          ALL ARE WELCOME




                           CHURCH CLEANING VOLUNTEERS

                        AUGUST                                   SEPTEMBER

            14th  Mrs Stone, Mr McClymont.   11th  Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Nelson.

            27th Mrs Foden, Mrs Hill.              24th Miss Applewhite.






Monday 3rd                            Luncheon Club, 12.30pm - Centre,

                                                Silver Bin

Tuesday 4th                         Church History Pat Finn 7.30pm All Saints

 Wednesday 5th                    Afternoon Tea, M. Thornhills Garden

Thursday 6th                         Library Van

Monday 10th                        Green Bin

Monday 17th                        Silver Bin

Thursday 20th                       Library Van

Monday 24th                        Green Bin

Monday 31st                        Silver Bin



   Thursday 10th                        WI Meeting, 7.30pm V.H.

   Thursday 24th                        Whist Drive 7pm V.H.