A Neighbourhood Plan for Winthorpe and Langford

Dear residents of Winthorpe and Langford,

We are looking to build a Neighbourhood Plan for our Parish (Winthorpe with Langford) and would be really interested in your input and views.


The main reasons for putting a plan of this kind together are:

 1)     To capture the essence of the character and values of the locality in which we live

2)     To influence the type of any future development of, and investment in, our local community in order to ensure it conforms with the character and aspirations of the residents, both for today and the future.


To this end, if you have an interest or opinion in the wellbeing of our community, we would like to invite you to register this by emailing the Parish Clerk (parishclerkatwinthorpe@outlook.com) with your insights, views and areas of expertise/interest – or just an expression of interest.


Further correspondence will be forthcoming on this topic, which is clearly of relevance to all of us, but we wanted to give you an early “heads up” and opportunirty to register your interest to participate in the future direction of our villages.

Winthorpe with Langford Parish Council