Focal Point - September 2007



 FOCAL POINT                  Issue 322 

September 2007          

   Ed’s Comments.

Well that’s it then, Summer has been and gone; I think it lasted about 10 days this year.

I had a little smile to myself last month when I read the Rector’s article in which he referred to ‘Christmas is coming’ and we were just in August.

However, can you believe we are now in the month of the Harvest Festival and the commencement of Autumn!

Speaking of the Harvest Festival brings me to the latest inclusion in the Village scrapbook, inserted by ‘Mr Scrapbook’ himself, Pat Finn. It’s entitled:- ‘Winthorpe – The Village Baker’ in which he has inserted this picture of a flour bag found in a house in Appleton Gate in 1953. Many of you who have been in the Village Hall will no doubt recognize the picture.

The title of the verse depicted on the bag is ‘God Speed the Plough’

GOD SPEED THE PLOW -- "God speed the plough, 'a wish for success or prosperity,' was originally a phrase in a 15th-century song sung by ploughmen on Plough Monday, the first Monday after Twelfth Day, which is the end of the Christmas holidays, when farm labourers returned to the plough. On this day, ploughmen customarily went from door to door dressed in white and drawing a plough, soliciting 'plough money' to spend in celebration.

‘Plough Sunday’ being the first Sunday after Epiphany when the plough is blessed. 

John Alfred Woolley was the Baker in Winthorpe from 1883 until 1885, which I guess gives us some idea of the age of the flour bag. 

 Cliff Newbold

Closing date for items for the October issue is 21st September.



The next Lunch will be on Monday, 3rd September. The menu will be:      

Pork & Apple Sausages with Onion Gravy


Poached Salmon Hollandaise with New Potatoes, Broccoli & Peas  


Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce 

Tickets at £6.00 including a glass of wine and coffee available from the Post Office, thanks to Jo & Martin. 


The Trustees of the Community Centre are very grateful for the donation received following the Festival and appreciate the efforts of all those who opened their gardens or assisted in any way over the two days of the Festival. Such contributions help with the ongoing and ever more costly upkeep of the Centre. 


 On Saturday, November 10th at the Centre a Murder Mystery will be performed by a group of actors and actresses and will include a warm-up Crime Quiz. You have to decide who committed the murder, how and why. A meal will be included in the ticket price of £10 and there will be a bar. Full details will be given in October’s Focal Point and in posters but please make a note of the date to avoid missing this event. Later in November the Robin Hood Theatre players will be performing in the Community Centre so there is plenty of drama to look forward to. 

 Frances Kelly, Chairman  


 Both September meetings are in the Village Hall as usual.

Tuesday, 11th. September.                      

                                                                                                  Morning Coffee, 10.30am, 50p.

Tuesday, 25th. September. 

                         2.30pm. Slide Show – ‘From France to Derbyshire’.

Mrs Lottie Scott who died recently in West Bridgeford aged 105 was a founder member of the present Tuesday Club and had also been a member of the Good Companions that preceded it. She lived in Winthorpe until she was about 92 and then, after breaking her leg, moved to a care home near her daughter in West Bridgeford.

Jean Foden

Garden Club 

The abnormally wet summer caused the cancellation of our evening visit to Kexby House.  However, members who went recently speak highly of the gardens and we hope to rearrange our trip in late spring.On a different note we would like to send our best wishes and warm congratulations to Ron and Olga Bradshaw who celebrate their Diamond Wedding on September 3rd.Don't forget, our next meeting is on September 19th when Stuart Dixon will present :-

‘They Think It's All Over’

Ian Wilson

 ‘Pam Ayres – In her own words’ 



 7.30pmTickets £15Coach from Winthorpe - £5

Dear Villagers. 

 You are warmly invited to come with us to see Pam Ayres.It is presented by the Nottinghamshire Federation of Womens Institutes to celebrate their 90th birthday and promises to be a really entertaining evening for all. --- Girls and Boys too! 

For tickets please contact Brenda Tinsley on 611576 asap. 


 Line dancing will recommence on Tuesday 2nd October at 7.15pm in Winthorpe Community Centre.  Any new members will be given a very warm welcome. The emphasis, as always, is on having fun and gentle exercise.  

During the summer months we formed the Tuesday evening Winthorpe Amblers (walking at an unhurried pace) and have found some very enjoyable walks in other villages and of course the odd beverage in one or two pubs along the way.    Remarkably we only missed a couple of weeks due to the rain. 

Each member donated a £1.00 per walk to Molly’s charity (The Arthrogryposis  Group (TAG)) and at the time of writing, we have collected £80.00.  A big thank you to everyone who has participated. I am sure it will become a regular summer event.

See all of you ‘bootscooters’ in October.

Fiona Wright,  Spindlewood 

A Diamond Couple… 

Many congratulations to Ron and Olga who celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on the 3rd of this Month.
Sixty years together is a wonderful milestone in life and one, only a few manage to attain.
May they have a lovely day.
Of course the Queen and Prince Phillip celebrate their Diamond Wedding in November this year,
so they are in good company!


All Saints  Church Flower Ladies 

Harvest Festival 16th September  Once again I am asking for your help with the Church decorations.
A simple Harvest arrangement for your space would be absolutely delightful.
The Church will be open on Friday 14th from 1.30pm.
Any problems ring me on 703271.
Thank you in anticipation. 

 Sylvia Lloyd 


What a summer we have had. Rain, rain and more rain. Did you know that the period May to July was the wettest since records began in 1766? We had a few warm days in August and now as I write this article 13th August, more rain is forecasted. This is not good news for your sunflowers. They require lots of sunshine.

Did you see Richard Hope’s sunflower on the BBC TV programme “The Great British Village Show?” Growing up the side of his house, it was 6mtrs 46cms. (21ft 2 ½ins) Can you beat that?

 Did you keep the measurement of the height of your sunflower? If not do it now.  When the sunflower head becomes full of seeds, feed every time you water to get the seeds big and fat. The weight of the seeds will cause the head to bow down. This is nature’s way of keeping the seeds dry.When the seeds are ripe, using a hacksaw, cut the seed heads off and hang them from a tree, as my drawing shows. Birds love to eat sunflower seeds, as they are rich in oil. See how many varieties of birds come to feed.You may like to save some seeds to use for growing next year’s plants. The best seeds are on the two outer rings. Lay these on a sheet of paper for the sun to dry them. When they are completely dry store in a dry place using a paper bag. Do not use a plastic bag as this will make the seeds sweat and rot. Ring me on Sunday 9th September with the height of your sunflower. Tel: 704444.

Congratulations to Ron and Olga on yourDiamond Wedding Anniversary.  

From Barbara and Pat Finn

  Wendy’s Walk  

I would like to thank all the people who sponsored me on my walk for Breast Cancer Care on June 21st. I raised £760.00

The walk was most enjoyable and the scenery in Derbyshire was beautiful. It took place on the one fine day that week, so, although it was muddy underfoot at times, raincoats were not needed. 

Wendy Williams

Congratulations Wendy a wonderful amount. Ed.

Whist Drive

The start date for this winters season will be Thursday 25th OCTOBER at 7.30pm. in the Village Hall.

The usual September date cannot be fulfilled due to holiday commitments.

Dennis Taylor

  Mrs Lottie Scott----1902 – 2007 (105years!)

I feel sure that all our older readers will remember Mrs Scott. She and her husband lived in Winthorpe for many years. He was head gamekeeper for ‘The Estate’ before the A1, when Winthorpe was really rural!They lived in a cottage, which I believe was in part of what is now the Nursing Home grounds, until the council houses were built and she then moved into one of those.Until Mr Scott’s death, Lottie continued to live there for many more years, having reared her two children. She was a lovely lady in every respect taking an interest in village activities:- WI, Tuesday Club and Mothers Union. She was a devout Christian attending our church regularly until the time came - following a fall – when her daughter Betty decided she needed to be looked after in a Care Home near her and moved her to Ruddington.We were sorry to see her go but it was for the best.She was happy there near her family, we and other villagers visited her from time to time and Tom Balding used to send her the Focal Point every month until he left us. Then we sent her cards for Birthdays and Christmas.

So, after a long life and three birthday cards from the Queen – every two years after 100 – she deserves to ‘rest in peace and perpetual light shine on her’.We are pleased to have known such a remarkable lady. 

Margaret Hewitt  



7.30pm Wednesday, 12th September 

at the Community Centre

All village clubs/organizations/groups and interested persons are invited to attend this meeting to review the 2007 Festival and make suggestions on how to proceed in 2008.  Please come along and air your views.

All are welcome.


Alec Stewart, Chairman, Organizing Committee.



 Singing is fun, sociable and everyone can do it!  But while it is true that any number of men like to sing other than in the bathroom, many are unsure how or where to start.   Maybe they are a bit nervous because they don't read music or are doubtful about the welcome they will receive from an established group.   Don't worry, help is at hand!!   Harmony Lincs, a mens accapella (that just means unaccompanied) singing group from Lincoln and the surrounding area is providing an eight week course with some very good teachers so that YOU can try singing four part harmony - and it's all free.    

If you are a complete novice, or you haven't sung since school assemblies then this course will help you to find your voice, boost your confidence and you're almost guaranteed to make some new friends.  Maybe you already sing with another choir or music group, ok, this course will give you a chance to try something new and to possibly improve your vocal technique. Whatever your age, experience or background, this course has something to offer. 

Supported by Lincoln City Council the course will start on Thursday 11 October 2007 at Bishop Grosseteste College and run every Thursday until 29th November 2007.   You will receive expert tuition, demonstrations, sheet music and voice part learning tapes or CDs as well as having an enjoyable and sociable experience, and it's all free.

 To find out more, telephone Tony on 01522 791015

or e-mail or visit

and don't forget, It's FREE!


Paul and Fiona Jones are coming to entertain us at Langford on Sunday 28th October at 6 pm.   Tickets, at £15 each to include a glass of wine and nibbles, are limited.   Please send a cheque made out to Langford with Holme  PCC together with a stamped addressed envelope to: 

Jillie Steele, the Old Vicarage, Langford, Newark, NG23 7RT

 Jillie Steele


Well - I hope you are all back having had an enjoyable holiday & looking forward to dark nights and cold weather!!

On Sunday 2nd September we are once again ‘Beating the Bounds’ around the eight churches (see itinerary in August’s Focal Point - there is also a poster in the Post Office.)

This year the finale for the day will be Evensong at 4pm in Winthorpe Church. This will be followed by refreshments and a get-to-gether. Collingham Choir will help us to raise the roof so do please come and join us.

Prior to the service the church bells will ring a quarter peal to celebrate Ron & Olga Bradshaw’s Diamond Wedding on Monday 3rd September – Congratulations Ron & Olga from the village. On Sunday 16th September we shall be holding our Harvest Festival at 2.3Opm in church followed by a cup of tea.The church will be open on Friday 14th September at 1.30pm for the ladies to make their amazing transformation of the church with their flower arrangements .

We are so grateful to them and to all the other church workers who make a difference to our place of worship. Any gifts of produce etc. will be taken to the Women’s Refuge or the Hospice. 

On Saturday 22nd September from 7pm to 10pm in the Community Centre the church are holding a Harvest Supper. We are hoping to attract about 100 people for a very sociable evening. Tickets will be on sale for £5 which will include a glass of wine & there will also be a raffle. Vegetarians will be catered for by colour of ticket (green). Tickets are available from Alan & Ann Stone, Sylvia & Keith Lloyd and from the Post Office.

If there is any surplus money from this event it will go towards some necessary repairs & maintenance to the church.


To celebrate Sylvia & Keith Lloyd’s Golden Wedding in December 2006 they have presented the church with an altar Sanctus Bell that will be rung at the Holy Communion service following the consecration of the bread & wine. It has an unobtrusive sound and gives emphasis to the importance of that part in the service. Thank you both very much.  

Unfortunately some graffiti has been painted on the south side of the church wall. We do know the culprit ! We are extremely grateful to Gerry Platts for spending considerable time and energy in it’s removal and we thank him for his continual support in many ways. 

Church Bells :- they will ring for practices on Thursday evenings from 7.30pm until 9pm and possibly for the following:

September 2nd : Trinity 13 for 4pm

Beating the Bounds including a quarter peal for

Ron & Olga Bradshaw’s Diamond Wedding.

September 9th  Trinity 14 for 10.l5am Holy Communion

September 15th  Bi-monthly meeting of the Bell Ringers Guild .

They will be ringing at St Helena’s church South Scarle in the afternoon and then they will be given tea by the W.I. in the Winthorpe Village Hall followed by a short service in church. They will then ring Winthorpe bells from 6.3Opm to 8pm.

September 16th  Trinity 15 for the Harvest 4pm.

 From the registers:-

July 22nd  Holy Baptism Kenya Grace Holmes-Morgan

August 7th  R.I.P. Mrs Freda Reek

August 10th  Internment of ashes of Mrs Jose Henriette Therese Lambie


Alan Stone

 Up- to- date notices of our church services and those of the other church services in the Benefice are displayed in the Post Office. Dates For the Diary:-.

Decoration of the church for the Harvest Festival –Friday September 14th  1.30pm


               September                                      October

  7th  Mrs Young & Mrs Lloyd       12th  Mrs Stone & Mr McClymont

  21st  Mrs Finn & Mrs Nelson        26th  Mrs Foden & Mrs Hill


Dear All,

 Settling down to write this letter inevitably leads me to think about back to school, back to work, back to university almost back to anything and everything.  The past two months have nationally and internationally been filled with many extraordinary happenings.At home first the floods and then the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease. 

 August was not, as so often understood, the “Silly Season”. September brings with it a back to work feel.  For us within the East Trent Group September starts with our annual journey around all the parishes. “Beating the Bounds”   This year it begins in Girton, with Holy Communion and will be followed by breakfast, having visited all our churches during the day the adventure will end with Evensong at Winthorpe and then Tea! (please see diary dates for full details). 

 Gosh and that is just the first weekend! It is with great pleasure that I will attend with 8 confirmation candidates at Southwell Minster on Saturday 15th September at 10.30am to present them to the Bishop.

During the weekend of the 27th September a number of events will be held based at St. John the Baptist Church. They will focus on raising money and awareness for our “Flush Fund”, a project enabling toilets to be installed in both our Collingham churches. By the end of the month harvest celebrations will be well in hand.  It certainly feels like full steam ahead as we re-engage for the autumn term. With all that is happening both in Collingham and throughout the group it is very important that the churches ministry is understood both through the entire practical hard work and combined with prayer and worship rather than somehow being separate and different. 

Both the practical doing activities are of equal value to the being activities which might be understood through prayer, worship and reflection. Jesus balanced the hard place of doing and teaching with the essential business of praying, both building up individuals and community alike. So as we enter a new season, with new challenges and new adventures may they be properly balanced with prayerful thinking time as part of the whole not as an add on. 

In Christian Love,


                        SEPTEMBER SERVICES        

   Sunday 2nd Trinity 13      

                Beating the Bounds

                   2.30pm     Prayers outside St Bartholomews Langford.

                   3pm          Said Holy Communion, St Giles Holme.

                   4pm          Evensong,  All Saints, Winthorpe.

                There will be a quarter peal of the bells to celebrate  

           Ron and Olga Bradshaw’s Diamond Wedding tomorrow

             Sunday  9th    Trinity 14

            10.15am           Holy Communion, Winthorpe.    

            6.00pm             Evensong    at St Giles, Holme.

            Sunday 16th    Trinity 15

            9.00am             Holy Communion  at St Giles, Holme.

            2.30pm            Harvest Festival, Winthorpe.

            Thursday 20th

            10am                Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            Sunday 23rd  Trinity 16

            8am                  Holy Communion, Winthorpe.

            10.15am            Family Service at St Giles, Holme. 

            Sunday 30th      Trinity 17.                                    No Service in Winthorpe      

                  East Trent Evensong 6.15pm All Saints Collingham               

                 ALL ARE WELCOME    


Monday 3rd                    Luncheon Club, 12.30pm,  Centre                                               

                                        Silver Bin           

Thursday 6th                  Library Van         

   Monday 10th               Green Bin           

Tuesday 11th                  Tues. Club Coffee Morn. 10.30am V.H.           

  Wednesday 12th            Festival Review, 7.30pm Centre.      

      Monday 17th            Silver Bin           

Wednesday 19th            Garden Club, 7.30pm Centre.           

Thursday 20th                Library Van         

   Monday 24th               Green Bin           

 Tuesday 25th                 Tuesday Club Slide Show 2.30pm V.H.            


 Thursday 4th                  Pam Ayres, Royal Centre.           

Thursday 25th                Whist Drive 7.30pm V.H.           

Sunday 28th                   Paul & Fiona Jones, 6pm Langford.            


 Saturday  10th    Paul Jones, 6pm Langford.                                      

                           Murder Mystery, Centre.